Saturday, February 26, 2011

A package for my priss!

A few weeks ago I went to a Matilda Jane party, and let's just say I'm hooked from that point on! They sell the most fabulous (seriously) girl clothes EVER!! I of course wanted to buy every article of clothing they sold in Tatum's size, but eventually I was going to have to come home to my husband who wouldn't think everything was such a necessity! :) So I had a hard time deciding, but left ordering these 3 amazing pieces for my Tatum Lauren!
I was SO made to have GIRL!! :)
After I took Tay's pic in the box Cade said, "mamma, my turn!!"

Looks like a beautiful day out, have a great weekend! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Today is the day we have been planning for months to get Tatum's helmet. I definitely have not been looking forward to this day, however, I couldn't wait for it to get here so we could start the process and get it over! Yesterday Jon and I made the decision to not get a helmet for Tatum. I took Tay to the dr (ped) on Wednesday for her snotties that won't stop, cough that wakes her up all night (normal things that my SIL and I joke about and thinks I take my kids to the dr too much for, haha!) And I am SO glad I went. Our ped looked over Tatum's head scans from the past few months and thinks it is absolutely unnecessary to get Tatum a helmet. He talked with me for a very long time and assured me that if Tatum was his own daughter he wouldn't get it for her, which says alot to me. Our ped has been in practice for a very long time, is extremely respected and well known in our area, and most importantly I went in there two days before Tatum's helmet for a reason other than Align Centerher snots and coughs. As far as the mild flat spot on the back of Tatum's head: dr will watch it as she grows and if it's ever a concern to him he will let us know. We don't think any other opinions are necessary, we trust our children's ped with all of their medical needs and we are so thankful for him!

I hope everybody has a GREAT day! :)

"I am the Lord your God, who leads you in the way that you should go."

(Isaiah 48:17)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talk about Tuesday!

Tonight was just a regular night around the Grimes house, love family nights at home!! Thank you Ashley for telling me about "chicken and peaches", I made it tonight and we all loved it! I am a huge fan of cooking with Rachel Ray! :) I had to call my nanny once for instruction, and a 30 minute meal ended up taking me much longer, but hey dinner was ready and the kitchen was clean when Jon got home, and the new recipe was a success! :)
I love how Tatum gets this special little smirky smile when she sees her daddy! Jon has always done Cade's baths since he was born and I wasn't sure when we had Tatum if he would do both, but he is super dad and does both baths most every night!
I think he gets a special smirky smile when he sees her too! :)
After dinner Cade and I made brownie cupcakes and shared a glass of "milt!"

he is so much fun and gets so excited to do everything!

Here is Cade waiting for his daddy to come home from work yesterday...he decided to give the dogs a treat while he was waiting, or two or three, or maybe half the box, seriously! No wonder Sugar loves him so much! :)
I love my boy!

I just looked over at Jon and Cade and they are both asleep snuggling on the couch, how sweet! It's only 8:30 and I am about to go join them! :) Night Night!

(and hello to my mom on the other side of the world! I hope you are having a FUN trip!! :))

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap!

What a BEAUTIFUL day!
We have spent most of the day outdoors soaking up some fun in the sun! :)
The kids had a blast playing on the pirate ship!
My pretty, she is such a happy girl!
Pirate Cade
Yesterday we went to Beckham's baby dedication and had lunch afterwards at the Patterson's house! The kids played until naps and had a great time!
Family pic!
all the cousins!
Happy Dedication Day Beckham Pierce, we love you!!
Brad and Brooke switched out babysitting services with us the other night. This was our night with all the kids! Here is what 5 kids 4 and under look like! Looks busy right, but it honestly wasn't too much! We had fun with the kids and they all 5 went to bed on time!
My dearest friend Andrea came in town Saturday for some nursery decor shopping! You know this is right up my alley and I couldn't pass up seeing Andrea and her cute tiny belly! :) She is due at the end of May, SOOO cannot wait to meet Charleigh!! :)
Friday night I went to a surprise party for Riane's 30th birthday! We had alot of fun, she is missing from this pic, and this isn't a great pic, actually it's awful, but it's the best I got from like 5 attempts (that means the others were WAY worse!!) ha! :) Fun times, and Happy 30th RIANE!! :)
My sweet children are napping, I am off to get caught up on work, and cook din! Hope everybody is enjoying this wonderful day!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few " Firsts"

