Friday, August 14, 2009

Memories on Bosher

Well, tonight is our last night at our FIRST home together! We have built SO many amazing memories that we will never forget in this home, but the time has come to move on and make new memories in a new home! I am sure you are probably thinking, " last night, aren't you supposed to be busy packing and such?" Yeah probably so, but I am reminiscing instead!

The VERY first memory I have in this house is the night Jon proposed to me! It was such a SHOCK to say the least, but one of the best nights ever! Jon had come home from a hunting trip and told me that he was able to pick up the keys to HIS new house that day and asked me to come over with him. I was starved for dinner, so i kept asking if we could go eat, but he was SO persistent on taking me to the house first. Honestly, i thought the house was foul on the inside because it had purple and peach wallpaper and carpet, FOUL! But thankfully Jon let me remodel the entire inside of the house, more on that later. So we go to the house and he had roses on the counter for me, i remember saying "those are pretty" and just walked down the hall to potty! I am sure he thought "geez".... When i came back he was in the living room and said lots of sweet things that swept me off my feet and then got down on one knee and pulled out a box that had the most perfect ring ever in it! It was SO perfect!
I always thought i'd be all dolled up the night i got engaged, ha! DBU tshirt and ponytail it was!
But SO happy!
This is the day we brought Cade home from the hospital! Another INCREDIBLE memory that we will always remember! My mom had come over early and decorated the yard so cute! This was Thanksgiving day last year and truly a thankful day for us!
Ahhhh, he was SOOOO tiny! Sure loved that newborn stage, but life with a happy 8 1/2 month old couldn't get any better! Oh the JOY of being parents, who would have thought this day that we could have loved him anymore than we did right then!
First Christmas with Cade Michael!
AHHHHH, love love love that little guy!
Happy family!
Jon reading Cade the story of baby Jesus for the fist time!
(Excuse the boy parts, we aren't too modest around here, ha!) Bath time is ALWAYS a fun time here! It's really Jon and Cade time, but sometimes I'll sneak in and wash Cade's hair and see how much fun he and daddy are having, and then I always get him out and dress him in jammies!
Pretty sure Cade wants to be just like "da, da, da"
When he was small enough to fit in this bouncer, he loved sitting on the island and helping me cook! He thought it was SO fun to get to hold the spoon for me! It's the small things ya know!! :)
Sleeping with mommy and daddy!
And sometimes in his bed too!
And when he was REALLY tiny, he'd sleep in the bassinet!
Seems just like yesterday....
One time, Jon was out on a hunting trip and I called the painters in to rip down the huge on the wall mirror that came with the house and texture and paint...i bought these great mirrors and lights and had it all ready when Jon got home. He wasn't too happy with me, but quickly got over it because it looked super fab! I'm "supposed" to not do anymore home projects when he's out of town! ha!! ;)
We celebrated several birthdays here, this is one of Jon's...I had given him that hat and a baby one for Cade......
Our first Christmas married!
Gotta love Bunco nights! This was actually our first bunco party, and we are still going strong! We got SO wild and crazy this night screaming and rolling dice, that our throats were all sore the next day! These girls are SO much fun! :)

4th of July parties!

Possey Christmas parties....
This was one of those memories you won't ever forget! I came home from Cabo and found out Jon and I were going to have a boy! I still don't know how i left the country with Jon knowing what our baby was and me not, but sure enough it was possible! I was just telling Jon tonight, IF we have another baby, i would SO find out that way again! I loved letting him surprise me and hey it kept him super busy while his pregnant wife was very far away! I really have the best hubs ever! Do you see all that decor!!!
SO happy!!!!
18 weeks here...

This was the announcement of our first pregnancy, but I just had to post it. Some of these facial expressions are PRICELESS!

So, i am crazy and thought i was ENORMOUS in these 2 pics....oh, i had NO idea what was to come!
I took a belly pic each week in the front yard, sometimes we were out there for a while for "retakes" you know pregger friends, sometimes you just look "fat"....
Alot of people have asked us if we are taking our tree and of course we are! I feel like that little tree is a part of our family!
Some of the memories have been sad, but made us so strong together! It was all part of getting Cade, which was worth it ALL!

Our first home will always be SO special to us! We are sad to leave all the memories, but SO excited to see what's to come in our new place! I will probably be MIA on the blogging for about a week. But will pick back up once we get settled in. Off to kiss my boys night night one last time in this casa!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

8 MONTHS, I am SO in love!

Wow, 8 months, REALLY!! I say this at every stage, but I REALLY REALLY love this 8 month stage! He is SO much fun! Cade sleeps ALL night consistently (oh please don't come back to haunt me for saying that)! Bath time is about 7:30 every night and bedtime by 8:30, he wakes up about 6 or 7 am and snuggles back to sleep with me for a bit. He eats yogurt every morning for breakfast, naps about 9ish for 2 hours, a fruit or veggie of stage 2 for lunch, plays and runs around everywhere with me until afternoon nap about 3 ish (for another 2 hours), he still takes 6 ounce bottles every 5 hours throughout the day and dinner about 6ish, night night bottle has about 3 scoops of cereal/oatmeal and i think that really did the sleeping all night trick for us! He PLAYS so hard in his exersaucer and really enjoys being surrounded by tons of toys on the floor! For snacks he LOVES cheerios, Cheetos, yogurt bites, bananas, strawberries, and puffs! He is SUPER chatty and is learning to say new things all the time! It really melts our hearts when we hear Cade's version of mamma and dadda,oh and especially when he waves hello and goodbye to us! He continues to amaze us everyday and we are SO blessed to be his parents! Happy 8 months Cade Michael!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Circus was a success!

We had SO much fun at the circus yesterday! Thank you to Mimi and Pops for the great seats and fun! The boys lasted for the entire circus and for the most part were really tuned into the acrobats, elephants, tigers, clowns, and motorcycles ( i think that was my favorite part), all the cool toys, and more! We all had such a blast! :)

They are REALLY focused here!
And here too!
Mimi and Court!
Pops and Cade!
Rhett and Ashley are practicing here, soon they will have 2 boys!!
The Fam!

Cade had SO much fun and crashed before we got out of the parking lot! He didn't even notice the transfer from car seat to crib and snoozed for 3.5 hours when we got home! That's a tired boy! What a FUN day at the circus!! :)