Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from Nemo!

Well, here is a preview of Nemo! He, I mean we have had quite an eventful fun filled day and we are ALL pooped out! Happy Halloween to everybody, more of our fishy to come when I am rested up! With the time change it is now 7:30 and I am about 10 mins from crawling in bed! Night Night! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on Julie:

From our pastor:
Julie did not get to come home from the hospital this week. We're not sure when that will be. Today has been a very difficult day with pain and nausea. The doctors are thinking that chemo will be needed in order to shrink the tumors that are causing the pain and the bloating of her stomach. This could take 2-3 weeks of treatment before we see any improvement. I must admit, I'm a little angry and confused as to why God won't provide a little relief so that Julie can go home for a few days before we start chemo. I know seeing the kids and sleeping in her own bed would help her. I feel your prayers of support and comfort. It is your prayers that sustain me. Please continue to pray that God would intervene. I have to share how you have made the name of Jesus famous on the sixth floor of the Richardson Tower. Both doctors and many nurses have said that they have never seen anyone with Julie's faith. They also said that they have NEVER seen such an outpouring of love and care for one patient. One nurse asked who all you guys are who come around the clock so that Julie is never alone and tape scriptures all over the wall. I told them that's just Connect Church being the church. Thank you for everything.Have a great weekend.
See you Sunday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just had a moment with Cade....

I went to lay Cade down in his crib for his afternoon nap, and just when i gave him his little blankie and kissed him, he said the sweetest words that I will never forget, "nite nite emmama." Ahhhh, that just melted my heart! Such a sweet boy! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cade and his daddy

I came home the other day from running errands and Cade and Jon were waiting on me in the front yard, just like this! They really crack me up!
Here are my boys ready for church on Sunday and looking VERY handsome! They tend to be waiting on me every Sunday for church! Why is it that I can get everything together every other day during the week, but Sunday's I have a hard time?! Maybe I should start picking out my outfit the night before!
Lately Cade has been very clingy to Jon! You know he just adores it so much too, Jon that is! Every morning when Jon leaves to go to work, Cade his saying "da, da, da" when he walks out the door, and while he is getting ready, Cade HAS to be in the bathroom with him! He is a daddy's boy in the mornings, that's for sure!
Such a STUD!
Love those 2 guys!
Jon took Cade to a Little Pumpkin Party last Saturday while I was at a baby shower and he took pics people!!!! I was very impressed!!!
I never really know what goes on when I leave these 2 alone, but I can gather from this picture that it MUST have been cold since Jon put a sweatshirt on Cade, and he has socks on, but WHERE are his shoes?!

Looks like they had a great time! The best pics are of Cade dressed up in his costume, but I will save those pics to post on Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a lucky mom

This little guy is so much fun to hangout with everyday! I am so blessed to be able to spend every day with him! Check out this HUGE smile, ahhh I am so in love!
My mom, Cade, and I were at Dillard's the other day at the Clinique counter and Cade was getting super heavy ( we forgot the stroller) so I sat him on the chair and he loved it so much! Of course he was flirting with all the ladies that work there too!
We (looks like only me in the pic) have been practicing our fishy face because Cade is Nemo for Halloween this year and how cute would it be for him to have the fish face down by then? Well here I am with my fishy face and Cade thinks it's so funny! He was just chuckling!!
Such a big boy sitting in his playroom with his new puzzle!

Ewwwwwww face!

Cade will be 11 months tomorrow, and I can't even believe it! He is at a really great stage and we are having so much fun! He is eating ALL table food now! For breakfast he eats egg yolk rolled in bread (aka at our house as an egg sandwich), Gerber breakfast bars, fruit, etc. For lunch and dinner he eats ground beef or chicken, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, spaghetti, avocado, cheese, fruit and anything else that we are eating that looks tasty to him! You can really tell when he likes something new because he says, "mmmmmmm" over and over! He has recently learned how to get out his patty cakes and lay his head down and say "night night." It really makes me happy when he learns to do small things like this! He is sleeping about 10 hours a night and taking a morning and afternoon nap anywhere from 2-3 hours each! He has 4 big boy teeth and a smile that will make any one's day! When we are out in public he wants every body's attention and it usually happens too! :) He has changed my life in the most amazing way in the past 11 months! I truly am such a lucky mom and I count my blessings everyday! I love you little Cade man!

Is it just me or does Cade look like SUCH a BIG boy here?!?

Monday, October 19, 2009

This and that...

I can't believe it's already Monday again....the past week was very eventful!
Our home team from church started again last Monday night and the boys had so much fun! Our group is made up of several couples and everyone has ALL boys! They are all about the same age and really have a blast together! Here are Cade and Gavin playing together....
Cade REALLY, i mean REALLY loved this toy....i think he might need one for his birthday!

Gavin is SO cute, check out that huge smile!

Cade is doing really well standing and playing these days, i think walking is in the near future!

Jon and I went with our new neighbors to the Stars game on Wednesday and had a great time! We dined at Lune de Noche before and had some delicious Mexican food!

Saturday was Corey's and Whittaker's sip and see at my house! Whitt decided to come pretty early, so we didn't get a chance to shower him before he was born.

His nursery colors are teal, brown, orange, and gray so we used those colors and look how great it turned out!

Corey has such great taste; all of these candy jars are filled with her fave's!

Kim and Kristy made this FAB diaper cake! Kim is really great at making these wonderful decorations and they actually come in great use too! Leave me a comment if you would ever like to order one!

Delicious cupcakes!

Can you believe that this little guy is nearly 11 months old! WHAT? He is such a little boy but still my BABY!

Just in the past few weeks he has outgrown his 6-12 month jeans. He really only got to wear them for a few weeks. I try to buy his clothes a little big so he can wear them longer, but he just grew right out of those jeans so fast! He is in 12-18 month jeans now and 6-12 month onesies and shirts! Growing boy!

