Friday, February 26, 2010

Angels welcomed Julie into heaven today....

Beloved Church,
This morning Julie Mangrem sees Jesus face to face. Although heavy-hearted, we gratefully acknowledge that by the grace and goodness of God she is healed, whole and worshipping her Savior! Today: Friends, as you walk through today, take your pain and tears to God. Lean into God, be still and listen in worship. Jesus has anticipated Julie’s arrival, welcomed her in and God calls her “Blessed” (Psalm 65:4). If you would like for someone to talk or pray with you, please email us at Parents: We firmly believe that God has called you to parenthood because you are the best person to train and encourage your precious child. Please let us know how we can walk with you through this time. Suggestions for talking with your child are available at Resources For Parents. You may also email or Celebration Service: We will update you with details of the celebration service. Pray for the hands and feet of those who organize and participate. Pray that God’s glory will be the overwhelming theme in the coming days and weeks. In lieu of flowers: Please consider giving to the 1 Thessalonians 5:11 project. Several months ago an account was created to offset medical and funeral cost. Your generosity will be a blessing and provide encouragement and support for Mark, Major and Addi. Contributions may be made in the following ways. Checks Payable to Mark Mangrem Mail to Affiliated Bank, PO Box 152137, Arlington, TX 76015 Please note Account #2074300 on your check. Contribute online through your personal PayPal account and send to In the days to come, we will continue to worship God and hold onto His promises.
Resting, Trusting and Hoping in God alone, Connect Church Elders and Staff
It was really good to spend some time with Julie this Wednesday. She fought the battle so hard and touched SO many lives throughout her journey! Like many others I have learned so much from her and will miss seeing her! My heart breaks for Mark, Major, and Addi, I know they will be ok, I just can't imagine their lives without their mommy. Please continue to be in prayer for this sweet family.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer Request

Beloved Church,
We want to update you on Mark and Julie. The Mangrems continue to trust God with all things as they walk through Julie’s illness.
This week, the doctors have indicated that Julie is near the end of her journey. We know that only God knows the length of our days and it could be soon or several weeks.
Out of respect for the family, please keep your hospital visits brief.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email the church office (817.842.9035), the elders or staff. Mark regularly updates the office and we will continue to communicate with you.
Your outpouring of love and support is overwhelming. Thank you for continuing to pray and being the church.
For His Fame and For His Glory,
Connect Church Elders and Staff
Last night I was able to go see Julie in the hospital with a friend. She is not conscious and did not know we were there. As we were leaving she opened her eyes for a quick second, but didn't know what was going on. Major and Addi (her 2 children) and Mark need our prayers more than ever as they are going through this together as a family. It breaks my heart in a million pieces to know that her kids have gone to tell their mommy goodbye. As I laid in bed last night trying to go to sleep, i kept thinking about why these awful things happen....and from the very beginning this was the "plan" for Julie's life. I will never forget when Jon and I went to visit her during her last hospital stay and she said to us " I do not believe God is going to let cancer kill me"....she has always had the most incredible faith! Her fight is not over, I want to believe what Julie said and that a miracle can still happen! Please join the Connect family in praying for the Mangrem's, that is their biggest need right now!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Look at that BIG boy! He thought he was something else last night taking Da's phone and walking down the hall....he cracks me up!

We are 19 weeks today! YAY! :)

Tatum is a MOVER! I am feeling her move really really low, it feels so good to know that she is growing and moving all around! Jon and I were looking at a belly pic with Cade last night and I am not quite sure why I was much larger with him...maybe Tatum will be a tiny girl! :) I read that her sensory development is exploding this week! Her tiny brain is designating special areas for smell, vision, taste, etc. AND, she can hear now! I told Cade that his baby sister can hear everything he says now, he's all about singing these days!"La, La," She is the size of a large tomato this week, about 6 inches long! I am feeling good, still very hungry very often and occasionally I will have a really tired day. We are SO thankful for a healthy pregnancy!

I am a little late posting our Valentine pictures, but better late than never!

On Monday we had a late Vday party with Gigi, Corbin, Kenz, and Brooke! The kids made a craft for their mommy and daddy! It was a frame with a pic of them and hearts and "I love you" around the frame! Little things like this are so much fun to me!

Cade hard at work!

Gigi made these for the party....YUM!

And she gave the babies in the belly these....Camden will be making his big debut pretty soon, his says "little man" and Tatum's says "little sister".....thanks Gi, we LOVE these!

Brooke is very easy going and didn't mind us making a HUGE mess all over her kitchen with all the icing and sprinkles! Cade was pretty clean...well.....compared to.....

these 2! They had SO much fun! Thanks Gigi for the fun vday party and all the goodies! :)

Cade is going in for a vday smooch for his "da"!!!

Jon, Cade, and I celebrated on Sunday night together at home. We had gone to lunch with a few friends earlier in the day and Mimi and Pops came to stay with Cade!

I promise he was decked out in his handsome clothes earlier in the day...we made cookies together and he ended up with most of it all over him!

Practicing being a MAN!

Last Wednesday we had a play day/Vday celebration with Mimi, Court, Ashley, and Beckham! I didn't get a good pic of the boys all together because they all nap at different times, but we had a good time playing together! Mimi and Pops gave Cade this book and he LOVES it! He is really into books right now and especially all the pop ups! Great gift! :)

And here is Cade being a good big boy cousin to Beckham! I am not sure how many kisses he gave him that day, but it was alot! He says "MUUUAHHHH" and then gives the smooch! So sweet Cade!

