Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

catching up

So it's definitely been a week since i've blogged, opps! I really love to blog as my journal, it's been SO much fun to go back and read and look at all the pictures. I am going to try being more consistent! :)
Last Saturday was Court's 2nd birthday party! We had a great time at his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, and then chuckecheese that night! I can't believe he is already TWO years old, oh how the time goes by! I was one worn out mamma after the birthday fun, but I let Jon sleep in the next morning until 9! :) Gotta take turns, right?!?!
Who do you think had more fun?!
Here is Tatum and I at 24 weeks!
I can't believe I am starting my 6 month already! I don't remember my pregnancy with Cade going by this fast! I am really soaking up all the little kicks and movements, it's crazy how much you miss it afterwards! I have been feeling great, still always hungry and still craving sonic drinks daily! :) I am most comfortable in maternity clothes now, but can still get away with wearing a few regular things! Jon and I went out on a date Friday night and I couldn't get comfortable at the movies because my clothes were too tight...i even asked him if I could go throw on his jacket and take off my shirt (i didn't do it, but really considered it)! :) There is nothing more annoying than being in too tight of clothes with a huge belly! I read this week that my little girl has gained about 4 ounces since last week, and she is about a foot long! Her lungs and brain are growing very quickly over the next few weeks and her skinny little body is packing on the fat! Love love love reading all about what is going on with her each week! Cade can now call his sister "Tay", it's SUPER cute! He is still giving my belly kisses several times a day and sometimes without me asking him to.... I really think he is going to be a great big brother to her! Praise the Lord for making it to week 24! :)
On Sunday my mom and I went to Baby Bliss to order Tatum's bedding and I ran across this FABULOUS piece of furniture that Tatum HAD TO HAVE! I called Jon and told him about it after I had already called and cancelled a piece of her other furniture that was not delivered yet! He agreed, she needed it! :) I am LOVING all this girly fun!
Today we went over to my nanny and papa's for lunch at to play! We had a great time and the weather was so pretty that we were able to spend alot of time outside! Nanny gave the kids Popsicle's to eat outside and I think the pics can explain how much Cade enjoyed them....
He stole mine and after those melted Nanny gave him another one....notice he really just likes to let them melt everywhere! We both had to come home and take baths before we went to our church group tonight!
Here he is on the ride home...
He definitely wasn't going to smile for me....love all those faces!
Last Friday I got to go see my newest little nephew Camden! He is just the sweetest little tiny baby! Look how he has his hands, ahhhh love that tiny boy so much! :)

Cade tuned 16 months last week, I can't even believe it!

He is really into toys these days....he can play for SO long in his playroom all alone or play so hard with his friends/cousins until he just crashes! He is still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping about 10-11 hours at night. He loves to eat just about anything we give him. Some of his new words are "tank you", "Tay", "bip (aka DIP)", "eyes", "tongue", "toes", "dink", "book", and probably a few more I can't think of right now! I am still amazed that I get to be his mommy! :) I hear "mommy" about 100 times a day or more right now and I am SO proud to have that name! Love that little guy! :)

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My very own Dennis the Menace!

This morning I am chatting on the phone and go find Cade in his room saying "UH OH" and I said "What happened".....Well here is the "UH OH"
His friend Brylee had kicks cereal a few weeks ago and Cade LOVED it! So I bought him some and every time I open the pantry door he wants a few....well this morning he decided he would dump his little bowl in his cd player! Luckily, I was able to get them all out and salvage his cd player! Maybe we should get with the latest technology and purchase an ipod that is out of reach! Oh my little rascal! :)
Does Cade look like a Little Jon here or what?! I can finally see his daddy in him in this pic! Love those boys! :)

Loving the spring weather today! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Special

I have been super behind on blogging lately! Not really sure why, but here are the past few days around the Grimes house!
Here is our Cade man on Saturday just chillin! I can't believe how pretty it was outside on Friday and then it turned into a freezing flurry over the weekend! BRRRR!!!
Jon and I have "got smart" and can now enjoy ourselves at restaurants, we now bring toys to keep the little guy entertained before his food arrives! Why did it take us so long to figure this out?!
On Friday Cade and I went to meet Gavin and Jack with their moms for shopping in Southlake and lunch at Central Market! We got the kids and us some great things and had a delicious lunch outside! Thank you Amanda for introducing me to Central Market, love that place! :)
This is Cade on the way home, he was SO wiped out and slept for 3 hours when we got home!
Moms with our boys!
And as for Tatum and I, we are doing great! Growing and growing, that's for sure! I am 23 weeks now! YAY! Tatum is about 11 inches long now, about the size of a large mango! She is moving around like crazy! Jon and I saw her having a tea party or something fun in my belly because my entire shirt was moving! Oh I still can't believe i get to have a daughter, we are SO excited! Her furniture is in and we are waiting to get the room painted before we have it delivered! I can't wait to post pics of her room in progress! I hope to have the painters here this week or next and then the fun begins! :)
Well my boys are both finally awake ( i would have been so tired for a nap too but my hubs let me sleep in this morn) I am off to play!
Hope everybody had a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life with my little guy!

