Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Back to reality!

That is right, back to life back to reality! 
We had a wonderful week off and our reality is full of blessings! 

These 2 are all smiles and ready to finish off 1st and 2nd grade! They totally got this! 

So, they might be all smiles here, but it was a BEATING waking them up for school. I nearly broke my back getting Tatum scooped off the top bunk and dressed, in her sleep. Oh my! :)
Monday night I was doing the dishes (we were so thankful to be back around the table eating together at home, it had been a while) and looked over in the living room to see this. What a sweet daddy/daughter sight!
Tuesday morning smiles!
It was a rare occasion for all 4 of us to be home for school morning stuff, love these people so much!
Tuesday I met Courtney and Jen for lunch! Mexican lunch on the patio and sweet company made for a good day! My college roomies are all so special to me!
Jon called me Tuesday morning and told me that he just got a call from the kids school. He said that Tatum was awarded the Leadership award for the week, and Tatum chose to call him! :) Y'all it did something so good for Jon to be the one that got the call, I told him I was happy for him. But Tatum, oh we are so so proud of her! :) Being a leader is something we talk about so often in our home, pray for and try to live out each day. I am so thankful for our little leader Tatum! 
And she knows we celebrate that award big in the Grimes house!
The boys had plans for the Mavs game Tuesday night, so the girls went to celebrate!
We ate pizza on the patio (can you tell I loving this spring weather and all this patio eating) and went shopping! Such fun celebrating my girl! We had the best conversations all night!
The boys had a blast at the game too!
Well we are mid week and all surviving back to reality! 
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Wrap

Jon had the idea a few months ago to take the kids on a stay cation before spring break fun ended. So we did! :)
Jon didn't get to see the kids much over spring break week with his work schedule, so the weekend together is just what we needed!
We started off the day celebrating sweet Desi! So thankful she has her forever family!
And then we headed up to Dallas for some bowling fun!
And I couldn't go bowling without this yummy snack! Don't worry, i shared!
We had so much fun!

And then we checked in our hotel down the street and swam and swam and swam! 
We didn't want to go to boring restaurant, so we decided on Central Market Cafe since they have a super fun playgound! :) It was a win win!

Central Market cheers to my love, we chatted on the patio and watched the kids play for a while, it was nice out and it was just the best time! 
And then sis came to join me while the boys played, this girl is too much fun!
I wasn't very good about taking anymore pics on the stay cation, but we sure had a wonderful time! We came home in time Sunday to prepare for the week back to school and work. We are so thankful for a weekend off, a wonderful week off from regular life. Now, we are refreshed and ready to get back to that regular life and finish the semester of 1st and 2nd grade off strong! :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Break: Thursday and Friday

Thursday morning we met Gigi and Papaw for breakfast before they left for a super fun Vayk! :)
We used to eat once a week at Panera for breakfast before the kids went to preschool/prek so we just went back to our old place and enjoyed breakfast together!
We loved them bye and told them not to have too much fun on their 12 day trip! :)
And then the kids and I had a list of things we needed to grab at Target. They make knocking that list out fun! :) Love my little helpers!
And then we headed up to Dallas to Klyde Warren Park to meet Andrea and the kids for some park fun!
I am pretty sure they had a blast!

Our Bina friends are one of those lifetime friends that you may not see that often but know without a doubt they are always there for you! :) Love them so much! Every time we see the Bina's we always talk about how much we love our time with them! :) Sweet fam!
We made a stop on the way home for this cutie patootie! :) 
Krista ended up in the hospital for a few days and we got to love on this guy. Thankful our sweet friend is doing ok!
Tatum got picked up for a sno cone with friends! :)
Friday morning Mimi and Pops came to get the kids for some fun at the Lake! Cade went fishing and Tatum played tea party!

I went for a run and lunched and shopped with Kristin and the babes, we had a fun time! :)
And then we partied at Urban Air for Reid's birthday! I love this pic of the kids! It cracks me up there are tons of kids there to play with and I saw these 2 being so silly and playing together! Yes they fight oh they fight, but the brother sister bond is a strong one! :)
I am pretty sure it's safe to say the kids had an afternoon of fun, let's just say a spring break of fun! :)
Tatum and our sweet little cousin Jordyn, we love her so much! 
We were worn out tired, but the weather was so nice so we enjoyed dinner on the patio before we headed home! :) 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break: Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday morning we swapped the slumber party kids back to where they belong, it was so so much fun! :)
And then we headed to Burleson for some more fun times!
We met this crew for lunch!

And then over to Jellystone or as my kids call it "Yogi bear lodge" for some friend time! Tatum loves Brylee so much! I think it's sweet that Tatum packed these glasses since she knew Bry would have on her real ones. :) Brylee is super sweet so it's easy for me to watch Tatum want to be like her! :)
Swim time!
Oh hey there cute little sunnie girls!
Fun afternoon!
We played many rounds of a food challenge game, everyone LOVED this! :) Great idea Tanna!

We made a fire, or I should say Ashley made us a fire! That girl is pretty handy! 
Lots of sweet little faces on a ride
The other fire didn't last long, so we used a smaller pit and made s'mores! Because what fun are s'mores with 9 kids and 4 moms! :)

I just love this entire crew so much! We laughed so much, talked to all hours of the night, kids played and played and had the best time! I am so thankful for the gift of real friends! :) Until next year Yogi Bear Lodge! :)
We came home and crashed we were so so tired!
And woke up ready to go paint!
We met Cass and the boys at the Funky Owl for some painting fun!
Cade chose to paint a canvas
And Tay chose to paint pottery! 
We love these little art places so much!
The mommas got to paint too, not sure we ever grow out of this fun!
The finished products!

After painting fun we met Jon at home and went to the DBU Alumni baseball game! We took the kids around campus and showed them where this love story got started! It was so much fun to see so many faces we hadn't seen in a while and of course eat some ball park food! :) Oh and the game, I don't think we really ever watched it, too much other fun to be had! :)

So much love here!
It's been a fun week so far!