Saturday, January 30, 2010

16 weeks

Here is a picture (of a picture) of our baby in the sonogram on Friday! It is pretty blurry, but you can see the tiny body and even a little smile, so sweet! We were not able to find out the gender since baby had to be sitting indian style and breech position for nearly an hour during the sonogram, but we will be going back next week for another try! :) It was really exciting to see our baby for the 2nd time squirming around in there! Cade was able to go with us and he would just watch the screen and wave and say "hi" over and over! :) So, we are now 16 weeks and a few days! I read this week that our baby is going to take a huge growth spurt and even double his /her weight! Here are a few other things happening this week: baby will get toenails, heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood each day, and he/she is the size of an avocado! We are SO excited to find out the gender, hopefully next week and get started on the nursery! :) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HE or SHE, what will baby Grimes be?!!?!

My mom and dad gave Baby Grimes these outfits for Christmas! Since they didn't know what the baby was they bought for both! So cute! Tomorrow is the BIG day! Jon, Cade, and I will go to the sono appointment in the morning and just like last time Jon will leave the dr's office grinning ear to ear knowing he will be a dad to another amazing son, or tickled pink knowing he will have a mini me running around and wrapped around his little finger! He has already said he will be proud to announce either to me later on in the day! Can you believe I am letting him to this again...if he didn't get the most JOY out of surprising me I wouldn't ever do it, but my man knows how much I love the thrill of surprises and as he says, "it's boring to find out any other way." Ok ok, only for you Jon! Tomorrow night my friend Jen will be getting married so we will wait and share the news on Saturday! Our families will be coming over for a Big Gender Brunch and then our friends will hear the great news! SO, what will it be, leave your prediction and you'll be surprised to see on Saturday! :)

Welcome Kennedy!!!

Kennedy was born yesterday at 3:34 pm weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and 20 1/2 inches long! She is SO sweet and looks just like her daddy! Reba is doing really well and looked amazing after 16 long hours of labor! The Trapp family is so excited to have Kennedy here and so are we! I can't wait for Kennedy to have a new neighbor friend in just 6 months! Congratulations Kenny and Reba, she is a DOLL! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

Tonight after we had a delicious home cooked meal we headed up to Suzy Q's Diner near our house for some ice cream! We have given Cade a few bites of our ice cream every now and then, but he hasn't ever really got to dive in and really enjoy it until tonight! Him and Jon shared a scoop of strawberry and I had my own huge chocolate shake... and who can have a shake without any fries?! :) It was DELISH!
There were several families dining in tonight and Cade happened to greet each family saying "hi" and "bye" to each person until they acknowledged he was speaking to them! Love that kiddo!
Cade stole a few fries....look at that face!

In about 15 minutes our sweet friends Kenny and Reba will be headed to the hospital to be induced tonight! Kennedy Trapp should join the world sometime during the night or tomorrow! Can't wait to meet her! Praying for a healthy baby, easy delivery, and happy family! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mommy's Little Man

Today our angel is 14 months old! How in the world did I think the day he was born I couldn't love him anymore!? He is TONS of fun these days and still doing something new just about everyday! Today, he has been giving me the sweetest kisses and hugs! He is still taking 2 naps a day, waking up for the day around 7am, nap around 9am, nap around 3pm, and night night about 7:30-8! He is such a sleeper! He loves french toast, waffles, oatmeal, chicken biscuits, fruit, etc. for breakfast: lunch and dinner he enjoys pizza, chicken, peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese, loves carrots and grean beans, this boy could eat every grape and strawberry in the fridge, and so on (not sure if he doesn't like something yet)! He is such a sweet little guy! Jon took Mr. to the dr. this morning and his ear infection is all cleared up! YAY! We got through our first sickness!
Last night Jon was able to ride with our neighbor, he is a Duncanville Police Officer, and Cade and I went out on a date together, just the two of us! We went to our favorite place, Potbelly! Cade had spaghetti and I had my favorite chicken salad sandwich and the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ever! I shared it with Cade and he sure enjoyed it! I hope when Cade is at those wonderful teenage years he will still take me out on a date!
Cade and I happened to take quite a few pics together the past 2 days! This was at my dad's shop today, we stopped by for a min and Cade was being so silly! I really love his face in this pic! Such a cutie patootie!
Tonight I was able to go over to the Mangrem's (our pastor's family) house and take dinner. Here is an update from Mark last week:

