Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Today the weather was wonderful, so we took advantage and played and played outside! How crazy is it that Cade is running around without a shirt on today while it's nearly 80, and then in a few days we are expecting snow? Only in Texas!
Cade and I were playing red light green light forever today, he LOVES that game!
Silly girl, this is her new face!
It's crazy that she is 6 1/2 months old and I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around that I have a little baby girl! She is SO much fun! :)
If anybody needs help training their dogs, Cade is your go to guy! He had our dogs sitting today and playing red light green light!
and then he is off to slide, he's keeping me in shape chasing him around!
Cool shades Cade!
My cool Kids!
I think they've had a great day....
what do you think?!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

PS-Puke is not allowed in my house for a very, very, very long time. I we would be ok with never again actually! Tay puked flim earlier in the week (called dr immediately and dr said it was flim and she was ok if it didn't happen again), Cade puked, ok we all know that story, I puked Thursday night (thought it was acid reflux, b/c i had acid reflux SO bad), Jon puked ALL night last night. I would say that we definitely had a virus floating in our home this week and i should be all over! WHEW!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Complaining, just journaling!

What a day!
(disclaimer: puke and poop will be mentioned, alot, if you are thinking about having children note this is not a typical day, and if you are thinking about being a stay at home mom-this many disasters in one day hasn't happened yet, but i bet worse are in the future, really and truly my 2 yr and 6 mo old are a blessing i promise!!!!!!)
So, this morning was lovely, just lovely! I woke up to the very bight shining light from the bathroom in my eyes where my very kind husband stood getting ready for work ever so quietly...he just forgot to shut the door. He noticed he awoke me and said, "guess what time it is?" I felt very rested so i was curious, he said 7:00! Are you kidding me, there were no kids in my bed with me and I heard pure silence on the monitors! The feeling of waking up in the morning without burning eyes or going straight to the fridge to have the great caffeine burn on your throat of a Dr pepper, is just bliss, pure bliss! Thank you sweet children for sleeping so late today, i actually showered and got ready for the day and then you woke up! :)

So, the kids and i are all ready for the day, and we are out the door promptly on time to get Cade to school! We are on perfect time, because I know exactly where I pass our pediatrician each Tuesday and Thursday morning on his route to work and on our way to Cade's school. Back up, as we were walking out the door today Cade asked me for "cracters and ounge pease mommy"so the boy is hungry again and I make his snack to go. We are in the car and Cade starts coughing, kinda choking on his orange. So I make sure he is ok and we continue our route, and then he starts the choking cough again. I pull over and as soon as I turn around to help him, he pukes. Everywhere. There is puke everywhere and I am about to join him. You see everybody says when it's your own child puking it's different, no way. Don't believe that at all. Cade has only thrown up once before and Jon was home. So, this was a new mom moment for me today, and I think I handled it ok. I called Jon and told him he HAD to come home and get my car washed because it was just awful and smelled terrible, and I would take care of the boy! So, we turn around and come home, strip him down in the garage, and put Cade in bath #1(oh it's just the beginning) for the day and he is happy as can be. No fever, no more puking, asking to eat and watch hot dog, ya know normal Cade. Whew! Tay is an angel during this crisis!
I lay both kids down for their morning nap about 9:15, and I begin working! I got SO much done and was feeling great about all that I accomplished in that 2 hour nap.
We eat lunch, play, play, play, and had a fun time together and really enjoyed that time with the kids! It's now 2:30 and nap time again. Cade is feeling great-held down lunch with no more puking. Whew!
I told Cade that I was going to rock Tay to sleep, he was playing with roll call and was very happy and occupied. After I got missy to sleep I call for him and I hear nothing. I look around for him and I can't find him. He finally says mommy "find me." He was behind Tatum's chair in their playroom and was COVERED IN LIPSTICK, and guess what, so was her pretty pink chair. Oh my goodness, i don't even wear lipstick where in the world did that come from? What was I to do, get mad at him for bad behavior or be mad at myself for obviously leaving that in sight or somewhere he could get to? So, I sat him down and before I could even say anything he said "soddy soddy soddy mommy." The boy knew, oh he knew. Ok, so bath #2 here we come! Bath two, check, napping boy, check!
Back to getting caught up on work!
I got alot done, nearly caught up!
It's 5:30, and the kids woke up very happy and rested! They are playing together in the playroom like sweet brother and sister and I am cooking dinner. I even hear Cade giving Tatum Minnie and Daisy to play with, how sweet! Everything is lovely again!
Cade said mommy, "shoo-wee", there is no way he is poopy, he already had 2 poops earlier in the day. It's Tay, definitely has to be Tay this time. I walk into the playroom and pick up Tay from her exersaucer, where she is smiling ear to ear and happy as can be! I picked her up and as soon as her little tiny legs wrapped around me, I felt warmth and wetness, I layed her down to change her diaper and noticed my shirt is poopy, her pants are poopy, the floor where I am changing her is poopy, her exersaucer is poopy, there is poop everywhere, i mean really everywhere. I didn't know what to go after first. This was the most disastrous diaper EVER! So bath #3 of the day it was! You would have thought that I hadn't changed her diaper all day long, but it had only been about 20 min, i diagnose that diaper as a teething poop, oh it was foul!
Soon after their daddy comes walking in the door, blessed be!
Cade is sitting on the counter eating cheese I just grated and eating every other bite of chicken I am shredding saying "yum-my mamma"(very evident this morning was a choke puke not a sick puke), Tatum is playing in her bouncer (freshly cleaned and in Jammie's), and I finishing dinner. It appears to Jon that we have had a great peachy day at home together (minus the puke earlier, crisis #1)! Oh how he has no clue! He comes waltzing in saying, "hi babe, how was your day?"
Today was SO out of our ordinary, so I definitely had to journal about it. I am sure I will look back on today and some point and think that's it, that was nothing, and then I am sure I will look back and laugh too!
But all that to say at the end of this day I am thankful!
Very thankful for 2 healthy babies, a husband that works so hard for our family, and so thankful that that was me taking care of all those crazy pukes and poops today!
What a day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

8 days of catching up!

