Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend wrap up on Wednesday...

Whew, last weekend was jam packed full of fun! Friday morning Andrea and I went to see My Sister's Keeper, it was a really great movie if you like to cry. I like it alot, but wouldn't see it again and most definitely wouldn't tell Jon to see it! Friday night Jon, mr, and I went to Minda's wedding rehearsal (THANK YOU to Kim for coming to the rescue and watching Cade at the church while Jon got held up at work)! Minda and I went to high school together and she met the love of her life a few years ago and got married this past weekend! Oh how I wish I could get married all over again, to Jon of course! It's just so much fun and all over before you know it! Saturday was full of wedding festivities for the girls, and Jon and Cade spent the day together! Jon actually took Cade to a family reunion for my mom's side of the family while I was gone all day and he even shopped for Cade the most adorable outfit to wear to the wedding. What a great daddy! Sadly, i did not get a family photo of us...i do have to say my boys were looking oh so handsome! The wedding was beautiful and the lovely newlyweds are honeymooning it up in Mexico right now! Sunday was another busy day, whats new for us! We skipped church, played at home, ate Red Robin for lunch, went to my sisters wedding shower at the church, and had a big birthday dinner for my parents that night! whoa! Enjoy the pics!

LOVE that smile, his aunt Krissy can get him to smile anytime!
Have i mentioned that I have a little fishy as a son, this little guy LOVES the water!

This is Cade's new face, it kinda reminds me of my great grandaddy; he used to make silly faces like this...too cute!
At the rehearsal, you might wonder why Cade didn't have a shirt on....that would because Jon ALWAYS strips the little guy down, he thinks he's always hot!
Jared and MindaMinda looked amazing! I loved her dress!
Bridesmaids...funny hair story, we got it done at a salon Saturday morning and let's just say mine looked like granny at her 99th birthday party or something...to make a long story short it ended up looking ok, but Jon still doesn't understand why you leave the salon before you love it. Maybe it's just me, but i cannot tell someone besides my lovely Shannon that it needs to be re-done! After all ,the day was all about Minda, i just didn't want any distractions on me (seriously people my hair stood VERY high)!

At the church shower on Sunday, Hailey and Kenzie are the flower girls, they are going to be SUPER CUTE! The future Figg's
Tyler was so lucky to join us for this shower! He did really good, he did the same thing Jon did at our church shower, made Kristin give the "thank you" speech! Oh you gotta love those! I gave them that cute vase with the candle and fruit, should look great in their new kitchen! It was a great shower and they got a ton! August 29Th will be here before we know it! :)Seastar'sMy nanny makes all of her granddaughters bedding and gives it to us at our church shower! Krisitn was the last one of us! Nanny lets us pick out all the fabric and design and then doesn't let us see it in the works, and then at our church shower she gives "the gift of all gifts!" She is SO talented! Heather, Sarah, Krsitin, and I all have a bedding set now and they are all so different and fabulously made by nanny! She is so great!My parents birthdays were a few weeks ago but we finally got to celebrate all together this past Sunday night! We ate On the Border at their house and hung out, we all had a great time!
At the birthday dinner we also celebrated my little (he's not so little anymore, but still my little bro) brother's passing of the TAKS! Way to go Matt!
And....last but not least Gigi and Papaw gave the kiddos these outfits for the 4th of July! They look SO cute all together! Since we don't get to go with them to celebrate the 4th out of town this weekend we decided they needed a cute pic together before!
Corbin LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Cade! He always is trying to get him to play cars!

This was the best i could get of the 3 little munchkins! They are pretty wild all together and SO FUN!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 29, 2009

SPOILED, what?, No way Jose!

Tonight we met our friends David, Amanda, and Gavin for dinner at Gloria's! It was DELISH! Good thing we got there early so we could run into this new cute little toy store and come out of there with the biggest toy they had! We saw this in the window and thought surely Cade needed that as a reward for sleeping ALL night for a week straight (uh huh, yes that is worth rewarding at 7 months of age)!

I found out tonight Cade won't ever have to BEG Jon for anything!! He gives in easy, even to a life size giraffe!
I mean really, look at that face and tell me he didn't NEED this!?!?!

Fatherly Love

I think anyone that knows Jon knows how much he absolutely ADORES his son! I knew Jon would be this great of a daddy because he has always been such an amazing husband to me! I cannot believe 9 days have gone by and I haven't made the time to sit down and post this, so here is the very delayed Father's Day post!
Here are a few of the many pics of my boys!