UPDATE ON JULIE: Julie has had a good week. Thank you for praying for her and our family. She continues to receive fluids a couple of times a week to help with the dehydration. We will meet with her doctor next week to see if there has been any improvement in her liver functions. Until those levels come down, she is not able to receive treatment.
Julie and I desire to honor Him and be about His kingdom first and trust Him with the details. Knowing He's in control helps me not worry too much. I'm still working on trying to walk out Sunday's talk. (Maybe I need to listen to the podcast.) We love being a part of this church. Thanks for everything.
Have a great week. See you Sunday.
Staying On Track,

Julie is the sweetest person ever! She is sick and note feeling well and all she wanted to do was talk about Cade or how far along we are now, or anything but her! She is so brave and has fought so hard! She has the most incredible faith I have EVER seen and she is such an encouragement! I am going to update more on her each week! Please continue to pray for her and their family!
After I got back from the Mangrem's house; Jon, Cade, Gigi, and Papaw met me at our favorite Monday night Pizza hangout! We really have become faithful Monday night customers! :)
And here is our little 14th month old son! What a GIFT!

Jon just got home from getting me gas (what a great husband) and came home with my favorite sour straws (it's a weird craving I get these days). I am off to watch the bachelor and have a great sugary snack! I should be feelin the baby movin' tonight! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday's special

Happy Sunday!
I can't believe I let a whole week go by without any blogging! I will be better this week, promise! My sister is living in Lubbock and it was killing her all week not seeing any pics of Cade, and me too of course! ha!
Friday we went for our 15 week checkup at Dr. Lopez and everything went great! :) We are SO SO SO thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far! Jon said the other day it still doesn't feel real to him yet! Baby's heartbeat was beating strong at 152 bpm and guess WHAT!! After this Friday, January 29th we can start calling our baby he or she! That's right, our gender sono is only 5 days away!! :) We can hardly even wait!
This week our baby is the size of an apple (about 4 inches long)! We are GROWING! Baby can sense light, but still can't open the eyes just yet. His/her legs are growing longer than the arms, and the taste buds are forming this week! I must eat some very tasty things this week in honor of babies taste buds! :) I have gained 6 pounds so far, yipee! Jon is already telling me to stand on the scale backwards at the dr's office so I won't see, BUT he is really the one we need to watch out for! You don't hear much about the dad's cravings during pregnancy; but over the past couple weeks he has been getting these FOUL cravings for a conglomeration of the most random foods right as we are going to bed. Let me give you an example; last week he once brought jalapeno chips, a slice of pizza, oreos, and cheese to bed which smelled like, well it was just gross! I opted for no kiss night night! Back to the pregnant lady: I am feeling great and haven't really craved much this week! 15 weeks down, about 25 to go!
Can't wait for Friday to get here!! (My dad should be proud of this pic, no nude belly this week!)
Now on to the Little Man!! This was a BIG week for him! Jon and I are VERY proud that we both got to witness his FIRST STEP, actually STEPS, he took FOUR!!! Cade and I had gone up to DBU to eat lunch with Kristy and Kim and thankfully Jon happened to stop by her office in just the right time! We had been saying all week that Cade needed to walk by Sunday so he could go to the walkers class with all his big boy friends instead of being in the newborn/infant class! Well, we didn't quite master the walking this week but he still got to go to the walkers class! Way to go Cade Michael! You are going to be walking all over the place in no time! :)
Here are a few random pics, all taken with my phone this week so they are a little blurry!
I had told Cade we were going to see his daddy here and look at that face, he held it long enough for me to get the camera out and most of the way to daddy's work too! He is a daddy's boy for sure! :)
And here are the two boys of the house going out on a boys night, Cade is all ready to go with his backpack on and everything!
Most of this week was SO pretty! We were able to take several strolls around the neighborhood and play at the park! One day the neighborhood school was letting out when we were on a walk and several kids were walking home. Cade stopped just about all of them and offered them his animal crackers! We are trying to teach him if he shares he can have more, guess it's working! :)
This face is hilarious! We finally got to take mr. car coupe for a ride outdoors!
Here is the silly guy putting all his letters on his head in the bathtub!
Shopping and walking like a big kid with um-ma and gigi!


