Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

What a GREAT year to be thankful for! The past year has been the best year of my life, by far! I've always had so many great friends and amazing family to be thankful for, but adding Cade to my life made it the best year of all!
This year we celebrated Thanksgiving three times!
Last Sunday we went to Corsicana for lunch with my granny b and grandad (dad's parents) and several others from the family! We had a great lunch and fun time visiting! You will notice Jon is missing from the family photo....we forgot to take it before he had to leave for a work project.
The Clark Clan
Kenzie and Cade playing...they play so great together!
Cade and Grandad
We had quick visit for dinner at my Nanny and Papa's this year for Thanksgiving! Cade got his bath over there and was ready for bed by 7:30. Thanksgiving wore him out!
My little bro drew this picture of our great grandaddy (my papa's dad) and gave it to them on Thanksgiving! He is such a great artist and if you ever saw my great grandaddy you would know this picture looks just like him! So sweet Matt!
Gigi and Cade! Think he has a little bit of fun with her?!?! :)
We celebrated Thanksgiving lunch at Jon's sisters house this year. Rhett's parents were in town so we had a big gathering with tons of food which means tired people afterwards! I think there was only 2 people left awake after our big lunch!
I love this face SOOO much!

Cade right after he woke up from his nap, still a little disoriented!
Sweet baby Beckham! He is a week old here and still so tiny and sweet and cuddly!
Jon and both of his nephews! I think he was still a little sleepy here! :)
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday Boy!

I think Cade had the BEST birthday ever!
We had a blast celebrating his birthday ALL day long on Wednesday, well it actually started Tuesday night! We started a tradition to take Cade to The Great Wolf Lodge every year for his birthday. Jon wants us to wake up there every year on Cade's actual birthday, but that would be Thanksgiving Day next year, we will see!:) We had the BEST time at the water park and just being at that hotel is so much fun! It is a family resort, that's for sure! There are kids running around everywhere, a little girls spa called scoops, a treasure hunt every night, several kid friendly restaurants, a cabin where they have story time before bed time, an arcade, shopping, smores, the best water park ever, and more! I think I captured everything we did on Cade's birthday day so i wouldn't ever forget, check it out!
Cade LOVES the fountains!
And the kid sea doo too!
Good thing he was tall enough to get in! :)
We stayed here...
The 3 of us had a slumber party all in the same bed, so that means we all went to bed at Cade's bedtime and all woke up together and Cade's wake up time! ha! He woke us up at 7 am and we sang Happy Birthday to Cade in bed! He was just clapping and smiling the entire time! Mimi and Pops came and met us for the breakfast buffet and brought Cade another bday gift! We still have this balloon in the car and it is very entertaining!
Happy Birthday Cade Michael!
After breakfast we went back to the water park and attempted a morning nap, but that didn't happen in the hotel bed. Next year I think we will rent a crib or remember to bring our pack and play. We checked out about noon and headed to Southlake for lunch and Safari Park. Safari Park is an indoor park and toy store. Cade had SO much fun there!
They had a huge slide and balls balls balls! Cade is SO into balls right now, so this was great for him!
Cade and I rode the choo choo together!

Mr took a snooze at Mimi and Pops house in the afternoon so he would be all rested up for his big birthday night!
We met both families at Chuck e Cheese for one last birthday celebration and had a blast! I am not sure if the adults or kids had more fun playing games! Here is Cade riding Bob the Builder Truck!
These 2 play so well together these days! I didn't get a pic but Aunt Ashley came to celebrate with us too, not even a week after she had baby Beckham! :) He will join us next year for sure!
Gigi and Cade slidin'!
Being silly
Papaw and Cade were on Chuck e Cheese TV!
He is a pizza eatin machine!
Birthday cupcake
I think he likes his aunt krissy, what do you think?!
More bday presents from Gigi and Papaw!
Here we are winning tickets for the kids!

Happy FIRST Birthday Cade!

I forgot to mention that Cade got to ride a zebra at Safari Park! SO FUN!


And whats a birthday without singing!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today my SON is ONE!

One year ago today, Cade Michael Grimes was born; At 38 weeks pregnant, after 14 hours of labor, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long, at 7:15 pm! It's hard to believe this day last year he was still kicking me in the ribs and having a great time in the belly! :)
I remember as soon as he was born looking at him and thanking God that he was perfect! Jon and I had SO many ups and downs throughout our pregnancy with Cade, so many days of worrying if we would ever have him, nervous if he was going to be ok, and the first time I held him it was like God just handed me a miracle!
These moments were the BEST! :)
Ever since this day Jon has been wrapped around Cade's finger! I didn't expect anything less of course, although Jon has amazed me over the last year with Cade! Jon did more night feedings than I could ever imagine and all those nights where mr wasn't hungry and just wanted to get up and talk and play, Jon was right there with him even if he had to be at work at 7am! Jon is such a great daddy to Cade and I absolutely love their relationship! Right now Cade is such a daddy's boy and is constantly saying "DA."

Today our son is ONE! Enjoy looking back over the past 12 months at a few pictures of how the little guy has changed!




Dear Cade,

You are my angel! I love you so much more than you will ever know! You have changed my life the in very best way over the past year and i love more than anything being your mommy! I LOVE getting to spend everyday with you, i LOVE the way you give me the sweetest open mouth slobbery kisses, I LOVE how you say emmama, I LOVE when you learn to do new things and your face lights up, I LOVE that you sleep all night now, I LOVE playing toys with you, I LOVE that you love to sing with me in the car, I LOVE that you like to snuggle and watch cartoons in bed with me every morning, I LOVE that you my son and I get to spend the rest of my life with you! Happy FIRST birthday son, love mom.