Monday, January 28, 2008

Go Mavs and Happy Birthday Kim!

We went to the Mavs vs. Denver Nuggests yesterday and had such a great time! Jon and I have been so spoiled this year and gone to so many games! After the game we met up at Uncle Julios to celebrate Kim's 24th birthday! Happy Birthday Kimmy!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas....a month late.

We had such a wonderful Christmas! We did our big Christmas with my family the Sunday before Christmas, we started this tradition last year so we could spend all day together instead of being rushed with everybody's busy Christmas schedule! We had a great time and Corbin was alot of fun to watch tear into his gifts. I think he was more interested in the paper than the actual gift! We spent Christmas Eve with both of our families enjoying dinner, church, and Christmas lights together! We are so thankful that both of our families live close together and enjoy getting all together! Christmas morning Jon woke me up very early to open our gifts! He was very anxious to open what I gave him, he thought he had it all figured out until he opened it, and much to his surprise it was a Swarovski Scope (any non hunters, thats a fancy gun scope)! It was fun watching him get so excited! Jon's parents brought breakfast over and we enjoyed spending the morning with them! We went to my nanny and papa's for lunch and spent the day with all the cousins and everybody! I love how our family is getting bigger and bigger each year! We did our big Christmas with the Grimes family when everybody got back in town a week or so after Christmas. We had a special time with them having lunch, gifts, and fun games! Jon and I are so thankful for our families and love spending time with them! We are so excited to welcome next Christmas baby Patterson and Makenzie! Here are a few pictures of our fun times!