Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Additions to the Nursery

I know this must be hard to believe, but this is the VERY FIRST complete outfit that I have bought for Cade! Jon got his fix when he surprised me with the nursery, I just don't know what I have been waiting for! I figured since he will be here for Thanksgiving this year we needed him to be in something festive for the holiday! This looks big, but it's newborn! I can't wait to dress him up!
We FINALLY found a chair and ottoman for the nursery. We searched and searched about 8 different places and finally found this one at Lone Star Baby. Thats where we bought the nursery furniture, but they didn't have this chair then. The chair and ottoman both rock and it's super comfy! Jon and I both cannot wait to rock mister Cade night night! Jon is trying to figure out a way for him to be able to get up in the night and feed him, he is so worried about being left out! I don't think I will mind that too much in the middle of the night! ha!
I am 26 weeks this week and feeling GREAT! I can't believe Cade is opening his little eyes this week! Read more about what else is going on here:
I REALLY need to take an updated belly pic because he sure is growing! I will do that soon, promise!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Love these babies!

Jon and I went over to see Court the other night and had such a fun time with him! Jon read him his night night book and it was the cutest thing ever! He is going to be such a great daddy, oh I can hardly even wait!

Love these babies, Hailey is 4 and still a baby girl to me!
Feeling baby Cade moving around!
So sweet! This was her 4th of July outfit! I have such a special bond with little Kenzie...I can't wait to tell her one day when she will actually know what i am saying that I got to see her be born! Oh i just love her!
Jon and I got to babysit her for a few hours last weekend and had so much fun!

I don't have a recent pic of Corbin by himself, but will be sure to get one soon! He will be 2 in December and is so much fun! I love to see him kiss his baby sister, so sweet!

We are so lucky to see all these babies so often and love them all so much! We can't wait for Cade to play with them!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Cade Update...

We had our 25 week appointment today and everything went really well! Little Cade is measuring about 9 inches long and a little less than 2 pounds. I've started to see pattern of when he is moving around. He is really active late at night when I am sleepy and ready to go to bed and also early in the morning. I don't even care that it wakes me up sometimes because I just love feeling him move around! I have just realized lately how much I really love being pregnant! There is this undescribible attachment that I already have with Cade that I love so much! Jon and I were just talking last night about how we cannot wait to finally meet him and snuggle with our sweet little baby boy! I love to watch Jon talk to Cade, listen to see if he can hear his heart beating, praying for him, and rubbing my tummy to try to get him to wake up! Speaking of meeting him, we found out today at our appointment that we will for sure have baby Cade here for Thanksgiving. My due date is really the 1st of December, but considering that Jon and I were both larger babies, Dr. Lopez would like to induce the 24th if I haven't already gone into labor! Thats 3 months from Sunday...WOW! I don't think it will get here fast enough! We have alot to do in the meantime with the nursery, showers, maternity pics, birthing classes, and Jon is hoping to squeeze in a little hunting too! I don't have any updated belly pics, but promise to take some very soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nursery in progress...

The furniture came a few weeks ago and we absolutely LOVE it! We still need to buy a chair and ottoman and then we will be set! We decided to get the dresser instead of a changing table so we could use it longer. The crib does turn into a toddler and full size bed, so let's hope little Cade will like it until he is a big kid!
My mom and nanny are about to start on the bedding. We decided on the brown and white giraffe print along with a few others to tie in the blue and possibly a tad bit of green! I think it is going to turn out really great and perfect for our little boy! Jon would love to have a little brown and blue camo in there so I told him I will try my best to work that in! :)
I am now 23 weeks and doing great! We went to the dr. yesterday and he is measuring 8 inches long and around one pound! His heartbeat was about 145 yesterday, which is normal, I just love hearing that sound! We will have baby Cade here to hold, kiss, love, and snuggle with in about 16 weeks and we cannot even wait!