Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talk about Tuesday

Yesterday my mom, Cade, and I drove out to Corsicana and spent some time with my grandparents, granny b and grandad! Cade loved playing at their house! It was a new place to crawl all around ya know! He was able to find all those lamp cords and door stoppers, he's like a magnet! They sure loved getting to see their great grandson and play with him! Grandad even snuck Cade some of his frosty from Wendy's! :) I LOVE these pictures and will always cherish how happy Cade was with them yesterday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap

What a FAB weekend we had celebrating Jon's birthday! We had 3 celebrations with lots of food, friends, family, cake, and FUN! Below are a few pics!

Little Whitt man is not TOO small anymore! He is already 4 months old! It's really just crazy how fast the time gets away from us! He is already cutting teeth!
Saturday night we celebrated with friends at BJ's for dinner and Alleycats afterwards for lots of fun bowling, laser tag, games, and rock wall climbing ( you can see the video at the bottom). Thanks to Mimi and Pops for keeping Cade and letting us sleep in Sunday morning!
Friday night we celebrated with my fam! My sister and Tyler were able to come in town and join us! I was SO excited to see my sis, I got so spoiled over the summer getting to see her everyday, sure miss her! We ate burgers and had lots of fun with the fam!
Corb and Kenz eating cake and ice cream, they are SO much fun! :)
So, this pic of Cade's shoes is random, but look how cute they are! I finally found him some converse shoes! Not even kidding I asked where the shoe laces were? Maybe I am just new at the shoe shopping for Cade, but I had NO idea the "new style" was for the shoe lace holes to be sewn together! I LOVE converse shoes!
Sunday we celebrated with Jon's family after church at his parents house. I didn't get too many pics, but I at least got one of both boys! Soon we will have 3 boys running around their house, Ashley and Rhett's baby (no name yet) will be here around Thanksgiving! Court was giving us all Elmo stamps on our hands and feet here! so cute!
And there is the Cade man! He loved this tent full of balls!

Thanks to everybody for helping us celebrate all week/weekend! Have a great week!

Oh yeah, here is the video of the boys, really they are all grown men, but boys will always be boys right!! I especially love Corey's laugh in this video! The girls had just as much fun watching!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Husband's birthday, just the beginning...

Happy Birthday Jon! Wednesday we celebrated Jon's 29th birthday ALL day! He still has 3 parties this weekend too! Poor guy huh?! Wednesday, Jon, Cade and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner all together! Cade and I got up super early Wednesday and gave Jon his gifts and cooked breakfast for him, he was SO shocked to get a flat screen to hang in our bedroom! For lunch Cade and I along with 17 GUYS from DBU met up for lunch at chili's! We had a great time, I was just in the middle to TOO many men conversations! ha! :) When Jon got home from work his mom came over and gave him gifts and we all played with Cade for a bit before dinner. Cade and I took Jon to Outback and had such a DELICIOUS dinner! We hadn't been there in forever! Cade was such the "show off" at dinner and had several couples walking to our table so he could talk to them! Cade is starting to want ever thing we are eating instead of his dinner, so we usually give in and he ate some of my potato soup, bread, a few bites of chicken, and we snuck in a few bites of his baby applesauce too! Such a big boy! Happy Birthday Hubs!

He kinda looks up to something in this pic....hmmmm
And here too, love that face!
Yes it was Jon's birthday, but Cade picked out of a hat where we were going to eat dinner!
This was Jon's first birthday to celebrate with his son! It was SO great and extra special this year!
Love those guys!
This is our typical hanging out at home outfit for Cade these days. He has figured out how to pull his diaper off, so my mom bought him a couple pair of athletic shorts! He looks like such a BIG kid in them!
Cade giving Jon his gift at 6am, he had to come out to the car since it was SUPER heavy!

