Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch at Babe's!

We met at Babe's Chicken on Tuesday for lunch and let me tell you this place is AMAZING! A few of us had never been there and we had a GREAT experience! I can't wait to take Jon!

Here are the progressive belly Pictures of Candace and I...she is about 2 weeks ahead of me and it's been really fun for her to prepare me each week as to what is about to happen!
Candace at 32 weeks and me at 30...DEFINITE bellies here! She is having a girl and it's fun to see how we carry them differently!
Candace at 22 and me at 20...
We met this day for lunch with the girls to announce boy or girl. Jon actually bought me this shirt to tell ME what I was having and as soon as I saw Candace walk in the restaurant in PINK I let out a HUGE scream!
Candace at 20 weeks and me at 18...

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Happy Birthday to you!!
Court helping Jon blow out his candles, he looks terrified, but really he just wants to dive into that cake!

Birthday Boy!
Here are the boys...being BOYS!
All the girls and a little peek from Bobby in the back!
His mom brought over a special gift for him she had been waiting and waiting to come in on his birthday Tuesday!
Happy Birthday Uncle Jon!

Jon turned the big 28 on Tuesday and we had several great celebrations for him and they still are not over! Saturday night we celebrated with friends at Bennihanus and afterwards at Gilley's! Let me tell ya I was probably the only big pregnant girl there but it was alot of fun! Thanks to everybody that came out and made this a great night for Jon! Sunday we went to church and had lunch with his family at La Hacienda and celebrated all afternoon with them! Court was wide awake and played with his Uncle Jon most of the afternoon, we did let him be baby hog since it was HIS birthday! Tuesday I took Jon out to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner and it was SO DELISH! We will have one more birthday celebration next week with my family once things slow down a bit!
Well, I would like to start this blog post off by saying I will have baby Cade in my arms in LESS than 2 months! I cannot believe that he is going to be here SO soon! Jon and I get REALLY excited when we talk about him being here and our life change that is coming so soon! The other night we just sat there and watched my belly move and wondered what in the world he is up to in there! Oh we cannot wait to meet him!:)

The other day Brooke and the kids, Nanny,Brenden, and my mom all came over to see the nursery and we went in the living room to see what the boys were up to and this is where we found them! ha! Deuce used to do this too when he was a little pup! The boys were just as happy as could be!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We did it!

We completed the child birthing classes, all 12 hours! We did learn SO much, but I will admit that I am a little nervous now of the whole delivery thing. We took our classes at The Nesting Place in Grapevine about 5 minutes away from our hospital and we really had a great experience! We totally recommend all of our friends who are having their first baby or will to go there for their classes! I really wanted to take the classes with our friends, Candace and Josiah every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks in the evenings, but Jon didn't want to drive out there so often. So, he bribed me into taking them all in one weekend, 6 hours Saturday, and 6 hours Sunday and staying at the Gaylord and getting a prenatal massage. Of course I went for it! :) We watched the birthing video Saturday and it really didn't bother me since I was able to see Kenzie be born in April, but the csection video that we watched Sunday really brought tears to my eyes. At one point during that video Jon put my blanket over my head and said to stop watching. Oh my! I think if I do end up having to have a csection they will have to give me some sort of medication to "be OK." We learned the breathing exercises, learned alot about every little thing that happens in delivery and afterwards, postpartum, we took a tour of the hospital, learned how to "handle" the contractions, Jon learned how to calm me ( i sure hope he remembers all this), and so much more! I wasn't quite sure how Jon was going to handle the classes, and he really did so great! I told him after the weekend was over that I was VERY impressed with his attentiveness and participation in everything! You will see in the picture that Jon got to experience the pregnant belly. Our instructor had weights for everything that's really inside the pregnant belly and all the daddies were able to experience what it feels like to bend over, lay down, and just walk with all that extra weight! Jon cheated a little and took it off to use the restroom. His argument was girls don't have to see over that to potty! ha

It was a good weekend and I feel like we are ready to be great parents! I hope I look back over this blog post after delivery and think "it wasn't THAT bad." I'll let ya know!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Court Jackson...

Check this video out:
Jon and I watched this video last night about 10 times because it just made us laugh so much, he is so stinkin' cute! :)

This is Jon's sister Ashley's baby boy and he is the cutest thing ever! He is alomost 6 months old and changing everytime we get to see him! For more pictures and fun about him go to:
We are so excited for Court and Cade to be only 8 months apart!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Growing Belly and Nursery Additions

WOW, that belly is looking very large and I LOVE it so much! This was taken at 27 weeks (last week). Last Thursday we had our 27 week appointment and baby Cade is looking very healthy and right on track! We were able to get a sonogram and see his sweet little eyes open and close, it was really the most amazing thing we have seen so far! Jon and i both had smiles on our face the rest of the day! He has already brought so much joy to our lives, I can't imagine what life will be like when he is really here! He is really moving around so much these days. It's funny when Jon talks to him he can ALWAYS get him to move, i think he loves his daddy already! :) We are so thankful for a healthy report on Cade! Dr.'s appointments are every 2 weeks now!
My very talented mom and nanny made these accents for the nursery! They did such a great job and we love it all so much! Crib Pillows. The bedding was ordered from Pottery Barn and should arrive soon!
Crib Blanket
Bassinet-they didn't make this, but i had to post it. This is where Cade will sleep for a while in our bedroom!
Diaper Stacker, I love this piece! If you will notice it is hanging on Jon's gun safe, he promises to have that moved VERY soon!

Jon is in the process of making a really great shelf for the crib wall, i will post pics of it as soon as he is done!
I forgot to mention earlier in the Dr. update that Cade will be here no later than November 24th! Thats about 11 weeks...CAN'T WAIT!
Jon and I have our birthing classes this weekend, I am sure that will be very interesting! I will be sure to blog about it next week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Check this out...
Check this blog out! It's my brother and his wife Brooke and their 2 kids Corbin and Kenzie. I am always posting pics of them, but you HAVE to see her latest post. Corbin goes to school and he is SO stinkin cute! Oh I just love that kiddo!