Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tatum's One Year Birthday Photo Shoot!

Tatum is having an ice cream themed party this year for her first birthday and I am SO excited! Auntie Brooke took her pics last night and she did great, here are a few of our favorites! 13 more days and my little girl will be ONE! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy +2 day to Sarah!

I just got home from visiting this lovely lady (thank you Mimi for watching the kiddies)! Yesterday was hard a hard day; she was very sick, but nothing that is unexpected. Unfortunately the doctors and nurses say this is what is supposed to happen, it's unfortunate because Sarah is sick feeling and you just want to take it away from her; even for a day, but it's also good that this is what is supposed to happen. They ran some cultures yesterday and everything came back great, just like it needs to! Today while I was there she was quiet, definitely not as peppy as last week, but resting and that is what she needs to do! I love going to visit her, even when all she can do is just lay there and watch a movie. I love seeing how faithful and trusting she is and seeing this smile in the pic above when everything is crummy and she just wants to be at home she still smiles! Love this girl so much!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Transplant is over

Before transplant

after transplant
The transplant lasted about 2 hours and everything went according to plan. My mom sent me play by play text messages so I kinda felt like I was there! The only thing (i think) she complained of was her chest hurting a little, but was given meds for it. She is still sleeping. Thank God for this amazing easy going so far transplant! Please pray now that her body accepts the new bone marrow and that it's the cure, Sarah has been through so much and has truly been a trooper!

It's Transplant day!

Today we are thankful for a very sweet and generous 18 year old girl somewhere in this world who so graciously gave Sarah her bone marrow to make today's transplant possible! We are also thankful for our God, the same God that carried Sarah through her first round of leukemia at the age of 4 will carry her through today. We are thankful for Sarah's doctors and incredible nurses who have taken the best care of her. We are thankful for our family and Chris, Sarah's husband-somebody is always with Sarah and always bringing food, entertainment when Sarah's bored, someone to talk to, or just be there with her....we truly have an amazing family that is fighting the cancer daily with Sarah! Transplant will begin in 2 hours. Sadly, I cannot go and be there with her today since I still have a little nasel conjestion. Her immunity is getting very low as her body is ready for the new bone marrow. I am hoping to get updates often! Thank you for praying with us for Sarah!

Click here to read in detail more about Sarah's transplant and what is to come after today.

Friday, June 24, 2011


This morning I woke up and thought I would get a lot accomplished today. I had a plan for errands (even in most important order incase kids didn't last for all of them), lunch with my mom and sis, a sitter booked for the afternoon so i could spend some time with Sarah, etc. turns out none of those things really happened. I had allergy/cold-ish signs yesterday and they were in full swing today. Not sure what is really was, but at 10:30 this morning I took 2 Benedryl, that was the biggest mistake ever. Yes I am a fake blond, but honestly it never occurred to be that i would literally be KNOCKED out for the rest of the day. The kids woke up from their morning naps at 10:45 ish and i got them dressed, loaded in the car, and as we were driving out of the neighborhood i realized oh my goodness i can't keep my eyes open, like for real! I thought what in the world is going on? So, i drove to my sisters apt (about 10 min away) and let her drive the kids and I to meet my mom. I begged them to hurry and scarf their lunch because I was about to flop over and fall asleep. So what did we do the rest of the day? Brooke helped me with the kids and I crashed on her couch. Wow, I think the benedryl did it's job because I am feeling all better, but man oh man does that stuff make me out of it! Needless to say nothing got done and i missed the "blessing" time for Sarah today, but i hope to be there with her tomorrow.

It's been about 2 1/2 months since Sarah was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Our prayer for her since that day was to find a donor, get the transplant, and for Sarah to be completely healed. Tomorrow is the big day, transplant should begin at 11 am. Please pray specifically for her to be calm and at peace and for her body to 100% accept the transplant. Our God is healer!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today with Sarah:

This is Sarah and her doctor she had when she was a little 4 year old girl with leukemia. It was so sweet of her to come by and visit her today!

This afternoon I was able to hangout with Sarah. She asked me to bring poster board, glitter, glue, markers, etc. to post encouraging verses around her room. So that is what we did this afternoon and it was good! Sarah already had a list of verses she picked out earlier in the day for me to write and glitter up for her walls. Sarah started the new chemo today and she is definitely feeling it. It's so hard to see her not feeling well, but at the same time as hard as it is we want that chemo to do it's job, just too bad it can't work right and not make her feel so bad. Such a hard balance. We just need these next few days to go by quickly, actually like my aunt and I talked about today, we sure hate to rush our lives, but can it be Christmas already and Sarah be healed and back to normal? Sarah has been really strong and like I've said alot, her attitude has been so positive and she always has a big smile on her face. Today was hard for her though, there have only been a few of these days, but today was one of them. I asked Sarah what specific things she was most nervous about, and she said basically the unknown things. Things like what will she feel as she is getting the transplant, what will life be like after the transplant as her immune system slowly recovers, what will be different, etc. So this is our prayer; those things that she is most nervous about be given to God to handle. I love her like a sister, we've basically grown up just like sisters, and it's the hardest thing to watch someone you love so much go through things like this. I pray that through Sarah being sick our God becomes famous in that hospital and people see her strong faith and want to know Him!

