Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cold weather can't stop the sweets!

Court Jackson turned 1 on Saturday and had such a fun construction party full of trucks, dirt cake, presents, tons of balls (100 to be exact, thanks uncle Jon, I can only imagine what the pay back will be), and lots of friends and family! Since it was so frigid outside Saturday they moved all the furniture out of their living/dining room so all the kiddos could play on the trucks, cars, and toys galore inside! His mommy said he had so much fun that he couldn't even go to sleep that night! I can't believe he is already a YEAR OLD! Oh my! I know he has LOTS to teach his little cousin! Happy Birthday Court!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

4 months ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Our rooter -tooter, tank, boo, scooter pants, pooter, bud, mister, little man, dooter, doodlepop, angel, love bug, also known as Cade Michael is 4 months old! Oh my where has the time gone!?!? It seems like just yesterday he was bundled up and coming home for the first time! We love this little guy more than anything and it's so much fun to see him developing more and more each day!
Here are a few of Cade's recent talents:
-He likes to laugh, coo, and make some sort of noise all the time! It's funny to see him put on a show in front of a stranger!
-He can now pick up his buddy (paci) and put it in his mouth all on his own, sometimes he even likes to put it in backwards!
-He recognizes mommy and daddy's voices when we are in the same room as him and looks around until he sees us!
-He follows us with his eyes everywhere we go!
-He grabs anything he can, hair, earrings, necklace, shirt, etc.
-He is smiling a TON and that is by far my favorite thing EVER!
We took Cade to his 4 month checkup on Friday and Dr. Longshaw was very impressed with his growth and development! He weighs 15 lbs and is 25 3/8 in long, BIG BOY! We started rice cereal about 3 weeks ago and introduced stage 1 baby food for the first time Friday night. We are all 3 having so much fun with all these new things! Cade LOVED it so much, which was not much of a surprise to us, this boy LOVES to eat! Dr. L told us to start out with the same food for the first 3 days so he doesn't develop an allergic reaction to a certain food and us not know what it is. So, we started with applesauce and man does he lap it up! We give him about a tablespoon 2-3 times a day and it's such a smacky fun time! We will try carrots and bananas this week!
Jon and I are so proud of you Cade!

Monday, March 23, 2009


It's FINALLY OFFICIAL, I am a stay at home mommy and I work part time for my dads business as his accountant/office manager! I went back to the bookstore last week to finish my job and to help out with inventory. It was SO hard to get up super early everyday, get myself ready, get Cade's bottles, formula, clothes, schedule etc. ready for the day (really, jon did this), get home late and eat out every night b/c I was too tired or too lazy to cook, and be away from my little angel all day long! Oh, and did I mention that my house looked like a large volcano erupted! Allow me to give you a visual: you walk into our house to see our dining room table (where we walk in and dump all of Cade's bags, blankets, carseat, etc.), then you see our kitchen where all the dirty bottles are piled up in the sink, alteast 3 loads of laundry on the couch and loveseat wating to be folded and put away, a huge pile of, well Jon just called it "my mound" in our bedroom, I am sure you get the pic! I was very appreciative of my new job before I went back to the bookstore for a week, but let me tell you I have a much LARGER appreciation for being home with Cade now! I think I called my dad everyday last week and told him how thankful I am for my new job!
Our HUGE family portrait came in last week and I was able to go pick it up one day during lunch, here is a sneak peek! Little do you know, it's LIFE SIZE (of Cade)!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

A-DOR-ABLE! We fall more and more in love with him everyday!

