Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Cade Einstein

Cade LOVES his baby E DVD! Jon turned it on for him Sunday morning and he just talked and coo'd and smiled all 3 times he watched it! It's now in our morning routine at least 3 times, Cade is going to be a genius before we know it!
Here, Cade is working his arms like the little girl on the dvd!
Sooo into the show!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy's little cowboy

He's already tippin' his hat to his mom :) I promise that was all natural too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catch up..

Last Saturday night the Bina's came in town from Tyler and we all enjoyed a fun night out together at Hoffbrau and Mavs game! It was so much fun to take Cade to his first basketball game, even though he slept through most of it! We just LOVE taking him everywhere with us!
Andrea LOVES Cade
This was Lance's and Cade's first Mav game!
Last week the possey got together fun a fun dinner at PF, we started planning our girls getaway for the spring and Michelle's baby shower! LOVE you girls!
A few weekends ago we drove to Tyler and Cade got to meet his great grandmother Nanny for the first time! She has recently moved into a nursing home and we were able to spend the afternoon with her! She was SO happy to meet Cade! Such a sweet pic!
Random cute outfit!
Sunday night we celebrated Jon's dads (POPS) 60th birthday! We had a great dinner and fun time with the family at Ashley's house! Happy Birthday Larry!

8 weeks

Oh my how the past 8 weeks have FLOWN by SO fast! Cade is growing up too fast and is already looking more like a little boy! He has just about outgrown his newborn clothes and is well into his 0-3 month! He is holding his head up so strong and all on his own already, geez i didn't know that was supposed to happen this early! He is starting to make lots of little baby talk, stick out this tongue tons, LOVES bath time, and is only sleeping about 2-3 hours all day! He is still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom, but we've been letting him take naps and play and listen to his music in his big boy crib. We are thinking about making the switch to the big crib in a few weeks! I just want him to be little as long as I can make it last! Moving to the big boy bed is such a HUGE step for me! I've already given into Jon and letting him wear size 1 diapers! The boy can still fit in the newborns, but daddy says more fits in the 1's! Oh these boys! Cade is smiling more and more each day and that sure does melt a mommy's heart! He has definitely changed our lives SO much and we can't express how much we LOVE him! Happy 8 weeks old Cade!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Play day!

Last Thursday Cade, Gigi, and I went up to Richardson and had a fun play day with Corb, Kenz, and Brooke! I LOVE play days! Here are a few pics, more of these days to come!!
It was such a pretty day for a walk, kids loved it!
Cade snoozin like a litte man!
Kenzie....look at those big beautiful eyes, she is such a pretty girl!
Corbin is SO into cars these days, and his fishy hat too!

Storytime, here's gigi with her boys!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby friends

Candace and I were pregnant together and thankfully she was about 2 weeks ahead of me and was able to give me a "heads up" on what to expect. Ohh, i miss these pregnant days, but SO glad to have Cade and Adalyn here now! Here is the last pregnant pic we took together and just 2 weeks before Candace had Addy!
First time for the babes to meet, Cade is 6 weeks and Adalyn is 10 weeks.
Proud mommies!!

To Gigi and Papaw's house we go!!

Last weekend Jon went on an exotic hunt and came home with 4 animals, while he was away Cade and I spent the weekend with Gigi, Papaw, Aunt Krissy, and Uncle B! It was soooo hard for Jon to leave his best buddy for 2 nights, but he had alot of fun on the hunt! Cade and I had tons of fun over the weekend and were glad for Jon to come home to us Monday!
Cade playing in bed before dad left...
Snoozin on the couch waiting for daddy to get home
Cade LOVES his Gigi and Papaw
and Mommy too! :)
Cade's cousins came to play!
Aunt Krissy gave him this outfit, he is such a monkey!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Concert EVER!

Jon and I went out on our 6 week date (we heard in our childbirthing classes to plan an out of the ordinary date at 6 weeks and leave little guy with a babysitter, thanks mimi and pops) Monday night and it was such a BLAST! We feasted over a delicious dinner at Luna de Noche and then went to the Celine Dion concert at the AA. Let me just say we saw Celine in Vegas and in Dallas and i had NO IDEA her Dallas show would blow Vegas out of the water, but it sure did! I was TOTALLY impressed with her 7 fabulous outfits,great stage setup, selection of all my fav songs, the great stories she told about her family, tour, and life, and everything else about the concert! Ahhhh, she is just AMAZING! Thank you to Jon for such a special night out together and most of all going to see Celine with me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our little man is 6 weeks old today...

We REALLY cannot believe that our little Cade is already 6 weeks old today, it seems like yesterday he was just born and I was holding him for the very first time! I will never forget Jon laying Cade on my chest right after he was born and just thinking how perfect he is!Cade is such a JOY to us everyday and we cannot imagine our family without him! Everyday I take a little time and just sit and stare at him, sometimes he is sleeping, sometimes he is awake, sometimes he is looking all around, and sometimes he just stares back and gives me a little smile, and thats my favorite thing ever! He is really starting to recognize his mommy and daddy's voices, lifting his neck, rolling on his side, grabbing my hair and daddy's necklace, making his own schedule, and is definitely more alert these days! We took Cade to the doctor last week and he weighs 8 lbs and 11 ou, dr. said that is great gain for him and we are so happy he is growing so healthy! He is sleeping anywhere from 4-6 1/2 hours at night and is definitely staying awake longer during the day! Here are a few pics of Cade today on his 6 week old birthday! We love you Caders!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Jon and I celebrated the new year with friends at a restaurant in Uptown! It was fun to hangout and pretty much have the entire place to ourself! Cade hungout with his Mimi and Court and as soon as we picked him up I gave him his first New Years kiss! I love having 2 boys in my house now!

2008 was GREAT! It started off pretty hard and ended with an AMAZING gift that we will love forever!

Other memories of the year:
Finding out we were pregnant with Cade and hearing his heartbeat for the first time
The birth of our sweet niece Makenzie Ann
The birth of our cute nephew Court Jackson
A fun trip to Vegas with the hubs
Cabo Vaca with the girls and of course the reason of the trip, Micha's wedding
Coming home from Cabo to find out we are having a BOY!
My little sis got engaged and will get married next August!
My cousin Sarah's wedding day
The birth of Cade's friends Adalyn and Ellie
All the planning and preparing for Cade
Bringing Cade home for the first time on Thanksgiving Day
First Christmas with Cade
All the fun times with our wonderful families and friends
The celebration of our 2nd Anniversary
I can't believe we are entering in 2009, Happy New Year!!