A few of my favorite things about Jon as a daddy:
He was the FIRST person to see our sweet Cade, Jon actually delivered our son and handed him to me...
Jon was off 2 weeks from work when Cade was born and cried the day he had to go back because he missed us so much...
I can count the number of times on both hands that i have got up with Cade in the middle of the night because Jon wants that extra time with him....
I LOVE that Jon cannot wait to get home from work everyday to see us....and on Monday's I can always count on getting a text that says he misses us (he gets used to being with us all weekend)
I love the smile Cade gives him when he sees his daddy, he knows that is his best buddy!
I love that Jon teaches Cade that mommy is the princess (ha)
I LOVE that Jon LOVES to match Cade, it's SO much fun shopping for those 2!
Jon gives Cade is bath every night, feeds him his night night bottle, prays with him, and tucks him in bed, i love that he looks so forward to that everyday....
I love that Jon wants to be there and REALLY cares about Cade's EVERY "first" thing!
I love lots more about those boys and Jon's love for Cade, but i think most of all my favorite thing is that Cade has such a great example of a daddy and husband to look up to!
We had a very eventful Father's Day, as usual! Jon, Cade, and I woke up early and ate breakfast together at home and gave Jon his Father's Day gifts! I had taken Cade to get his picture made several weeks ago and the prints made it here in time to get framed, let's just say Jon LOVED them SO much, we also gave him a shirt to match with Cade! We went to church together and over to Mimi and Pops for lunch and swim time! We spent the evening with my fam at Auntie's house and celebrated all the Father's together!
I think I am really ok with being outnumbered in the Grimes house, these 2 boys are lots of fun!

Happy FIRST Father's Day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

99 balloons


Jon showed me this video tonight and I felt like I needed to post it for all of you to watch too. Tonight I am grateful for such a healthy and happy baby boy, and thankful that I get to be his mommy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night Court, Kim, Jen, and Mich ( we missed the rest of you) and I met up at Burger Bar for dinner, shopped around Northpark, and then saw The Proposal together! I cannot get over how hilarious that movie is, i think Jon would have even loved going to see it!

I really had a feeling Izzie was going to come last night, but it never happened....this girl is moving ALL over the place and non stop too! I think she wants out of there soon! Every time Mich calls, i answer the phone saying "are you in labor?" It's been a "no" every time of course, but one of these days (at the most 1 month away) it will be a screaming "YES, get up here" answer and I am SO ready for that! :) You think this little girl is loved already or what?!?!

Here she is at 36 weeks!


While I was with the girls, Jon and Cade went pool shopping and this is what they came home with! We haven't put water in it just yet, but Cade sure enjoys playing with his toys in it! I think we'll move this new living room furniture piece outside today! As you can see in the video, Cade wants nothing to do with me and everything to do with his toys! He is SO much fun!

We had a FABULOUS Father's Day, I am working on that blog post now, so stay tuned! Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a wonderful day with Whittaker!!

WOW, what a great day! Jon and I got up super early this morning and headed down to Houston to see Andy, Corey, and baby Whittaker! Our lives have been forever changed today....to see a 3 pound healthy baby with so much life just brought tears of joy to our eyes as soon as we saw him!

VERY proud parents!
Whitt has such a little personality already, today when i was holding him he got a little fussy so i gave him back to mommy, as soon as his mommy had him back in her arms he stopped immediately! That just makes a mommy feel so great! Corey is such an amazing mommy already with more strength than i could ever imagine!
He has the LONGEST legs and arms, little man is going to be TALL!

This is Andy's hand next to Whitt. All the pictures make Whitt look so much bigger than he actually is in real life, so here is a picture to show proportion. I mean he is TEENY TINY! I told Corey today that she kinda got a head start on watching him be little! Jon and I never believed anybody when they told us "they aren't little for long" until we had Cade! Corey can't wait for him to be fat and rolly! :)
His itsy bitsy eyes opened a few times while we were there today, they are dark blue right now and SO beautiful! He is really small but full of SO much life! He makes the sweetest little sounds, yawns SO big, squirms around so cute, and he even stuck his fingers in his ear! Ahhh!

We were just thrilled to hold Whitt today, thank you Andy and Cor for sharing your new little miracle with us today!

Whittaker, Cade cannot wait to get down there and meet you! Y'all are going to be buds just like your daddy's!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today marks a milestone in the life of Cade Michael Grimes! He is 6 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days old (oh and 3 hours and 24 minutes to be exact, but i think only a crazy mom remembers all that info, not me)! His FIRST little tooth broke the skin today, well we think today. He hasn't been fussy or anything so it might have been there for a few days and we just have not noticed. Jon called me when I was on my way home this afternoon to say he felt Cade's first tooth coming in on the bottom! WHOA, he is turning into a little big kid! :) I would have loved to post a sweet little picture of this big boy day, but Cade is night night at Gigi and Papaw's tonight! Jon and I are making the drive to Houston and back tomorrow to visit baby Whittaker. So stay tuned for pictures of a new, teeny tiny miracle (i'll try to post tomorrow night)! Happy first tooth day to Cade, we love you buddy! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where's Waldo, i mean Cade?!?!

