Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Five is Fantastic!

We cannot believe Cade is 5 months old! WOW, we never really believed anybody when they said "they really grow up fast" until we had Cade. It's really incredible how fast he changes and learns new things all on his own! Cade has found is toes and tongue. You can see in the second pic that he is all about those toes! he tries really hard to get them all the way up to his mouth! Poor guy! He is sitting up so well in his bumbo and I know before too long he will be sitting up like a big boy to play! He LOVES his baby food SO much! The past few mornings he has woke up smacking his lips, I guess he has it figured out that he gets to eat when he gets up in the morning. I usually mix cereal and a fruit in the morning for breakfast and I think that's his favorite meal of the day. His legs start kicking uncontrollably and he just squeals and squeals! Oh I just love this little guy SO much! We try for 2 naps a day and not sure if this is speaking too soon, but the last too nights he hasn't woke up at all (this is very unusual for Cade since we moved him to his big boy crib about 5 weeks ago). We have more of a routine now and it's so great! I LOVE this stage so much! :)
(Pics aren't the best, my camera is having some blurry issue and I need to get a new one ASAP)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shower for the future Figgs in Lubbock

We played a really fun Bride Barbie, and Groom Ken game!
Last Friday Cade and I took a road trip with my parents and Matt to Lubbock for Kristin and Tyler's couples shower! This was Cade's first time to be in the car longer than 2 hours at a time and he did awesome! He slept most of the way up there which meant he was up most of the night. Yes it was a long night, but hey how can you keep a baby from sleeping in the car? My mom, dad, Matt, Kristin, and I all stayed in a huge suite Friday night, but needless to say we were ALL up with the mr! Saturday Jon drove in for the shower and drove us all back afterwards. I think he wins the greatest Brother in law,son in law, husband, and daddy award for driving about 14 hours in the car all in one day! I mean REALLY, thats a long way and a really boring drive! The shower was so great and the future Figg's had a wonderful time! They were showered with tons of fabulous gifts, my sis was VERY excited about each one of them! I remember being the same way at all my showers, SO FUN! We headed back home after the shower and Cade made it the entire way home with no buddy (paci). I for some crazy reason had them scattered out everywhere in Lubbock and none of them ended up in the car ride home. opps. Good thing Cade is easily entertained! Thank you to Jordan and Jessica for allowing us to borrow your house for the shower! 1 shower down 4 to go!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl's Getaway Weekend

Last weekend we took a girls trip to the beautiful hill country and truly had a wonderful time togther! It was like college all over again but better! Candace, Jamie, Jen and Whit we sure missed y'all!

Friday we headed down and stopped at Chuy's for dinner in Austin! We had a blast catching up in the car and arrived at our resort at about 10. We stayed at the Westin La Cantera Resort and it was just amazing! Kimmy got us up bright and early Saturday morning so we wouldn't waste the day away in bed! We went to chick for breakfast in our pj's, came back and didn't shower (ha), shopped at La Cantera all afternoon but got back in time to swim, and layout! Saturday night we went to this amazing Italian restaurant called Posano's for dinner and PF for the "to die for" great wall of chocolate! YUM! Sunday we slept in (except prego and andresa), showered and hit the road to come home. We took our time coming home and dined in at the Cabana and stopped for more shopping in Round Rock.

I love these girls so much! You know they really love you too when they wait at the hospital for 14 long hours to be there when your baby is born! They are so great!

Thank you to the best husband ever for taking such great care of Cade all weekend! Jon ALWAYS wants me to go out with the girls and take little trips with them and it's so nice to not have to worry about Cade while i am gone! He makes it so much easier on me by sending pics of him all weekend! LOVE YOU!

WOW, I miss that belly!!! Michelle is about 28 weeks now and looking GREAT! Isabelle, aka Izzie is growing and kicking mommy tons! I was able to feel her move this weekend! Isn't that SO AMAZING!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sew Spoiled by Gigi

Here is a sneak peak of Isabelle's nursery decor! Michelle picked out all the fabric and told my mom what she wanted made and here ya go! It turned out so fabulous and I am sure it only looks better in the nursery. I didn't post a pic of the curtains, but they are SO pretty also! My mom is starting a small on the side fun business of sewing, so if you know anybody that wants nursery decor made let me know!

