Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talk about Tuesday!

Well a lot has been going on around the Grimes house lately, hence no blog for a week!

Friday morning Jon left bright and early for the deer lease and Tatum and I met up with Gigi and shopped Black Friday til we dropped! Seriously we were SO tired! Thank you Papaw for playing with the Cade man! I thought about leaving Tatum too, but decided she needed to start training early for Black Friday shopping, it's hardcore ya know! :) She was a great shopper! The kids and I stayed the weekend with my parents and had a great time! We were busy busy and the weekend went by too fast, I didn't even take one pic! Jon's hunting trip was a success, he killed a deer....he was a happy hunter! :)

Jon came home Sunday and I actually talked him into putting up the tree! That is about as far as I can get Jon with Christmas decorating. Once the tree is up it's up to me to decorate the rest! :) I really should get on that! I still enjoy helping my mom decorate her house for Christmas, I hope Tatum is the same way! :)

Here is Cade stalling for nap time this afternoon....he asked if he could read Tatum a book in her bed....in a two year old language! :) Love that!
What a gift she is! On school days the car tends to get loaded up. With all of Cade's school things, bags from errands I ran during school, diaper bag, really you name it it's probably in my car. Anyways....it takes me at least 4 trips to make it all inside after I bring the kids in...

This afternoon I bring it all in and the kids are playing like sweet little angels (so i thought) and I go to grab my nice warm delicious Starbucks on the kitchen counter, and look who found it before me....
he said "mamma, you unt a dink?"
He makes me laugh!

Today I had lunch with these lovely ladies, we had a great time and it always goes by way too fast!
Sunday night Tatum Lauren slept in her crib for the first night.
I wrote it in her baby book, she was 4 months 2 weeks and 3 days old and we made the switch from her tiny little bassinet in our bedroom to all the way upstairs in her big girl crib!
Big day!
It was time, past time to make the big move but her daddy was holding on to her sleeping so close. I remember Cade being 5 months before we moved him to his crib. She has been taking naps in her crib since she was born, so it wasn't completely new to her, and she has inherited from me, the ability to sleep anywhere! :)
Cade's birthday present came in over the weekend from Jon, Tatum, and I...it's a step 2 roller coaster and the boy LOVES it! He loves it so much that it's home as of now is in our entry way all the way down to the living room. The roller coaster goes best on a hard surface, so entry way it is! I think i said just last week, "toys belong in the playroom" oh my!
Cade LOVES this so much!
Over the weekend brooke took these pics of the kids....
all the cousins on my side of the fam!
8 children 6 and under, that is alot of babies!

My house is VERY quiet, I am VERY tempted to grab a warm snuggle blanket and curl up on the couch and take a snoozer....ahhh doesn't that sound amazing!

but, off to work i go!! :)


Happy Tuesday!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Happy 2nd birthday to my angel Cade Michael!
I can't believe it's been TWO years today since he was born! It seems like just yesterday but I still find it hard to remember life without him! He has changed our lives SO much in the last two years and we are SO thankful for him!
I wish I could put into words my love for this child of mine...
I am SO proud to be his mommy!
Cade, you are so happy, you bring SO much joy to SO many people everyday!
Here is the birthday boy at breakfast this morning! We made "piggies" together. Cade had a bowl of the "piggies" and I had the biscuits. Every time I was ready for a piggie he would take a bite off the end and then hand it over to me. He pretty much had a bite out of every piggie, but hey it's the boy's birthday, whatever makes him happy! :)
We went over to my nanny and papa's for Thanksgiving lunch! Such a delicious feast!
Cade got a fun present from Gigi and Papaw, a mickey book, car, and a super handsome shirt! Thank you!!
How about an even more thank you for finding "role call" at your house after it's been MIA, sadly for TWO days! How in the world have we survived?!?! :)
Birthday celebration #2 of the day at lunch!
Birthday celebration #3 of the day with Mimi and Pops!
here is the last of Jon's list...
I love how he loves to play all day long
I love how he knows Saturday morning is Cade and Daddy time to get "nonuts and juice" together!
I love how he plays with Sugar and Deuce!
I love how he wants to help me work in the yard!
I love how he protects and loves his "pretty" (Tatum) and how he treats his momma with so much love and respect! :)
And now let me take you down memory lane over the past year with my ONE year old!
13 Months
14 Months
15 Months
16 Months
17 Months
18 Months
19 Months
20 Months
21 Months
22 Months
23 Months
24 Months

When I realized Cade's birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year I was kinda bummed that we wouldn't get to take him to chuck e cheese or do anything special and out of the ordinary. But now that it's here and i think about the meaning of this holiday I am truly thankful that I get to celebrate my son's second birthday on this day of thanks!

