Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Welcome to Friday Favorites, I am linking up with Narci, Erika and Andrea today! You should too!
Happy Happy Birthday to my very favorite guy today!
 We are going to be celebrating him all weekend long! 
Oh I just cannot wait!
Speaking of Jon, he went to eat lunch with the kids Wednesday and sent me this picture! It made me smile so big because all 3 of these smiles are the real deal! 
This is very much so a favorite of the week!
Here is my whole world in one (blurry) pic!
 Well, Tatum lost her first tooth last night, I just don't even know what to do with her and all this big girl stuff. 
Y'all, my little girl is growing up so fast!
 But, she is always a favorite!
 And bless her heart she just cannot handle knowing a tooth fairy will come in our house at night, so the tooth pillow was hung on the porch, smart girl, I do not blame her one bit!
I blogged 22 fall finds $10-$50 yesterday, to see that post, click here!
Another favorite of the week are these tees and dresses too!
  Instagram tee    
 Dresses: left here          middle here          right here
Blog-tember has been a favorite all month long, you can catch up below:
Thursday, Sept. 15: What is the craziest adventure you've ever been on? Hello Today!
And for today: Share a family recipe!
Y'all my mom makes the best chicken spaghetti, we can all try really hard to make it, but hers is really the best! Here is the recipe:
Chicken Spaghetti:
3 Chicken Breasts
4 Bouillon cubes
1 can diced tomatoes with juice
1/4 cup chopped bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup margarine
1 box spaghetti
1/2 cup chopped velveeta
American cheese, grated
seasoning to taste (salt, garlic salt, and pepper)
Boil Chicken breasts with the bouillon cubes until chicken is tender.
Remove the chicken breasts but DO NOT throw away the broth.
Put the juice from the canned tomatoes in the broth and cook the spaghetti in this mixture, if it needs extra water, go ahead and add some. Chop the tomatoes.
In a separate pan, cook the bell pepper and onion in the butter, saute until tender and cover to cook.
Chop the cooked chicken.
When the spaghetti is finished cooking, DO NOT DRAIN, add the chicken, Velveeta cheese, chopped tomatoes, and bell pepper/onion mixture (and seasoning to taste).
Put in 9X12 cassarole dish and sprinkle top with grated American cheese.
Cook at 350-375 degrees until top is bubbling.
My sister's baby shower is definitely a favorite from the week, you can read about it here, this was my favorite pic, now we just need Knox and Jaxon here!
This girl is one of my favorites too, she ran with me after church Wednesday night, in the dark and it was fun! #somuchsweat
 These people I get to call my family, they are my very favorite!
Selfie with the children before gymnastics this week! My favorite thing about this picture is when I took it and looked at it I thought man, I am so thankful to be their mommy!  
 These dresses are just a fall favorite already!
 This cook book arrived this week! Favorite for sure!
My very favorite, lunch with my kids! Love these smiles so much!

I love normal evenings at home, kids working hard on their spelling words, cooking dinner, Jon coming home and everybody gets excited, it's just the everyday normal that is my favorite!
Another favorite is my favorite decor magazine coming in the mail and sitting for a minute, feet up and all! Not pictured was my snack of cookies, milk and apples. Random combo, but it was sure tasty!
And last, but certainly my most favorite of the week, was starting our week off with our girl being baptized! 
You can see this post and this one too to read all about it!
Friends, I told you the marathon training is becoming the real deal this week, I am off to run 14 miles! 
Oh goodness gracious, wish me luck and say a prayer!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Fall Favorites-Happy First Day of Fall!

This week is just flying by too quickly, I need these days to 
S L O W down! 

 Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and today I will be spending the day gearing up and preparing all kinds of celebrations for him!
 I can't wait to share them with you on Monday! He over does any and every occasion for me, so I am going to try to make him feel as special as he makes me!

Today's blog-tember is....
Share your fall must-haves for the season! How perfect considering today is officially the first day of Fall! I have linked 22 fun fall finds for you today on the 22nd of September!
 Happy Fall Day Friends!

So, I decided to share all of my favorite things I've been ordering for myself and for friends! 
 The best part is ALL of these items $10- $50!

Happy fall shopping! 



Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 

I am off to make lunches, switch over laundry, do the dishes from last night (yes, even my OCD husband walked right past them last night), make breakfast, take kids to school, marathon train, and the best part of my day will be 2 great big smiles on my kids faces when I join them for lunch today! 

What are your fall must haves?!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday + blog-tember!

