Friday, April 30, 2010

What a week!

Is it really already Friday?!?! This week FLEW by so fast!
A few mush brain things that happened this week:
-I accused Cade of losing my keys in the store when all along they were in the car still in the ignition, i told my boy i was very sorry!
-Left my entire wallet at home when I was already 20 min away, thank goodness my parents were eating dinner on my route to help their helpless daughter!
-A nice lady asked how far along I was and I said "2 months" and totally meant 29 weeks, no wonder she looked at me like I was a serious NUT lady! I totally would have corrected myself if I hadn't thought about it later while I was driving home!
Hoping to lose the mushness soon, at least now I have pregnancy to blame it on!
Wednesday Cade man and I met Amanda and Gavin at the park for lunch and play time! Amanda and I were catching up while the boys played and having a grand ole' time until Cade decided he wanted to bite, YES BITE 3 poor innocent children. He got a spankin' after the first, time out after the second, and after the third we left the park after the child's mother told me "your son is biting all the kids." Where in the world did this come from!?!? When we got home Cade had time out again, I was so frustrated with him. I was telling my dad the story the other day and he said "those kids must have done something mean to Cade", and I wish I could say they were at fault too, but nope Cade just decided to bite them all for no reason, i watched it all! Later that night Jon said they had a long talk while I was out with my girlfriends and that is why he hasn't bit anyone else! Hmmm, i wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that daddy/son talk!
Cade really isn't a bully i promise, just a little, precious, innocent, adorable, loving baby boy teething! :) He gave all the kids kisses after the bites and learned a new word that day "sorry"!
See, I mean he is really sweet!
And so is Gav man too! It seems like just yesterday they were tiny babies together! It was funny the other day a lady told Amanda and I "they are just 2 little 2 year olds" and we both looked at each other like, "huh, what, excuse me they are not even 18 mo. yet" except we kept all thoughts to our self! It just doesn't seem like Cade is 17 months already!
Thursday was my nanny's birthday! She chose Chickfila for her bday lunch so all the kids could play, smart lady!
Mother and Daughters!
Nanny sharing her ice cream with Cade! We saw a lady at Hobby Lobby the other day with the same hair color as nanny, and Cade kept saying over and over and i mean OVER again "Nanny, Nanny, Nanny" the poor lady wasn't a nanny so she never turned around, but Cade sure kept watching her! He loves Nanny!
Papa playing with Cade!
Wednesday night I met these lovely ladies for dinner and ice cream! There is never a dull moment with them, that is for sure! We are missing Andrea and Jamie, but we will all get to reunite next weekend! Love girl nights! :)
An Update on my Grandad:

We found out this week that his mass is malignant and he will have surgery Thursday to remove it and make sure it has not spread anywhere else. The good thing is that this type of colon cancer is 100% curable if treated early and hasn't spread to other areas. So we are hoping and praying for the best news after the surgery! The surgery will last 3 hours, please say a prayer for my Grandad and Granny B Thursday!

And, I will close with....

CONGRATS TANNA, she just found out this week that she is expecting her second born in January! We were hoping she would be due like a month or two after me and our babies would be as close as Brylee and Cade (well they were born on the exact same day so that wasn't an option, but still close) but God had other plans. She is due January 9th and we are SO excited for them! :)

Happy Friday everybody, have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whoa Wednesday

(Per multiple requests from my sister in far away Lubbock land, wordless Wednesday is "whoa Wednesday" today! I guess she just loves all I have to say! :))

Yesterday Tatum and I had a checkup and everything is great! I LOVE hearing that, hoping for 9 more weeks of everything going great! :) Her heartbeat was at 148 and I didn't even gain too much this visit, woohoo! Jon got held up at work so it was just me at the appt and you know your dr. and nurse love you when they both ask how Jon is doing and where was he today?! He loves that he was missed! Tatum is approximately 2 1/2-3 pounds and the size of a butternut squash (babcenter uses very strange objects in comparison), about 15 inches long. We are 29 weeks tomorrow and feeling great! :)

After the appointment I headed over to my nanny's house to play and have lunch with all the kiddos, mama's, gigi, and nanny and papa! All of their great great grandchildren were there yesterday, there are now 7 and one on the way! They all love Papa's garden so much and were able to get really dirty and tired before we headed home! Papa said Cade was a "real boy" now since he was covered in dirt from head to toe! :) Hailey and Corbin are holding their newest siblings; Logan and Camden. Logan is just 2 weeks old and Cam is 8 weeks!
Here is little Camden watching the kids play, he is getting too big too quick! :)
My little man!
Here is Jon and Cade planting me flowers on Sunday! Can you tell Cade is being such a big helper, ha! :)
I think he liked the watching from the wagon better!

Happy Wednesday, we are off to enjoy the pretty day! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Movie


Jon and Cade went to breakfast together Sunday morning and let me sleep in, thank you boys I truly needed that sleep! I think Cade enjoyed himself a little?!?! :)

I am thankful for a husband that LOVES time with his son, let's his pregnant wife sleep in, and much more!

That's all for today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I REALLY want to remember all of these silly faces Cade makes these days, so here are a few....
When i tell him to go stand on the wall, he starts posing and acting SO silly!He made this face to his daddy!
Ok mom, are we done yet!!!
Tuesday we had lunch and a mini play day with Whittaker and Brenley! I say mini because we met for lunch and I fell in a little hole in the landscaping mixed along with the clumsiness and unporportioness of pregnancy and ended up having to go into the dr. to get a sono. We went down like this; I was holding Cade- he flew into the bumper of a parked car, purse and Cade's backpack went flying, and big belly carrying my precious daughter hit the concrete...we are all fine and I am thinking about letting Cade walk more instead of me holding him! Something good did come out of this-we got to see a really close up pic of little miss Tatum's face, she is already so beautiful! Her eyes are huge like Kenzie's, i CAN'T wait to see them! How did i go from normal pregnant girl for 27 weeks and now getting sick and going to l&d and falling and going to get a sono all in 3 days?! Hoping for no more issues! :)
The kids are SO much fun! I am so glad they all get to grow up together!
The mama's!
Handsome Whitt man! This little guy is full of smiles, already crawling, and talking all about it!

Crazy Cade had fun with the kids! I didn't get a solo of Brenley, probably because my dr insisted I leave right that second and head to the was fun and we love play days!

More thoughts of the day:

I am getting extremely out of breath on a regular basis

I can't drink enough water, but i really don't like spending the day going potty every 10 min.

Tatum's room was painted yesterday and I can't stop going in there and looking at it!

I have been putting off the grocery store run FOR TOO long, hoping my husband reads this and offers to go this weekend! ;)

This morning Cade stood at the back door and said "plweze mamma sing" which means please mama can we swing, it was precious he is being so polite these days saying "please" and "thank you."

Well, that is all for now, little guy is napping and I am off to work!

Happy Earth Day, just heard it on GMA! :)


Today we found out that my grandad has bleeding ulcers and a mass in his colon. We will find out next week if it's anything worse, but for now please pray for him and my granny B as they wait to find out more about this and work on getting him healed! My mom, dad, Cade, and I headed to Corsicana this morning to see Grandad before the surgery....I couldn't have asked for Cade to be any better! He talked, played, and entertained us all as we all waited for several hours and didn't whine or cry once! Thank you Cade for being an angel! :) Grandad was VERY happy to see Cade before he went in and got lots of kisses! He is going to be ok whatever it may be!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The past week....

Last Monday, April 12th Logan James Adler was born! He is such a cute little guy, he weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and was 18 inches long! We missed being there when he was actually born (due to mr cade being sick) but I was able to go visit that night! Heather looked great after lots of surgery that day!
Here he is, the newest cousin! Logan and Tatum will be about 3 months apart!
Such a proud big sis!
Teeny Tiny sweetness!
Remember me saying last week that Cade man was sick, well here he is with 103 fever, can you even tell?
He is WAY into everything "ow-side" these days! He will grab my hand and take me to the door until I agree that he can go play outside, he is all boy and so much fun!
This is Wednesday, i think, and he was all better!
Hangin' out with "DA"
Thursday Reba made us a delicious lunch and the kids all got to play! Well, Brenley and Kennedy got to be held, cuddled, and kissed and Cade played and played! It doesn't look like it here, but he was really sweet with the baby girls! We can't wait for the new summer babies to join them!
Today I asked Tanna if we could meet them for lunch...Cade has been saying "Bylee" non stop. He really loves playing with her, we hadn't seen them in a week and he was still talking about her so much! We just love them!
Little Miss Tatum and I are 27 weeks now! :)
She is about the size of a head of cauliflower, about 2 pounds, and 14 or so inches long! She is sucking her fingers and opening and closing her tiny little eyes! She gets the hiccups just about everyday and likes to move for about an hour straight when it's my bedtime! I went to the dr. today and she is measuring right on track! I am feeling great and enjoying the last 81, or so days of being pregnant!

Cade is still kissin' my belly everyday and walking by Tatum's room pointing and saying "Tay" as he walks we were out shopping and he picked up a pink outfit and said "ahhhh"....over and over, yes i bought it! :)
I thought this was going to be a "hospital free pregnancy" but that thought ended over the weekend. Jon went to the deer lease, Cade was having a slumber party at Gigi and Papaw's, and I headed out to Tyler on Friday to visit my friend Andrea and have a fun weekend. Well, that all ended early Saturday morning when I got the stomach bug that went around and had to head home to labor and delivery. Andrea was such a great friend and drove home along with Michelle and I, not really knowing how she was going to get back home to Tyler. We got to the hospital and I was so dehydrated that I was having contractions and they couldn't even find a vein for an iv. A few hours later Jon arrived from the lease and we both fell asleep as i got 4 hours of fluids and was feeling much better! Thankfully they let me go home and I have been fine since! I am just glad it was a bug that sent me in this time instead of anything baby related, whew!! Thank you to Gigi and Papaw for keeping Cade all weekend, I know he had a blast! I couldn't wait to go get him on Sunday morning!
Last night we showered Gage Ryan Erwin! He should be making his big debut in about 10 weeks! Here is Kristy at 30 weeks pregnant and me at 27! We missed Lindsey in this pic, she is 34 weeks and looking great! :) It's so much fun to be pregnant with friends! :)

Little Miss room is coming along very nicely, I will post pics soon!

I am looking for white ruffle drapes for the nursery, has anybody seen any?

Also, just a random question, how much is too much to pay for a baby girl dress?! Just askin?!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to US!

My sister and I celebrated our 22nd and 25th birthdays together on Sunday!
For 22 years now I have shared my birthday with my lil sister and it's always been so much fun! :)

Friday was my cousin Sarah's bday and she brought over sonic dp's and pink fluffies! What in the world is a pink fluffie? Only the best cookie from the best bakery ever! We have loved these cookies from the Lovin' Oven in Lancaster on the square for as long as I can remember! Maybe since we were like 8 years old, ha! Thanks Cous, what a treat! :)
Friday night we met some friends for dinner at Uncle Julios, sorry I am missing a few in this pic, it's the only one i got! I am loving that place right now, really any Mexican food, or really just food! ha!
Saturday after mr's nap, him and Jon took me shopping for my birthday and to dinner at BJ's! We had so much fun and Cade was such a trooper shopping! Thanks boys!
Sunday Jon and Cade let me sleep in and they went to get me breakfast for my bday! They are the best! :) After church i chose for us to eat at La Madeline, yes I really ate all my favorite places all weekend! :)
And then my mom, sis, and I went to get peds! :)
After a lil' pampering we met the entire fam for birthday dinner at PF Changs! We had so much fun together! Cade didn't touch his dinner, VERY ODD! He was a little warm too, prefect excuse for Jon to take off his handsome shirt and shoes. Come to find out the next morning he has 103 fever....we took him to the dr. yesterday and he has a viral infection and is contagious until he is fever free for 24 hours. Poor little boy! This is officially our first sickness, :( He really hasn't acted much different other than not eating much....hope he is well soon!
Here are the little Clark kids!
Happy Birthday to us!
Gigi and Papaw with their newest grand baby! Camden Bradley is now 5 weeks old and as cute as can be! Who would have known this wasn't their first grandchild?! :)The Figgs!
Brothers and Sisters!
My mom has always given us the best gifts!
Love her...
and him too!

Thanks everybody for such a fun birthday weekend! This is going to be a great year, I am loving 25 already! :)