Today I am thankful for my hard working, caring, loving, dear husband, my precious Cade Michael, my darling daughter Tatum Lauren, our amazing family, wonderful friends, the amazing gift to be a mommy, my dad whom I will be forever thankful for providing me a stay at home job to spend everyday with my children, and most of all my God for blessing me with all of the above!

We truly have SO much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!



"Goin' to the Lodge..."

Last night we took Cade for his second birthday to The Great Wolfe Lodge!
He has changed SO much since last year's trip!
We met Jon at DBU for the Turkey Trot and ended up only going about half way on the trot to head out to GWL a little early!
We were all starved when we got there and ate at the Pizza Hut in the hotel!
Cade could hardly even eat he was so excited to get to the "water water."
When you walk in the hotel you can't help but see the huge water park, I am surprised we even got past there to eat first!
Check out that face, tongue out and all!
Just a little excited!! :)
Tatum's first time actually in the pool, she loved it so much! She kicked and squealed and laughed, she is so much fun!
The girls hanging out in the kiddie pool! This is what we did with Cade last year...
and now look at him! It is SO crazy how much he has changed in just ONE year! He probably went down these slides 75 times last night, seriously!
The boy went head down and all!
Jon and Tay having fun!
Looking at this face makes me SO happy!
It is really the best feeling watching him have the best time!
I love this face Tatum is making, if she could talk i bet she would be saying "FUN" just like Cade did about 100 times! :)
sweet girl!
I think Jon had a good time too, we all did!
The boy didn't eat much dinner+swimming makes you HUNGRY so the boy helped himself to leftover pizza in the fridge! He was cracking me up, going to grab a bite, then go play, then come back to the little fridge.
Thank goodness we don't have a fridge like this his size at home!
It is very interesting all staying in one room.
Let me explain:
Jon usually bathes both kids and then I put Tay to bed every night and Jon does Cade. Well we got the kids bathed, milked, and ready for bed. Tatum went to bed like a little angel, and Cade not so much. We had a pack and play for him, but why would he want to sleep in that when we were still in the room (we even had a suite) and he could see us. Normally we would just make him cry a little and then he would get sick of it and crash. Well, remember little angel is sleeping and Cade is screaming, oh dear. Cade won so he wouldn't wake sister and got in bed with us. Oh yeah, all staying in one room means Jon and I go to bed at the same time the kids do. That actually was nice, I was forced to go to sleep instead of doing house things! Ok, back the sleeping arrangements; Cade likes to "tuddle" so he was as close as he could get to me for a few hours, and then i feel his head buried in my stomach-i look over and he has his feet on Jon's head. Oh my, that was at 2am. 3am (i think) Tay awakes for a diaper change, Cade remains sleeping in strange position. I have now lost track of time, but Cade is patting my back and is out cold. I fall back asleep and wake up to Jon sighing, guess he has been awake too. We fall back asleep off and on with wiggle worm between us and both kids decide to start our day bright and early at 7am!
Good thing these TWO are TOO cute and SO worth being VERY sleepy today!
We ate breakfast and then Jon and Cade headed back to the "water water!"
On our way out today, Cade talks me into this HUGE sucker, he looks sleepy too, why in the world would he be so sleepy?!
Great Wolfe was decorated so pretty for Christmas and it made me want to decorate today, Scrooge (Jon) said I have to wait til after Thanksgiving.
Okay Okay
After a fun filled morning at GWL we headed over to South lake Town Center to shop for the kids Christmas outfits! I don't have pics but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THEM!!!!!!! :)

Very fun 2nd annual Great Wolfe experience with the fam celebrating Cade!

Today is Cade's last day to be ONE!

Stay tuned for Birthday Boy post tomorrow (i will try) and of course Thanksgiving too!

Happy Thanksgiving Day EVE!! :)

ps-#23-I love how he wants to pray (say "amen") every time we sit down to eat!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life Lately...