Good morning!!
I was looking through pictures of Cade on my computer today and found this pic taken exactly ONE YEAR AGO TODAY! Can you believe how much babies change in just a year! He was nearly 4 months old here....I thought it couldn't get any better than this...
And here is my nearly 16 month old baby boy.....
We've now experienced fits (i think for the time being we might have these under control), Cade biting me (thank you Brooke for the flicking of the mouth trick, it's worked, i think), lots of laughs, new words everyday, lots of kisses, Cade somewhat knowing Tatum is in my belly, and lots of fun times together..... and i still think it can't get any better than this!!
Yesterday we went to my Nanny's house and here is Cade eating lunch and laughing with his nanny and papa! He was having such a great time cracking up laughing while he ate, but there was no way I could actually get him to look at me! My nanny made him homemade mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and carrots and of course he wanted my sandwich instead, so we switched! Cade definitely wants what everybody else is eating these days! :)
This morning Cade and I were eating breakfast together at 6:30 am, (yes we are up that early bc the time change has made Cade want to rise and shine super early) and he discovered my OJ and he couldn't get enough! I think this might be his new fave!

Do you see that lovely gash on his forehead?! It looks alot worse in person...last night we were over at a friends house and Cade took a HUGE fall and really bonked his head, BAD! It was blue/purpleish and i thought for sure he had a concussion, thank goodness we were at our friends house that is a doctor! :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

22 Weeks

This week our sweet tiny girl is about a pound and the size of a spaghetti squash (baby center sure compares the sizes to some strange things)! I read that she is finally looking more like a little newborn, her eyes and lips have formed, and she is starting to pack on the weight! I can't wait to see what our daughter will look like, if she will look like her brother, or her pretty cousin Kens, she is going to be just perfect and I can't wait to meet her! :) I am thankful this pregnancy for being able to exercise, chase my little monkey around everywhere, a growing healthy baby girl kicking away in my tummy, and so far no trips to the hospital! I am feeling really great, still tired pretty early everynight, but that's typical for me, definitely nothing to complain about! Yay for 22 weeks! I love Tatum (lil) Lauren already! :)

you MUST check this out!!

Ok, I know I am partial since he is my nephew, but LOOK at these pics, he is the cutest little tiny thing ever!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Talk about Tuesday!!

Today is BEAUTIFUL!!! Cade and I just got back from nearly an hour walk around the neighborhood, we stopped at a few parks! :)
Over the weekend a few of my girlfriends (we missed you whit, jamie, and mich) and I took a little weekend getaway to Fredericksburg! We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! :)
We stayed at Kim's paren'ts cabin on their ranch, it's the cutest little thing ever (I am not sure why this pic is so tiny)!! :)
We shopped a lot, got a massage all together, ate alot, and had a ton of great girl time! I really love these girls so much! :)
We LAUGHED alot too! :)
Kim gave us a great ride on the mule around the property and to visit the neighbors! She was a great tour guide! AND, can you believe she knew how to fill up the thing with gas, turn the cabin water on, etc. we were impressed! :)
Here we are in town being goofy! I think we could pull out a few pics from college that look similar to this, we really have all changed since then, but not when we get together!
Lounging at the cabin, I am not sure what was so funny here!!
Kim (driver) and Jen (co-piolet) driving us around on the mule! Kim has now driven me on a 4-wheeler while I was pregnant with Cade (15 months ago i couldn't ever say that but it was for like 2 seconds, don't worry husband), and a mule (no mom not the animal) pregnant with Tatum! She's safe, don't worry! :)
We really had such a great time, love you girls and can't wait for next girl's trip! :)
Jon sent me these 2 pics of Cade while I was gone. I think they had a really good time! Jon took Cade to his first gun show on Saturday, and they got to visit baby Camden before me...Jon says everything else they did was a secret!! ha! When I got home Cade was still saying "da" alot but he sure was happy to see his "mommy!" Love my boys! :)

Oh this pic said "look ma no pants" who knows where they were going! OH BOYS!

Happy Sunny Spring Day! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Camden Bradley Clark!!!!

I am VERY VERY proud to announce that I have a NEW NEPHEW!! Welcome to the world baby Camden Bradley! Of course he had to be born over the weekend while I was out of town, but I am happy that he is here and everybody is healthy! As soon as I got back in town, i went home to get my boys and headed up to the hospital to meet him!
He was born on Saturday March 6th at 9:57 am!
weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and 20 inches long!!
And here is the new happy family of 5! Love ALL of them!
Proud Auntie Missy and Uncle Jon, Cade is proud too but was WAY too busy with his cousins at the hospital to join our picture! :)

Corbin and Kenzie are SOOOO sweet with lil baby brother. I wanted to hold him for the first time and Corbin said "no aunt missy he is going to sleep by me"....he sang the entire Twinkle Twinkle little star to him, and rubbed is back so he wouldn't cry, it really was the sweetest thing ever! I am with the kids right now at my moms house and they haven't been up for 30 min and are already asking to see baby brother Camden! SO SWEET! I love all the babies being so close! Congrats Brad and Brooke, Camden is SOOO handsome! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!


