Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well just one word, precious!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My two at two months!

Here are both of our children at 2 months, can you tell who is who?!?! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jon's 30th birthday week!

What a fun week of celebrations we have had for Jon! I asked him this morning if he was sad they are all over, he said "no, but theey were fun" ha! :)
This morning after breakfast we were playing with the kids and Cade was being such a sweet brother to Tatum. He wanted to pick her up off the floor and hold her, he is soooo sweet to her, and that makes me one happy and proud mommy! :) Look how happy he is to hold her, ahhhhhh!
Tatum is already used to her brother sitting on her, it doesn't even phase her....
Brother/sister love!
Last night we celebrated Jon's birthday with our friends at a Hibachi restaurant nearby, we had such a great time! :)!
Birthday Boy!!
Yesterday afternoon Tatum was wide awake and Jon had her talking away! It is so cute to see those two together!
Look at that smile, she loves her daddy!
This is the only pic I got at Jon's family's birthday celebration due to my camera battery dying on me. We celebrated with them on Friday night and had a delicious Mexican feast! :)
Is anyone else's child obsessed with dp? I am going to teach Tatum that it's gross, too late with Cade!
Miss Tatum Lauren posing it up! Can you believe that she is already 2 1/2 months old! Wow, we will be in the next size of clothes soon!
Here is the birthday boy again at his surprise birthday lunch on Thursday! Jon isn't too fond of surprises, but I was able to actually pull one off!
Such a handsome 30 year old husband I have!
Men congregating!
Such a sweet pic of Candace and Tatum, she will be having her baby girl, Abigail in about 4 months....SO excited for them!! :)
It is officially fall now and it really feels like it today! I just realized this morning when I was picking out Tatum's church clothes that she dosen't have any 3-6 month clothes, well just a I am off to the Gap to shop their 40% off sale prices, that's a bargain!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Date Night!

Last night Jon and I had such a fun date night out!
We went to Hillstone and had a super delicious dinner, I think I am now obsessed with the place; I had the spinach artichoke dip, chicken salad with peanut lime dressing, and huge brownie dessert, whoa!! It was so good to just sit and talk about life together with no interruptions! I can't remember the last time we did that at dinner, it was great! :) After dinner we went to see Blue Man Group at the At&t Performing Arts Center! We really enjoyed the show and had a great time! :) Thank you to mimi and Pops for watching our children!
(ha-this is funny: we asked a guy outside the center to take our pic and he looked at me with a blank stare then looked at Jon and said "uh-no" ha! So we took it ourself! :))
This was at the end of the show, they had techno music, strobe lights, huge beach balls everywhere, streamers, and everybody was having a dance party! Great show! Today we went over to Nanny and Papa's house for lunch and to play! The kids always have a great time over there!
Cade sure looks up to something here, like maybe going to pour that water on somebody?!?! :)

Tatum holding on to her cousin Camden, so cute! These 2 are only 4 months apart, Tatum will probably catch up with him soon! :)
Tay Tay laying out on her brother's "matte" it was so nice outside this morning! Come on fall-la-la-la-la we are ready for the cool weather to stay!
Logan and Tatum playing with Gigi and Nanny!
Papa loves to hold the babies, Tay looks so big here...
The girl sleeps so good and very soundly just like this! Every few nights she will sleep all night long and then there are nights she wants to eat once during the night at 3, 4, or 5am. Oh for the love of an all nights sleep! Really, we are very thankful because Cade was still getting up 3 or so times a night at her age! Good girl Tay!
I am off to cook my family dinner...I can't wait for it to be cooler outside and start making soup and chili again! Happy first day of FALL!! :)
(Random: Does anybody know where I can find an infant Daisy costume and a toddler Donald costume?!?!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap

We kicked off the week Sunday with Jon's first birthday celebration!
He will turn 30 years old on Thursday! We celebrated with my family at my parents house after church, we got OTB to go and the whole fam was able to be there!
Oh these two! Brooke and I decided they love each other like brother and sister. They hugged like this for a few minutes and wouldn't let go, but 10 min before they were taking toys from each other, oh the love! :)
The kids talked Brad into getting in the pool, he is such a trooper!
Saturday night we went to Gavin's Texas Ranger's 2nd birthday party! Cade had a BLAST! I think Tatum and Cade had a pow-wow before they went to bed Saturday night because they both decided to sleep forever, Tatum, 10 hours (with no interruptions) and Cade 11 hours! Oh thank you children! :)
Just look at that face, such a priss!
Gavin, Cade, and Jack playing on the 2 year old style roller coaster, this toy is SO cool and Cade loved it so much! This will definitely be a birthday present for him in a few months! Gavin was so nice to share all of his new toys with his friends!
Birthday Boy!!
Amanda and Tatum, great party girl!
I walked upstairs on Saturday afternoon and the boys fell asleep together, this never ever happens, Cade just doesn't go to sleep like this, so I had to capture the moment! How sweet!
I hope everybody has a great week! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


This afternoon i was playing with Tatum and she picked up her "faci" (as Cade calls it) and put it in her mouth all on her own! Oh my goodness she is too little to be doing all this big girl stuff, I told her I would get it for her, ha! She hasn't done it again, but I saw her this afternoon! :) After she picked it up and put it in her mouth I was squealing so much it fell out and she was smiling and talking all about it! :) Just look at that! :)
Playing outside waiting for her daddy to come home!
I told Cade when he got up from his nap that Tatum can get her "faci" all on her own, but he insists on helping his little sis out! Oh the love! :)


It's Friday, wahoo!!
Last night was just a normal night at home with my family, but i decided to capture a few of these fun moments with the kids and their daddy!
Check out those rolls on her arms, she is my rolly pollie baby girl! Thanks Amanda for this cute outfit, i just love Tay in orange! :)
Cade will bring Jon book after book after book to read and Jon will do anything for Cade to snuggle up with him, it's his favorite thing ever!
Little sister watching brother play
He didn't take her too far, and she was buckled! Cade always wants her to play with him...he just can't figure out why she can't catch a ball yet, or sing the hotdog song with him!
Cade has a little obsession with shoes, just a little bit!
Oh how I love that smile-When I get really close to Tatum and start talking to her in this super high pitched voice, she starts this happy squeal and has a huge smile on her face! It's so sweet! When Jon left for work this morning he did the same thing and she was all smiles, she made his day!
This pic is super blurry, but look at that face, he is such a happy boy!Random pic of Tay and I when brother was at school the other day. My mom and I spent the day together and we dined at Bj's and got our favorite salad! Fun times! :)
Tay doesn't look very happy here, but she looked too cute that day! :)
Daddy's girl-i think she is starting early getting her daddy wrapped around her finger! Actually I think she already has it done! :)
Last night before Jon and I went to bed we watched the news and I STILL can't stop thinking about the poor little 3 year old that was left in the childcare van for 5 hours and died yesterday. Whoever was responsible for that changed SO many peoples lives yesterday-the parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, cousins and so many more, and I am sure it was an honest mistake. My heart breaks for the family and as crazy at it sounds the one held responsible for this also. They have to live (I am sure in jail) with knowing they ended an innocent child's life at the early age of 3 years old. So VERY sad. :(
On a happier note-i set cade down in his chair for breakfast this morning and he said "thank you mommy, i love you" all together and so clear! I love him!
Well, I have been pretty lazy this morning and it's about time to get rolling for the day!