Saturday, December 10, 2016


Blog Readers-

This is Jon, Melissa's husband, and I am hacking into her blog tonight before her race tomorrow.  I can get away with this because she is staying with all her running friends downtown tonight.

I just wanted to tell everyone how PROUD I am of her, I mean really 26.2 miles!!! She has trained so so hard and I can not tell y'all how proud of her I really am.  So....I will be chasing her through Dallas tomorrow and if everyone would say a prayer for her to keep her mind encouraged and her physical strength I (and she) would really appreciate it. 

I bet she will post a few pics soon.

Thanks everyone!!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Oh, FRIDAY, I am so happy to see you!
It's been another full week of things around here!
Thank you Erika, Narci and Andrea for hosting my favorite link up!
Tuesday morning we were having one of those rushed chaotic crazy manic perfect and organized school mornings and the kids took full advantage of me telling them to pick our whatever they wanted to wear to school. They are really mastering the mix and match concept! :)
 I could hold my sisters babies all day long, like everyday all day long! Oh I love my nephews!
 This was a fun week launching 2 holiday shirts, it was also a very very busy week getting all of these orders out! I literally came up with the idea of these holiday shirts on Monday at 4:00 in the afternoon and a few hours later we made them happen! I can't wait to see pictures of everyone in theirs! Merry is definitely a FAVE!
And then why not just make another one too?!
This was the top seller for sure!
 We love Tuesday night dinners at Gigi and Papaw's house!
 The kids are loving the advent calendar activities each day. Wednesday it was make pizzas for dinner and they had so much fun! Some days are bigger things than others, but the kids love them all! I hope they get this excited when they are teenagers! :)
 The clothing box launch has been a success! I've definitely learned a few things along the way, but altogether it's been fun and exciting starting a new little thing! :)
 Thursday the kids made memories and Christmas cookies with Nanny! 
 And just like her momma, she cannot get enough of the babies either!
 She said this is her favorite way to hold them, just like Aunt Krissy did in the hospital. Love her love for them!
 I think Kristin might talk Tatum into being a first grade dropout and a full time babysitter! I mean, she's pretty good at this!
 And y'all, if there was a drum roll, it would be now....
The marathon, like THE MARATHON I've spoken of 999,000 times is this weekend. Oh my gracious if I could only show you all the emotions on my face of what I think about it! Altogether I am excited and wondering how I am going to feel afterwards. My goal is to finish feeling good, and if that means take it easy a few miles and walk I am ok with that! We shall see! I will come back Monday with a full marathon update! :)
Have a Fab Friday Friends and a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Tablescape

It's Wednesday!
And it's also a day that I have been looking so forward to posting, it's Christmas Tablescape Day!
It's been so fun to interact via web world for several weeks to get today's post together!
You can view each of the sweet girls that make up this fun collage here:
A Very Merry Tablescape Blog Hop Links

6. Taylor
9. (A Blue Nest)

Welcome to my Christmas Tablescape!

Here are a few of the items that I used to create my table:

Today is also the last day to send your Merry order to me! Email me with your size (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) at and your order will be shipped out on Thursday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Talk about it Tuesday!

Hello there Tuesday!
I am SO excited to launch these 2 fun tops!
This "Merry" waffle long sleeve red tee runs 1 size small (I usually wear a small and have on a medium here). I have Smalls, Mediums, Larges, XLarges and XXLarges available and free shipping for $22! Please send me your order no later than 6:00 pm Wednesday night for Thursday shipping!
 Please email me if you would like to order!
 "Baby it's Cold Outside" is a white sweatshirt that is super soft and cozy that also ships for free and is $25! I am wearing a small here and it's not super roomy, if you like a roomy sweatshirt size up one size! Don't forget to email me with your order! 

I think we are pretty much recovered from the altitude change and back to normal life. Getting away is SO SO GOOD, but coming home is really GREAT too! I am so thankful for time away with Jon over the weekend, and I am so thankful for the kids we get to come home to!
If you blog, grab out graphic and link up with us!
Here is the schedule and theme for the remainder of the year:
December 13th: Show us your Christmas d├ęcor!
December 20th: What's your favorite holiday tradition?
December 27th: Show us how you spend Christmas Day!

But for today, I am talking all about 2 little loves that I am so blessed to be called their mommy!

Oh boy! Cade is just ALL boy and there is no other way to put it! He LOVES all things outdoors, so much that he has to get a trampoline jump in before we leave for school each day! He wants to be playing basketball outside (you know he has to get his 300 dribbles in each day) all the time, he loves to play on the swing set, play hide and seek, play with the neighborhood kids, play catch with the football, you name it and the boy likes to do it outside! I love it when he asks me to come join him, he is just the sweetest! Cade recently started playing basketball on a team and he couldn't love it more! I think it's his new thing and he's pretty great at it too! Just over the weekend he scored 3 times in one game, which is really good for his age! The boy can eat! Oh can he eat! He loves to know what we are having all week, thus the kitchen menu was born! He always tells me "thank you for cooking" which that apple doesn't fall far from the tree because he hears his daddy say that every time I cook! :) I just love my Grimes boys!  He is so tender hearted like his daddy and things really make his sad or bother him until they aren't right. If he knows he's hurt someone's feelings he will tell them over and over and over again that he is so sorry. Bless his heart. Cade loves his sister so much and puts up with her little sister annoyance pretty well! I love it when their teachers have told me over the past couple of years that when they see each other at school that they will do a little motion to show each other "hi" or hug in the hallway, it's just the sweetest! I love Cade's giving heart! He also gets this from his daddy and when he sees a need he wants to make sure we fulfill that and do it well. I love that when they kids come with me to take dinner to a family or something he says we are being "God's servants!" And that is his heart, he learned to love the Lord at a very young age and feels that tug in his heart often to be obedient to what the Lord wants him to do. I am so thankful to call this little 8 year old boy my son!
 Oh Tatum Lauren! And then there is this little girl that we call our "Tay Tay, little Lauren, pretty, little sis, and baby" because she is all of that to us! When she was really little she would turn her head to answer to the name "pretty" because we called her that so much! :) Good thing this girl won't grow up without self confidence! Oh where do I start with Tatum? She is sweet and sassy and everything in between! She loves to be my shadow, that means watching me do my make up (she has it down so much that she hands me what is next), cooking, cleaning, laundering, blogging, bible studying, running errands, exercising, you name it and anything that I do the girl wants to be next to me. She watches it all and that only makes me want to do it better everyday! Tatum shows so much care in so many ways. Like with her new nephews, she wants to do everything for them. She loves being able to take care of them just like a mommy, and it's the sweetest thing! She loves to play dolls, play make up, dress up, play games, and play outside with her brother. She is doing so great in her new found hobby this semester, gymnastics and I love watching her master a new task! The girl just loves gymnastics! She loves sitting at her desk in the office and crafting, the girl could do that for hours upon hours as long as she didn't run out of materials, ha! Tatum also has a love for Jesus and often times I will look in the rear view mirror in the car and see her with her hands lifted and eyes closed worshipping! She loves to have her ipod on Kari Jobe radio and knows the words to all of the songs! God knew I needed a little girl and I am so thankful that this little 6 year old Tatum Lauren is my daughter!

