Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last date night, belly pic, and night at home alone...

So tonight is our last night at home with just the two of us and we really couldn't be any happier! We are doing the most random things today to keep ourselves busy and make the day go by as fast as it possibly can! Jon and I keep rubbing my belly all day today and we are really soaking up all the movements Cade is doing since he won't be in there much longer! He is really stretching out and kicking my left side pretty hard, i really think we can feel his toes poking out! We keep telling him he is about to be here with us! Jon and I can't stop talking about what is he going to look like, what we will notice first about him, who gets to hold him first, who's side of the bed does the bassinet go on (jon really thinks his for some reason...ha),how much we already love him and he's not even here yet, and how thankful we are for such a healthy baby! I know there will be days that I will miss being pregnant with Cade, but I just really cannot wait for him to be here!

Well, those are the last pics of the progressive belly! After Tuesday I hope to be deflating some everyday!

This was our last date night out for a while! We have been saying that each weekend for like a month now (just in case Cade wanted to come early) but this is really the last one for a while! We enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at Bennihanus and then dessert and Christmas lights at the Gaylord! We just love that place so much and go for just about any occasion! We had a great time out together and already have a FABULOUS date planned for when Cade is about 6 weeks old!
Tomorrow morning we have our last appointment at 10:45 and then if all goes well we will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow night and then inducing at 5am Tuesday! Happy early birthday to our little Cade Michael on Tuesday, November 25Th! We can't wait to post pictures and write all about our new little love! Pray for a healthy baby and mommy this week!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A little progress is better than no progress....

So, we had a doctor appointment today and I have made a tiny bit of progress! I am now at a 2 and 25% effaced, YAY! If nothing happens this week the plan is for me to see Dr. Lopez next Monday morning and then be admitted to the hospital Monday night and begin the cervical ripening cream. Tuesday early morning I will be induced and then sometime that day Cade should be here with us! I will be walking every night this week and eating up that spicy food too just in case he wants to come before then! I really want to experience the water breakage and going into the hospital on my own, but if that doesn't happen by this time next week I don't think I will be disappointed! His heartbeat was at 147 today and my blood pressure, weight, and belly growth is right on track! Cade couldn't be born at a better time, we are so thankful for him already and what a wonderful holiday we get to celebrate with him next week!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nursery is Complete!!

Now we are just waiting for Cade to decide he's ready to come join us!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today we had our 37 1/2 week Dr. appointment and let's just say I have made no progress. I thought surely with all the contractions and other stuff that's been going on I would have, but I was wrong. We selfishly would LOVE for him to be here very soon, but we are just so thankful he is so healthy! I can hardly wait to finally hold my son!! Our next appointment is Monday!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making Progress....

Thursday, Jon and I had our last sono of our little Cade Michael and we can't wait for the next time we see him to be in our arms! He is measuring around 39 weeks and I am only about 37 weeks, which means he really could come anytime! I know sonograms are only an estimate, but we were able to see a type 2 which is more accurate than a normal sonogram. The doctor told us he looks like a perfect baby!
As for me, (men may want to stop reading) I am dilated to 1.5 and barely effaced as of Thursday and have been having contractions all day yesterday and a few today! We have to be making some sort of progress in there because these contractions are hurting pretty bad. Other than a few contractions I am feeling very good and can't wait to have our sweet baby boy in our arms!
My next appointment in Wednesday if we make it until then!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All my bags are packed up, we're ready to go....

Well, we are officially ready for Cade to make his big appearance! We have been little by little getting all of Cade's things ready and washed to take with us to the hospital, everything set up just perfect in the nursery (pics to come), and our bags packed too! I feel like we have been preparing for the longest time and we are finally ready with it all just perfect!

This weekend was opening deer weekend and let's just say Jon doesn't miss that for anything, well he hasn't ever until now. He said he couldn't go this weekend and enjoy himself knowing that he is 5 1/2 hours away and could possibly miss something if it were to happen. Well, nothing has happened but it sure was sweet of him to stay!

We were in church this morning and we sang "Lord I'm Amazed by You" and that is the song Jon and I listen to on the way to EVERY dr.'s appointment. After 2 painful contractions in church, singing that song, and Jon staying home this weekend i thought for sure he might want to come early! But it is now 6:30 at night and I just don't think that's going to happen today. That song is so special to us and it all started when Court was born. Jon created a slide show to that song with all the precious pics of Court's day of birth! Ever since then we have just loved the song so much!

We have an appointment and sonogram on Thursday and I hope to have some good news to share then! I've been told a TON this week that he has dropped SO much (even by the random lady that doesn't know me at DBU that works in the cafe told me that this week) so we are just waiting and waiting now.

One more thing... a VERY SPECIAL CONGRATS to Candace and Josiah Reneau for their precious baby girl, Adalyn Love. She was born late Wednesday night and is SO BEAUTIFUL! Mommy and baby are both at home and healthy!