And last but not least, Cade has been super snuggle with me lately and I am LOVING every minute of it! I took some really cute pics with his yesterday that i will post soon! Ahhh, i hope he will always love me this much! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talk about Tuesday

So, "Talk about Tuesday" is ok to post on Wednesday right?!? I have been doing so good about blogging, but i was too sleepy last night and getting alot ready for today (Jon's 29th birthday)!
I have blogged a little about our pastor's wife, Julie. Below is an email from our pastor, Mark after she made it out of surgery yesterday. Please continue to pray for their family, it's been a long 4 year journey so far and it isn't over yet! Thank you to everyone who has been asking about her!

Dear Connect,
Julie just came out of surgery. The surgeon said she did great; he was able to remove about 99% of the cancer that was obstructing the colon. He had to remove most of the colon, and as a result he had to give Julie a colostomy. The urologist was not able to put in the stent in her ureter. We will meet later with the urologist to determine what needs to be done to her dilated kidney.There is still disease in her pelvis, three spots in her abdomen and four spots in her lungs. We will start chemotherapy in about a month. Please continue to pray for her healing and recovery. Pray for Major and Addi, they are with my parents which means they don't hear the word "no" very much. It will be difficult for them as they transition back into the real world of school and homework. As for me, I'm a little disappointed, sad and angry, but I am not defeated. I know all the answers in my head, I'm just working through getting them into my heart. I know that God is still in charge and at work.Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement. I feel so loved and supported by each of you.We love you.
Hoping and believing,
As for today:
Happy Birthday to Jon! It's only 8:00am and I think he's already having a really great birthday! A SURPRISE flat screen to hang in our bedroom (thanks to our neighbors tiffany and danny for helping me hide this), a delicious home cooked breakfast by me, and of course a happy little baby full of smiles this morning! Cade and I are going to take him to lunch here in a bit, so I must go clean the kitchen, finish baking cupcakes, and shower myself! It's FALL everybody, have a great day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Swing, Swing, Swingin'

Tonight my parents came over for dinner and also for my dad to help Jon hang Cade's new swing they gave him on the back porch! He just LOVES it so much! He is looking like SUCH a big boy these days!
Gigi and Papaw with the Cade man!


Today was a good and very productive day! Cade has decided the last 2 days to get up and start all of our day at 5:45 am! Oh my! Let's hope this doesn't become our "normal." So we got up and watched cartoons and ate cheerios and sent Jon off to work. Cade was ready for his morning nap by 8 so I got a ton of work done and got ready for the day! We enjoyed lunch over at Nanny and Papa's along with my mom and the Adler's! There is a CRAZY storm going on right now, so I must pause and go take cover in the down stairs closet...

I am back, but I must mention that i went ALL ALONE! No the sirens were not going off, but my neighbor Tiffany can vouch for me, we were texting about how scary it was! Jon thinks I am crazy!

So, I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to my friends in LONDON! Kristy and Kim are vacationing with their mom this week and Kristy is blogging about their trip over the week, so check it out here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Is it really already Sunday night? We had a great and busy weekend! This weekend was Jon's 10 year Irving High School Reunion. We went to a tailgating party Friday night (sorry no pics, forgot my camera) and hung out with Jon's friends from high school. We were able to show off the little man to everybody (you KNOW Jon loved that) and visit with friends we don't see too often. The original plan was to meet up again with everybody Saturday night for dinner, but Jon got tickets to the UFC fights. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) came to the AAC and Jon was given 2 tickets that were $450 each, so it was pretty much a once in a lifetime thing for him! I can't tell you how many texts i got from him at the fight that said "I am having so so so much fun" or "these seats are awesome" or "wow, babe I am having a blast, and my favorite "You're the best wife/mom ever!" Whatever makes the boy happy (oh and the pic above was an email i got from him last night, like I said WAY excited)! We had planned for Cade to spend the night with my parents Saturday night while we were at the reunion, so he still did and I joined him! We had so much fun! Today, we went to church and then afterwards stayed for a church wide picnic and baptism! We watched 15 (i think if not more) be baptized in a pool outside as the church gathered around to watch! It was so awesome to see so many people commit their lives publicly to the Lord! We pray everyday that Cade will one day decide for himself to follow the Lord! Speaking of Cade, check out these pics of him below! He is so much fun, what did we do before we had him?!?! :)

