Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

What a FUN FALL weekend!
Tonight we hung out with our friends at the Trapps home; watched the Rangers (hoping they pull something crazy and win this game, it's top of the 8th right now and we are down 3-0), ate lots of delicious food, took the kids trick or treating, and had a blast hanging out with all the kids!
It took 4 different people tonight to talk Cade into dressing up as Mickey, but whatever they did worked! He was so much fun trick or treating! He rode in the stroller house to house and would say "trit teat" and hold his bag open for candy....for some reason he thought you had to eat all the candy at each house, silly boy! What a HUGE difference a year makes, last Halloween he wasn't even walking and now he is such a big boy trick or treating, I had alot of fun with him tonight! :) I am sure I will be saying that about Taum next year! :) he the cutest mickey or what!?!?

We left the dads at the house watching the game and took all the kids/babies strolling around trick or treating! Fun times with the girls (and Gage and Cade)!
Speaking of Gage man....look at these 2...they are SO into playing with their burp cloths and watching the game! :)
Avery girl wasn't happy here, but she was cracking me up with these pouty lips....she is SO cute!!
Kennedy and Tatum matching so cute!
This morning we all played hookie from church to hangout and have Halloween get together lunch at my parents house!
Aunt Krissy and Tatum....i am pretty sure she woke up her little niece to play here...and I think Tay was ok with it!
My little fam!
Mickey and Minnie with Daddy!
All the kids dressed up so cute-where is Cade's costume?
Oh, this was the start to a VERY cranky boy before his afternoon nap. We went trick or treating at my nanny and papa's right after this picture and I think we were there for all of 5 minutes, maybe not even that long. Cade decided to talk Jon into no nap this morning, which makes for a VERY irritable, screaming for no reason, can't calm him with anything-not even candy, time out doesn't even work, can't figure out why he is even crying, you get the picture nearly 2 year old. Oh my!
Thanks Gigi and Papaw for a fun get together today, y'all are SO much fun! :)
YUM!How fitting, her first minnie bag and minnie doll!
As we know Cade's obsession for about a year now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...Gigi and Papaw gave him the characters for "roll call" and Cade was SO excited. Now, I just have to make sure we have all 6 of them everywhere we go!!
Cade and Kenz swinging!
Last night Mimi and Pops came over to see the kids for Halloween! We had dinner at Cade's new favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse! Seriously, he will sit and eat the entire time we are there, in the booth and never act up, he just really likes the food! We had a fun time!
Yesterday was our Church's little Pumpkin party! My mom and little bro came with the kids and I and had alot of fun!
Pretty little girl!
Cade didn't really care about taking a pic with Tay and I, he couldn't wait to get back to the ducks and fishes, bounce house, slide/swing, candy, punkins, they had so much going on! Way to go Brittany, our preschool minister for planning a great pumpkin party! :)
Cade and Gavin!

Such a fun weekend,

and I am now WORN OUT!

Happy Halloween!

(it's bottom of the 8th, now down 4-0, Ranger's come ON)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up

Wow, it's already Wednesday, this week is going by so fast! I took a few days off blogging to catch up on some much needed rest. I have been in bed the last few nights at 8:30 or at the latest 9:00 and it has felt SO good to wake up more energized!
Here's what we have been up to:
Spending lots of time with this little girl and boy....
and playing...
and a little punkin' party...
after all the kids crashed or went to play upstairs with the daddies, the girls decorated cookies, it was so fun! I was sad our hayride was cancelled due to the monsoon all day Saturday, but we still had a great time! :)
and attempting to dress them all for a group picture....
(we had a hula girl, a minnie mouse, a tiger, a pink bunny, and a cowgirl.....missing from the pic is'll see why in a bit)
and dressing up for fall....
and playing with friends....
hanging with Gage....
taking pics with mommy....
dressing up like minnie...
and here is why he is missing from the group costume pic, he LOVES mickey, actually he is obsessed in a major way with mickey, but why won't he wear mickey? Who knows!? I decided to make him wear mickey a little everyday hoping he will wear it for Halloween and trying to get him used to it for when we go to Disney World in the spring and he sees all the characters!
and I helped host Tanna's baby shower Saturday morning! Cerly Grace will be here VERY SOON! We are so happy for them! :)

Have a great day everybody, it's going to be beautiful out today! :)



Friday, October 22, 2010

Rangers ROCKED tonight!!

What a GREAT night at the Ballpark!
Great game!
Great seats!
Great Ballpark food!
HUGE WIN, 6 to 1!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

like FATHER like SON

Jon took Cade shopping at Cavender's tonight for his school's Wild West Rodeo Day on Thursday!
Jon was so excited to take his boy to buy his first actual pair of real cowboy boots! I asked if Tatum and I could come along and he said "no, just the boys!" Two hours later the boys come walking in the door with HUGE smiles!

Look how happy this little cowboy is!!

Very cute!

Jon said he needed this belt...
and he needed these CINCH jeans too! Is this a little Jon or what?!?!
(for years i have begged of Jon to try a new pair of jeans, ya know switch it up a bit, but he is true to cinch and I have finally learned he won't wear anything else....he has Cade started early, TOO early!)
I love this little guy!
It may seem a little silly to get new boots for a school event (and jeans and a belt) but Jon will remember this forever and it was so special to him! I am so happy that he has a son to make a mini him, because he's a great guy!
while I love all the boy stuff...
God certainly knew what He was doing when He gave me a little girly girl, oh how I love this priss!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun day at the Arboretum

Friday the weather was so perfect for a fun day at the Dallas Arboretum!
We maximized the full capacity of my moms car and headed out all together! When Brad and Brooke moved close to us my mom knew she would need a car that would fit all her grand babies car seats (well it fits them all for now)! Brooke was a trooper and rode in the back with the kids! :)

We packed lunches and had a picnic in the middle of the lovely arboretum...wouldn't it be awesome to have that in your backyard-I can dream, right!

I LOVE this picture Brooke took of the kids, actually I love it so much I got her to order me a big one for my house! It's so funny how Cade will hold on to her like this and be so sweet, and then once he is done posing for the pic he will just let go of her (i stay very close)!


Looking at this picture makes me:



thankful for my healthy babies


glad that Cade looks like Jon


Tay looks like me



(thanks Brookie!)

Little punkin Tay, 3 months old!
So, it was nearly impossible to get the kids to pose just once for us together...ya know just TOO many other fun things to do. So this was my best shot!
Nanny, Gigi, and Camster taking a break!
The tiny girl is only 3 months old, but it's so hard to remember life without her!
True fact-there are over 40,000 pumpkins at the Arboretum! WOW!
Eating nanny's cookies together!
Gi and her granddaughters!
dog pile on Brenden!Sometimes when I look at her lately, i can see myself!

I hope everybody has had a great weekend!

It's laundry Sunday at my house, I am off to fold a few mounds! :)