Monday, August 17, 2015

2nd Annual Back to School Family Weekend!

We decided last year before Cade started Kinder to take the kids on a family getaway before school starts. We hope this is a tradition the kids love so much and will look forward to growing up, I know we will!
This year we decided to go to The Woodlands resort since it was just 3 hours away! Jon found it online and it looked super fun, so off we went!
Happy and excited kids!
Happy husband! We were just driving right along having a merry time....
and then....THIS happened.
Jon had asked me to get gas before I came home from lunch with friends so we could be ready to go when he got home, well, I didn't get gas. I hadn't packed us completely so I was hurrying home to get that done before Jon got home. It's easy to get gas on the way out of town, right?! Well, Jon quickly noticed when we got on the road that I didn't fill us up and that he would need to do that before we made it to The Woodlands. Should I say again, HE NOTICED! :) Jon thought it would be fun to stop at Bucees in Madisonville along the way and show the kids the fun store, and let's be honest Jon just loves a good gas station. He planned the gas stop all around stopping at Bucees. So much so that we needed gas immediately when we pulled into Bucees. Well, yall will NOT believe this....Madisonville power was out, yep, that means the gas pumps don't work. OH MY! So we drive down the street and sure enough every gas station around didn't have power. What were we going to do? We literally were on fumes and no gas stations around could help us. So, we pulled into a gas station, like every other person traveling down 45 and waited. We heard that the power had been out for 2 hours and would not be on for another 3-4 hours. Are you kidding me?! We literally were stuck. OnStar an AAA couldn't help a sister out either. The towers were down for phones and we were literally hot and desperate. I got tired of waiting (about 3 min into the waiting part) and walked across the street to a car dealership and asked if they had gas, they did not. I went back to update Jon, he thought I was crazy for even asking. There was another family near us with tiny babies and they were so upset and hot, I felt so bad for them. My babies were hot too and Jon needed a drink....I got them settled and went back to the dealer. I walked myself back in there and asked since the power is out and you people cannot work, would any of you be willing to drive and get me gas....and ya know sweet man did! YAY! There are nice people in this world! The nice man came back with gas about 40 minutes later and we were able to give the sweet family with the babies gas too so they could get back on the road to the next town. Jon said, lesson learned. I think he means not ever asking me to get the gas! :)
Back on the road, happy family!
We made it!! Micocina for dinner!
Hotel fun!
Night Swim!
My pretty pool girl!
We love hotel breakfasts! Cade especially loved making his plate and asked me if I could make a "station" breakfast like that at home. Bless his heart, son did you mean a buffet! :) I love him!
Tatum ate the fruit loops and said she was full...she is about as good as a buffet eater as me!
Headed to the pool for a fun and chill day! This resort was BEAUTIFUL!
There was a slide in the tall tower that dumped you into the pool behind Cade, and then you went down the slide he is on to he main pool! SO SO FUN!
Jon thought so too!
Tatum and I laying out together! Yall, we actually had a great relaxing day mixed with lots of fun in the pool too! These ages are SO great!
So pretty sitting poolside with my girl!
They were having some serious guy talk!
I love my family so much! It's so great to escape life for a bit every now and then and just relax without distractions and everyday household chores! I pray we are always this close of a family and that the kids want to be close to us forever! :)
The resort had activities for the kids all afternoon, here are the hula dancers!

Lunch at the pool, yummy!
oreo shake, hey it's vacation!
Dinner at Grimaldi's, this resort was just made for us to be at....our favorite pizza place just 2 miles away-score!
Tatum said Gigi will be sad we ate here without her! She is probably right! :)
I love my boys so much!
After dinner we came back and made smores, so so yum!
And then watched a movie at the pool and ate popcorn, loving vacation!
We stayed up until about 10 Saturday night and then all crashed until about 8:30 Sunday morning. We headed to breakfast and the kids said, "hey it's cinnamon roll Sunday for us just like at gigi and papaw's house" they know their routine quite well! This was their Sunday pic this week! :)
Cade is exhausted!
We headed home, with a full tank of gas, and stopped at Subway in Buffalo on the way home. We had a great weekend and I will forever cherish my family time!
Now, we finish the last week of summer with some FUN times! I cannot believe next Monday I will be dropping off my baby girl and boy at school....and going home to a quiet and empty house. Oh my, I am getting anxiety just thinking about it. Let's don't speak of it until next week-too much fun this last week of summer to be had! Until next year! :)

Cousins Sleepover Swap

Brooke and I started a Summer tradition of trading kids for slumber parties! This summer I got the girls and she got the boys! Tatum just couldn't wait to have her girly cousins over for a sleepover and lots of fun!
We met over at Gigi's for a cousin swim day and then split the kids up, here the girls are loaded up with me!
They played dress up!

We ate dinner and then went to rent girly movies!

And then we went to Sweet Frog!
We bubble bathed!

We cuddled up in matching jammies!
And we got ready the next day to meet up with the crazy boys!
Brooke sent me these of their good ol time!

Cade had a blast and came home completely and totally exhausted! I love this pic becasue the kids are all in their own world expressing their own personality just perfectly! :) Yay for a fun new tradition, you know we love family traditions! :)

Pool Days are the Best Days!

Pool days at Gigi and Papaw's are so much fun! We've had tons of friends over to swim, family parties, and lots of random trips over there just us. They are all so much fun and we have TOTALLY enjoyed our pool days! I would say we have another month left, wahoo!