Last Friday Jon went hog hunting in Hillsboro with a few guy friends and Cade and I had a slumber party at Gigi and Papaw's with Kenzie, Corbin, Aunt Krissy, and soon to be Uncle Tyler! We had SO much fun, I will post pics as soon as my sis sends them to me! Friday night we ate pizza, played with the kiddos, watched Cars (Corb's FAV), bathed the babes, and finally went to bed around midnight! Saturday morning Brad and Brooke came over and joined us for a HUGE breakfast all cooked by Gigi,it was SO DELISH and i wasn't really even hungry again until dinner! Jon headed home Saturday morning and we left for Tyler to visit the Bina's as soon as he got home! We got there just in time to visit the local, Jewels and Jeans, which is a little boutique in Flint that I absolutely LOVE to shop at each visit! Saturday night we went to a FABULOUS restaurant in Kilgore (i think?) called The Country Tavern, if you will notice in the pics above we all indulged in the ribs! I mean they were really really great! That is going to be a MUST every visit for sure! We went back to the Bina's and watched Taken and let me tell you, if you haven't seen it you MUST! Jon and I rarely can stay awake for a movie, much less late at night, but there was no way we could shut our eyes for one second. We met my parents for dinner tonight and I was still talking about it! ha! Sunday we went to church and ate lunch and had to say bye to the Bina's. We had SO much fun with them as always, and look forward to our next visit! Before we left we spent a couple hours with Jon's Nanny who lives in a nursing home in Tyler. She is SO SWEET and LOVES Cade so much! She held him as long as she could before he got to squirmy for her. Cade really put on a show for Nanny and talked and told her lots of baby language that we will never understand! I know she just loved that! We got home Sunday night and got all prepared for the week! I am finishing my job at the bookstore this week and I can now say that I have a new appreciation for my new job! I've told my dad before how thankful I am for the job he gave me to be home with Cade, but i think i've told him 50 times already this week and it's only Tuesday night. It's very hard to leave Cade and go to work, thank goodness it's just a few more days! What a great weekend! Cade is such a good baby on the go! We were pretty much traveling around all weekend and the boy still stayed on schedule! yay! He is sleeping about 9-12 hours each night without waking up, that is AMAZING for mom and dad! Ok, I MUST go night night now, both of my boys are already snoring, AHHH!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TOO wet for the ZOO

Tuesday we enjoyed a great day together with Cade! We planned on taking Cade to the zoo, but it was way too rainy for that, so instead we took him to the Dallas World Aquarium! Cade napped while we enjoyed a nice lunch together and woke up just in time for the Aquarium. Jon dressed Cade for the day in his fishy shirt (thanks Gigi) and he fit right in! Cade really focused on the little fishes and followed them swimming around with his eyes! Here are a few pics of our fun day!

Cade is 15 weeks now and we are LOVING this stage! I've heard every stage is fun, but I especially love 3 months so far. He is full of big smiles that will just melt you, giggles, and my favorite is all the talking. He will jibber jabber a bit and then it's your turn and then he will some more and so on. He likes to take turns. I've read that his attention span is only 7 seconds at a time right now, but I really think he focuses on something way longer than that! He is sleeping about 8-9 hours at night (sounds great and we are so proud, but sometimes we can't keep him up past 8pm so that means he is an alarm clock at 4-5am), he is taking a morning, afternoon, and evening nap, eats 5.5 ounces every 4 hours, and is growing like a WEED! He is such a joy to us everyday and we continue to thank God everyday for blessing us with him!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cade's "FIRST" of many days at the park!

We took Cade and the pups to the park as one big happy family on Saturday and had so much fun! All the first things are such a BIG deal! When we got home Cade definitely had the "boy outdoor smell" and it made me realize how I am extremely outnumbered in this house! As much as I love girlie foo-fooie things, I will be HAPPY as can be with a house full of my boys!

My cool dude!
Ohhh, he LOVED this!
and the monkey bars with dad too!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This smile makes EVERYDAY perfect!!!


We played with Brooke, Gigi, Corbin, and Kenzie at Brooke's house this week! Corbin had fun trying to get Cade to play cars with him and Kenzie is taking steps now! She will turn 1 in about a month and I cannot even believe it! She is so beautiful, I love that we have at least one girl to shop for in the fam! We took the kids to chickfila for lunch and i went all the way up in the playground with Corbin and down the slide, I sure haven't done that in a while, but it was the only way he would understand that was how you got to go down the slide... was if you went all the way up! Love him! Then we went to Old Navy and I got Cade some super cute shoes for the spring/summer!
All ready to go for a walk, I can't believe Court is nearly 1 year old! We played at our house this week and went for a walk/shop around Uptown! This week was SO pretty outside, can it please stay that way! Court is taking steps now too when you hold his hands, it's super cute! Ohhhh these boys are growing up too fast!
And....I am SO glad that I am able to have play days with the kids. I have actually FINALLY made a decision about work. I am going back to the bookstore in about a week to finish my job and then I will be working part time from home for my dads business as an office manager. I will be taking over the accounting side of the company and I am really excited about it! I am EXTREMELY grateful that my dad created a position for me to work at my house or his and never have to leave Cade and go to work. I never really understood how hard it would be to leave him and work until he was here. Cade has already changed SO much in these 3 months and I don't ever want to miss anything! A VERY SPECIAL thank you to my dad for my new job, he is such a great dad and would do anything for me to not have to go back to work! LOVE YOU!