Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

Over the weekend we went to Tyler to surprise Andrea for her birthday! Jon and Lance had planned over the week for us to come and spend the day, and surprise Andrea, we had such a great time!
The boys, they really didn't want to take this...
We have so much fun with them! Happy Birthday Andrea!!
My sis and Tyler spent the weekend in Dallas for their ONE year Anniversary! I can't believe it's already been a year since we were planning and running around like crazy, fun crazy of course before her wedding! We met up with them for lunch on Sunday, happy anniversary Figg's!
Here is my little lady looking so pretty! Jon bought her this dress at my first baby shower...i thought it looked so big and wouldn't ever fit her and sure enough it only took 7 weeks!
Oh Tay Tay, how I love you!
She is changing so much! I read this week that she starts to recognize voices and I can really see that in her now...she will turn her head when she hears me talking across the room, and last night she was laying on the floor and heard Jon talking behind her and her eyes were searching for him! She is smiling alot now too, I'm really loving this!! :)
Last night the boys were both cracking up laughing while they were playing, i had to snap a few pics...
Love this smile, this is Cade's I'm getting tickled and tickled and I have the hiccups because I can't stop laughing face!
and here too!

Have a great day, it's the last day of August, fall here we come!! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

This morning.....

Cade, Tatum, and I were laying in bed together "Tuddleing" as Cade says as he watched his morning "hot dog" while Jon got ready for work. Tatum was laying in the middle and I was dozing in and out (hey it was only 6:20) I opened my eyes and saw Cade holding Tatum's hand, my day couldn't have started out any better! How sweet is it that he loves her so much and he is only 21 months old! I wanted to make sure to capture this moment so when they are 2 and 4 and not holding hands so much I can look back at this and remember they really do love each other! I hope and pray these two will grow up and love each other so much and always be there for each other! Love my babies!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

(nearly wordless that is-Happy 21 months old to Cade Michael today!)

(thank you Candace for the A-DOR-ABLE outfit, I just love Tay in this!!!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Talk about Tuesday

Well Well, I let another week go by and haven't blogged much. Tatum is now 6 weeks old, wow isn't that just crazy?!?! She is still sleeping alot during the day and getting up once, occasionally twice a night, eating 4 ounces every 3 or so hours during the day, smiling and making sweet faces alot, and her baby acne is nearly all cleared up, yay! She is SO much fun!
Look at this sweet little face, she is such a girly girl!
Dressin up my lil babydoll!
her mimi gave her this lady bug outfit, too cute!
Saturday night Jon and I kept Brad and Brooke's kids while they went out on an anniversary date! We had 5 children/babies under the age of 4, we were busy and had lots of fun! Love those kiddos so much!
Little Tay Tay all dressed up for her cousins birthday party!
I can't believe that Hailey turned 6 years old last week and started Kindergarten yesterday! WOW, the years just fly by! It really seems like yesterday Heather was having Hailey in the hospital and I swore I would NEVER have a baby, those contractions and the pain on her face scared me to death....now look at me! :)
Happy Birthday Hailey!
Friday I was carless for the day so Brooke came by and picked us up for fun at the fountains with the kids! I had to get a picture of this, we had all 5 car seats jammed in, safely of course! Loading and unloading was interesting! I am still laughing at Cade and Kenz in the back, they look like they are up to something and Tay is in the middle of them, oh my!
Kim and Bren met us there and this little girl loved the water! She is full of smiles and is SUCH a good baby girl....oh and has the best hair ever! :)
The boys running around with their bag of chips....they ate them soggy and all!
Tatum got a little wet and enjoyed a nap in the shade while the big kids played!
They lasted for about 2 hours and hardly made a peep on the way home! Fun times!

I am off to enjoy the day with my babies! Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, they make me smile!