Jon said next Valentine's Day he gets to take Tatum on a date, just the 2 of them! I am sure she will learn very early on that she can get anything from her daddy! :) He is always quick to say to Cade "don't play too rough with mommy", baby sister is in there! It's sweet!

Happy Thursday!

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow days!!!

I can't believe how much it snowed! It's SO pretty and I could really get used to looking at it for a bit longer! But sadly it is melting away....
Sweet "cheese" face!

Cade wasn't so sure about all this snow and getting bundled up in layers and layers of clothes...
So we definitely went to our neighbors house and took a pic with their snowman!
Snow kisses!
Our pups enjoyed themselves so much that they wanted to roam the entire neighborhood!!
Friday morning Cade and I went to meet Brylee and Tanna for breakfast in our pj's! Love these two together! Just a few weeks ago they were about the same height,
I think Mr took a spree!! He is finally out of his 12 month jeans and on into his big boy 18 month! They ate all their chicken mini's and had a great time, and so did the momma's! :)
Here are my boys this morning snuggling in bed together! Every Saturday Jon goes and gets us breakfast and we are pretty lazy for a while! Cade LOVES his DA!!! :)
Aunt Krissy and Uncle Tyler came through town today and we were able to meet them and the fam for lunch! SO fun!
The kids ate all their lunch so Gigi and Papaw let them have these....
Cade, what is this face all about?! I think his Uncle Tyler was trying to get him to smile and he sure wasn't having anything to do with it! :)
Love the Kenzie girl! I am SO happy she is going to have a GIRL cousin to play with soon! :)

And , speaking of our little girl....we have FINALLY decided after name after name that we are going to name out sweet Miss....DA, DA, TA, DA:

Tatum Lauren Grimes

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

Today was FRIGID, but at least the sun was out! I am SO ready for the spring to get here!!
Here is the Cade man in the bathtub tonight having the best time! He really LOVES the water, I can't wait to take him swimming this summer! :) Cade is no longer calling me "um-ma
he has mastered saying "maa, maa, maa" usually three times like that! He's been really attached to me lately and wanting to be held alot, it's really sweet and I am taking it all in since this only lasts so long! I love the 14 month stage! :)
His personality is SO sweet! Ever since he has learned how to blow kisses he thinks everybody wants to have a kiss, even the check out lady at the grocery store today! Ha! Love that little guy!
Today I heard Cade waking up from his afternoon nap over the monitor...he was just talking away and playing peek a boo with his blanket. So I go in there to get him and he is facing the back wall and looked over at me and said "hi maa" and went back to playing peek a boo! It's the little things....
And here is lil sister's first outfit, well that we purchased! Isn't it SO sweet and teeny tiny and girly and foofoo! Ahhh i love pink!
I came home the other day from running errands or something and this ADORABLE coat was laying on my staircase! AHHH, my mom snuck in and left it for me to see! It's the cutest thing and I love it so much! Here is her first of many winter coats! Thanks mom, you're the best! :)

Last night Jon and I were watching the Bachelor and during Tenley's ballerina dance for Jake (by the way, what in the world was that all about and especially the song she selected) Jon must have been thinking about his little girl and said "ahh, i really can't wait to dance with my daughter" it was the sweetest thing ever! He is REALLY excited about having a daughter and that makes me SO happy! :) Well, mr is night night and Jon and I are off to finalize a name, we hope! :) Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The last several days....

I think it is starting to feel "real" that we have a baby girl on the way! I finally bought my first baby girl outfit (i'll post a pic soon) and we've been given so many cute pink things already! I am loving this! I'll write more about the miss tomorrow, for now check out this stud going to church on Sunday!
Jon always gets Cade dressed and ready for church and I'd say he did a very good job on Sunday!Maybe it's his new 12-18 month clothes... whatever it is he looked extra handsome so we had a little photo shoot before church!
He is asking if we are done yet! Think we will be ready for church early once we have 2?!
Friday night Jon asked if just the 3 of us could have dinner together and discuss baby girl names. We both brought a list and narrowed it down, but not completely. There are SO many cute girl names! We hope to have a name soon! :)
Handsome boys!Here is Cade eating breakfast this morning. I really took this pic to send to Jon b/c Cade cried when he left for work this morning and I wanted Jon to know that he was "ok" after he left. He is eating fruit and french toast and looking like SUCH a big kid in his new booster seat!
Today was my Papa's 75th birthday! Yesterday the whole fam gathered for lunch to celebrate and today all the great grandkids joined him for his favorite, Braums on his actual birthday!
Cade said "Pawwpa" to him over and over! It was really sweet!
We all gave him 75 things to make his birthday fun! The grandkids gave small things like his favorite cookies and candies and his daughters gave him this....
Here is the Cade man at my new favorite local mini Canton! Why did I not know about this place sooner!?!? A few friends and I met with our boys last week for lunch and the shops at Brown Stone Villiage! Really loved that place! The boys entertained themselves too!
I think they all played musical stroller a few times; Gavin and Cade might have even rode together some!
And Cade got to see 2 of his new girlfriends all in one day last week! Here is Presley Mae Phillips, she is SO sweet and TINY!
And here is little Miss Kennedy Reese, she is changing so much already! Both of these girls are SO precious! Cade was really good with them too! He learned how to blow kisses a few weeks ago so he likes to blow them kisses or actually kiss them and say, muu-ahhh! It's so cute!
Cade said, "nite nite."

Cade will also be getting a new guy friend soon! Congratulations to Ryan and Kristy! They are expecting their first baby BOY this June! Can't wait to meet their little Mr.!! :)

Well I am off to watch the ever so dramatic Bachelor! I am team TENLEY! :)