Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our life...lately!

I am officially back in action with the blogging! I have really missed it for the past month, but it sure has given me SO much more time for other things, like REST! Jon, Cade, and I are expecting another family member next summer! We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that we are nearly 12 weeks pregnant and due July 17th! We have been extremely blessed with a healthy and easy going pregnancy so far! :) We cannot wait for Cade to be a big brother! Speaking of Cade, he is such a BIG boy these days! He was SO much fun with all the Christmas cheer this year! I know I couldn't possibly update on everything that has gone in the past month, but here are a few things that we've been up to! :)
Here is Cade on Christmas Eve leaving his cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa. His note says, " Dear Santa, I am leaving the balcony door open for you so you don't have to go down my chimney and make lots of noise coming upstairs, make sure the reindeer eat carrots and shhhh i sleepy baby." We thought it would be fun to start things like this for Cade this year!
I think we let him eat an oreo or two (j/k on the two), hey it's Christmas!
We celebrated the weekend before Christmas with both immediate families so we could have an entire day with just them! We celebrated with mine on Saturday and Jon's on Sunday. For some reason i didn't take pics (WHAT in the world is wrong with me?), i'll have to get some from the fam's! We are SO lucky to have both of our families so close! I guess I seemed to get one pic, here is Court and Cade playing with their toys from mimi and pops!
Santa brought Cade this fun car coupe! It's really for outside, but it's far too frigid for car rides outdoors these days! Cade has really enjoyed riding this all around the house, and when you turn the steering wheel it plays music! So fun!
Jon and I agreed to stockings ONLY for gifts this year. Yes, we both did abide to the rule. But we should have put a dollar limit on it with some sort of restrictions, because Jon did SO much more for me than I did for him. He is ALWAYS finding some way to be sneaky! He told me a week before Christmas his stocking for me was "made from the heart."
He put 2 playing cards together with $ in between for me to buy a new pair of seven jeans! How clever! :)
And the outside of this box was a picture of a tiffany necklace and $ for me to go pick what i wanted out, i mean really....he's done TOO much!
And then i pull out these LARGE IN CHARGE panties! I debated posting this pic, but i thought hey, it was part of the fun! He went to VS and felt a bit overwhelmed with the selection of panties. He told the lady that was helping him that his wife was pregnant, and some how he ended up getting this lovely panties as a joke (i think) and a gift card for me to go buy some that fit!
After we did our family Christmas at home that morning we went to my nanny's house and spent the day celebrating with all of my family! We had a really great time eating, opening gifts, watching the kids get SO excited with their new toys, eating dessert, chatting, and spending family time together!
I love this pic of Cade! He is SO silly these days! :)
Cade napped through the cookie decorating, but he got to pose for a quick pic in his apron! I am hoping next Christmas we can skip the afternoon nap and let him play and decorate cookies!
Corbin and Brenden joined Cade in the pack and play, they thought this was SO much fun!
Mimi and Pops were able to come over Christmas night and see us and the Cade man for a little while! They gave Cade bubble bath for Christmas and here is his FIRST bubble bath. He is nothing like me in this area, bc he wasn't a fan at all! He thought it was fun to eat the bubbles, ha, boys!
A few weeks ago, the Bina's came in from Tyler and we took Cade to his first Stars game! We thought Cade might last about an hour or so, but we stayed for the entire game! We all had such a blast with Cade! And, i think the Stars won! WOOHOO! :)
I love love love how much my sweet friend Andrea loves Cade!
Daddy and Cade at the game! We bought Cade this Stars outfit when i was pregnant hoping we would be able to take him to a game when he was a year old! I think he enjoyed himself!
Kim, Michelle, and I took the babies to the Northpark trains a few weeks ago! We had a lovely dinner at Maggiano's before, opps....did i say lovely. Let me describe Cade to you at dinner; he ate mostly bread, then chatted with the man table behind us for a while (i am thinking it was a business dinner and there is NO way they could talk about anything businessy over Cade talking to them), then he proceeded to throw his first temper tantrum because I would not let him crawl all over the floor, I am sure Mich and Kim could add more to that story, but let's just sum it up with that! He was really happy when we started strolling through the mall and absolutely loved the trains, not sure what came over the poor baby at dinner! I think he was telling me he was sorry the next morning because he slept until nearly 7:30! Praise the Lord it can happen! :)
Jon and I took Cade to the Gaylord Ice a few days before Christmas! I was SO prepared that I bought our tickets online in advance! We had a delicious dinner before and then we get into the Gaylord and the nice lady at the Ice says you bought tickets to the WRONG Gaylord Ice. WHAT!!!? I love that I can blame that on my pregnant mush brain! They were very nice and switched over our tix to the Grapevine location! :) We had a really great family night out together and Cade LOVED touching all the ice!

And here is my little 13 month old handsome little man!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

We are looking forward to MANY more memories with Cade and the birth of our 2nd baby in 2010!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey everybody! I am alive! I haven't had Internet at my house in like 3 weeks! WHAT! I know, i accidentally broke the wireless card or something and it's taking a while for the new one to come in. might wonder what The Grimes have been up to since i haven't blogged in so long. Well, i will update you very soon; but for now we are having Christmas at my mom's house today and we took these cute pics!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 Wonderful Years Together!

Tuesday Jon and I celebrated 3 years of marriage together! :)
We had a really great date night out together and missed our little guy tons! We had a delicious dinner at PF and saw the movie Blind Side. If anybody is looking for a great movie to see, we really enjoyed it! I don't think Jon has ever stayed awake during an entire movie since I've known him, until this one! It's even a little over 2 hours!
Jon is such a great husband to me and an amazing daddy to Cade! I am SO thankful for Jon because he loves me and tells me 100 times a day, he will do anything in the world for me and Cade, he is such a hard worker and provides so much for our family, he tells me i am the best mommy ever, he is such an amazing spiritual leader for our family, he loves to hunt but loves his family more, he is my perfect match and i can't wait to celebrate many, many, many more years together!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009