Well it's nearly been a week since I've blogged, I have lots to update, but I will start with this....
Jon left last Wednesday after Tatum's head Dr appointment for the deer lease. The appointment went the best it could....we were able to confirm that we made the right decision to go ahead and get Tay her helmet with another head scan and talking with the specialist. Tatum will start wearing her helmet next Friday afternoon and after she adjusts to it over a few days she will be wearing it full time for 3-6 months. Please pray that she will be comfortable with her helmet (Dr says babies get so used to it like a having a diaper on), and that Jon and I won't be bothered with tons of questions and stares. I am excited that we were able to order her a pink helmet, you know the girl has to stay fashionable! :) Jon returned home to us today after 4 days and 3 nights away, we missed him TONS! While he was away the kids and I stayed at my parents house! I thought it would be much easier the first night to bathe the kids together, they had a blast and seriously, how cute is this....?!?!?
Jon called that night to tell the kids goodnight and I told him they played and bathed in the tub together and let's just say he was a little jealous he missed it!
I can't even believe what I am about to say happened today, but it did. Jon came home about noonish, we went and had lunch together as a family and then I met Andrea for some baby nursery shopping. I call Jon to tell him I am headed home and he informs me that I just missed Tay crawling, WHAT??? I about flipped, Jon has been gone for several days and she waits to crawl when I am gone, oh my little daughter! So if that wasn't phone rings and it's Jon.....he informs me of another "first." Cade went "tt" in the potty, WHAT!?!? Oh my! Of course Jon loved being there to experience all of this, and I will admit that i was jealous!!! :) It's the little things that are BIG things to the parents! Jon and I get so excited about all the little things that they kids do. Well, I am off to record these milestones in their baby books! :)
Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

"You'll Always be my love, my ValentineS"

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I love Valentine's Day! A day full of love with lots of people we love!!
This morning Cade, Tay, and I went and picked up our favorite chicken mini's for breakfast and headed over to my parents for a special delivery! My sis and Tyler were here for a job interview (he got the job too, way to go T) so we had breakfast with them fam!
After the kids morning naps we headed over to my nanny and papa's for a Valentine Party with all the great grandchildren!
It is so much fun when we get together, and very busy too! :)
It is very special for us to spend a day each week with my grandparents and the kids cousins, so thankful for all of them!
Here is nanny holding her 2 youngest great grand babies and Hailey!
The girls playing together!
Nanny and Papa bought the kids Vday gifts, it was a PAR-TAY!!
and lots of yummy cookies!
Gigi and my pretty!
So glad my mom is back to her normal peppy self!!
All the children!
Couldn't be a happier boy!
craft time!
And ALL my Valentine's!!
Jon picked up Olive Garden to go for dinner tonight! Our plan was to go out, but "to go" sounded much more appealing to me tonight!
Dinner was delicious!!
Our gifts to each other!
Jon always does this, he says we can just do cards...yah right! And inside mine is a handmade certificate and $ for a new camera, he is the best! :)
(and he read the hint that I needed a new camera several weeks ago, and all this time i thought he just never actually read the blog, just looked at pics)
And good thing I checked the mail when we got home this afternoon!
Cade and Tay got mail from Mimi and Pops!!
Thank you, Cade LOVES mail!!
and she loves hers too!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 7 months to my daughter!!!

