Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling MUCH better!

Well well, look at that happy boy, and pretty little girl too! That smile of his makes me the happiest mamma ever!!
Cade is feeling SO SO SO much better, I have my normal Cade back and it feels SO great!
Thank the Lord both of my babies are feeling good!
Here are Cade and Jon on Christmas night in the ER waiting to figure out what was wrong with my sick little guy.....oh so happy that sad face is gone!
This was only 4 days ago and it feels like 3 weeks, seriously!
and here is my darlin' watching her brother play in her bed tonight, she is such a dainty little girl!!

Both babies are sleeping soundly, I think it would be a GREAT idea for Jon and I to join them! Night Night!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas/Sickness Day

Merry Christmas!!
What an eventful day! Let me start with the fun and then I will get to the eventful.
Christmas morning Jon and I woke up very early to the sound of our sweet children on the monitors at 5am! They are TOO young to remember Santa came...we tried to let them fall back asleep, but that didn't happen. So 5am it was, we got up and had Christmas together very early! It was so fun for Cade to run in the living room and light up when he saw his "choo choo" and all of tay's toys too, he is so much fun!
This was the start of Cade acting rather lethargic...well this early in the day we thought he was just tired since he got up so early....
Sweet boy on Christmas morning
Tatum Lauren's first Christmas!
This little piggy was from Santa to Tatum, but it has now become a Cade toy for now!
Mommy reading Tatum her new Princess Baby book!
Tatum's gift to her daddy!I I didn't take any pics of Jon and I with our gifts, but he gave me my absolute favorite present ever! He got all of my blogs printed off in books, each year has it's own book! So many memories are in those books and they are SO special to me!! :) Can't wait to get 2010 printed soon!
After our Christmas morning at home we went over to my nanny and papa's for lunch! We had a delicious feast as always and everybody had a fun time opening gifts and visiting!

It was very fun until Cade woke up from his nap and looked awful, i mean awful. We knew he got up early that morning and was very run down, but he looked really bad. His eyes were very red around the edges, his cheeks were swollen, oh he just looked like he felt awful. He had been taking meds from the ped for a few days to clear up his runny nose and cough and it kinda made him feel dizzy and disoriented so we thought he could possibly be having a reaction to the meds. We called the emergency # for his ped and they said to take him in to hospital, Jon was already on his way with him. To make a very long and drawn out story short Jon, Cade, and I ended up spending the night at the hospital, we were finally out of the ER and into a room at 4am after arriving to hospital at 4pm. After an ekg, blood work, iv fluids, spinal tap (YES on a 2 year old, NOT FUN), a catheter, flu and strep test, and xrays the poor boy has strep and rsv. We were released to go home yesterday morning at about 8. Thank you to Brooke for taking Tatum on Christmas night and taking the best care of her, and to both of our parents and my sister and brother for waiting hours at the hospital to find out what was wrong with our sweet little Cade on Christmas. We really have the best family! I am SO thankful they were able to figure out what was wrong with Cade and get him treated and feeling better SO soon! Cade was given a shot for his strep at the hospital and he is so much better now. We took both babies to the dr this morning and Cade is definitely so much better, just an ear infection in one ear and on meds now. Tatum has a little cold, so with Cade healing from his rsv and Tay's cold we decided to keep them in separate houses for another day or so. It's funny because we are about 7 mins apart from each other and we've both made meals and med deliveries house to house! Hoping to get my little babies all better and under one roof very soon! Even though we had a stinky end to Christmas Day we still have so much to be thankful for!

We found out yesterday morning that my parents good friends lost their daughter on Christmas day at a young age, please be in prayer for the Smith family as they heal from their loss.

I hope everybody had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!!
Tatum Lauren gave her daddy and I an early Christmas present today and slept from 8:30 last night until 6:30 this morning without waking up at all! Wahooo, Yipppeeeeee that was some great sleep and I wouldn't mind it if she kept that up! My mom, sister, and Tyler came over this morning and had breakfast with us and then they were off to do some last minute shopping! After the kids morning naps we loaded up and headed out to Mimi and Pops house for the day!
Check out that grill and those cool shades too, and how about that hot dog he is eating!
Such a little Jon working the grill!
Little priss had a "shoooo weeeee" mess soon after we got to Mimi and Pops and kinda messed up her Christmas outfit...luckily Aunt Ashley bought her this for Christmas!
Having fun with Pops!
Tay and Mimi
Court and Beckham got a Elmo kitchen set...I think Cade helped himself to it as well! They all had so much fun!
Bath time in Mimi and Pops big tub! Tatum was NOT allowed in there with all those wild boys! :)
Here is the little princess all ready for bed!

