Friday, June 19, 2015

Disney Day 7-Headed Home

Is it really time to leave?
We've had the best time!
We woke up about 7:30 today to get everything packed up. The Magical Express picked us up about 9 to head to the airport. We ate lunch and boarded the plane, and here we are!
Cam made the cutest spider man that he was so proud of!
 brother pile
 2 girls with bead head on the balcony this morning
 sleepy eyes
 We could've stayed another week, but we are headed home to enjoy summer! Summer must go by slowly, I have lots of soaking up my children to do!
 Love these 4th of July outfits!
 Girlies looking TOO grown up!
 Kar and that smile!
 We said good bye Gigi and Papaw as they are driving home. They took off a week before us for a little trip of their own ( and lets just document my mom hates to fly, so my dad being a great husband and since he loves road trips jumped on that).
 Last group pic! Great times with these 15 people!
 always holding hands
 My mom just sent me this pic of their navi....they'll be home in 16 hours, or in two days, who knows they might not be home for a week. My dad makes up the craziest songs on road trips, have fun mom!
 Looks like we are about to land shortly, then back to reality. As magical as Disney is, I love our crazy reality world!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Disney Day 6-Hollywood Studios

Hello Thursday!
Well apparently the joke in the morning is "is Melissa awake?"
Ha, Ha, very funny. I have sure enjoyed the slow mornings!
This morning we woke up to sausage and biscuits from the lovely gigi, thanks mom! Then we were out the door for a great day at Hollywood Studios! Hollywood Studios has the latest and greatest rides and shows, and it's just the neatest park! Of course we had fast passes lined up for the day, thanks Brookie!
Here we are waiting for the bus...
the bus rides from park to park are the way to go, you never have to wait very long and the kids love not having to get in and out of a car all week...and the parents love not having to drive too!
 Super hero parents!
 First up was the Toy Story many of the groups most favorite ride. There is just a friendly competition of a shooting game involved....friendly! :) Jon won, go figure!
 These boys have had the VERY best time together this week. Whether its swimming, at the parks, eating breakfast....anytime and everytime they are awake they are happy together. Best Buds right here!
 And the girls, oh the girls!
Tatum and Kenzie are attached at the hip. Tatum loves nothing more than doing exactly what Kenzie is doing. I can see it in her eyes when she looks at Kenzie that she wants to be just like her, it's really sweet and I really enjoy watching their friendship! Tatum said today that Kar and Kenz can be her sisters, ok girl!
 aren't we looking good!
 Jon and Cade rode together, so that means that Cade won too! He said he has the coolest dad, agreed!
 Mom and Dad in "the car" :)
 Off to more rides!
 After the star wars rides they had a gift shop...they conveniently have gift shops at the end of most every ride with themed gifts so you can purchase anything you saw in the ride/show! :) Cade built a star wars sword from scratch, just how he wanted it! :)
 Waiting on the frozen parade! This was SOOOOO cool!
 Remember how I said this place was magical!?! It totally is!
 Off to Honey I shrunk the kids playground, always a family fave!
 In San Fran.....Hollywood studios style! :)
 Next up was Buzz's Pizza Planet! YUM YUM!
 We ran into a little Disney Christmas store, it was so cute and the kids got to pick out an ornament for their little trees, they were so excited!
 The Muppet show!
 Oh the cars show....we love this one!
 Mickey ice cream break, is this our last one??? oh no!! Savor the flavor!!
 The Little Mermaid, was SO great!! In line singing songs...Cade is so sweet to Kar!
 Some of our group was crazy enough for this ride!!
 Off to Beauty and the Beast....I don't care how old I get I will ALWAYS love this so so so much! I love watching the kids faces so much, they are priceless! They light up like you wouldn't believe!
 What would a vacation be without souvenirs! Thank you gigi and papaw for such a fantastic family vacation! We are so thankful for you both and how you love our family! Thank you for showing us how important family is and setting an example of how to love well! :)
 We are tired, we are finally tired!
 This is what Tatum picked out today, she named her lexi after kristins old dog.
 We got back tonight from Hollywood studios and went straight to the pool....we just thought we were tired!
 WE, went to the hottub, ahhhh it felt so good!
 Here are a few hanging around the condo pics!
 And action shots!
Well, that's a wrap!
Until 2017