Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So....I am in the process of purchasing all the bathroom mirrors for our new house. I have the half bath done so far and it's fabulous! I am moving right along to the master bath and i found this mirror and need some opinions? It's a double vanity so we would have 2 of the same hanging? Is it too modern looking? I am sticking with the same red/zebra decor we already have, thoughts?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A week in the Grimes life!

Here are a TON of pics of what we've been up to lately! Life is busy and SO fun!!
Reba and Cade. Kenny and Reba are expecting their first baby, YIPEEEE, so we went out to dinner to celebrate!!! We are SO THRILLED for them and can't wait for their little (they think boy, so does their sono tech) to arrive sometime in late January!! We will live less than 5 mins from them when we move in 3 weeks! We are all really excited!
We went out to dinner last week to celebrate Ashley and Rhett's birthdays! They just found out they are having a BOY this November! We think the Grimes side of the family will be ALL boys! We will have another turkey baby in the family this year, Ashley is due November 22nd! We also celebrated Mimi's retirement! Funny story; We went to dinner on a Sunday night, and she randomly told us at dinner that she woke up in the middle of the night that Friday before and thought that she needed to retire and spend more time with her grandboys! SO FUN! We are so excited for her!
Court and Cade....these boys are TOO funny together!
I'm SOOOOO in love with this little guy! Just when i think i can't love him anymore he starts something new like saying, "emmma-ma" and "da-da" and waving goodbye like a big boy, he just melts my heart everyday!

We celebrated Ryan and Kristy's birthdays last week at Pappasito's (MY FAVE) and had a great time hanging out and catching up with friends! We have the BEST group of friends! We just love them all!
Ryan and Cade....He is going to make one great daddy someday! He is SOO good with kids! It was funny when Cade was first born and Ryan was pretty nervous holding him, but now he cracks Cade up, all the kids around LOVE Ryan! Happy Birthday Erwins!
Hudson and Cade! Hud is going to be a big brother in January! I sure hope Cade gets hair like his someday! Hudson is SOOOO handsome!
Here are the preggers! Rachel's tummy is still pretty flat, she is due January 6th and Kim is due December 10th (girls correct me if i'm wrong, i'm trying to keep up with all these dates)!! Kim and Bobby just found out the day of this party that they are having a baby girl!! We are so happy for them, it's the first girl in this family of ALL boys, and lot's of them! Love their baby bumps!
Cade looks like SUCH a BIG boy here! My parents gave him this grocery cart for Christmas last year to eventually play with....He can't really do much with it now besides stand and hold on! He loves it and thinks he is such a big kid!
Daddy and Cade playing....Jon is SUCH an amazing dad to Cade!
Jon had last Friday off so we could do house stuff, so we had lunch together and he let Cade have a piece of pizza! Jon thinks Cade can eat whatever he wants....well not really, but he let's him taste lots of things! He didn't really eat this pizza, just nibbled on the crust!
This is Cade's new entertainment when Jon and I are eating dinner. He LOVES the pups!!
My sister is getting married August 29th!!! YIPEE!! Brooke and I hosted her lingerie shower at my house Saturday afternoon and then we went out that night and stayed at the Gaylord for her bachelorette party! We had such a great time, I STILL cannot believe my little sis is getting married! AHHHH!!! :)

Yesterday we had a play day at my mom's house with all the grand kids on my side of the fam! They are all in my sisters wedding so we decided to practice the flower girls walking in and the ring bearers carrying the pillows, and Cade, well he just got to be held! That's what we hope he will do at the wedding.....we are thinking he will just walk in with Jon and stand on the groomsmen side! Maybe by then we can bribe him with Cheerios?!?!

Cade LOVES the shopping carts! I mean he really really loves them! We were in World Market today and he was waving "bye bye" to everybody we saw! He is TOO funny! I love this pic of him! BTW, World Market is having a huge sale on all outdoor's 50% off! I couldn't fit anything in my car, but i've talked Jon into going back when he gets off work! We have 2 covered patios and 1 balcony at our new house and NO outdoor furniture!
This morning Cade and I made the rounds to see the newborn babies! Below is Isabelle's FABULOUS nursery! Just thought i'd show it off for Michelle! is the princess herself!!
Happy one week Izzie! Cade was such a gentlemen today and wrapped his arm around her so gently!
And then we went to meet Mr. Jett Harley! He was born last Thursday to Jay and Brittany and he is SOOOO handsome! He weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 19 inches long! He doesn't look too happy here, but he really was happy while we were there! I can't wait for him and Cade to know each other...
We worked on that a little today!
Both newborns are doing SO great and are super healthy! Mommies are tired and doing great too! I am SOOO happy they are here, healthy, and at home! I love getting my tiny baby fix with my friends babies! Sounds like there will be lots more coming too! SO FUN!