I can't believe the end of the summer is approaching very soon! Cade asks me everyday to go "swimmin", there has to be an indoor place we can go this winter right?! Actually, I am very ready for fall to get here, this heat is absolutely foul! Today I ran in the grocery store for just a few items and by the time i unloaded both children in the grocery cart, went in the store, put them back in their car seats and headed home I was sweating, like alot! It's just too hot!
Last week Corb had a stomach bug and had to eat very few things all week, 7 entire days! So my mom told him when he was all better she would take him to McDonald's, and all the other kiddos too! :) My mom, Tay, and I sat and watched them play, run back for food, for TWO hours! They had a blast!
I had never been to McDonald's with Cade before, but he sure knew how to get to the VERY top of the play place and not come down without me going after him. Jon always takes Cade here when they have guys nights, and as I was shoving my long legs up the play place to rescue the kids to leave i thought to myself, how does Jon get him outa here!?! They had so much fun!

Today our friends Amanda and Gavin invited us to a pool/mini kid water park and we had a great time! The rain kicked us out a little earlier than we were expecting, but we were all worn out anyways! :)
They have been friends since they were tiny tiny and they are finally starting to say each other's names! It was fun to have a little one on one time with my little boy today while sister hung out with my mom! :) Thanks Gi!
Cade got up from his nap today and went straight for "tay" in the most country voice you can imagine...where does he get that from! Anyways...it is so sweet how he loves her so much, he is patting her tummy here!
I took quite the pics of Cade today for some reason, it seemed like every time i turned around he was doing something i needed to capture! I just love this face, his smile makes me so happy!
A few days ago we decided this sweet, little, cute boy that rarely misbehaves (JOKING) needs to be disciplined for the fits, wining, etc. So, I have a few friends that use the wooden spoon. I told Jon that's what we needed to do so when we are in public I can whip out the spoon and it will terrify him into acting like a perfect angel! Well, day one of the wooden spoon was the last...Jon woke up in the middle of the night having a nightmare over it and then he sent me a text the next day and said he just couldn't stop thinking about it.....so all that to say we are doing time out now. I probably shouldn't have taken a picture of him in time out, but he was really cracking me up. He has to sit there for 2 min (hey that is a LONG time for this little 21 month old) say he is sorry and give kisses afterwards, i think we did this 5 times today, wow! Jon and Cade having a sno cone tonight!
and then riding his tractor, he loves this toy!
And here is our little tiny girl! Tatum is the sweetest, i love to snuggle with her and watch her sleep, and kiss her, and dress her, and talk to her, ahhh i just love her SO much!
I better scoot, I am on a serious walking schedule to shed the rest of this baby weight and dark is near....i will leave you with one last pic of this little goofball!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun times this week!

Why does a week go by so fast, and then two and three weeks and now this little missy is a month old already! I love that she is still really tiny, but now has a little fat on her and isn't so fragile! Here she is dressed for a swim day, just modeling her suit ya know!
Monday we went swimming at our friend Rachel's in laws house, we had SO much fun! Thanks Rach!
At one point Rachel had these 4 children all by herself in the pool, she is super mom!
Oh my priss-she never knew it because she slept the day away, but we had so much fun shopping in Allen with Cade, aunt krissy, and my mom the other day! One day Tatum will love to shop too! :)
Watching morning cartoons together!
We had a fun pool day with Court and Ashley this week too at Mimi and Pops house! Mimi stayed in with the babies while we swam, we all had a good time!
Ok, what in the world am I going to do when summer is over and i can't take him to the "water water" everyday?! He loves it so much!
I went in to check on lil miss and this is what she was doing....:)
Cade "borrowed" Court's rain boots, he loved walking in them!

Adalyn and Candace came over yesterday to play, the kids had a fun time playing together and Candace and I had fun catching up! :)
Adalyn is SO cute!
Little Miss loves her little play mat, she just stares at all the toys! I tried so hard to capture her sweet smile last night, but i couldn't get it! I think she still looks pretty sweet here!!
This picture makes me so happy! I have both my babies cuddled up and Cade is even giving me one of his sweet kisses! Awe, I love my children so much!
( *not the best pic of me, i hit the wall of serious sleep deprivation this week, like fever/aches and all, but i am recovering and feel much better today*)
Have a great weekend!