Michelle brought Isabelle to the shower and she was dressed to impress, that's for sure! She had on this ADORABLE black sweater shrug, dark skinny jeans, and a great headband bow! If I ever have a girl I think Jon will have to put me on a serious budget, everything girly is just to die for!

And here is the BIG, growing, handsome, little man of the shower, and huge miracle baby; Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell! He is such a good baby boy! Every time I see him I can't believe how much he has grown! When he was in the nicu he was barely 3 pounds and now he is so strong and growing like a weed! Corey and Andy are so proud and have SO much to be thankful for!

Corey and Whitt! Happy Sip and See!

Cade playing in his toy box! He really LOVES to just sit in there and entertain himself with all the toys! This can usually last for about 30 min!

Saturday night we had a cookout at the house and celebrated Texas' big WIN! Kristy and Cade were dressed in appropriate colors! SO CUTE!

Sunday we were REALLY lazy! We skipped church because Cade had such bad allergies and I would hate for anyone in the nursery to think he had a cold or something (really we were just lazy, but his nose was super runny). After Cade's morning nap we went and met my sister, parents, and Matt for lunch at Olive Garden in Weatherford. My sis and Tyler were in Graham visiting his grandpa and we were so excited to get to meet her for a bit! Have I mentioned I REALLY need her to move back to Dallas!

I was supposed to delete this pic and post the other one we took where Kristin isn't quite so cheesy, but this one was way too cute! Love you sista!Love these 2!

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a video of the little guy. He is eating his new favorite food, spaghetti with meat and it's HILARIOUS! I love this new thing he does with his lips when he wants more food! He really keeps us laughing! :)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on our pastor's wife

This is an update from our pastor Mark. He sends out an email every Thursday and I was really looking forward to today's email in hopes that she was about to go home and spend time with her family, and just feel good. PLEASE continue to pray for Julie and her family as they are still battling cancer. Mark is asking MORE than anything to pray for Julie's physical more below:

Update on Julie:
Julie is still at the hospital. We are closing out week five. She had another CT scan done on Wednesday. The results were not great. The scan revealed that there is another tumor on her right side that is pressing on her right ureter and the artery that allows blood to flow from her leg to her heart. As a result her right leg was swollen. Notice I said was swollen. We prayed with the elders and some others last night and asked God to take care of that. As of this morning the swelling is gone. Praise God! The doctors are discussing what our next step is.
As disappointed as I am, my strength and hope have truly been renewed. I am asking you more than ever to join me in praying for Julie's physical healing. We are going to keep hoping, believing and pestering God about Julie.
Thank you for the way that you love Julie, Major, Addi, and me. I am humbled by the way you serve and love. Thank you for doing life with us. Day after day I feel the arms of Christ wrapped around my family as you wrap your arms around us. I love you and thank God for you.
Have a great week. See you Sunday.

Kenzie is still our one and only PRINCESS!

It's a BOY!! Monday Brad and Brooke went to the doctor for a sono and met the entire fam afterwards for lunch for the BIG announcement! I love that this is the 4th grand baby and everybody acts like it's the first! We all get REALLY anxious and excited about the announcements! So, Camden Bradley Clark will join us in March! We cannot wait to meet him! :)
The Clark clan at 4, check out Kenz in the back cheesin it up! Love that little girl TONS!
My brother is such a great dad, and he is so proud to have another baby boy to carry on the family name! He took the kids across the street after lunch to get a new toy. Kenzie came back with a slug bug car and you know Corbin and his obsession with cars, well he came back with one too! One thing about Brad and Brooke is if Cade needs something (like here he had lost his socks) they will stop everything with their kiddos and tend to Cade! I have to throw in this funny story about Cade's socks; We were going to meet some friends for lunch the other day and on a nice pretty sunny day Cade likes to have his window rolled down. So, on the drive I roll down his window half way and he decides to take off his brand new cute gap socks and chunk them out the window! Jon thought it was hilarious since he hates for Cade to have to wear socks or shoes, but I could only think about all the little boy things he is about to start! Oh my!
Tyler and Kristin were here for the big announcement too! I NEED them to move to Dallas!

I had worn a pink top thinking it would be a girl, but I am happy to be wrong and for Cade to have a little boy cousin about a year and a half younger to play with! The only person I wasn't able to capture was Jon. Poor guy drove all the way to meet us to find out what the baby was and had to leave to get back to work with no lunch.
We are just thrilled about the new baby boy! Congrats Brad and Brooke!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanny Grimes

Sunday we headed to Tyler after church for the day to celebrate Jon's grandmother's birthday! She was SO excited to see Cade and celebrate with just her family! I asked her why she didn't invite her friends at the nursing home, and she said, " i see them everyday, 3 meals a day!" ha! She is too cute, she makes this one face that makes me laugh so much! The picture below is really sweet of Nanny and Cade. I think we will have to frame this one!

Really sweet!
Aunt Jan and Cade looking at the fountains at the nursing home, Cade LOVES water!
The drive there was a little crazy with Cade. Jon and I were switching driving, crawling back and forth from the back to the front trying to entertain Cade and nothing seemed to work. He didn't want his lunch until we got to the party, but everybody else was eating ice cream, so don't you know Cade didn't want to be left out! We snuck in his chicken, carrots, and strawberries in a little vanilla ice cream and he sure loved that! We are SO ready for him to face forward in his new big boy car seat!Hey everybody, check out my chompers!!
Jon's aunt Jan was calling this nice man "nanny's boyfriend" ha! He was really sweet to her!


And, i'll leave ya with another video of Cade cracking up! Jon can really make him laugh! Love those matching boys! :) Happy Birthday Nanny! :)