I will leave you with proof of mr taking baby steps! It's just a few, but we are working on it everyday! I wish I could describe how much I love my little guy! The other day my dad asked how Cade's ear was feeling and I said he was good and that I sure loved him, my dad said I know you do because that's how much I love you! Thought it was really sweet! SO thankful I am his mommy!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few days in the Grimes Life...

I have been super lazy (no way!) and any free moment I've been catching up on some much needed rest instead of here are the last few days in The Grimes Life!
Last Thursday Mr and I went over to Brylee and Tanna's house for lunch and to play! We really enjoy getting together with them because Tanna and I love to chat and the kids, which share the same birthday play SO well together! Brylee is SO cute and walking all over the place! I think she might teach Cade soon! :) This was the best pic I got of them, but if you want to see a couple really cute ones of them looking at each other check it out here!
Friday Court, Beckham, Ashley, and Mimi came over to play! The kids had a blast playing together! Cade took a 3 hour nap after they left, he was one tired little guy!
Thursday afternoon I met Jon's Aunt Becky and cousin Meagan in Dallas at the Ivy Jane/Uncle Frank warehouse sale! You go in, shop, try on your clothes in front of everybody (no men allowed), stalk a few women to decide if they are going to buy that LAST fabulous jacket in your size (just kidding that's probably only me), and checkout! But, here is the most fabulous part: everything is $13 and under!! WHOOHOO!! It was so much fun and I came home with several great items!
We are now at week 14 and a few days! YAY! Our sweet baby can now squint, potty in the womb, and suck his/her thumb! Baby is the size of a lemon and about 3 1/2 inches long! We are slowly but surely growing! Jon actually just said to me, "you are definitely getting a belly." I can still button my pants, but i predict this won't be happening long! I am gaining weight differently this pregnancy. To all of you out there who have multiple children; did you gain weight differently the second pregnancy like in your hips and thighs or does this mean my second baby is possibly a different gender than the first?! This week these things tasted very good: Dove milk chocolate hearts, strawberry sour straws, oranges, DP (ALWAYS), and salads with yummy dressings! We go to the dr on Friday for a checkup, can't wait! :)
Friday night Cade, Jon, and I went to dinner together at Texas Roadhouse and there happened to be a little saddle Cade loved riding! I sure love that little cowboy!
Saturday afternoon we took Cade for his FIRST BIG BOY HAIRCUT!!!
Here he is very happy walking in and sitting in the car hair cut chair like a very well behaved nearly 14 month old boy!
AND, here is the cape on, no touching of the hair yet and check out that sad face, :(. Poor guy,
We started out in the fun car chair, then Jon tried him sitting in his lap, and then he cried for um-ma to sit with him, and then we ended up with this sweet boy haircut!
How in the world did the nice lady at "cool cuts for kidz" end up doing an excellent job on his haircut, i don't know. We probably should have tipped her WAY more for having to deal with such a mess, but she was very nice and said come back when we left! Poor woman! I just had to let the little guy have a few sips of my DP!
Such a STUD!
Today was a great day! Cade got up at 5am only for a quick diaper change and a drink of milk and then back to sleep until 8:15! YAY! We decided to make cinnamon rolls and make the early service at church today! Great great service at Connect Church, probably one of my favorite's! Then we headed to Mimi and Pops house to celebrate Pops 61st birthday! We had a delicious lunch,cake, playtime and NAPS!

Hope everybody had a great weekend! We have a fun week ahead of us!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talk about Tuesday!