Diaper stacker

burp cloths

big floor pillow

small pillows


patchwork quilt

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eating machine

Cade LOVES his baby food so much! We feed him a tablespoon of stage 1 baby food 3 times a day! For breakfast he loves peaches, pears, applesauce, or bananas mixed in his cereal, at lunch and dinner he likes carrots, green beans (proof below), and sweet peas! We still have sweet potatoes and prunes to try soon! We have really enjoyed feeding Cade with a spoon and all the funny faces he makes when he tries new foods! This little guy is so much fun!
Ohhhh, and who taught him to hold his own bottle, NOT ME! ha! He has only done this a few times, i guess it's when he likes to be independent!
Monday night the Bina's came to Dallas and went to the Mavs game with us! We had a BLAST at the game with them, thanks Andrea and Lance for coming! Jon and I headed up to VP a little early and had an appetizer at Luna de Noche (still addicted to the Mexican food), and dinner at the game! Thanks mimi for watching Cade. Cade loves going to the games with us, but this game started later than normal and mr gets a little cranky if he's out too late! :)

We just had to have these shirts for the game, when i got home and pulled my other shirt i was wearing out of the bag i realized it had poopy on it! Oh my!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Gatherings

Easter was even more special to us this year since we were able to celebrate with Cade! Having a son this Easter made me appreciate God's gift for us all in a different way. How amazing is it that HE gave His one and only son for us to have never ending GRACE! I was continually reminded all weekend of the significance in this holiday, I can't wait for Cade to truly understand the meaning of Easter!

This was the best of about 12 pics. You can't catch these boys still very long (hence Court's feet here)! They are only 8 months apart and as hard as it is to say, Cade is catching up with him!
He is sitting up so good!!

We spent Good Friday with the Grimes/Patterson clan and had a great time playing all day long! We had originally planned on taking the boys to the zoo, but those crazy fires kinda ruined that for us. It was entirely too smoky for us to be outdoors! So instead we played/relaxed at Mimi and Pops house!

Yes, we are that family that color coordinated! I thought it was cute!

The Easter bunny came to see Cade, he left half of his carrots and a basket full of fun for Cade! Poor guy still has sleepy eyes!

All the cousins! They are all so much fun! Poor Cade, maybe he won't always be the youngest!

He decided he wanted to strip down and open his Easter gifts naked!

Really love those handsome dudes!

Ahhh, those eyes! Cade, i'm in love!!
Auntie got us all these great Easter bunny ears, we missed you Sarah!

Jon, Cade, and I went to our church for Easter and we were so proud of Cade for being such a good boy during the service. This was the first Sunday since he was about 6 weeks old that we didn't have to slip out at least once during church. Sometimes Cade likes to talk (baby jabber) with the people behind us or burp/toot so loud during church that we have to excuse him! Church was great and then we headed over to Nanny and Papa's for lunch and an afternoon of fun! The kids had a fun egg hunt and Jon helped Cade find a few eggs for his basket. Cade's eggs were full of baby food this year, maybe next year we can try something more fun! Easter evening Jon, Cade, and I had a picnic at home and went night night early due to Cade having too much fun for any naps. Happy Easter to everybody! HE LIVES!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty in PINK

Pretty birthday girl! I will post more pictures of her diving into her cake later when I get those from Gigi!

The Cade man had a great time at the party! We decided he has to stay little forever and never turn 1!! :)

Aunt Missy and the birthday girl

Gigi and Corb, they are reading the Cars book, as Corb would say, "CaRRRRRs! Corbin sure does love Cade! This boy loves his carrrrs like you wouldn't believe and he is ALWAYS wanting to share them with Cade, poor boy doesn't really know Cade can't play cars just yet! He shares so well and is always giving Cade the sweetest kisses!

Makenzie Ann turned 1 on April 3rd and we had SO much fun helping her celebrate! I REALLY cannot believe my beautiful little niece is already 1 year old, it seems like just yesterday I was witnessing the most incredible birth ever! Ahhhh, I have such a special bond with that girl!

So, on to the celebrations: Friday, my sis flew in (to every one's surprise except Jon, Cade, and I) and we along with Gigi went to Richardson for the day and had lunch with the birthday girl, baked cookies for her party the next day, played, and went to dinner at the Twisted Root! We had such a fun family night with our birthday girl! The next morning was her party and she looked like a doll! She wore the dress I gave Brooke at her baby shower, let's just say ADORABLE! I started a tradition with Kenz this year, her birthday gift every year is the birthday dress she wears at her next birthday party! SO FUN! Maybe when she is old enough she can go with her Aunt Missy to pick it out! Her party was super cute, and this girl can eat some cake, that's for sure! Happy Birthday Kenzie girl, I LOVE you!