It's fun for me to look back over the last 10 years and see where our family has been and where we are now, what the kids have been up to and how they are growing, and most of all how God has continued to take care of us over all the years! I know I will look back on this post years to come and love reading about what my 8 year old boy and 6 year old girl were up to! I hope you have a Happy Tuesday!


Jon and I thought Vail, Colorado would be the most perfect place to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, and it most certainly was! 
We've been to several ski towns together over the years, but this one was very different! Let me just recap the last few days!

We left at about 6:15 Friday morning to head to the airport! 
We were SO excited to get away together!
We arrived in Vail around lunch time and headed to our hotel.
 We stayed at The Arrabelle in Vail Villiage. 
It was the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in! 
We checked in, kicked out feet up, and sat and drank a hot cocoa in front of our fire in our room!
Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a good bathtub!
Y'all, it was so pretty!
After we looked around the hotel we decided to walk around the Village a bit, we just couldn't get over how pretty this place was!
We heard that the pizza at Vendetta's was so great, so we set out!
And it was SO SO YUMMY!
Lot's of selfies on this trip, they were all so fun!
We quickly decided that we didn't bring enough cold weather gear. We knew we were not coming to ski, and we both packed 30 minutes before we went to bed Thursday night, and apparently too light! Here is Jon waiting at our bus stop freezing cold! :) He is so funny!
So we froze together!
We warmed up with more hot cocoa in-front of our fire! This place was so cozy!
And our roof top pool and hot tubs definitely did not disappoint! We spent so much time out here looking at the mountains from such a relaxing view! Oh I already want to go back!
Heading out to dinner!
The ice skating rink in the courtyard of our hotel was so pretty!
This little old school Gondola was super cute! 
We decided that we wanted to eat all of our favorite things on this trip, so the next place had to be Mexican. We, I mean I, was a little nervous of the Mexican food in Colorado, but it was a fabulous recommendation. 
We dined at La Sabor, did you know that means flavor in spanish! #funfact 
After dinner that hot tub was calling our names again!
 I still cannot get over the view! 
Good morning Saturday! This was the view from our room! We enjoyed the little things in life that are actually big things to us, like sleeping in! Even it it was only until 8:30, it was glorious!
Our hotel had a really great breakfast buffet, I clearly took advantage of that!
We might have gone back out here for a bit! This trip was ALL about relaxation!
We got ready for the day and went to get day tickets for the Gondola. We decided it would be so fun to spend a few hours at the top of the mountain and dine at the Tenth for lunch!
Headed to the top! The closed in ski lift gondola was new to us and now I cannot imagine freezing on the way up to the top ever again! It was a cozy and beautiful ride!
There was such a cute little bridge and I thought a kissy pic would be so sweet, if only I could stop laughing! Jon was talking about how cold he was, ha!
So many kisses!
Jon in the Gondola!
Loving this view. I think of all the times we've been skiing we don't fully see how pretty everything is because we are so focused on not dropping anything or just freezing to death on the ski lift, we loved taking it all in!
Lunch at the Tenth!
We had the truffle fries and the burger and this just might be one of my favorite things we ate all weekend!
I love him!

We talked so much about so many things on this trip. So much about our kids, the last 10 years, the next 10 years, our jobs, our small group, our families, our dreams, our church, and so much more! But more than anything we prayed and thanked the Lord for the gift of marriage and for blessing us with each other!
An afternoon stroll around town!

We knew we didn't have much time left, but there were so many places we still wanted to eat at. So, in true Grimes fashion we made a progressive dinner happen! First stop for an appetizer was the Tavern! Wings it was!

Main course was at The Blue Moose for some pasta!
Loved my dates artwork! :)
The pasta and salad were super yummy!
And we ended with Rimini Gelato! 
How was I supposed to choose just one?! 
We enjoyed our gelato in front of the fire in the Arrabelle lobby! It's so funny that ski towns have so many pizza and ice cream places!
Sunday morning breakfast! 
While I was eating all of this yummyness I started thinking that this time the next week I will be running for hours and hours in the marathon, and then I didn't feel quite so guilty to such a breakfast!
 One last pic before we headed home! We had a wonderful 2 ish days away in such a romantic and beautiful little town! I am so so thankful for this man by my side! 
And now, back to our reality, that we also love so much!
Happy Monday!