Today is SUCH a pretty day in the 60's! Nice change for sure! Cade and I have had a very busy and fun day! Here he is on a walk around the Highlands this afternoon! He is really into saying "cheeeeeeeeeese" when I get out my camera!
Cheesin' it up again here! He is looking like SUCH a big grown up boy with all those teeth!
This morning mr and I met Gavin and Jack with their mommies for brunch at Mimi's! You will notice Cade looks a little tired and worn out, I tried him going down to one nap a day today and let's just say he isn't ready for that just yet. He CRASHED on the way home and never even woke up to me taking him in or changing his diaper before laying him in his crib. Poor guy! I won't try this again for a while. This boy LOVES his night night time!
On Sunday Jon, Cade, and I went to the grocery store; this doesn't usually happen all as a family. For some reason when Jon joins us at the store we end up purchasing a few extra things like this....
Sunday we met Jon's fam for lunch (minus Court and Rhett-court man was too sleepy) at Uncle Julios. I had a serious crave for their salsa and fajitas!! Here is Jon practicing holding his 2 sons. JUST KIDDING, we don't know if baby #2 is a boy, although it would be pretty fun! This is baby Beckham and he sure is a CUTIE! :)
Did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? If so, do you think the whole thing with Rozy is a scam to spice up and dramatize each Bachelor season, or do you think Chris' story was real? Sometimes I wonder about that show....I watch it most every season, but how ridiculous is it that a man you possibly want to spend the rest of your life with is dating 20 other women at the same time?!

on a completely different and Real Life note....

Jon, Cade, and I were able to listen to sweet baby's heartbeat this morning! His/her heart was beating at a strong and healthy 156 (which is lower than Cade's ever was) bpm! We are SO thankful! Cade was jibber jabbering as always and when he heard the heart beating on the doppler he was completely quiet and still! Oh, I can't wait for him to be a BIG brother! :) Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts!

-My baby Cade has his first sickness; he had been tugging on his ear yesterday afternoon so Jon took him to the dr this morn and sure enough he has a double ear infection. Poor baby. He hasn't skipped a beat, still eating, still playing, and talking non stop! I am thankful for a husband who takes his son to the dr, actually never misses an appt. I am trying to steer clear of the ped right now with all the fluness/sickness!
-Right now I am phoneless. Cade was playing on my bathroom floor, very contently this morning while jamming to the ipod on my phone, he all of a sudden decided to chunk the phone into my nice rubba tub! Thank you to the otterbox cover the phone was restored after a trip to the Apple store! Thank goodness! I have to write these things down or I will forget all the little rascal moments I have with my son! When I told Jon he couldn't stop laughing! :)
-Will I still be as obsessed with a clean house when i have 2 children under the age of 2 and my rule of ALL laundry must be done by Sunday before bedtime except what we have on our bodies? Probably so. I didn't used to be like this; may have something to do with my OCD husband!
-Tonight will be my 4th night in a row to cook dinner for my family. This is a RECORD! Wait, Jon grilled the meat last night, but i STILL cooked the rest! :)
-My pregnant brain is starting to kick in. I went to the grocery while the boys were in the dr this morn and left everything in the car for 3 hours after, whoops! Good thing it's colder outside than it is in my fridge!
-Ordered a 12 pack nugget at Chick today!

13 weeks

We have made it to the second trimester! YAY! That is a celebration at our house for sure!

This week our baby is about 3 inches long and weighing about an ounce. He/she is the size of a shrimp and growing very quickly! His/her fingerprints have formed this week and his/her body is starting to catch up with the head size! I can't wait to call the baby by name, we will find out the middle of February, so not too much longer! I am feeling great this week, Cade slept until 7am this morning so that was a great sleep in for us all! It's the coldest day ever today, I hope everybody stays warm and bundles up! YAY for week 13! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