Good morning! 
As I was thinking about preparing today's blog post it came to mind that it's always hard to come up with fall family picture clothing ideas. So, today's "What I Wore Wednesday" is all about fall family picture ideas. 
Here are 5 family options!
And I will leave you with today's blog-tember!

If I was a flavor of ice cream, what would I be?

There is no doubt in my mind that this ice cream explains so much of my personality in one little carton! 
So bluebell, I don't even have to explain that-it's just the best!
Now, the 2 step is cookie dough and cookies and creme combined, Can you just take a moment and try to imagine how good that is mixed together! I was actually just introduced to this goodness last Saturday night and I am pretty sure I made up for the 12 mile run of calories I burned Friday all in my 2 bowls of icecream, ha! :)
Good luck finding this flavor at the grocery store, and you are so welcome in advance for introducing you to this goodness!

Catch up on blog-tember here!
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Happy Family Photo Shopping!
Also, Wednesday's are always a good day to have a good day! Make it a good one!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Talk about Tuesday/blog-tember: Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Good morning Tuesday!

I don't know about y'all, but I'm wondering how is it already the 20th of September?? The kids have now been back to school for a month and it just seems like the days are flying by. I am really excited for the fall season that is approaching very soon and all that comes with a new season. It always falls in the most perfect time!

Today on blog-tember the topic is: 
What is something you wish more people knew or believed?

I made a list of ways this topic could be best used and I kept going back to number one on my list. And that is I wish more people (me included) knew how to live a life of contentment wherever you are in whatever season the Lord has put you in. I have listened to sermon after sermon over the years, and been in women's study one after another discussing this very topic. Friends the grass may look greener on the other side, but do you know that is never the case?  Nobody's life is as perfect as it seems.
I have mentioned on this blog before that most of social media exposes the best parts of each persons life, not necessarily the 18 loads of laundry that are piled up, the anxiety a mom carries just to get through each day, the worry about their kids, the dishes that are overflowing in the sink, the moldy leftovers in the fridge, the argument that ended terrible, or the spilled milk from breakfast 3 days ago. You see the picture perfect mom with freshly washed hair (we all know that's only me twice a week), families put together and most of the time that is not real life. When others see that kind of life they generally put them in a category labeled "perfect" or they wished their life was something other than what it actually is.
I think for years I lived in a little box thinking everything was just perfect for each person.
And if it was not perfect all the time we dealt with our own things in our own homes and never exposed any of our junk to the world. And then life hit and I realized that you cannot live this life alone and you need a group of people that can know you from the inside out and love you no matter what. I learned that no matter what someone's life looks like from the outside, it's just the cover of a book that has not been fully opened yet. I know better than to think the mom at the grocery store with that freshly washed hair, in her workout clothes, make up on, and kids perfectly behaved has it all together, even though that's what her life appears. I have been that girl that people think has it together, until they hear my story.
What would life look like if we were content where we are? We would show more grace to others, we would accept people just as they are, we would celebrate with others in their victories, we would pick someone up when they are down because that will be us sooner than later, we would give more when we see a need, we would be happy in our own families and marriages, we would compliment others more, we would be real with others instead of trying to paint a perfect picture that will never be perfect, we would look up more instead of around, we would see others as Christ and not enviously wishing our lives were someone else's!
So today, whatever season you are in, whatever your circumstances are, wherever the Lord has you in this very moment, choose to be content. Choose to have peace. Choose to have Jesus. Choose to love others just where they are and not wish your life was somewhere other than where it is!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Wrap/blog-tember:favorite blog posts

This might be the mother load of all weekend wraps around here!
Why don't you just grab your breakfast and sit in a comfy chair and plan on reading for a while! ;)
 It was a fun and fabulously filled weekend full of lots of family!
Friday Gigi and Papaw wrapped up grandparents week at school with the kids at lunch! They brought them Chickfila and it looks like such a great time! I am so thankful the kids had grandparent visitors Monday, Wednesday and Friday at school, they are so loved!
Aunt Krissy picked up the kids from school on Friday and they sent me this picture! What do you know, as soon as I tell the kids they have to BOTH get a 100 on their spelling test for a treat, they make it happen! Yay kids! We will celebrate soon!
Friday night we had a family dinner at my parents house to celebrate Brooke's, Eric's and Jon's bdays! They were all over the months of July, August, and September; but we just got around to celebrating them all on Friday night! I was terrible about getting pictures Friday night, atleast I have this one of these crazy cousins eating some chicken legs!
Saturday morning we celebrated baby Knox and Jaxon! We have been planning their baby shower for quite some time and we were so excited the day was here!
The girls looked so cute in their new dresses from Gigi!
You can find these dresses here! These dresses will be worn on repeat all fall, we just love them! Tatum's shoes are here!
I thought it would be fun to serve all of Kristin's favorite foods from her pregnancy at the shower. I have been keeping a note of all of her cravings along the way and tried to serve all of them at the shower. I think we were successful with the exception of Braum's milkshakes. 
My mom, aunt Linda, Brooke and cousin Sarah all helped host the shower. Sarah made this super cute banner that says "twice blessed!" It was so perfect!
My mom made these bibs and we created a bib banner out of them! 
Brooke printed the progressive belly pictures and made this belly banner, it was really sweet to see how much the babies have grown over the past several months!
All the cravings all on one table! Yum yum!
She loved it!
I ordered this sign for the boys nursery from my friend Julie, you can shop her website here! She is my go to for all gifts!
Happy Shower Day seastar!
Shay posted this dress a few weeks ago and I just loved it, you can find it here and booties here.

