Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Day of MDO

Yesterday was Cade's first day of Mother's Day Out!!
(this is the only pic i have due to my camera battery dying as soon as we got there, i will take more next week, he looks too cute carrying his napmat, backpack, and lunchbox)
We decided last week this would be a great once a week summer program for Cade to start before we have Tatum! Jon and I took him in to his class and he said "bye" to both of us and Tay and he was off to play! I really didn't know how he would do, but he went right in and started playing and had a great time! His note in his bag said he played and played, colored, went outside to the playground, went on a stroller ride with the other kids, blew bubbles, played blocks, ate all of his food (no way), and took a great nap and never even cried when they put down! His teacher said she was very impressed! What a good boy! While he was there my mom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at La Madeline and shopped, we had a great time. MDO was over at 2:30, so i thought maybe we should get back to pick him up about 2:15 so I could sneak a peek and see what he was up to and then just wait around to actually get him til 2:30, well 2:10 rolls around and we are nearly there to pick Cade up and my phone rings....
I answer knowing it is his MDO in panic, and the nice lady says "Melissa, Cade is ready to be picked up from MDO it is over at 2:00." OMG OMG OMG, i start freaking out. What mom doesn't know what time to pick up their child, i definitely felt like loser mom for about 10 seconds and then it was over all b/c the handbook they gave me was for the fall and it IS OVER at 2:30, but summer program is over at 2:00. Whew! About the time i get off the phone with her Jon calls and asks why am I late picking up our son...oh geez they called him TOO! Glad it was all a mistake over the wrong handbook! All that to say i will never be there past 1:45 to pick Cade up!
He had a great time and crashed for 2 1/2 hours when we got home!
I am so proud of my little guy doing so good at his first day of MDO, i was a little nervous and felt guilty for him going for some reason, but I am better now! He loves it, he did really great, and it's about to give me some time with just my daughter in a couple weeks!
We are counting down to meeting Tatum-12 days to go!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Mr. Gage Ryan Erwin!!!
He was born on June 27th
@ 5:28 AM
7 Pounds
10 Ounces
19.5 Inches Long
AND SOOOO handsome!
We have been waiting a LONG time to meet this little guy and he finally decided to come after a long 40 weeks and 4 days of his mamma carrying him!
They had been up the ENTIRE night before and they are still looking great and full of SO much JOY!
Look at that PROUD daddy!
We are SO happy for Ryan and Kristy, Gage is just perfect!
Yesterday afternoon we went swimming with the was Kennedy's first time in the pool and she loved it so much! Sorry dads, we didn't get a pic of y'all!
Check her out in that tiny bikini, Cade said she looked "pretty!!"
She has the cutest little legs and sweetest smile! :)
Many more pool days to come!
This is a story to document:
Yesterday Jon, Cade, and I were sitting at the table with Cade while he was eating lunch....he kept saying "aman" over and over. Jon and I couldn't really understand what he was saying, but he kept saying it over and over and over again...we finally figured it out when he was grabbing our hands, that he was saying AMEN, he wanted us to pray before he ate his lunch! We do pray before we eat together at the table at home but i guess we were just thrown off not eating with Cade and forgot. He reminded us and it was so sweet!
Cade and Papaw having a fun time playing Sat night.
Friday night and Saturday Cade had a fever, we thought it was random and strange because he was acting so normal, still eating, napping, playing and everything....we think his 2 year molars are coming in early!
So glad he is fever free now!

Cade man is napping now and then we are off for him to meet his new friend Gage! We are so excited for Gage and Tatum to be about 2 weeks apart (we think)! We are having so much fun with all of our friends having babies all together!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pizza at the Pool

My parents give the kids their 4th of July outfits every year, so we attempted taking a pic of them all together! They are all making a goofy face, but this was the best one, and you can't really even see how cute the outfits are, but hey we got a pic! Kenzie is saving a seat next to her for Tatum to join them next summer in this pic!
Yesterday Gigi, Brooke, and the kids came over for pizza at the pool! We discovered a new pool in our area that was just perfect for all the kids and us, I think this will be our new favorite place for the summer!
Camden even enjoyed himself in the shade!
Brad and Brooke just bought a house about halfway between us and my parents house and we are SO excited to have them down in the "country" as brooke calls it! :)
We are loving all the these pool days!!

Happy Friday!