Jon usually lets Cade "drive" with him once we get into our neighborhood, we also call this "sneaking" and if you are ever in the car with us you would quickly find out that Cade already knows that word. I think we might have to start spelling it soon! ha! Oh, where is Cade's shirt he was dressed so handsome in for church? Jon likes to take Cade's clothes off at any time, today he had a good excuse at the picnic. Jon apparently let Cade demolish his chocolate cookie all over his white shirt! Thank goodness for spray and wash!
Here he is behind the wheel and happy as can be!
Cade LOVES babies! Jett was sleeping very soundly and Cade thought it would be fun to jostle his stroller! We are trying to teach him he has to be very gentle with all the babies!
I know I know, I brag alot....but i can't help myself, he is just too handsome!
Not really that great of a pic of any of us, oh well!
Here are Cade's new tennis shoes! Jon isn't a fan of Cade wearing shoes, so pretty much he hasn't worn them over the past 9 months (well not often). But we, i mean I, think we need to start making Cade wear shoes so when it's winter he will like them! So here are my boys and their Nike's this morning before church!

I went with my mom to see "Love Happens" this afternoon! My mom actually went to a super late movie with a girlfriend Friday night to see it, but she went back with me this afternoon! She is such a trooper! We enjoyed the movie and also a very large bag of popcorn and Sonic drinks that i snuck in my purse, shh! :) Cute movie!

Speaking of my mom, she is my #1 fan blog reader and informed me that my post Rub a Tub , was funny and cute, but did I mean "rub a dub dub." And yes, that's what i meant! ;)

Well this blogging everyday has been great! I love it! We have a very busy and fun filled week, so i will try to stay on track! I am off to watch, and be so attentive (ha) to the rest of the Cowboy game with the hubs, think the score is 20-14 now, woo-hoo! Have a good week everybody!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've got mail

I went to check the mail yesterday and this is what I found....
A crayon written envelope caught my attention in the mix of bills, magazines, and other non-important mail so i quickly grabbed that and opened it standing at the mailbox. I am sure if neighbors saw me open this they would have thought I got the exciting letter that I was accepted into college or something, but nope pics of my little guy are FAR more important than that!
How SWEET is this!?!? My parents took Cade to get his picture made on Wednesday (like 3 days ago) while I was at Mops! I was so so so excited to say the least, pictures of Cade are by FAR my most favorite thing these days! I called my mom, dad, and Jon just squealing happy! If you will notice in the letter from "Cade" it says we had to go over to my parents house to see the pics, the letter only came with one photo. But, conveniently, my parents were able to come over about 45 mins later to show Jon and I all the FAB pictures they got made of Cade, here are just a few below...

They EVEN bought him the best polo outfits for the pictures, ahhh they are the best and know "my style" for Cade! So, I am definitely one lucky daughter! I am off to go purchase frames now! Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tragic Diaper Bag Situation

Ok, girls out there i need your help! You might remember last October when my lovely girlfriends hosted me a fabulous baby shower for Cade. Well, the girls along with Jon went in on the PERFECT diaper bag for me (featured above)! Isn't it just to die for! I love it so much and have, notice HAVE, enjoyed carrying it the past nearly 10 months. Here is the tragic part; I oh so accidentally left a bottle in the bag overnight and it had a tad bit of formula left in the bottle, and unfortunately the bottle spilled out in the bag which resulted in it smelling extremely sour! So, Jon so graciously said he would take it to get cleaned at the nearby dry cleaners. The cleaners said for him to come back the following Monday to pick up the bag and it would be $20 to get cleaned. I kinda thought that was alot, but whatever. Jon went to pick the bag up and guess what, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS. The manager said she would look for it and for him to come back the next day. Can you imagine Jon coming home and telling me about this? Ahhh, not pretty! So he went back the next day and not much to my surprise they said the same thing, "still looking." So, it is Wednesday now and he goes back and tells them they MUST do something about this. I am sure Jon left out much more of the story to me, but basically I get to pick out any diaper bag I want now and I need help! It doesn't matter how much it is or what brand, i just need to show them the picture and how much it is and it's mine! Here is another unfortunate detail; the only place that has the bag i had before is ebay and it's used (no bueno). So sad. So, if you have a few minutes and have any fabulous diaper bag ideas, i would greatly appreciate it! I am even open to just getting a HUGE tote bag and using that for all of Cade's necessities also.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Praying for Julie...