This morning Jon and I took Cade for his 15 month dr appt! Dr L says he is one healthy super cute kid! :) I agree!! :) I am SO proud of this little guy!

Here he is eating spaghetti on his own for the first time, not too messy, and he had a great time!

This weekend I will be away with my college girlfriends, can't wait to spend some girl time together! LOVE those girls!

Jon didn't want me to leave anything for him and Cade, SO nice to have a husband and "da" that LOVES guy time with his son, and dosen't expect much from me! I hope they don't have too much fun without me!

I am hoping my SIL dosen't have her baby this weekend!

Happy Birthday to my friend Tanna today, we enjoyed breakfast with you and Brylee this morning!

I miss my sister so much, can't wait to see her soon!

I am wearing my "first" maternity clothing today, well for this pregnancy....and I am SO comfortable! :)

I am SUPER thankful for my job, love being a SAHM (aka-mom on the go) with Cade Michael!

Poor Cade got 3 shots today, no more until he is 2!

Can't wait to have my daughter!

All laundry is done!

Starving, AGAIN!

Love my family!

Happy Friday! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talk about Tuesday!!!

Is it already Tuesday?!
Let's see, alot has gone on in the last few days around The Grimes House....i didn't get too many pics because Cade has seemed to "destroy" my camera so these were all taken by phone. I have learned even though it is too cute for him to "ahhh" over the pics taken, it's not worth my camera and other electronics (my iphone) being destroyed countless times! I hope to get my camera fixed today!
Anyways....Jon and I went to the dr last Friday and I am happy to say that I am 20 weeks pregnant, that's halfway until we get to meet our little princess! Praise the Lord for halfway and HEALTHY! We were able to have another sonogram and little Tatum is growing right on track! I cannot express how thankful we are for a great report! I am finally starting to show, but still quite a bit smaller than I was with Cade. From our last checkup 4 weeks ago, i had gained 6 pounds, WOW! I think last pregnancy I would have been a little freaked out, but Jon and I just laughed! What else......Oh yes...After confirming again on Friday that she is still a she, Jon finally agreed to purchase her furniture and gave me the "ok" to start her fabulous room! So we bought her crib and armoire on Saturday and I am still trying to decide the perfect bedding! :) We are having so much fun with all this girly stuff! I will post a new pic soon!
But on to my favorite little guy....
He turned 15 months last Thursday! I can't believe that he has been in my everyday life for 15 months now! The time truly does FLY by! I know i've said before every stage and age is my favorite, but really i mean really this 15 month stage is great! Cade is doing more and more new things each day and he is really just so much fun! His personality is HUGE! :) He is starting to give his lil sister (my belly) the sweetest kisses everyday as soon as he wakes up each morning, he says "mommy" and "da" over and over until he gets Jon and I's attention, he says he "woves you", he LOVES his "dawgs", loves playing in his playroom, loves to eat anything we give him, and i just love him more and more everyday! 15 months is really fun!
Last Saturday was SO pretty outside!! Cade went on a wagon ride with Sugar (poor Deuce was in the vet for a week, he swallowed a goats hoof and had to have surgery, but is home now!) and got to go play at the park too! He gets REALLY excited about the slide and swing! He is ALL BOY!
He loves going on a walk in his stroller with his snacks!
On his 15 month birthday we took him to McDonald's for his first ice cream cone, all to himself! I think he enjoyed himself!
And this was the face when it was all gone....
Oh he keeps us smiling for sure!
Here is Cade waiting on his "da" to come home on the balcony!
Oh and this boy is SO into books right now! He loves to sit and read and point at all the pics! Sweet boy!

Last night was Julie's celebration service and I do have to say that it was the most incredible "funeral" ever! The graveside was in the morning so we were able to gather with tons of friends and family and say goodbye to her, but last night it was her wish to have a "celebration" and it was definitely a celebration! It was podcasted and I really wish I would have posted the link for everyone to watch that wasn't there. I cannot believe the amount of people that were there and all the lives that she touched! She truly left a legacy that will be remembered forever! We sang, heard funny stories about her, saw a ton of great pictures that showed how much fun she really was, heard all about her love for her family, but most important her HUGE love for her God! The service was a little about Julie, but mostly about Jesus! Everyone wore bright colors and costume jewelry and it was really a happy time!

Happy Tuesday!

PS-If anyone has seen any FABULOUS girl nursery bedding that you think I would like please email me or leave a comment. I have several picked out but I really could use a little help to narrow down my decision and make sure I see ALL possibilities!! :)