So I am pretty behind with the blog! I don't even have a good excuse as to why, so here is catch up with pics!
Lots of time playing!!

Delicious family lunch at Rudy's BBQ on Sunday!
playing with uncle matt after church!
visiting friends!
Abigail Grace Wright was born just a few weeks ago, Jon and I went to visit on Saturday night and catch up, we had a really good time! :)
Isn't she just adorable!!
Jon was being baby hog!!
Saturday Jon and Cade went to the Ft. stock show/rodeo with Pops, Rhett, and Court! Cade had a blast, fun boys day!
Tay and I went to have lunch with some friends and to a princess home party, fun day!
Lots of mornings snuggling in bed!
Fun night out with all the girls on my side of the fam!
(sorry mom, how did i miss you in the pics?)

Nice combination of clothing, right?!
Totally, completely, head over heels in love with this smile!!!
and these two guys too!
Time to go catch up on work too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh goodness, how do I even explain how fabulous today was?!?!
Well we (mom, brooke, heather, and i along with the 3 babies) were driving up to Dallas to a baby store when we passed a yard that had great yard art for vday. Brooke and I had planned to take Tay's 6 month pics today, but no specific place in mind. Back to the house with great yard art, i thought the hearts in the yard would make for a great background. So i walk up to the door of the home (which just so happens to be an incredible mansion in a VERY, oh so very nice part of town) and i see a woman outside. I ask the nice woman if that was her home and it was, i asked if i could take my daughters pics in her yard, she said of course, and then, are you ready?!?! She invited us IN her large and very in charge oh so fancy incredible home that I am still thinking about all day long to take pics inside. She said if you like the yard art you will love the inside, WHAT! Seriously i thought she was kidding, and she so wasn't! I am not even going to try to describe her house to you, but here are some oh so FAB pics!
I am SOOOOOO proud of Tatum!!
After a good round of pics we thanked the nice woman a ton and went to lunch!
Love this one!
after lunch, i realized we didn't take any pics in her huge pink bow and yes we went back to the nice woman's home. After all she did tell us to come back anytime.
Oh goodness, i love this one too, ALOT!
Just look at that scrunchy nose, LOVE that!!!!

See we just had to go back for these!!!
Beautiful girl!
and so happy too!

today was fabulous, just fabulous!
this is a sneak peek, we have a ton to choose from, and i will most definitely go crazy ordering!
thank you brooke, always!!
Happy 6 months to Tatum Lauren!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap!

What a great weekend!
Saturday we celebrated Pops birthday at our house over lunch! The kids played and played and all crashed along with their daddy's! :) We had a fun fun time!
Cade and Pops!
Happy Birthday!
Saturday night we met the Kings for dinner and ice cream! The kids were great, the food was great, the ice cream was SO great (I think Cade and I enjoyed that the most), and fun times with friends is always great! :)
(my pics seem to be a little blurry, i wonder if my number one fan might read this a get a small hint that i need a NEW camera!)
Tay loves them!
Cade and his cone, well actually he stole this from his daddy and daddy never got it back!
Fun night!
Cade slept in Sunday morning. This is just unheard of. It would definitely be the morning I had my alarm to wake up at 6am wouldn't it! Oh the luck! We went to early service church and came home just in time to get ready for Jamie's wedding shower that afternoon!
Jamie is getting married in about 7 weeks, we had a fun time showering her and Alan with wedding gifts!
Jen and Court having fun with Tay at the shower. Jen had Tay laughing and laughing, Tay just had a bottle, we all warned Jen, but she was having too much fun, and there the spit up came. Jen, I just love your love for my daughter!
Kim, bride to be, and Andrea!
Can you believe that in that little bitty Andrea is a 21 weeks old baby girl!?! Her name is Charleigh Payton and she is going to arrive in May, ohhhhhhhhh my I am SO excited!!!
Group pic!
Sweet girl brings a smile to us all! :)
This afternoon I was working over at my parents house and before the kids went down for a nap they had a "tea/ice cream party!" Tatum got a tea set from my nanny and papa for Christmas and they have loved playing with it. How sweet are these pics of them having a party together....I asked Cade if I could play too and he said "nops mamma!"
He said "dink it Tay Tay!"
I know most people don't want to freeze the age two, but look at this sweet face. Oh yeah there are the days of fits (i believe one happened today in fact when the boy didn't want to leave chickfila), but then there are more times than not he is so sweet, and says simple sweet things like "hi pretty" when he wakes up every morning his sister, and "i wove you" many times throughout the day, and "i sit wit you pease", "yes mam mommy", "hi daddy (when my phone rings Jon's ring)", "um...turtey sandwich peas wit bipit"....and on and on. I want to remember it all! :)
and then there is this little miss that I want to freeze at 6 months for 6 years! There are more times than not where my eyes feel much better shut at about 3:00 in the afternoon from getting up at whatever hour she decides during the night, but look at that darling smile, i can't resist her!
And I should also mention that their daddy is pretty great too! Like I said my eyes get tired, his do too, because he gets up with her A LOT!
Love love love them! :)

Okay, I won't mention it again, but goodness I am so sleepy and worn out tonight that i didn't even go watch the Bach with my girlfriends.....instead it's 8:58 and I am on my way to bed! Wish us luck on an all night's rest!