Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Friends, Family and FUN!

 Thursday the kids had friends over after school. Tatum wanted Brenley and Reese over and Cade wanted Maddox. They love so much having friends over to play! I snuck in on the girls playing dolls and grocery store! Sweet girls!
I never got a pic of the boys, they probably just never sat still enough! :)
 After school on Friday we took dinner over to the Henry's house. Tatum got to hold their sweet baby Holden, she loved holding him all by herself! He's such a sweet baby!
 And then we went home to eat dinner and head up to the school for the kids color run and auction. Cade was PUMPED for his first race! :)
 Cade literally ran the race 12 times and Tatum stopped half way to walk, so our children! I'll let you decide who takes after who! :)
 Shopping with Tay, Gigi and Kristin on Saturday! We love shopping with our girl! :)
 And an icecream snack in the afternoon! :) YUM!
 Saturday Jon and Cade went down to the ranch with my dad and Eric. When they got home from ranching and we got home from shopping we were all so tired. We got take out and ate and lounged and went to bed early!
Sunday I walked in the kitchen to find 3 people in their own world on the kitchen floor. Jon was fixing the sink leak, Tatum was reading like a teacher, and Cade was busy creating something lego! :) Love this crew!
 Tatum and I played dolls for quite some time Sunday night. She was so funny telling me "it's so hard to be a mommy!" Oh daughter! :)
 The dancing girl asked me Sunday night if I could get her some new dance clothes because she felt like hers are too tight, poor girl! I went Monday and got the girl a bigger size and she was a happy dancing girl walking into dance on Monday!
 Working and reminiscing to our Christmas wedding nearly 9 years ago....loved leaving the church to this fab song! :)
 Rainy Tuesday morning calls for hoodies! :)
Happy Wednesday Yall! 
In just one week my first born child will be 7, ahhhh SEVEN! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Half Marathon

Several months ago Rachel, Bethany and I registered to run a half marathon in South Padre. Sadly, Bethany and I were not able to go down for the race, but my goodness I trained and trained for this race and I was determined to run it. Rachel and her family were able to make the race and Rachel did awesome! Kerri was so sweet to run with me on Saturday morning. I mean really, who just says sure i'll run 13.1 miles with you. I was so thankful! Here we are at mile 6.5 at our one and only water station. 
 At about mile 10.5 I was getting tired, Kerri really had to push me hard. It was super windy and my legs were getting tired, but i pushed through. And just as we turned the corner to run down that hill in the background...we saw these sweet Horton girls making the sweetest finish line ever! 
 I mean really, how thoughtful are my friends?! Tanna and the girls making this finish line for us made me so happy! :) The girls were all cheering and it was just the best! Thank you Tanna for being the sweetest friend! Kerri, you are a trooper, thank you thank you!

 Love these girls!
 And I am tried now, and ready for some water, gatorade and FOOD! :) I went to meet my mom, sis and Tay for Christmas shopping and lunch right after. By about 4:00 I was ready for a hot bath and my bed! :) Happy to have finished my 3rd half, in my best time and so thankful for sweet friends! As for my fab training buddies, we are planning our next half in the metroplex, we WILL run one together soon!:)

Friday, November 13, 2015

This and That

 How has it been 2 weeks since I blogged last?! Ya know I kind of thought once the kids were in school I would be one of those everyday bloggers, and that so has not happened. 
Oh well! 
Tatum has been doing SO good at learning her sight words, here she is so proud of herself going to school to recite page 10 last week! We are working towards completing a total of 40 and once she as that accomplished her daddy has bribed promised her with a trip to American Doll. 
 Facebook so kindly reminds you about how long ago things were that you posted. Last week facebook reminded me it's been 2 years since's Matt's accident. The picture that it reminded me of was the day that Matt woke up, it was a Sunday was the best day ever, but I have promised Matt to not post any of those pics, so here is a piece of his latest art. I am so proud that he has such a better life now, truly a life transformed into something wonderful!
 We love bike rides these days! Really anything outside. Cade can't get enough of throwing the football these days too, it will never get old hearing "hey mom want to come play with me!" Love these two to the moon and back!
 and this view will never get old!
 I came in the living room to see this, there are 2 chairs and 2 couches, but they chose to cuddle up together. Love them!

 silly kids before school
 matt came to eat with the kids last week, they were so excited!!
 Tatum came home with a sweet note about how she was a great leader at school last week, so we immediately went to celebrate! I love that the kids KNOW we will celebrate anything good, we love celebrating!

 yes i do take the kids pics most everyday. They just know it's going to happen! :)
 Brunch with the Hubbarts!
 Dallas Flea with the hubs, such a fun time!
 The kids had 2 slumber parties last weekend, Jon's parents Friday night and my parents Saturday night, we love getting pics of the kids and cousins!

 Saturday afternoon Spa with Kerri and Tanna (we all voted this was a horrible pic, sorry girls) #itsallaboutthememories
 Happy Sunday!
 My view in church, i love this view!
 And it's Monday again....
 182 miles complete in 10 weeks, half marathon in 2 days! :)
Show off day at dance! Tatum was a lucky girl to have her Mimi, Gigi, and Papaw come watch her! :)
Sweet brothers watching their girls!
Tatum sure loves them! Mimi had to leave a bit early so we didn't get a pic of them together. 
Love this silly face dancing girl!
Jon was so bummed he had to miss, but we got to see him right after! :)
Happy Birthday to Eric, fun dinner with friends!
It must have been a PE day, aka Cade wears "tall socks"
car line snack, dp and chocolate, so bad but so good!
Love my Tuesday lunch crew! :)
Sweet children after school!
Cade and Tatum had the Ward kids over to play, they got to stay for dinner and we had so much fun!

The kids loved field of readers at the stadium! :) Love our small town!

I love lunching with the kids!

It was a granola bar eating on the way out the door kind of morning!
Listening to Christmas music while I work, cannot wait for the holidays! :)
Catching up slowly but surely! :)