Lots to talk about!

What a full week of fun! This is going to be a long one!

Last Monday was my dad's 55th birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! Jon and I had my parents over for dinner to celebrate! Here is my dad feeding Tatum ice cream, ahhh, hem spoiled already?! I think so!

Loving on the babies!
Wednesday was my mom's 50th birthday! The whole fam and nanny and papa were able to meet for lunch to celebrate at Red Robin, it was a fun and delicious too!


Presents for the birthday girl!

I love this pic, alot!

Well my mom thought that was her birthday celebration, and it was, it just wasn't all of it! That night we had a SURPRISE birthday dinner party for her!

To say she was surprised is an understatement, she was sooo completely shocked!

Here she is with her birthday crown and light up ring (something all her friends do when they turn 50, ha)!

There were alot of friends, family, high school friend, elementary school friend, friends she worked with, tons of people there to celebrate her! Here she comes!!!!!!!

Tay and daddy waiting for the birthday girl to arrive!

Brad and 2 of his 4, whoa they are really going to have 4 children soon! :)

My sis, Hailey, and Ashley


2 of my moms really great friends, Jill and Ann Margaret. Ann Margaret hosted the party at her house and helped me SOOOO much with all the food and everything that went into making the party so great!

Carl and I making rice, let me just tell ya that he is the master chef! :)

preparing for the party, thank you smiths for hosting all of us, it was such a fun night to celebrate my mom!

Friday we went to the water park with mimi, aunt ashley, court, and beckham! We had alot of fun in the sun! Mimi gave Cade a cars book soon after we got there that went straight for the water, let's just say that book didn't last very long, but he sure enjoyed it while it did!

Mimi and Beckham eating lunch

Cade taking a bite and then running back to the water, he has the best time there!

Look at lil sis and her buffet!

Fun day!

After the water park my mom watched the kids and I went to go visit Sarah. She had just started her chemo this day and was feeling great, we sat and chatted and Sarah made this super cute bow for Tatum!

How adorable!! Thank you cuz, i love it so much!

and she does too! :)

Saturday we went over to Jon's parents house to celebrate Father's Day with them over lunch! We swam, played, ate burgers, and had a fun time!

She LOVES the water!

sweet cousins!

daddy and daughter!

I LOVE that Tatum has enough hair to wear pigtails now, it's just the most adorable thing ever and she looks SO different and grown up with her hair up like this, love it!

Jon singing "my God is so big so strong and so mighty..." with the kids! love him!

Happy Father's Day pops!

Jon is the father that he is from such a great example in his own dad!

having fun!

The kids and I gave Jon this wooden cooler for Father's Day...not a great pic bc my battery died and we cannot seem to find the charger few pics are off my phone. Anyway...really great cooler, great for backyard bbq's and parties!

Saturday night the kids stayed at home with a sitter and Jon and I went out to celebrate our friend Kim's 30th birthday!

Sunday we went to church, and then over to my parents house to celebrate my dad for Father's Day and also have a little celebration for both of my parents bday's! Lots of celebrating in this fam, that is for sure! :)

We had bbq, swam, opened gifts, and had a really fun time together! When it was time for the kids to nap I had arranged for Jon to get picked up from a friend and head to the gun range for the afternoon. He really enjoys shooting and rarely goes, they had a great time!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Here is Tatum and my dad in the pool together; my dad says Tatum is "mylisa (my melissa) junior" and he definitely loves her like he loves us, just as his own. My dad said when i got married that he was ok with it (ha) as long as i still needed him (he was the dad that rehearsed over and over how to say "her mother and i give her to this man" a billion times on my wedding day). Thankful for my dad for alot of reasons, but one particular that I will always be so grateful for is how he knew my heart's greatest desire to be home with my kids and provided me with the perfect job to stay home and work for his company too! That is something I will always cherish! Happy Father's Day Dad!

birthday celebrations too!

Sister Sister!

Sunday night just the 4 of us were at home together, we had a chilled relaxing evening at home and celebrated Jon. I think anybody that knows Jon knows how awesome of a daddy he is, so thankful for him and all that he does for our family everyday! Happy Father's Day to my dear husband!

Random cute pic of Kenz and Tay!

Yesterday was great, i felt very accomplished when i went to bed last night, great feeling!

Here are 2 pics of my day with my dear children:

Update on Sarah: Monday morning I was able to go up to the hospital and have breakfast with her, and just sit and hangout for a few hours. It was really good. Sarah was feeling good, a little itchy from chemo reactions, but really overall felt great, looked wonderful, and continues to have the most amazing attitude. I am planning on going to visit her this afternoon as well. Today starts a new chemo, a stronger one and she is feeling a little nervous. Can you please pray with us today that she will feel calm, at peace, and patient as these last few days of chemo are approching? The bone marrow transplant is still scheduled for Saturday mid morning and the family will all be with her during these few hours. It breaks my heart that she has to go through this, but I know that our God is going to heal her, he promises to always take care of us and never leave us or forsake us, we are clinging to his promises and trusting our GREAT GOD!

Have a great day!