Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge 2016

We love our summer tradition with the Horton's; 24 hours at Great Wolf Lodge! This summer we had to reschedule the date 2 different times, which had us on our 3rd try and the timing was perfect. Tanna and I see each other often, but it's never enough time for everything we want to talk about. So 24 hours was a great amount of time (especially since we didn't waste much of that time sleeping, you will read all about it shortly). I am so thankful for this friend of mine, there's just not many like her.

We met for lunch at Uncle Julios and then headed over to GWL! The kids went down the slides time after time, for hours! They always love the water park so much!

 We started winding the kids down about 10:00. We turned the air down and quickly realized the smell in the room was just terrible. I called and asked someone to come check it out...they came and sprayed febreeze or something on the vent and left. About 10 minutes later the smell was back, in full force. I told Tanna that I was not going to be able to sleep in there (not dramatic, at all)...we still tried. She was starting to get an asthma attack going on, rash or something and it was just not good. A few of the kids were sleeping, a few of them were coughing because of the smell, and we just couldn't deal with it anymore. Think sewage smell, that bad. All that to say, they finally let us move, yes us move, we moved 5 kids and all the stuff ourselves in the middle of the night. It was a crazy mess. Thank goodness Tanna remembers to get a pic of crazy things like this so we can remember, aren't we just too cute?! They ended up moving us to the biggest room in the hotel, it was nice and roomy. But now we were wide awake, and HUNGRY!
 So what do you do in the middle of the night when you are hungry?! You get Whataburger! Valet was obviously closed, but Tanna managed to find her car in the dark parking lot and headed right over to pick up this deliciousness! YUM! I do not think my eyes have ever been open at this time of night, 2:30 am, oh my! I do have to say this was still so much fun!
 Everyone woke up about 9:00 am. The kids scarfed down a donut and we headed back to the water park for more fun!

And then we checked out, hugged bye and said "until next time!"

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cousin Swap!

Brooke and I planned the cousin swap early in the summer so we made sure we got it in before school started! Jon and I got the boys this year, and it was so fun! 
We met in Dallas and went straight to the water park for some Sunday afternoon summer fun! The water park was not crowded at all so the boys were able to ride slide after slide. The Clark boys even talked Cade into riding the Cliffhanger, which he had been scared to all summer. He loved it!
We shut down the water park and headed home for burgers! We stopped on the way home for candy and popcorn to top the night off! The boys had a blast!

 And the girls had a great time too! Brad and Brooke took the girls to pick out matching dresses, get their hair done, and out to dinner! Looks like they had some yummy dessert at home in the jammies too! :)

Cousin swap was a success! The only request the boys had was for it to last another day longer, maybe next year we can make that happen!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Field Day!

Tanna hosted the kids a summer field day! This was also right in the middle of the Summer Olympics, so it was neat to combine the kids field day with some Olympic fun! 
When we left Cade said "it was the best day all summer long!" It was really sweet!
Let's look at all that fun!
The kids had 7 activities to compete in: Sprint Race, egg on a spoon, fill the bucket, balloon toss, 3 legged race, tug of war and swimming raft races. I think my favorite to watch was the tug of war, so much fun!
Thank you Tanna for hosting the best day all summer long!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last Bootcamp

Each summer I look SO forward to Bootcamp. 
Each year the set up is always different, the study is always different, the things I come into bootcamp with are always different and how I leave bootcamp is always better!
I am SO grateful for this community of friends, and our leader-she is a treasure to me!
Here are pictures from the bootcamp dinner and last bootcamp!

 So thankful for the heart in this girl! 26 bootcamps and over 20,000 calories burned-I am physcially stronger but more importantly I am thankful for the truths we learned this summer that will stored away in my heart forever, love you Tanna!

Until next year!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to School Family Getaway!