YAY for Friday!
We just got back from the dr. and all is well with our little Tatum! As for me, I managed to gain four pounds in one week, how in the world?! We are progressing little by little already, SO thankful for a healthy checkup!
Yesterday Tanna and Brylee came over to swim, we all had a blast!
I LOVE this pic of them holding hands, such sweet friends!
Sometimes i think they could pass as twin brother and sister!
We have been playing outside lots this week; Cade is such a boy and loves running around without his shirt on and getting all dirty!
I just got back from walking, excuse the no makeup look, just thought Cade looked sweet here!
Today my little boy is 19 months old....
and looking more and more like a little boy!
He is saying more and more words everyday....
and growing up too fast...
love this little boy more than anything!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ta Da Tatum!

Welcome to Tatum Lauren's nursery!
Her room is finally complete and I am loving it so much! I like to go in there all the time and just look at all her girly fun stuff!
Thank you to Corey for picking out these fabulous drapes for her room, they are just perfect!
Cade calls these bows "pretty" it's SO sweet! Really anything Tatum's he is saying that too these days...i still wonder who he thinks she is!
I had to talk Jon into a few things for her room (like these frames he calls "barn frames"), but he gave into it all for his little girl, and me!
Thank you Jon for all your help!
If I couldn't find something in the right color, well lots of things, he would paint them for me and make them look just perfect, he's the best!
I finally feel "ready" for her to come in a few mom and I went yesterday and finished getting all her necessities!
This is her coming home outfit! It is similar (in the way it's made and bought from the same place) to Cade's and I hope to frame them together someday!
I really let Jon pick this out, he did good! We came a very long way, for quite sometime he was very persistent on bringing her home in pink camo...whew!
We are using Cade's rocker and replaced it in his room with his big boy chair, he is loving it!
Ta, Da, Tatum we are ready for you little girl!

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Jon, Cade, and I celebrated Friday night together! We took Jon to Outback for dinner and gave him gifts throughout the entire weekend, it was so much fun! :) Sunday we let him sleep in for the 2nd Sunday in a row and he was very thankful!
Jon is such a great daddy to Cade, I really couldn't ask for better! I am excited and anxious to see him with his little girl!
Happy Father's Day to my husband and babies daddy!
Such handsome boys I have!
Cade wore his "handsome like daddy" pj's in honor of Father's Day!
We celebrated Father's Day lunch with my fam over at my nanny and papa's!
Here are all the kids in my fam with our dad!
My dad has always taken SUCH great care of all of us, and even continues to in a different way now that I am married! He has provided me with such an amazing job so I can stay home with my babies and I will be forever thankful for that! I love how he loves Cade and Tatum, and all the other kids just as his very own!
Happy Father's Day Dad!
Sunday evening Jon's family came over for dinner and to swim! Jon grilled a delicious dinner, even on his Father's Day for his dad and fam! We had fun chasing the boys around the pool and hanging out!
Happy Father's Day Pops!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Showering Little Miss

Yesterday my mom, Kristin, Ashley, and Brooke hosted Tatum and I a FABULOUS shower at my house!
I had SUCH a fun time, thanks girls for a WONDERFUL shower! :)
I talked Jon into letting Cade stay for the shower to play with Brylee! He hadn't seen her in a few weeks and was asking for her everyday last week! They play so good together! Tanna gave us such a sweet gift for Tatum, cutest frames, clothes, bows, and everything said "Tatum", love it all! :)
The fam!
Love these girls, they don't miss a thing!

Opening gifts...
We got SO many great things for Tatum, she is going to be dressed too cute thanks to you all....and i think she has a bow to match every outfit! Brooke made the invites (TOO CUTE) and asked everybody to bring a bow, i will post a pic later of her collection! :)
Love this sweet dress!
My nanny and aunt net, they are sisters and still looking just alike!
My mom and i....she is the best; i can't wait for Tatum to join us i just have so much fun with her and i know Tatum will too! :) I am SUCH a lucky daughter!
My sis and i....she flew in this weekend from Lubbock to host my shower, thanks sis!
See this cake below on the left; my mom made it and it was sooooo good; chocolate and soooo yummy, and isn't the cutest cake ever, i love the t!
Teeny tiny onesie's for Tay!!
There was cute girly stuff everywhere!
I LOVE this piggy bank, and look how cute those little shoes are with m&m's in them....they did so much and i loved it ALL!
The food was delish and it was all just perfect! :)
Thank you for such a fun shower!
3 weeks left until little Tatum arrives!

We finally finished the nursery this week before the shower so I will be sure to post pictures this week, i love how it turned out!

As for today we have lots of father's to celebrate! Cade's daddy is sleeping in right now, oh how he is going to love me for that!

Happy Father's Day!