Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's SUMMER Time!

Goodness, it's already Sunday night. The kids and I spent the weekend at my parents house while Jon went to the deer lease! My parents always "like" Jon getting away for the weekend and us coming to stay! :) We went to visit my grandparents in Corsicana yesterday and played and hung out all weekend! Jon made it back home to us about 4ish this afternoon and we've been having fun at home tonight!

So many people have been asking me about Sarah. Here is the latest: She is at home waiting for June 8th to get here. She will have another (hoping last time) round of chemo before the transplant begins. The transplant is a very long process, and Sarah will be in the hospital for several weeks. As of now, her counts are up like normal and she is enjoying being out of the hospital! Looking at her you would never know she is sick, the girl got a wig that looks nearly just like her old hair. And she is out doing her normal things. She does get tired easily and has to rest, but other than that she is her normal self! She continues to have the best outlook on the entire situation and gives God all the glory for her amazing progress and positive attitude! Love her!

Thursday my friend Andrea had her first baby, here is Charleigh Payton Bina....she is a beauty!

Proud parents!
She is so tiny and so sweet, ahhhh!! :) Courtney and I rode out to East Texas to see her right after she was born, SO worth it!

Courtney and Charleigh, and her proud daddy in the background!

So happy for the Bina family. They went home today and are enjoying their new little daughter!

Thursday was Cade's last day of school for the year. He has completed his first year of "preschool" and he did SO great! The school he goes to has taught him more than I could imagine his two year old brain could learn! It isn't a mothers day out program, it is a child development center and they really do so great with the kids!

Here is his end of the year program!

Making brownies with mommy last week one night after dinner.

Brother and Sister playing, they are so cute!

It's funny how Cade just lays there and lets her crawl all over him.

Last Wednesday we went to a park with Mimi, Pops, aunt ashley, court, and beckham. We had a quick picnic and playtime at a really fun park near Mimi and Pops house!

Last Sunday Tatum got her first pedicure! Yes she is 10 months old, never too early to start all the girly pampering!

She sat there in my lap SO still and let the nice lady paint hot pink and glitter on her toes!

I told Tatum that this was the first of many fun girly times with mommy!

LOVE having a little priss! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Disney World Vacation, Part 7 (finale)

Sadly the time has come to go home. We had a WONDERFUL week on Disney World and we are already looking forward to our next trip in 2 years! :) I can't believe our kids will be 4 1/2 and nearly 3 years old!

Thanks again mom and dad for such a fabulous trip, yall are the best!! Love you!!

Disney World Vacation, Part 6

It's Friday on Vacation week!

We chose to spend our last full day in Disney at a water park!

We're off!

How very precious this is to me!!!
Cool hair little Cam man!

Pretty swimsuit for the princess!

Too bad this little girl gets NO attention, ha! :)

Here is where we spent our day:

Disney's Blizzard Beach! Highly recommend it, we had a blast!

I love the theme throughout the entire water park, it was really like a blizzard....snow on all the rides, a ski lift to take you to the top of the mountain to ride down on slides, they even had Christmas music playing all day!

One of the little kiddie areas!

We packed lunches and had a picnic at the water park!

Dad and little bro!

Tatum LOVED chilling in the water, we have a fun summer ahead with lots of water park days!

the girls

Clark clan minus cam

Cade was such a big boy and went down the big slides all by himself, and he loved it so much! He did it over and over and over until he was so worn out, HOURS!

I say this day was Cade's favorite of the week!


Daddy and his "punkin." Cade has been calling her that now too, so cute!

Fun in the sun!

We created a little tent for the babies to sleep, it worked!

Papaw laying in the kiddie pool having fun with Cade!

Little sis can't get enough of her big bro!

We had a great time at the water park. The weather was just hot enough to swim, but not hot enough to be miserable! We even debated all week going to a water park since the weather had been in the high 70's and low 80's, but by Friday it warmed up a bit! Great day! :)

We came back to the condo and changed, actually we set a 10 minute get ready as fast as your can rule and headed back to Downtown Disney for one last family dinner! We went to Rainforest Cafe and had a great dinner!

all ready to go!

Waiting for the shuttle

at dinner!

After dinner we hit up the World's Largest Disney Store, it was incredibly HUGE!!!

Here is where we stayed all week. Thank you mom and dad, it was incredible! :)

One last day coming up tomorrow! :)