We took our back to school weekend trip a little early this year since Jon is having surgery on Tuesday. We still aren't sure what he did to his shoulder, but it's torn and needs to be repaired. 
Friday we headed southbound for a fabulous family weekend! There is just something thrilling about getting out of town with the ones we love most! Leaving work and distractions and all that behind and just spending time together was so great for us all! 
Jon said we should stop at the Magnolia on the way down, and you better believe that I agreed with him, it was the right thing to do! :) It was really neat to see the new silos and store, oh and the bakery and food truck, and the kids loved playing ball in the couryard area. It was just a neat little place that I had been wanting to see, good call hubby!

We enjoyed some custard out on the lawn, yum yum!

I love my family! 
Well that was a fun stop, back on the road!
The kids asked if we could eat dinner in the car on the rest of the drive down to the hotel so they could have more time to swim. Their request made sense, so we obliged! Chick drive thru it was!

The kids were able to swim about an hour before it closed. We headed up to our room and had popcorn in bed while we watched a movie. There was a commercial for a pizza hut cookie cake that we all 4 were drooling over, not sure why we never ordered it, but we sure thought about it! Junk food in bed late at night with this crew on a weekend getaway is really fun!
We woke up about 7:30 Saturday morning and headed down for breakfast and then off to Sea World for a FULL day of fun!
Tatum thought this was too funny!

It was about 80 ish degrees when the park opened at 9:00am so we did all the stuff that would be terribly hot later in the day. We saw all the shows and did all the rides before the crowd hit about 1:00. The kids favorite show was Azul!
So happy to be there together!
My boys on the Shamu rollercoaster!
Tatum is into hats these days, I wonder where she gets that?!
My hat girl and I in Bay of play riding Big Bird!

I love this picture so so much! It just makes me thankful to look at it. Somehow I have been so blessed with a little girl, she makes me so so happy! Her little, I mean, BIG 6 year old personality is just so sweet and loving! And she says things that make me think "oh my she sounds just like me" which just makes me want to be better each day. Oh Tatum Lauren, I wish you could know how much I love you!
Boat ride all together!
And then there is this wild and fun boy! He is fully energized ALL THE TIME! Like really, all the time. He is so fun and all boy! He has been giving me the sweetest random kisses and will still hold my hand, i just love that and soak it up! Sometimes I look at wonder how he is already 7 1/2 years old, he's about to begin 2nd can this be?! I am thankful I get to be a boy mom and experience all the sweetness that comes from his little boy heart!
It's funny that the picture above is Cade being all boy and wild with his hands up, and this is Tatum on the same ride all scared and silly! Oh these 2!
More fun on more rides!

When Cade was 6 months old this is where we landed for him to take a short nap, oh how he has grown!
Love my smoochie face children!
We spent the morning at Sea World, the afternoon at Aquatica and then back to Sea World for the night shows after it cooled down a bit. It was the perfect day!
Remember I said she is into hats, she even picked this as her souvenir. 
And Cade picked out a blue shamu that we recently named "blumu"
We stayed at the park until about 7:00 and decided we were hungry for something other than park food, like Chuy's! Yum Yum!
And then since we were not tired enough we went back to the hotel for some swimming and playing around and being silly!
We woke up Sunday morning about 8 ish and had breakfast, packed up and headed back home. We stopped in Waco for lunch. And then we decided to surprise the kids with one last bit of family fun for the weekend....we pulled into Chuckecheese for games and they just went nuts! This is the only pic I got there because we were all busy winning tickets and having a fun time. This picure makes me laugh because Jon was determined to win the jackpot 10 times before we left, I think he did it too! 
When we got home we heard the Adlers were swimming at my parents and since we couldn't possibly be so exhausted yet, we went over to join them!
And then as soon as we got in the car to head home from swimming Cade puked, it was so sad. We went home and he slept like this for hours.  Poor Cade. It was a short lived 12 hour bug. Bless his heart!
We had such a fantastic weekend together!
We hope that the kids look so forward to this weekend all of their school years, Jon and I sure do! Hey, maybe the kids will want to do these trips in August before the school year starts forever, that would be great with us! :) Nothing is sweeter on this earth than the time we get to spend together with family! I am so thankful!