Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Growing Belly, Showers, and more....

Last Saturday Debbie and Ashley hosted a really great shower for Jon and I (really me, Jon didn't come until the end), we got TONS of much needed things for Cade and had SO much fun too! They decorated the house SO great with the theme of the nursery, giraffe, and tons of cute clothes for Cade! Thank you both for such a fun shower!

Brittany, Kim, me, and Andrea....thank you girls for coming to everything you are the best!

One of the MANY fun and super cute gifts....this was from Brad, Brooke, Corbin, and Kenzie! Brooke is super crafty and made the cutest notes on each gift!

My mom (Gigi)...LOVE her!

HAPPY parents to be!

Hostesses!Court looks like such a BIG kid in this picture, he is almost 7 months and I just can't believe it! He is SO much fun these days and laughs, fake coughs, and smiles all the time!

Kenzie giving Nanny kisses! This picture is the sweetest! The cousins...Heather and Sarah!

Mom, me, Kenz, Kristin, and Brooke....a special THANK YOU to my sister for coming in town the past 2 weekends for all my baby showers! She is super busy this semester with taking 29 hours at Tech...it meant SO much to me to have her here! Love you SEASTAR!

How cute is this table set up! I REALLY loved it all so much!

Uncle Jon and Court!

Thanks to Gigi and Papaw for the jogging stroller and all the fun things in it! I can't wait to take Cade on jogs and get my old bod back!


This might have been my favorite thing ever! This is Jon's baseball uniform from when he was a kid and a onesie hanging next to it that says "dad's team." TOO CUTE!

Sunday was my last shower. I do have more pictures to post, but these were all that were taken on my camera. Thank you to Auntie for hosting the shower at your house and all the other hostesses for making it all so special for me!

This picture was taken for nanny, i am holding butt paste and she calls it the "bad word cream." HA!

Me, Kenzie, and Sarah

They had SO many great desserts to choose from.....my personal favorite were the blue fluffies, even though they made my mouth blue for the entire shower! At least it was the theme color! :)
I am a little late with posting these belly pictures, but i figured later is better than never! I am 35 weeks pregnant now and we are VERY anxious for Cade to arrive! Last Thursday we went to the Dr. for a checkup and sonogram and Cade was measuring a little bigger than 34 weeks, but VERY healthy! We are SO thankful for such a healthy, growing, and strong baby boy!

34 Weeks

33 Weeks

32 Weeks
Now that all of our fun showers are over we are getting everything together for Cade's arrival. The nursery is complete and full of everything you can imagine a baby needing! Our goal this week is to have all 3 of our bags packed and car seat in the car ready to go whenever it is time! My mind is constantly thinking of something that needs to be done or never ending questions about labor, what to bring to the hospital, do i have everything he needs, will my water break, what if I can't get a hold of Jon when it is time, how painful is this going to be, what will Cade look like, what if i am driving down the road alone and get an awful contraction that makes me pass out and sweat to death, etc etc.....
I have enjoyed this pregnancy SO much and I can't believe it is almost over! Even though it is getting harder to sleep at night, extremely hard (nearly impossible) to bend over and tie my shoe, get kicked in the ribs with a sweet little foot, and having to keep a supply of Pepcid AC complete in my purse, I will never forget this incredible miracle that we have been able to watch over the past 8 months! After Jon and I went through our miscarriage in January we prayed that we wouldn't worry about our next pregnancy and that we would just trust that God would bless us with a child in His timing! We have been SO blessed already and Cade has already been such a JOY to us! I can't even imagine what life is going to be like with him here! Just when I tell Jon that "I haven't felt him move much today" or "do you think he is ok in there" I will feel him kick around or make sudden movements! This is REALLY the greatest, and most indescribable feeling ever and I am going to miss it SO much! I know we have SO much to look forward to with him actually here! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Baby Shower

Saturday was my very first baby shower and I STILL cannot get over how much fun it was and what a wonderful job the girls did at hosting it. The shower was at my house so everybody could see the nursery. Ashley, my sister in law had one of her baby showers at her house and it was such a great idea! Jon kicked me out of the house to get a manicure/pedicure before the girls got there to set everything up, so when I was able to come home it was ALL a surprise to me!

All the food was So great! Why does the pregnant lady always get pictures taken with food? ha!!
Kim, Kristy, me, Candace, and Heather
We grow together! Here Candace is 36 weeks pregnant with Adalyn Love and me at 34 weeks with Cade! I can't wait for them to finally meet eachother!
Court and Kenzie were SO much fun! They are pretty much like family to eachother, even though they are on opposite sides of the family! They were born only 6 days apart and only 8 months ahead of their cousin Cade!
My nanny made the SWEETEST quilt for Cade! I just love her TONS!
YES, that is a coach diaper bag! All my hostesses and Jon surprised me with it. Funny short story...i asked Jon for this bag about a month or so ago and he said "no"....i never brought it up again since he told me no (which he just about never says) and much to my surprise the girls had been chatting with Jon about getting this for me for the shower! LOVE it so much!
My sis, me, Elyse, Minda, and Gigi (my mom)!
Hostesses! They are the BEST! They had been planning this shower for months and you could definitely tell with all the detail they put into it! I loved it all and can't wait to do the same for them someday!
Cutest Cake and SO delicious!
Andrea, Michelle, me, Jamie, Kim, and Ashley Jon and I
I had given him a list of what he calls "honey do's" earlier in the week and one thing on the list was to pick up a barrel of hay so I could make a fall decor on my porch. Well, he comes home with 2 and decides to put his boots and hat on one side and Cade's boots (which were Jon's as a baby) and hat on the other! It was really the cutest thing ever!
Jon gave me a shower gift the night before at dinner. I told him months ago, before I was pregnant that I wanted a charm bracelet. He really does listen and remember things because I never talked about it again! He gave me the sweetest most thoughtful charms on it too! There are 2 pups for Sugar and Deuce, 2 booties, one for our sweet glory baby and one for Cade Michael, and a Mom charm! I love it so much! Thanks babe, you are the BEST!
Mimi (jon's mom), Court, me, and Ashley
A special THANK YOU to everybody who came to the shower, hosted, and sent amazing gifts for Cade! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! Only about 5 weeks until the little bundle of JOY makes his arrival!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maternity Pictures

Let me first say that these were SO much fun to take! Jon and I wanted these pictures to capture this happy and blessed time in our lives and Kari couldn't have done a better job! Go to www.karicrowe.com and choose the proofing tab at the top, and the password is cade. She also has a blog post about it at www.karicrowephotography.com
Now, I just can't wait to take newborn pics, less than 6 weeks and he is HERE!!