My sweet fam, all so happy to celebrate the babies!
Nanny has been sewing and sewing and sewing and working so hard on the boys quilts! They turned out so super cute, what a special gift!
And these backpacks, they are so fun!
The shower was just perfect! We are so thankful Knox and Jaxon are growing so healthy and Kristin is a great mommy already! Now, we just cannot wait to meet them, so soon!
While the girls were at the baby shower, the boys went out on a boy day! They played putt putt, ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, apparently went cowboy shopping and had the best time! I am not sure which one loves boy days more, Jon or Cade, they both just come home so happy! And I couldn't love that more! Jon thought I would be proud he took a picture on their day! :) So proud! 

After the shower Tatum and I worked on her baptism book and then we all headed out to the mall for a quick stop for Tatum the perfect baptism dress! She loved this one so much! But after she twirled around a few times she decided the other one twirled better! What a girl!
After the mall we headed over to Jon's parents house to celebrate Jon's and Mimi's birthdays! I was once again terrible about getting pictures, but I did get this one of the kids icing the cupcakes, can't you see they did such a great job!
Sunday morning I woke up to Tatum telling me it was her baptism day at 6:15! It's funny that she just cannot get up for school by 7:15 some days, but when the girl is excited for something like her baptism day she is up and dressed with her pearl bracelet and all WAY too early! But, I did love so much that she had such excitement for her day! You can read Sunday's post about Tatum becoming a Christian here
This is the day that the Lord has made! We rejoiced that our girl was getting baptized!
Tatum's dress here, shoes here, headband here
Oh goodness I love this girl so much!
Ready for church!
I was so honored to be in the water with Tatum!
Pastor Curtis loves Tatum so well, we are so thankful for our church!
She was a little nervous right before, which made me nervous on how she would do, but she did great! So proud of our Tay Tay!
After church we were greeted with so many sweet friends and family that came to celebrate the day with us! So thankful to see the Horton family there today!
And sweet Karsyn!
And the Bina family!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Krissy!
Aunt Jan!
Cousin Beckham!
Beckham, Cade and Court!
Uncle Rhett, Brooks and Aunt Ashley!
Mimi and Pops!
Gigi! This is another one of Julie's great canvases, I loved this one so much!
Nona and Nanny!
After lunch we enjoyed Tatum's cake for dessert. She was very specific in what she wanted her cake to look like. She said it turned out perfect!
We are 2 proud parents!
Uncle Matt and Aunt Marie came too!
She loves her new little devotionals!
Gigi and Papaw!
Krista came by the house this afternoon to pick me up for a baby shower (it was an eventful weekend) and to give Tatum a pink cross necklace, it was just precious! Tatum told me later that she knows why Krista got that necklace for her. She said it's a reminder that God is always with her. Y'all, if she learns nothing else in her life, other than that, my mommy heart is full! 
Speaking of a full heart, these people I get to call as Tatum says, "our live with family" fill me with such joy! Maybe I am the one that messed up with picture here, but Cade was making me laugh and to me it's perfect! 
We spent Sunday night eating a random dinner and playing outside. 
Now, if we could just have one more day in this weekend before the week begins, that would be a dream!
 I ended the weekend with the start of week 7 of 18 on the marathon calendar! This week it's getting real y'all....the runs are 7 miles, 4 miles, 7 miles, 4 miles, 14 miles, a rest day and a cross training day. This week will really tell me if I am going to be able to handle this. 
Well, that was quite the eventful and fun weekend!
Now for today's blog-tember:
Monday, September 19th: Make a list of your favorite blog posts you've written!
Here are mine:
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Happy Monday!