Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a champ!

Cade's new thing is to "help" me cook! He is always watching me unload the dishwasher, cook, walk from one side of the kitchen to the other, and try to turn his head around while laying in the bouncer so he won't miss a thing! He is so much fun!
Today we took him for his 6 month dr appt and he is such a strong and healthy boy! He weighs 18 lbs and is 28 inches long! His length is in the 90th percentile and his weight is in the 60th percentile. He is going to be one tall and slim dude! We can now move on to stage 2 baby foods and introduce Cade to puffs and a sippy cup, FUN! We are so excited to try all these new things! Poor baby had to get 3 shots, i always slip out right before and go pay and leave Jon to handle little man. Dr. L said his development is wonderful and he is as healthy as can be! It sure does make us feel good to get a good checkup! We couldn't be more proud of him! :) Cade, you are such a champ!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cade is HALF a year old, ALREADY?!?!

I seriously never believed anyone when they told me "they sure grow up fast" until now! I always thought "ok", "sure", "whatever." But REALLY...Our little Cade Michael is half a year old now and is more and more fun each day! He has such a little boy personality and truly makes everyday better than the day before!

Here is Cade on his 6 month birthday ( i tried to capture everything he did, more so i can go back and look). Here he is in bed with me, Jon always brings Cade in our room and in bed with me before he leaves in the morning(he leaves super early everyday). Cade usually plays for a bit and then goes back to sleep on daddy's pillow!
Morning nap, about 9:45 to 11:00...
When he woke up we went to meet Daddy for lunch...

Ya think Jon is a little happy?!?!

Lunch time, he ate 1/2 a jar of applesauce because he was too entertained by the monkey's hanging from the ceiling in Chickfila...and dad was making monkey noises....
trying to be a big kid...

After lunch Jon had to go back to work and Cade and I went to the park and met Gigi, Papaw, and Aunt Krissy to play!
What a happy baby!
Afternoon nap, usually around 3:30-5:15

Dad came home early= playtime!
We went to din at Babe's (i have an addiction with this place and we will soon have one about 10 mins from home)! This was Cade's first time to use the new floppy seat, thanks Gigi for that great surprise!

I think this might be one of my FAVORITE pics EVER! Cade is so sweet and wraps his arms around us so much these days! It's like he is hugging and cuddling, SO SWEET!
Cade and I have this same pic the day he was born, only his hand was 6 months old smaller, he is mommy's boy for sure! :)
We are taking Cade to Seaworld this weekend and the poor guy didn't have his swimsuit yet. So we found him several to die for swim trunks, hats, and swim shirts!
Playtime with dad....
He is holding a book called "Mommy's little Boy" what a cutie patootie!
Bath time!
Too tired from playing TOO long in the bath...
Jon does the night time routine and is VERY good at it!
Night Night

Cade, You are our angel!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet the CaDe-Er-aTeR

Here is Cade's new favorite toy, the caderater, also known as the Alligator that Andrea gave him at my baby shower! Jon, Cade, and I were laughing so hard and having so much fun with Cade on the floor in his room tonight! I hope these pics bring a smile to your face!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday night fun with the fam!

Tonight Jon, Cade, and I had dinner at one of my fave's in CH, Matt's! It's a Mexican restaurant near our house and we visit it often! We take Cade to play at the fountains several times a week and he just loves it so much! Sometimes, he will cry when we stroll away from the area, who knew at 5 months a little baby knew he liked something so much? I finally remembered the camera tonight so we took a few pics of the Mr, he really wanted nothing to do with us and everything to do with that water! :) Daddy let him get a little wet tonight! We had such a great family weekend!

Look at that belly, ahhhh I love it!

We had a salad party girls night last week at Michelle's house and I took this sweet picture of her growing belly! Here she is at 32 weeks, Isabelle Annette is growing so healthy! I can't believe how fast the pregnancy goes by when you just get to watch from a friend's perspective! I love her so much! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you think Cade likes daddy to come home from work?



(make sure the playlist is paused so you can hear the giggles)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Much Love on Mother's Day!

Am I really just now posting this? I completely forgot that I never posted about my fabulous first Mother's Day! I woke up to breakfast from my hubs and sweet Angel Cade. When I sat down at the table Jon had a card for me. It was actually from Cade and it was the kind of card you open and music plays, well, Jon is pretty clever and found a card to record Cade's sweet voice and then a song that sings " don't ya know she's wonderful." It was by far the best thing ever, i just hope it never runs out of battery!
Cade's outfit says(in the pic above, what happened to this post's layout, weird) "My mom's a FOX"...not so sure about that but it's cute on him and I am sure he thinks so too! :)
The frame says, " A Mother's Love is something no one can explain; it is made up of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain. It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may for nothing can destroy or take that love away"....i love that gift SO much and it's in my kitchen for me to look at everyday! Jon also got me flowers and the shirt above. I LOVE my Cade's mommy shirt SO much! I never thought I would convert over to the mommy wardrobe (still don't think i have) but I think I love all the mommy things because I am just so proud to be Cade's mom! I can't seem to get enough of that kid everyday! :)
Just a few of my fave's on Mother's Day!

We spent the morning at church and dedicated ourselves as parents to raise Cade in a christian home. It was VERY special to me to have Cade's dedication service on my first Mother's Day! We went to lunch afterwards with the entire fam and friends! Jon, Cade, and I went home and napped and then headed over to my parents house to hangout! What a GREAT day!

I am SO thankful to have such an amazing example of a wonderful mom. She has really taught me so much and I am extremely lucky to have her as my mom!

Jon and his mom! It's so sweet to see a boy that still loves his momma this much!

Last Mother's Day in the prayer before lunch my dad said he was thankful for the baby that God has blessed Jon and I with. At this point i was 12 weeks pregnant with Cade and that was our way of announcing it to our big family! It was really sweet and everybody couldn't help but look up at Jon and I and smile from ear to ear! I am SO thankful this Mother's Day to hold our blessing and celebrate being a mom! Mother's Day definitely has a new meaning to me this year! Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and mommy's to be!

Way TOO cool Wednesday!

What a special day!

On Sunday, Jon and I dedicated ourselves as parents to raise Cade in a christian home. teaching him about Jesus everyday, and praying that he will one day accept Jesus as his Savior! Jon and I pray that we are the parents to Cade that God has desired for us to be and that Cade will decide for himself one day to follow Him!

This was such a special day for us and we thank all 30 of our wonderful family and friends that were there supporting us! It meant so much to us to look out at the first few rows as we stood before the church and see so many people that love us!

REALLY, could he get any sweeter?!?!
We sing "Jesus Loves Cade" everyday at home, one day when Cade goes to church and says it's not "Jesus loves me", we will be the ones to blame!

Cade gave me a flower at church!Jon let Cade have the first dig in to the cake, he took a handful and was going straight for the mouth of course, poor guy has to wait about 6 more months and then he can dig in and eat it all!
This little fam of 3 will soon look like this! We can't wait for baby P to get here!

I think Cade likes them, just a little! :)

I didn't get a picture of everybody that was there but THANK YOU to Gigi, Papaw (mom and dad), Kristin, Matt, Brad, Brooke, Kenz, Corb,Nanny, Papa, Mimi, Pops (Jon's parents), Rhett, Ashley, Court, Aunt Linda, Uncle Scott, Steve, Heather, Hailey, Brenden, Chris, Sarah, Michelle, Ryan, and Kristy!