7 months old, I LOVE this age!
Tatum is changing so much! In the last month she has learned how to sit really well with great posture and not flop over, she can roll 5 times in a row to get across the room to get what she wants to to play with her brother, oh her brother-the girl just adores him, she is jabbering a TON, she has said "mommy" twice (Jon heard her once, he wasn't jealous though, ha), she now has enough hair on top of her head that we can clip a little bow in without a headband, she loves to eat- so much and gets so excited to see a bottle or jar of food, you would think since she loves to eat so much she wouldn't waste any of it right-well the girl thinks it's hilarious to spit food out while eating at random times (Jon and I were at a banquet Friday night, when we walked in somebody showed me her dinner all over my dress, lovely), she gives the sweetest kisses, and tons more that I am sure I'm leaving out! She is taking two naps a day in her crib and usually another nap sometime when we are in the car during the day, 4-5 6 ounce bottles a day, 3 jars of baby food a day, and not very interested in snacking on puffs or yogurt melts. And hallelujah she is sleeping all night!! She usually can't keep her eyes open past 7:00 and is waking up at about 6:30-7:00 in the morning, I knew you could do it sister! She is my little baby doll and I am having SO much fun with her!
Spending my days with Cade and Tatum are the best days of my life!
Happy 7 months old my darling daughter!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Today was Cade's Valentine party at school and he was SO excited this morning!
He helped me write his name on all the little Toy Story Valentines (omg, i couldn't find mickey anywhere, well i only went to Target, but you would think they would have them, right?!) and he tried to eat all the cupcakes about 10 times before we even got to school! He even tried to call the cupcakes a "muffin" this morning so he could have it for breakfast, it didn't work! He had a great day at school and when I picked him up he said "Mommy, FUN!"
I am so proud of my little boy!!
Tay and I had a fun girly day together while brother was at school! I like to think of this time with her like I had with just Cade when he was an only child, just one baby and all of my attention!
She is my doll!
We met Gigi and Aunt Krissy for a quick lunch before my sister headed back home. We had a LOVELY visit with her while she was here! My mom is still getting a little better each day, she said today her brain still felt swollen, but it wasn't as tight...she can lift her eyebrows up now, so that is good! Lunch and one errand was a good outing for her today! So glad she is making progress! And I will leave you with a prayer request I read on my SIL Ashley's blog more about this little cutie here.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Baby Basics

My sweet friend Ashley is expecting her first baby in a couple months. Check out her blog for the original "Best Baby Basics!" Here are a few things that Jon and I recommend and use for both babies!
I read baby wise before I had Cade. There was a chapter on music. If you start playing the same music each night when putting your baby to bed (awake) then over time they will associate the music with going to sleep! What a novel idea! We bought Cade Disney lullaby and he STILL (two years old) listens to it as he falls asleep for naps and bedtime at night!
This isn't really for the baby, but it is for them eventually. When I was pregnant with Cade someone gave Jon the idea of buying a Bible with Cade's name on it and using it, writing in it, taking notes in it, journeling, etc. and then when your child accepts Jesus as their savior you give them the Bible full of everything you've written in it! It's really sweet and we love it! I ordered a pink one for me to use to give Tay someday! :)

Of course you need a great baby book to document everything SO adorable your baby does and all the milestones! Even when you are totally exhausted and all you want to do is go to sleep, this book will be something you cherish forever!!!
(Maybe I write too when Tatum had her first shopping trip with mommy!
A fan is a NECESSITY in our house, but it hasn't always. I wish somebody would have told me before Cade was born to put a noise fan in his room, geez this makes a HUGE difference! I don't have it blowing on them, just in the corner for noise, they sleep much longer and very soundly!
You can't have enough of these, and it's much more fun if they are cute like these!! :)

Swaddle me blankets, or in our house this is called a "papoose" and it works miracles also! The baby feels like they are snuggled so tight like they are in the womb and sleep oh so nicely!! :)

My nanny calls this "bad word paste" (she will NOT say butt, ha ha).
Eventually your baby will get a booty rash at some point and this works great!

This is for the mamma!
If you want your stomach to go back to normal quick use this. It's foul, it hurts so bad and it's very uncomfortable (man i am really making you want to buy it huh) but it's worth it if you want to get back to normal quick...and hey you can't exercise for 6 weeks, so this helps!
(made my Medela)
I don't have a pic, but this is a must if you are pumping. I was pumping around the clock when Cade and Tay were born and Jon was getting tired of having to cater to me (no way) every time I was pumping and needed a drink, scratch my nose (kidding), etc. and bought me a hands free pumping band. This was the best invention ever! I wore that thing while I vacuumed, dried my hair, did dishes, drove (covered of course), seriously you can do anything because you are hands free. Medela makes one and you can also google "hands free pumping band" and choose from a variety!
Medela microwave sterilizer bags!
Who wants to run the dishwasher all day? You can dump all your pumping materials and bottles with a tad of water and micro in the bag for 3 minutes. There is a check box on the back of each bag where you can check off 2o times of using each bag and then toss it and grab a new one!
Great invention again by Medela!

Oh my goodness there are SO many things that are great essentials, but my darling babies are waking up from their naps. So here are a few things from me! We are still learning so I am excited to see everything everybody posts!!

Happy ICE day! :)