Monday, July 28, 2008

We Are Growing!!!

17 Weeks

18 Weeks
19 Weeks...I didn't have just a pic of me, so I thought instead of missing a week i would use this one, let me make this clear, it's just me growing, not Jon! He's actually lost weight as I am that fair? 22 Weeks
We LOVE to see the belly growing! We can pretty much count on feeling our little Cade after every meal or really cold drink! We had a sono last week and he is weighing about 12 ounces now and is about 7 1/2 inches long! This week (week 22) his little senses are developing. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and baby Cade may touch his face or feel his arms and legs for the first time this week! Jon and I talk alot about how exciting it will be to finally hold and snuggle with our little man! We love baby Cade!


I've been tagged! Here are the ABC's of ME!!!

A. Attached or Single? attached
B. Best Friend? Jon
C. Cake or Pie? Really love both, but I will go with Cake...
D. Day of choice? Saturday! If I am lucky I can get Jon to let me sleep in!
E. Essential item? Internet/Cell Phone
F. Favorite color? Red
G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears...Hairbo
H. Home town? Ovilla, Texas
I. Favorite indulgence? At this point, Whataburger breaksfast at about midnight! YUM!
J. January or July? July
K. Kids? One on the way! Can't wait to meet little baby Cade Michael!!!
L. Life isn’t complete without? My FAMILY!!!! All of them!
M. Marriage date? December 1, 2006
N. Number of brothers and sisters? 2 Brothers, Matt and Brad, 1 Seastar Kristin, 2 Sister in Laws, Brooke and Ashley, and soon to be brother in law, Tyler
O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges!!!
P. Phobias? STORMS....oh man how they scare me to death! Don't worry i will call you if there is ever one in your area!
Q. Quotes? Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!
R. Reasons to smile? My sweet puppies, the everyday life with Jon, and of course when my sweet baby gives me a little kick to say hi!
S. Season of choice? Love the summer to be tan, but the 2 best things that will ever happen to me are in the winter....marrying Jon and meeting baby Cade sometime around December 1st!
T. Tag 4 people: Ashley Williams, Michelle, Kristin, Kim S, Candace, Kristy (Blogging friends)!
U. Unknown fact about me? Kinda gross-but I have a 3d mole above my left ear in my lady always has to watch out for it when highliting my hair!
V. Vegetable? Grilled Corn
W. Worst habit? Jon would say scratching my throat, he hates that sound!
X. Xray or ultrasound? Definitely Ultrasound! Anyone who has been pregnant would agree, there is nothing like seeing that little miracle growing and in YOUR tummy!
Y. Your favorite food? Used to me mexican until i was about 12 weeks pregnant, now Italian
Z. Zodiac sign? Sadly, I have no idea!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Glory Baby

Yesterday, July 20th was our little glory baby's due date. It was alot better day than I had expected, but still very hard to think about never knowing or holding that baby. Jon and I talked alot about what he or she looked like, if it was a boy or girl, if he/she will look like baby Cade, if he/she looked like mommy or daddy, what he/she is doing now, and so much more! We are so grateful for baby Cade, and the joy that he has already brought to our lives! Jon and I have such a grateful appreciation for a healthy pregnancy and we will never take for granted this incredible blessing to be parents! I know we will always remember July 20th as a special day, but we wanted to plant a tree in our yard, right outside our dining room window where we will see it everyday to have in memory of our little baby! We chose a baby tree so we can watch it grow each day! I know we will one day, eventually see this baby!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thankful day!

Today marks 20 weeks, the half way point (well for all I know it may not be another 20 weeks)! I cannot even tell you how thankful I am for such a growing and healthy baby boy!
I am in Lincoln, Nebraska this week for work and I was writing Jon an email during a break about how happy I am today, and how thankful I am for our heathy baby boy! I started telling him how proud I am already of the daddy he is going to be, and how over and over again today i've thanked God for this incredible blessing! As I was writing the email I was feeling our sweet little Cade moving around so much, really, more than ever! I know that was God telling me that everything is going great! I am sure the mom readers can agree with me that feeling the baby moving around is the sweetest feeling! The last half of the pregnancy is going to be so much fun; getting the nursery together, watching Cade grow more and more, baby showers, pregnancy classes, and my very favorite; the look on Jon's face when he puts his hands on my belly and feels his little son moving!
When I get home late tomorrow night the baby furniture will be delivered and I can't wait to see it in the nursery! Why does all the fun stuff happen while I am away? I will be sure to post updated tummy pics along with the furniture soon!
Hope you all have had a great week! I've only been away since Monday and there really is no place like home!!

Read here about our growing baby and mommy this week:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Cabo San Lucas!

We had such a blast! I took SO many fun pictures on the trip I had to make a slide show! Candace, Kim, Andrea, and I headed out Thursday for Cabo. Thank goodness Jon took us to the airport and asked to see my passport on the way, because sure enough it had holes punched in the front and it was my old passport (not sure why we kept that)! We got into Cabo Thursday afternoon and picked up our rent car. I was a little nervous about being the driver the entire trip with a bunch of girls that have no idea where we are going, but thanks to a great navigator, Kim, we NEVER got lost! We just took it easy and hungout Thursday night. Friday we had a fun day at the pool and then went on a catamaran boat that night for dinner after the rehearsal! It was such a blast and so beautiful! Saturday was wedding day! The girls had a brunch together that morning and then set up for the wedding and got ready together for the big night! As you can see in the pictures Michelle looked AMAZING and her beach wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Everything turned out perfect and we all had such a blast! There were tons of people from the resort watching and a few even joined us dancing at the reception! Sunday we relaxed and were very lazy at the pool most of the day. We went into San Jose that night for dinner with the newlyweds! How nice of them to still want to see us the day after their wedding! Monday we traveled home, and let me tell you I couldn't wait to get there! I FINALLY was able to find out we are having a boy!! What a fun trip with great girlfriends! We will for sure have to do that again!

(I am new at the slide show and couldn't get it to post with this entry...i need lessons!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Blue...Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Me waiting in the hallway, so Jon could get the video camera ready! It's also 1:30 am here!
Jon hung the clothing line and filled it with the cutest baby clothes ever! Yes, he went SHOPPING all alone and on his own!!
He is the best!
If you can see this shirt he got made for me says, "Oh Boy" on it. He got it for me to wear to work the next day to tell everyone!
This excitment still hasn't stopped! I love just sitting in there and looking at it all!!

He got 80 "It's a Boy" Balloons, he bought all they had in stock and hung streamers from the fan!!

After much anticipation of Jon knowing what the baby was for 6 entire days and me being in Cabo, I FINALLY got to come home to the very best and most rewarding surprise you could ever imagine! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was at this moment! I thought so much before I left that it was a girl, and I am so happy to be wrong! Now that I did it, that is leaving the country with my baby in me and not knowing what it was and Jon knowing, I wouldn't have had it any other way! Jon really amazed me with all that he did just to surprise me and making it all so incredibly special! I just HAVE to brag on him because I really don't know anybody else that would have gone to this much effort to tell their wife what their baby is. We are both thrilled with excitement that we will have a precious baby boy this December! We are so blessed and extremely thankful for a healthy growing baby boy! A VERY VERY special thank you to Jon for all the thought that went it to this for making it an unforgettable experience for me! You are the best!