Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little this and that...

I have been meaning to update so much lately, so here it goes....

This pic really cracks me up of Jon, had to post it...

Happy Birthday Papa! The whole family got together Sunday night to celebrate my Papa's 74th birthday! He is so special to me and I love him so much! We had such a feast and a wonderful celebration!

Almost everybody....I love that we have such a HUGE family and is growing more and more each year!

The Newlyweds....we also incorporated opening the Roberts wedding gifts at the celebration, they had so much to open and it was fun to see everything!

Ashley's Baby Shower!

She is due April 3rd and we are waiting with so much anticipation to welcome little baby Patterson into the family! They aren't 100% sure on a name yet, but anything they pick will be just perfect and fitting for him! This is Ashley and Rhett in the super cute cowboy nursery! The shower was at their house which I thought was really fun so all the guests could see the nursery!

Is she really almost 8 months pregnant? She looks so great!
Jon and I gave him this...
She is going to be called Mimi, so fun!

Sarah's Wedding!

At the church getting ready! My sister was in town for several days and i loved getting to hangout with her so much! She is so pretty and I love them tons!
( I really did have all the pictures in chronological order and when I kept adding them, it got all out of order, I am still new to the blogging...any advice?)
Brenden was the ring bearer and looked so handsome in his tux! He got a little too hot before the wedding and wasn't able to walk down the aisle, but felt much better at the reception and danced all night long! He is such a little man!
My nanny looked absolutely stunning at the wedding! I hope I am as pretty as her when I am her age!
At the reception...Getting dressed....

This began Sarah's weekend of wedding festivities! My mom, sister, nanny, and I hosted a bridal lunch for her! We fixed all of Sarah's favortie things and had such a blast! It turned out so pretty, thanks to a few ideas from Corey!

This was the day of the wedding, getting our nails and toes all pretty! Hailey loved getting all dolled up for the wedding! She didn't quite know what that big chair was all about, but had such a great time!

The bride at the church getting ready!Sarah, the bride looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe she is a married woman now!
Hailey was the one of the flower girls and did such a great job! She loved her dress and getting her hair all done up! She is so super cute! This is such a sweet picture of her!

Friday, February 15, 2008

You'll Always be My Love....My Valentine!!!!

Jon took me on a fabulous date to Bui na Braza! It was so different and out of the ordinary! If you have never been, I highly reccommend it for a special fun date night! We had such a wonderful time together! The flowers were beautiful and I have to give Jon major creativity credit for the personalized movie coupons, so cute! If you can't see the fine print at the bottom, it says "Not redeemable during hunting season." ha! Way to go! Hope you all had a great Vday and showed lots of love!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome Home Deuce!

This is Deuce, the newest member to our family! He is so much fun and super cuddely! Jon's dog Max (the big one in our Christmas cards) lives with Jon's mom, and Blue Bell (Kristy and Ryans dog) had 10 black labs! I had picked out Deuce the day they were born and he got to come home with us yesterday! He didn't sleep too much last night, and neither did we. But he will get better! I know they still have a few pups left male and female if anyone is interested, they would be a great Valentine Gift!!! Here are a few pics! Enjoy!