The kids are sleeping and Jon is wrapping my gifts (ya know for him being a very OCD person, I can't believe he waits until last minute) and asked me to not come out of my room... better get to sleep so Santa can come!!

I hope everybody has a VERY Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ICE with my fam!

Sunday was so much fun!
The four of us had lunch at Uncle Julio's and then headed to the Gaylord ICE for some family fun!
We bundled Tatum in her little kangaroo carrier, wrapped blankets around her, and gave her a hat and she was very comfy cozy!
I love looking at all the pretty hotel we are before the ICE!
and the boys!
Cade had SO much fun! He wanted to touch everything and say "cooooold!"
Tatum just taking it all in...i never heard a peep from her while we were in the ice, she stayed so warm and cuddled, her favorite!
Cade loved the slides!
Look at that little boy, he is full of so much joy and happiness!
Jon and I tried to get a pic of us with Tay while Cade was trying to give Charlie Brown a high five....I guess I'm the only one who forgot to look! I love Tatum's face here!
Very cute theme this year!
Happy girls!

Such a fun day!
I had to try on 3 different parka's before I finally got the largest they made to button around Tatum and I....i look HUGE!
We are down to 3 days before Christmas, I can't believe it...I LOVE this time of the year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...."

Every year the Saturday before Christmas my immediate family has our Christmas celebration! We do this early so we can spend an entire day all together and really enjoy ourselves!
It has been a really fun tradition that we all look forward to!

How cool is this?!

Brad made my mom this fabulous stocking holder....she has a stocking for everybody, ALL 15 of us so the mantle was outgrown a few years ago! Way to go Brad with your carpenter skills!
Tatum has quite the personality these days! I love it! She is laughing and smiling all the time and LOVES LOVES LOVES to be held and cuddled! I love Jon's face here looking at her! :)
Aunt Krissy and Tay, pretty girls!
Maybe I should explain this picture of 12 boxes of Kellogs Granola cereal, no raisins! Well, we ate this cereal growing up and for some reason Kellogs quite selling it in the stores, BUT you can buy it online, so my mom seriously bought Brad an entire case, should last him until the next Christmas! This cereal is THAT good!! imightneedtosteelabox! :)
Gigi and Papaw, Thank you for a WONDERFUL celebration!

SO very thankful for these two!! :)
Check out Tatum's chair! My mom and dad buy each new baby a chair for their first Christmas, super cute!
Kenz and her princess kitchen and minnie apron and hat!
Jon got new hunting boots, I think he is pretty excited about these!!
Fun times!
Brooke and her new bathroom decor!
Cute little couple!
It was a Disney Christmas! My parents are taking us on a family Disney vacation in May and we are all so excited! My mom shopped the end of summer sales and bought the kids clothes for the trip, so fun! :)
Aunt Krissy gave Kenz her first slug bug!
This is another pic i need to explain! You will see a few pics down our gingerbread house contest. Well Brooke came up with a contest for the guys to start this was really funny and all of the guys faces here crack me up....the object it to get the cookie in your mouth without touching it....Tyler and Brad are really into it, my dad is laughing so hard, and Matt looks like he doesn't know what to do, and Jon...he was disqualified! Fun times!
Much needed snoozer!
And here are the annual Ginger bread houses! I had big plans for mine this year...well I mentally had big plans for mine, and it was definitely a flop. I am embarrassed to say that mine is the teeny tiny #3.....what happened was i built mine SO big that it collapsed and I had to start fresh and I ran out of time...I really thought the judges (the men) would feel sorry for mine and vote for me (especially my own husband, or maybe even my dad), but NO....I was last place for the 4th year in a row!
My mom's won, AGAIN!
The baby cousins!

Where are the pics of Cade? Well, I am sure somebody got a few of him but he wasn't feeling too good and watched hot dog on the couch alot of the day. Poor boy is getting his two year molars and has been pretty low key.
VERY fun day with the family, so very thankful for each and every one of them! :)
5 days til Christmas!!
*I am afraid to even say this...maybe i shouldn't 't jinz myself....but i want to have documentation of this...i think it deserves it's own post....ok, drum roll please.........
Tatum Lauren Grimes slept in her own crib ALL night long without waking up at all, not even for a prissy diaper change! Hallelujah! Keep it up girl!!