Tilt your head a little to the left and check out that BEAUTIFUL, opps i mean HANDSOME smile! :) I am not sure why this picture is horizontal, i tried changing it several times and it kept posting this way. weird. Cade is SO much fun! Tonight Jon took out ALL the toys in the toybox and we just played and played until Cade decided it was bath time! He is one fun little guy!
"hey mom, think you might be able to help me reach this"

Jon cannot get enough of Cade from the minute he comes home until Jon lays him in his crib every night! He is such a great daddy and I REALLY cannot wait for Sunday to get here for his First Father's Day! Cade and I have been working on some special fun gifts for him, he promised he wouldn't tell daddy ( hey mom's with older kids how do you keep the little ones from spoiling surprises when they get older?)

Cade has just recently started sitting up like such a BIG boy! :)

What a JOY he is to us everyday, how could you not just LOVE that little face to pieces!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bellies,babies,and busting out!

Ashley, 17 weeks....I just saw her last week and i swear this belly wasn't nearly this big!! SO CUTE!
Brittany, 33 weeks, Kim, 14
Kim again, this was a week before the previous pic, she is super cute! :)

Michelle, 36 weeks, ANY DAY now Izzie you can arrive! Michelle is SO ready for baby girl to make her BIG appearance in the next month or so! I kinda feel like I know her already! :)

Rachel, i didn't forget about you: Here is our conversation this week via text:

Mel: Hey rachel, send me a pic of your belly...

Rachel: I don't have one yet

Mel: take one...

Rachel: I mean, i don't have a belly yet (HA)

So stay tuned for her belly pic later!

Here are the ever so growing bellies! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching each of these little babies grow in their mommy's tummies! Sometimes when i miss having that belly myself and I see them and i get my fix! :) LOVE YOU GIRLS! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

A week in the life of Cade

As usual we had a FUN, busy and super eventful week! I take a ton of pics of Cade all the time, so i decided to make a post at the end of each week "a week in the life of Cade." I use our blog as a journal to go back and see him at all ages! Cade is 6 1/2 months and changing SO much everyday!

My parents asked us to go with them on Thursday to pick out a swing set (aka huge playground) for their backyard! I think they decided to take bits and pieces from this one below; as of now i think the grand kids will have their own slide! They are so much fun! :)

Shopping trip Wednesday afternoon: Mr had a poo so i changed him in the dressing room next to my sister's while she was trying on clothes; he had the best time looking at himself in the mirror! I sure wish i could figure out what he is thinking about!

Tuesday night Jon, Cade, and I went to visit and take dinner to the Hubbart's. Little Dax was born 3 weeks ago and is soooo tiny and soooooo ADORABLE!! He slept most of the time we were there but i got to hold him and love on this little dude! The giraffe next to him used to be Cade's, but he gave it to Tanner one day a while back....Riane said she carried that little giraffe everywhere until Dax was born and then she gave it to him! Such a sweet big sis! :)
Check out those itsy bitsy bootiesWhat a handsome little guy!
Cade took the LONGEST morning naps this week..

Tuesday we went over to Mimi and Pops house and the boys played in a little play pool in the front yard and had a great time! Not sure they liked sharing this chair with their towels on, but they sure look cute! :)

Cade LOVES the water!

It was so surprising to me when Cade was born that Jon wanted to match with him so much! I absolutely LOVE shopping for these boys! I KNOW Cade is going to grow up wanting to be just like his daddy!
Are they not the cutest thing EVER!?!? I have to brag a little on my boys, they are just so STINKIN HANDSOME! I think i will be ok with being out numbered at our house!

This is Cade's 4th of July outfit (thanks Gigi and Papaw)! We were getting ready to go the other day and I set Cade in his little rocking chair in his room, i turned around to grab something and this is how he was sitting, such a little man already!

Can't ever get enough of those smiles, ahhhhh ;)

I REALLY cannot get enough of this little guy and I am with him all day everyday! AHHHH! He's been napping in the morning for 2 hours and 45 minutes, i get SO much done, but can't wait for him to wake up! Jon and I were just talking last night about his little man personality! He has started to reach out for somebody he wants, kiss our mouths (LOVE THAT), when we're holding him while we are eating he thinks every bite is supposed to be going to his mouth and he opens his mouth WIDE (poor guy Jon says he is always hungry), he has started sitting up on his own, LOVES juice in his sippy cup, starting to come around on those puffs (incase you missed that video, here it is), he loves when his daddy comes home from work SO MUCH; Jon can make him giggle every time! This stage is REALLY great!
Update on Corey and Baby Whitt:
Here is the latest! Please continue to pray for the Wetherell's as they go through this new journey with Whittaker!