Sorry, no pictures today. I took a few of the mr today, but I am WAY too tired for uploading and all that! Maybe tomorrow. I wanted to make a quick post and ask for prayer for our pastor's wife, Julie Mangrem. She is the sweetest person and you would never know she has been battling cancer for several years now. Today the dr.'s have found a new mass pressing on her colon that has been causing her alot of pain. She is in the hospital and will soon be in surgery with hopes to remove this new mass. Tonight our church stopped everything and prayed for her at 8:30. I was at a college girls night and we all stopped in the midst of several conversations and prayed for the Mangrem family. I am asking that you do the same when you read this blog post. I have had Julie, her precious children; Addi and Major, and our pastor Mark on my mind for several days now, and every time I think about them I try to put our family in their lives right now and I cannot even fathom how hard life is. They are the strongest family I know and battling one of the hardest things, cancer. Thank you so much for your prayers and I will update as soon as we know more about Julie's progress.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rubba Tub Tub

Those EYES, ahhhh
Cade tries to catch the water, it entertains him for a good long while!
Would you look at that HINEY, I know I am biased since I am his mom, but is that not the cutest thing EVER!

Here is one of Cade's most favorite times of the day, BATH time with Dad! Not sure if Cade or Jon squeals louder when it's bath time, but if they get too loud I usually go in and see what they are up to! The other night Jon called me in there twice; the first time was to tell me to get Cade out of the tub so he could clean up Cade's poo (YES in the tub and everywhere) and then the second time was to tell me that Cade went poo AGAIN and to get him out for another cleaning of the tub and toys. Oh my! The video is so funny, and if you will notice Cade makes sure his "boy parts" are still there every so often! Gotta love those boys! :)

Today I started going to MOPS and I loved it SO much! Basically MOPS (Mother's of Pre-schooler's) is a group of Moms that meet twice a month and talk, eat (breakfast plethora), share baby/kid stories, meet other moms that are doing the same thing, listen to incredible speakers, and just talk about life! Today there was a speaker and she was HILARIOUS! She is a mom of twin boys and a little girl and oh did she have alot to talk about! Thanks to my SIL Ashley for inviting me to join her in MOPS, we had such a great time today and I am really looking forward to our next meeting!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talk about Tuesday

So...I am trying to make a post everyday, well, I can try for everyday right!? Really, I am going to try at least for 4 days out of the week to post. I love going back and reading and looking at all of Cade's pics, being pregnant with him, what he is doing at every stage, and reading about what was going on in our lives at that time. If you don't have a blog, you really need one. You might think your life isn't interesting enough to read/write about, but really it is!
Cade is CRAWLING everywhere now! He is doing so well and we are so proud of him! He's had a few top heavy crashes, but nothing too serious! He will just get back up and go right back to what he was focused on before crash! Jon and I are trying to teach Cade how to crawl up and down the stairs so we don't have to use a gate. I know this makes the grandma's nervous, but we are watching him, that's for sure! As soon as he hears "NO SIR" he freezes and turns around to look for us! Well, that's what is working for now!
Here he goes...
And here again...
Such a happy boy!

The house is coming along and is really feeling like home now! We still have several things to hang and sometimes I still can't remember where I put things, and I can't tell you how many trips I make up and down those stairs everyday (hey at least it's a workout and even more when i carry my 22 pound weight, Cade),but we love it SO much! The neighbors are SO awesome and we are already friends with several of them!

Well the sun is back out, FINALLY! Time for the Mr. to wake up and head to the pool! Thanks to my dear friend Kim, I will post a "Talk about Tuesday" every week!