Do you think Cade loves his daddy or what? This video was the day we got the house and Jon hadn't seen Cade since the night before. He had a slumber party at Gigi and Papaw's house and Jon SURE missed him! Ohhh, i love those boys!

Thanks for all the advice on the dead animals/painting issue we are having. I will post my decision soon, once i decide! Ahhh, I am so torn! Happy Tuesday everybody! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Who do you think is louder?


Jon and Cade play this game ALL the time and I happen to get a small video of it the other night! Jon can get pretty loud, but so can Cade! I had to sneak around the couch to video it without Cade seeing me, so sorry you only get to see the top of his head and no Jon! ha! I have TONS of pics from the past couple of weeks and will make a bigger post later....

But for now: This is the ? of the Day....

Ok, so we got our new house, YIPEE! Since it's a new home we don't really have to worry too much about everything going through between now and closing, we just have to worry about our old house closing. Anyway, Jon and I picked out the granite and wood floors on Friday so they can install this week, they are BEAUTIFUL!! We agreed on that great!! But after that arised a MAJOR discussion about paint colors and Jon's lovely dead animals that he is so VERY proud of.... So this is the little issue; Jon said I can get the ENTIRE house painted/textured any color I want as long as he can hang 5 dead mounted animals on A wall in the upstairs living room....EKKK? In our house now he had them all hanging in the office, which became Cade's room, but since our house was ALL decorated at that point it was an easy determining their new home would be in the laundry room! ha!! So here is where I need your help....Do i let him hang his animals in the upstairs living and get the entire house painted anyway i want OR have Jon hang his dead animals in the lovely garage and negotiate paint colors? Please leave a comment!!

It's supposed to be a rainy mess today, so as soon as mr wakes up we are headed over to Gigi's to play! Brad, Brooke, and the kids are living there for a few weeks while their kitchen is being remodeled...SO excited they are living close by for a while!! Have a great day! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here it is, our new home, well, it will be in about 3 weeks! I am SO glad Jon made me be patient after i begged him to make an offer on so many homes before we found this one! This is a new house so we get to pick out all the finishing touches to make it just "our style." Stay tuned for more pics!

Welcome Isabelle Annette Flores

Izzie was born on Tuesday July 21st at 4:50 pm to Michelle and Adan Flores! She weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long, just perfect! She is such a beautiful baby girl with tons of hair (great for all those HUGE bows), prefect skin, and just as pretty as can be! Michelle and Adan are EXTREMELY proud parents!

This was her first time to wear an outfit and a bow, isn't she A-DOR-ABLE!!!!
Ohhh, look at those lips puckered up!

Cade got to come meet Isabelle and bring her a pink bear to play with! He looks HUGE next to her, he is about to slow down on growing and Isabelle is about to grow like a weed, they will catch up before we know it! I had the WONDERFUL privilege to see the little princess be born and I just love her so much, just as if she was my own! Michelle is already such an amazing mommy to her new daughter!

Congrats to Michelle and Adan! I can't wait for our babies to grow up together and love each other as much as we do!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Party Hop

Saturday my sister had her last wedding shower at one of my mom's friends houses in Midlothian! It was a great shower and she got a TON of fabulous gifts for their new home! Which speaking of home..they will be living in Lubbock for the fall. This is a recent change of plans for the nearly newlyweds....Tyler has 3 more classes to take at Tech this fall which was a surprise to him. He will graduate in December and then they will move to their house in Graham! My sis is counting down the days until the wedding and couldn't be happier!!
I LOVE these girls! Thank you all for coming and showering my sis!
Cade loves, i mean REALLY loves his aunt Krissy! She can get him to laugh as soon as she sees him! It's so cute! :)
Kristin and Brea
Mimi drove ALL the way to come to the shower, thanks a TON!! Cade man is making his grandfather face here!
Only a week (OR LESS) until sweet baby Isabelle arrives! We can't wait for their to be another girl in the possey!After the shower Jon met mimi, cade, and i for lunch and we let Cade play a little in the playground at Chickfila!
We came home and rested a bit and then headed over to my cousins house in Mansfield to celebrate Brenden's 3rd birthday party! It was a Micky Mouse party...i think all the kids had a blast, check out the pics!
Kenzie and Corbin are little fishes....
And here is the birthday boy..I REALLY cannot believe this little guy is already 3 YEARS OLD! I know I will be saying that soon about Cade! AHHHH

Hope you all had a great weekend! We ACCEPTED an offer on our house today, so Jon and I are beginning the house hunting tonight! Pray we find something fabulous for our family! I'll keep ya updated! :)

My silly goose!