Thursday, March 31, 2011

the last few days

Monday I took Kenzie birthday dress shopping! This is a tradition that I started with Kenzie when she was born and something I look forward to every year! I take her to pick out the dress she wears to her birthday party, well except this year she is old enough to pick it out herself! That got a little interesting....

(both of my girls shopping, how fun is that!!)

this is one of the "interesting" ones she picked out and HAD i mean HAD to have... and here is another she picked out....
I didn't get a picture of the one we purchased, she will open it in a few days and I will post! It is ADORABLE and she looks beautiful in it for sure! :)

After shopping I took Kenz to pick out a treat, look at this face- do you think she had a great day?! Brooke told me she kept asking all morning when I was going to be there to pick her up! I love making her feel so special and having some fun girl time with her! I hope this tradition carries on forever! :) LOVE her!!

This picture is just precious to me! I love how their feet are touching and they are playing so sweet together and that Tatum is watching everything Cade does! :) Sweet sweet children! :)
Wednesday we had a play day at Nanny and Papa's! This was our last play day with the Adler children before they move this weekend, we had a good, fun, and wild time! :)

So into their show.....
Can life freeze just like this?

I love this fun age Tatum is at, and Cade-Oh Cade he is his daddy's child....steals my heart! :)
This is the great age, ALWAYS happy and smiling and laughing and just being an amazing Little girl! Today most of the fam met for a going away lunch for Steve and Heather. Maybe we shouldn't say going away because that is sad, how about they are just moving 3 hours away but it was an excuse to all get together and have lunch! :)
Here are the men at their table (and of course Tatum joined them-her daddy is a baby hog)!

Auntie and Heather
The girls!
My husband is going to kill me, well not kill, but not like this, but I am going to write about it anyways! He is a hero, like for real! Let me explain:

Sunday Jon went grocery shopping for me like a great husband! He went to Walmart and got everything on the list, way to go! Then I called him on his way home and asked him to get one more thing, so he stopped at the local grocery store in town. When he got home he told me that there was a man that fell over and passed out right next to him on the bread aisle. Jon of course went right over to him and noticed he wasn't breathing. He preformed CPR on the 80 year old man and brought him back to life. After the paramedics got there they found out that he had a heart attack and Jon saved his life! Wow! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I have thought so many times over the week about how God puts you in the right place at the right time for a perfect reason! Even as simple as being in the grocery store. I am so proud of my husband. My family came over that night and he didn't even want me to tell them about it(but i did anyways), he is so humble in his giving/helping/loving heart and i couldn't be more proud!

Well that wraps this up...have a great evening! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just the 4 of us!

Last night we had all my siblings over for dinner! We get together often and I love it so much, but I rarely get a pic of us together!

Love you bro's and sister!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"I have been blessed"

Today my little family of four was sitting at lunch together after church and Martina McBride's "I am So Blessed" song came on at the restaurant. I just love that song and it reminded me today of how truly blessed I really am! Very thankful!

We had a great week!

Wednesday night the Erwins and us went to dinner and to the Stars game (too bad they lost)! We always have a great time with these two! :)

my date, i'm a lucky girl!

here is what the kids look like when it's nearly nap time, Cade is vegged out watching his show and playing so hard he has to lay down, and Tatum has a ton of toys surrounding her and if this picture had sound it would sound something like this in a very high squeely precious girly squeek "ahhhh, bppppp, pdrrr" (how do you even spell baby talk)!
Yesterday we went to Court's 3rd birthday party!

I can't believe how fast 3 years has gone by, it feels like I was just writing about the day he was born!
The kids had a blast!!
Super Court had a Super WHY party, lots of fun!! :)
Yesterday afternoon my mom treated her girls to a nice relaxing pedicure!

We love girl time!! :) Thank you mom, never too old to be spoiled my your mom! :)
and pretty toes!
Last night we had a dinner date, just the two of us!

So nice after several great years being married to him he still asks me out on dates! lovehim!
It's a dreary day, the children are sleeping, laundry is done, husband is grocery shopping, i think my cozy couch is calling my name for a nap! :) Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know I am a little smidge a roo biased, and i call her "pretty" because the name just fits, and I am her mother, and she is just my little baby doll, and I just can't get enough of her everyday, and i love to play dress up, and....ok enough I could go on and on....check out my darling daughter HERE!

Spring Fever!

Spring is here!
We have been enjoying the nice weather outside all week!
Here are all 5 kids on my side of the fam swinging together at the park!
The girls!
Having a blast!!
and her too!
Does he look like big boy here, or is it just me?! This is Corbin's hat and scooter. Corbin is ever SO generous to Cade and not only let's him play with all his things he brings everywhere, he let's Cade take them home. What a sweet cousin he is to Cade! Cade has been wearing the hat all week and let's everybody know it's "Corbin's hat!" :)
I showed these pics to my mom yesterday and she said " I don't think those should make the blog, ha." Well they are very gross if you think about it, but Cade was cracking Jon and I up so much the other night and he had a blast doing it....i would like to remember this about Cade so here it goes.....
he plays in the foul dog water bowl....pretty gross right!
and Cade is Sugar and Deuce's favorite person ever! He plays with them and gives them more attention WAY more than Jon and I...
as wet as he can be...
and last but not least here is the head dunk!
(ps-this was a fresh clean bucket of water straight from the hose, not too foul!)
I love that Cade and Jon do this every night before bed time....they just sit and watch a little of Cade's choice, "hot dog" or "toy story" cuddled up and so sweet! :)
Love these two like crazy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Showering Babies & Family Fun!

Is it really already Monday morning again? It really took me a while to figure out why Jon was up and getting ready at 6am today, but after a few minutes I realized it really is already Monday again. The weekends go by way too fast!
Saturday morning Tatum and I went to Melissa's baby shower! She is due to have her first baby, Noah very soon! :) Very fun shower!
Tay dressed up for the shower!
cutest littly hiney!
Cade took his morning nap Saturday at my parents house, when he woke up Papaw got them dressed and met us for lunch! Love that Papaw matched Cade for the day!
This boy can eat some watermelon!
Sunday afternoon we showered Ashley and little Miss Emmalee that is due in about a month! Can't wait to meet the new babies! :)
my boys at Rudy's bbq!
About an hour before dinner last night we all decided to go over to my parents for a delicious taco feast! Love everybody being so close for a last minute random dinner! :)Having fun! :)sisters!
And this is how my day started this morning, couldn't get any better!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Priceless Pics!

It's been a fun spring break week! Cade never even asked to go to school once, that is big time! We went through like a two month stretch when he would ask to go to school every morning! :) He will be happy to go back next week!
Here is Tatum dressed up in green for St. Patricks Day!
Gigi forgot to wear green, good thing Tay doesn't know how to pinch yet! ha! :)
Cousins taking a break from having lots of fun with Gigi, Nona (my auntie), Cade, and I!
We had St Patty's Day din with the Erwin boys, they looked so cute matching!
Grimes in green
Yesterday we met Michelle and Isabelle for lunch, here are our girls already loving each other!! :)
and tay trying to crawl
Playing at my parents house on the playground!

his faces are great, i can't believe i actually got him still enough to capture a few, he is such a stud!

happy happy boy!
Jon called me in the bathroom last night and look what little miss is doing....
she is growing up too fast!

Have a great weekend!