Busy weekend. I think it's going to be busy until after Christmas, lots of fun things going on! :)
Tatum Lauren had her first taste of baby food last night! I know I am crazy, but I knew exactly what bib she was going to wear and I bought her some girly pink spoons (hey she is my one and only little girl), but we ended up not being at home for her food. She had sweet potatoes and she ate every bite I gave her, with her nostrils flared out like this....
and unlike her bother she didn't spit anything out!
Good girl Tay!
We went to Mimi and Pops house yesterday for Thanksgiving a little early this year.
Here is Tay watching the boys playing...Cade doesn't let his sister leave the house without her minnie!
Cade loves to ride their "choo choo"
and this is how the little guy rides in the car! He cracks me up!
Cade before church yesterday looking so handsome and VERY big boy!
We nearly made it through the church service without being called out to get Tatum, and with 5 minutes left of church I get the touch on my shoulder from behind, "your daughter wants you!" As soon as I went in there she was fine, like stopped crying/screaming and all she wanted was to be held by momma. Jon talked to her and she was all smiles. We didn't do this with Cade, we've never been called out anywhere because he wasn't happy...so this is very new to us! Maybe it's a girl thing?! Anyway, I think when we come walking in the church nursery every Sunday the teachers might not say it, but I bet they are thinking "oh the Grimes are here again" ha! Totally kidding, they love Tatum and Cade, but I wonder what it is about church that Tatum doesn't like?!
Saturday night was DBU homecoming! It was also our 3rd event of the day and the kids didn't last long, but it was fun while we were there!
The boy's talking to Jon's police friends at DBU.
Before that was Brylee's 2nd birthday party! Very fun party! Sadly, i didn't even get a pic of the birthday girl and Cade because I was too busy chasing my wild boy around and making sure he didn't pull any little girls ponytails, fall off the balance beam, and you know all the other fun things he wanted to do! Thank goodness my mom came with me to play with Tay! You can see in this pic Tanna's belly behind Cade, she is due in just a few weeks! I am counting down with her to meet her 2nd little girl! :)
I can't believe that Brylee and Cade turn TWO this week! They were born the same day, just minutes apart and it has been so fun getting together with them weekly!
And before that was Beckham's FIRST birthday party!
I can't believe he is already a year old, WOW time flies!
Tatum telling Beckham Happy Birthday, he went straight for her bow!
Cute Birthday boy!
Our friends Ryan and Lindsey had their second baby last week! They didn't find out the sex of the baby and were VERY happy to find out that it's a GIRL! They have a little boy Jack, he is Cade's age and now a precious little girl! We went to visit them the day after she was born and they still didn't have a name.
I was so happy when i got a text when they were going home that she does have a name now, Aubrey Leigh.
She is beautiful, we are so happy for you Sessum Family!
Last Thursday night my mom, Brooke, and I went to our friend Kelli's fundraiser at the Palace Theatre in Grapevine to support her adoption of her little girl from China. They hope to have her here in the spring. We saw a video of her and she is so pretty, so happy for the Jones family!
To hear more about their adoption process go here.
(Brooke's annoyed face-due to me taking 5 pics, trying to get a good one, i gave up)
This isn't a great pic, i took it with my phone the other day, but I had to remember this moment. Cade is REALLY into asking us to say "amen" before meals, and other random times of the day. I was giving Tay a bottle the other day in her room and Cade came in there, held Tatum's hand, and said "momma, AMEN, pease!" So I said a prayer for the day, and Cade ran around the house saying "amen" for a while. Sweet boy!
(I know Cade isn't exactly holding her hand here, more like picking his sister's nose, but when he came running in there he went straight for her hand, i'm just not that quick with the camera, ha)
Cade made this pilgrim hat at school last week, it's made out of construction paper and somehow we can't ever let this break. It's very cool to him to wear this hat while he plays, maybe I should find out how to make this! :)
I've been sitting at my computer making this blog, I hear silence for a long time, so I go to the playroom and this is what I see....

the little dude is just chillen, feet crossed and all watching his favorite "hot dog!" Don't worry, he didn't kick Tatum out of ther chair, she was playing on her mat!

Love my kids!

And lastly, I will leave you with a few more, I love this about Cade from Jon. Only a few more days left.

#19-I love how we have conversations about all kinds of things!

#20-I love how we have guys night out at "Nonalds" together!

#21-I love that everybody tells me he looks like me!

#22-I love how he cuddles with me before bed every night!

Lots of fun things going on this week!

Have a great day!