Today was a fun day! Jon, Cade, and I started our day at 5 am, seems to be the new trend around our house! Cade is our wake up call about that time for the last several days no matter what time he goes to bed the night before. I bet you are thinking we need to get this under control before baby #2 gets here! ha! :) My thoughts exactly! Jon told me tonight that I need to get that extra rest and he wants the play time with Cade in the mornings before he goes to work, we will see! :) This morning Cade helped me make blueberry muffins for breakfast, and then after we ate and played a bit he was already saying "nite nite" to me. He got up and we headed to Ft. Worth to meet my sister for lunch and to hangout! We will be so sad next week when she is back in Lubbock and we don't get to meet her weekly, :(. Cade crashed on the way home and I had to wake him up in time for dinner! I made his favorite chicken spaghetti tonight! :) Here are a few pics of our fun day!
Cade and I matched today, Jon says we look like picnic tables! ha! :)
This was the other day...Cade likes to help himself to a snack, such a good boy and chose grapes!
Havin' a fun day with Aunt Krissy, Gigi, and um-ma (my name has changed from emm-ama)!
Practicing walking, not sure about it just yet...
And, nite nite nap time! Such a sweet boy!
I am SO thankful that I get to spend everyday with Cade! I was just telling Jon tonight I feel like the luckiest mom to be able to stay home, have such a great part time job, and most importantly have such a supportive hard working husband and an angel for a son, and a healthy baby on the way! We are very blessed! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! This may be another random post! I should be more organized and caught up after this post! We had a great New Year's Eve get together with great friends! For some reason I have no pictures of us celebrating the new year, I have got to get better with taking pics! We went to dinner with several couples and played games, snacked, and hung out at our house afterwards! I think there were 4 pregnant girls and 2 with babies and somehow we ended up staying up way past midnight! We had a really great time, thank you to Mimi and Pops for keeping Cade overnight! Jon and I are really looking forward to this year together and completing our family this summer!
Cade and I the other day being silly in our "boy" shirts! He has QUITE the personality these days!
My cousin Jeremy and Amanda got married on Saturday in Paris, TX! They had a beautiful wedding and a really fun reception! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mehringer! They are now cruising away on their honeymoon!
Jon and I at the weddingTyler and Kristin-still can't believe my little sis is a married woman!
Brad and Brooke (my brother is a little goofy). To my younger brother, Matthew; I am VERY sorry I didn't get a pic of you. I know you are an avid blog reader and soon I am going to make a post just about you! I am sure while I was taking all these pics you were being the best brother and getting me more food! Love you Uncle B!
The cousins dancin' it up! Cade man was probably snoozing during the dance party. One of these days he will join them!
Here is the Caderator getting his daily exercise going up and down the stairs! Anytime I just let him loose he goes straight for the stairs and goes up and down and clapping for himself 1/2 way! So far we haven't had any crashes! :) He is really the best little boy!
A few weeks ago we had our annual college girls Christmas Party at my house! We ended up having a slumber party this year and it was tons of fun! I love these girls so much! :)
And here is the little man in his BIG BOY car seat! Do you think he likes it?
This will soon be a weekly post in itself, but i figured i needed to get caught up! Here I am at 10 weeks pregnant. This week our baby was the size of a kumquat and about an inch long! I wrote in my journal this week that "I am starving for anything all day long."
11 weeks here. Looking back on belly pics with Cade I am about the same, but my mom says any day now she thinks my belly is going to get huge! I hear you get bigger faster with the second?! This week our baby is the size of a fig and almost fully formed! The hands will soon open and close into fists and he/she is already kicking and stretching. It's amazing to me all over again what tiny parts are forming each week! Having a baby is truly a miracle! Cade is getting pretty good at pointing to my belly when we ask him "Where is the baby?" We are now at the end of week 12 and have a baby the size of a lime! I am feeling really good, just hungry all the time! I feel like I could really eat something ever hour of the day!

And Lastly here is Cade and his friend Brylee! These 2 were born the same day just a few hours apart. Brylee came over to play with Cade a few weeks ago and they play so well together. I think they could even pass as brother sister twins!

Happy New Year to everybody! Does anybody have any fun New Years resolutions? Let's hear about them!?! :)