Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Good Friday morning to ya!
I don't know about y'all but I am SO happy it's Friday! :)
And if you've read for a while now, you know I love this Friday link up! Thank you Erika, Narci, and Andrea for the Friday Favorites link up!
Thursday after school Gigi and I met Brooke and the kids for a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch!
 We love our fall outfits from Gigi and Papaw, thank you!
The boys shirts can be found here, and girls dresses (ON SALE) here and incase anyone likes Cade's wild boots they are found here! :) We love the kids annual fall pic, and love even more that 2 more babies will be joining this pic next fall! Speaking of we are in less than ONE week of a countdown to meeting them! :)
 Lots of love for Gigi!
 The kids had so much fun playing in the corn maze and on the playground! We don't get to see our cousins as much during the school year, but they enjoyed their time today for sure!

 I LOVE pumpkin patching with my kiddos!
 6 thumbs up for Mexican food for dinner!
 The kids loved their Halloween treats from Gigi and Papaw!
 Looking back at my faves of the week and this one, ohhh this one makes me laugh out loud all over again! Thank the Lord for great friends! :)
 Speaking of great friends, Andrea was so so so sweet to make me this box of sunshine this week, I love how she even wrapped the Buncha Crunch and made it work since she knows how much I LOVE! So sweet and thoughful!
 My friend Tricia sent me this last night, how true?!
 I cannot, maybe I shouldn't say cannot, I don't want to even try to get through my long runs without these! :)
 It was super hero day at school on Wednesday, one child wanted to participate and the other-not so much. 
 I am REALLY excited to start a link up on Tueday's, starting November 15th! You should go ahead and grab the button and plan on linking up each Tuesday-you can literally talk about anything on a Tuesday! :)
 We loved having Jae Beth with us Wednesday! :) 
This dress y'all, I've harped on it a few's still on sale ($28) and still a fave! :) You can shop it here!
3. sleeveless blouse (on sale)
7.blouse (on sale)

I wore this to the pumpkin patch and felt as fall as I could with it being nearly 90 degrees! One day we will have cooler temps! :)
I am really excited about a Thanksgiving tablescape that I will be blogging about next week! :) Even though it doesn't quite feel fall yet, it is, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! This is such a great time of the year! You can find these cute little turkey's here!
 And finally, it's the weekend friends, enjoy it so so much!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

Between our Sunday morning class, Small group, Wednesday night class and a Monday night Bible Study all this semester I have tons of notes that I need documented, more so for myself. So today is brought to you by multiple studies of notes that all have one common theme, they are all good for the soul no matter what season of life you are in and even if you have not read the books. So, this will be random.....

The premise of the book is how to live life loved, this study is not for information, it's for transformation. 

Don't look at how perfect the picture is, but look at how faithful God is.

I want Gods truth to be he loudest truth that I hear. 

Remember it might not always be rejection, it might be Gods protection. Gods protection to put you in a different direction is for His will. Be encouraged by rejection as an opportunity from God to fill you up in a different way. 

4 questions to ask when dealing with a "thing" with someone:
Is it true?
Can I absolutely know it's true?
Who would I be without that thought?
Turn that thought around.

Words from others:
Let Gods words become THE WORDS of your story.

Pride will lead you to disgrace, it's humility that leads you to wisdom.

When we focus on the hurt our feelings cannot be indicators and not dictators.

We will steer where we stare, it will be the making or the breaking of our identity.

Do not let today's reaction be tomorrow's regrets, do not let THEIR words become THE words of our story.

Hurt people hurt people.
healed people heal people.

Remember the faithfulness of God, He has been faithful before and he will be faithful again!

Gods divinity beings entity.

God does not waste anything, maybe it's for the healing of others. 

You were meant to be a mighty woman of God!

Every single one of us are called to be Christian communicators.

I am confident that my time with the Lord will be impactful.

You cannot fulfill the will of God without connectedness.

Our connectedness is so affected by our focus.

Trust the spirit without limit.

What better do you have going on In your life other than Jesus.

Guard the deposit God has trusted to you.

Applause is addictive-if we are trapped in this applauding we are missing all that we have been entrusted with...if it is not handled it will handle us.

I hope your Thursday is a blessed day and a blessing to others! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Good morning!
I look forward to this blog post each month, it's just fun! Thank you to the Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama, and Sheaffer Told Me To, for the link up!

 What we're eating this week....
Monday night the kids requested Chinese Chicken! 
You can find the recipe here, it's a staple around our house!
Tuesday night we ate dinner at my parents house, my mom made grilled chicken sandwiches and lots of other yummy things!
The only pic I snapped all night was this of Tay and Uncle Matt!
This is prepped for a family, but we will eat lasagna roll ups just like this on Wednesday night! 
Thursday bbq chicken pizza is on the menu! 
And speaking of cooking, I sent this to my nanny last night as I was cooking dinner, I love this hot pad that she crochet for me years ago, homemade stuff like this is the best! Which means at some point in my life I need to be patient enough to learn such things so I can pass along this great gift giving!
What I'm reminiscing about...
This equally makes me sad and happy! Looking back over the last several years of the kids dressed up for trick or treating! Ahhh love my littles so much!

What I'm loving...
Any and all time with my kiddos, all these days of school are long, but the days we have together are so short! I love the time we have together! Adding their daddy to this mix is just icing on the cake!
(My top, on SALE)
 What we've been up to...
Pumpkin patching and pumpkin patching some more, like tomorrow again, because we just love it!
What I'm dreading...
Jon asked me when I was thinking about doing the laundry again last night, that is his way of asking politely. And since I am so picky about the laundry it's a "melissa" thing to do around our house. Needless to say we have been doing much more "funner things" as Tatum would say. So, I need to get on this!
What I'm working on..
Yes, this pretty much explains what I am working on, lots and lots of miles! I am going to do an in depth post on this very subject very soon!
What I'm excited about...
Very soon Jon and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary here! Oh how we cannot even wait!
What I'm watching/reading...
Many things, but this one right here was my Monday night study, I plan to share more thoughts on this book Thursday. 
What I'm wearing...
What I'm doing this weekend...
Spending lots of time with my favorite faces!
What I'm looking forward to next month...
Celebrating my first born's little life!
 He will be 8 years old in November and I cannot even believe that I just typed that. My how the years fly by! We celebrate everything we possibly can in this house and certainly birthdays, like all month long! :)
And of course I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas, well, we need to not skip over Thanksgiving, but I am sure excited for this! :)
What else is new....
My sister will become a mom in just a few short days, I am so excited for her to experience the love and joy of a baby, well, make that TWO babies! We cannot wait to meet the boys, very soon!
I am SO excited to start a new link up on Tuesdays, this will begin on November 15th and it's a link up for you to talk about anything and everything on your Tuesday! Tricia and I are so excited, I hope you all will join us!

What is your favorite Halloween memory/picture/tradition?
Just an old pic of me before trick or treating as a probably 1st grader here!
I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday!