Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a really fun day!
We were sad Jon had to work, but we had fun with him when he got home. Jon took Cade tonight to get "poohl" toys! Cade is SO into playing in the water and has absolutely NO FEAR of it at all! I took him to our neighborhood pool yesterday and he just jumped right in the big pool, and there I went jumping in too! I got lots of cool looks from all the skinny girls in bikini's, but hey, we had fun! :)
We went to Brad and Brooke's house today for lunch and swimming! We all had so much fun! :)
Cade and my bro's!
Cade giving "Tay" a hug, Sweet boy!
Little Cam resting with Gigi
My dad didn't get to stay too long and swim, but he came for lunch and to see the kids for a bit. My grandad was back in the hospital over the weekend, he is much better now and made it back home tonight. My dad has been taking great care of him!
All the cousins! I can't wait for Tatum to join Kenzie, she really needs another girl in the group!
I am not sure why Cade has a very sad pitiful face right here, but I am sure he had a good excuse for it, ha! :)

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everybody had a great day celebrating our freedom!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Cade was really fun today and extra sweet! He did hit me once today, not hard, just being a kid ya know, and got a spankin' and he keeps telling me "sowy" all day! I just love that little guy so much! I am sure there will be enough room in my heart for just as much love for another child here in about 6 weeks, but it's so hard to imagine!
Today we had a checkup on little miss priss, she seems to be doing really well! We are 33 weeks now and feeling great! My belly is measuring right on track, her heartbeat was at 144, and all is well; we are SO thankful! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 18 month old baby boy!

WOW, i can't believe Cade is a year and a half old today!
Time really does go by WAY TOO FAST! Jon and I are really loving this age that Cade is at right now, I just wish he would stay this way forever!
He is so independent and likes to do things like a big boy, but he will also just crawl up in our laps and snuggle too, he is SO into telling us he loves us MANY times throughout the day which just makes me the happiest mommy ever, he is loving Tatum so much already, he is still taking 2 naps a day (about 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon), Cade loves just about any food you give him, he slept til 7:30 this morning and is usually going to bed by 8:30-9 at night, he hasn't bit anybody in several weeks (whew!!), he no longer takes a night time bottle anymore (he was down to just one a day, but it's all sippy cups now), he loves to swing and slide at the park, and he is just the happiest little guy!!
Here are a few pics of our day today!

I absolutely LOVE spending every day with Cade, he makes me SO happy and I love this little guy SO much! :) Happy 18 month old birthday Cade!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap

What a busy/FUN weekend we had!
They always go by too fast and then Monday is here and it's SO hard for Jon to go to work! Cade was so sweet this morning when he woke up saying "daddy, daddy, daddy, i wove u" in the sweetest little boy voice ever! :) He is really into saying "hi mommy, hi dadde, hi tay" all day long! It never gets old, can he just stay this way forever!!
Yesterday Jon hung Tatum's curtains, covered her car seat in her girly cover, and did a few other things for his little girl! We are definitely nesting around here!
Tonight he has promised to hang her frames, letters, etc. more on that later! :)
Cade helped too, of course! :)
Nursery in progress!
He can't wait for his little girl!
Yesterday we went to my parents church for Matt's Senior Sunday and then to lunch to celebrate Tyler's birthday! I can't believe Matt is graduating in just 2 weeks!
Jon entertaining the kids while we waited!
Mom and Nanny
Daddy and son, he was his daddy's boy yesterday, everything was "da, daddy, my daddy" all day long!
Matt picking Cade up from the nursery! When we went to check Cade in the nursery the guy at the table said "he is definitely a Clark." Funny how everybody can see the similarities!
Happy Happy Boy! LOVE that smile!
Mommy, Cade, and Tay! We are 32.5 weeks now and feeling great! Little Miss Tatum is getting BIG! We go back to the dr. this week to get a checkup!
Only about 6.5 more weeks of being an "only child"....we can't wait for him to be a big brother! He wants to share everything with Tay, he will put his cookie, sippy cup, toys, whatever it is up to my belly to share with his sister! I know they are going to fight, hit each other, etc. but I am loving all this sweetness right now!
Saturday was busy! We had a family reunion for my mom's side of the fam...
a baby shower for Heather, she is having a girl also and Andrea made this FAB cake...i think i will be hiring her for birthday parties!
she is due August 9th (why are these pics so tiny?)
and then Dax's first birthday party!

and then Reba and Rebecca's birthday dinner (i didn't get a pic, but we had a great time)!

We had so much fun at everything and my bed felt so great at the end of the day! I know I am very spoiled, but I am extremely thankful and my sweet husband let me sleep in til' 9am Sunday morning! I really really really needed that, thank you JON!! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This and That...

Over the past few weeks my friend Amanda and I had the opportunity to re-do our pastor's kids rooms while they were out of town! Mark took the kids to Disney World the week of Mother's Day and several people from our church did a complete remodel/makeover on their house! Mark and the kids will move back in this weekend and I can't wait to hear how they like it! :)
This is Addison's room! She is 5 years old and loves pink and purple! I should have taken before pics....I think Addy will love her new room!
This is Major's room, his only request was for there to be superhero's in his room, so spiderman made the room, along with batman and superman tees framed on another wall that i didn't get in a pic! He is 8 years old and such a cute, sweet little boy!
Last night Jon and I went over to the house to put the finishing touches on the kids rooms for their big move back in this weekend, i hope the kids love their new rooms! What a fun project!
Yesterday Cade and I met Andrea for lunch, he was SO happy to see her, me too! :) After lunch Andrea and I enjoyed a massage together, shopping, and just catching up and spending the day together! Love that girl! :)
We FINALLY got to meet little Miss Avery Lynn Williams (on right) the other night! She was born 2 weeks ago and after all her new grandparents left, and Cade was well we finally got to see how pretty she is in person and love on her, she is such a doll! Kennedy (on left) is growing up too fast! She was born in January and I can't believe she is already changing so much, such a pretty girl!!
I can't wait for Tatum to join them! :) The other day when we were at my nanny's house Cade decided he was a big kid and didn't want to sit in his booster/highchair seat anymore....he wanted to sit at the little/big kid table with his cousins! This is a good thing that he is starting to eat next to other children; he is going to MDO one day a week in the fall and he really needs to learn how to only eat off his plate. Poor Hailey had to share all her food with Cade because he thinks everybody wants to share everything with him and he wants to share everything with everybody else!! We will learn, slowly! :)

Well today is a SUPER busy FUN day! I better scoot and get to all my parties!

Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Take me out to the Ballgame"

Well anybody that knows me knows my HUGE fear of storms, tornadoes, etc. Well today I had to put on my big girl mommy pants and be the example to NOT get scared. We were over at my nanny and papa's for lunch and playing with the cousins when Jon called out of nowhere and told me to take cover, OH MY! So, there were WAY too many of us to take cover all together, so the mommies of the children there (heather and I) took ours and got in the closet (the safest one and left nanny and gigi on their own) with all of children and pretended to not be scared! The only thing I knew to do was what my mom had us do when we were in the tornado that blew my house away in 3rd grade, and that was to sing "Jesus loves me" until it was over! Let me remind you that there was Hailey, Brenden, Cade, Me ( i should count as 2), Heather, and teeny Logan all in a tiny closet putting off more heat than you could ever imagine for quite sometime! Thankfully about 20 min later the sirens stopped sounding and we were able to get out, WHEW! What an experience!
Can you believe this little guy is about to be 18 months!?!
I am REALLY loving this toddler age, can we freeze him here!?!?! :)
Last night we took Cade to his first Ranger Game! Our friends David, Amanda, and Gavin invited us to the game with them and we had such a great time! David works for the dr. of the Ranger's so we got to sit in the coolest seats in the ballpark and go under the field and everything! :) Cade had a great time and actually sat alot in his chair, really watched the game, clapped, and danced to all the music! We will definitely be taking him back this season!
The Escajeda's, we just love them!
Oh and Cade loved his dollar dog!
The boys watching the game!
Gavin taking Cade on a pretend gator ride!
My boys!

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! This week flew by so fast! I PROMISE to post pictures of the nursery by Sunday! I am BIG plans to get alot done in the next few days!