Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday we had a fun play day with Tanna, Brylee and Cerly! We went to a new place (new to us altleast) and we are hooked on meeting there now! It's nice to find a place where the kids have a blast, it's clean, it's not a fast food restaurant play place, and we don't have to worry about the kids running off. Here are some pics from our fun day:

Fun day with the Horton girls! :)

I am off to have a very productive day!

Happy Thursday! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Outings!

Great weekend, went by too fast, here is a quick recap:

Friday we swam with Kim and Bren at my parents house, fun times with the Soto girls!

Friday night we went to a surprise party for Candace, here she is entering her 30's by sending off 29 balloons, cute idea!
my date!

Happy Birthday Candace! :)

Saturday Tatum and I went to a baby shower at my aunts house for a friend I grew up with and the boys went off to do "man stuff" as Jon said. Who knows what they really did all day?!

Last night my sis, Jon, and I went to the Keith Urban concert and it was Ah-mazing! Like probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. He played his best hits, he was super entertaining, just a great show!

We were very spoiled with a sweet suite, great dinner, and a very fun night out! :)

Thanks to my awesome husband for a great night!

he played for 3 hours!

And now it's Monday again!

It was raining this morning and Cade insisted they eat breakfast outside and play in the water (rain), ok by me, i joined them! :)

This is our last week of summer before our fall routine starts! Happy Monday! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

living a dream

Mimi bought all the boys these cool pirate patches and they LOVE them! Cade says, "mamma, i can't find my eye" and then cracks up laughing! He's so much fun!

Most days the kids and I wait for Jon out front, Jon will come around the corner and have his window rolled down and have the worlds largest smile on his face when he sees us.

The kids think it's great fun, Tatum was feeding Cade his grapes the other them!

Today the kids and i spent the day with Sarah. We had a fun fun time! Sarah is doing really well with her new treatments and is right where the dr's want her to be at this time! Isn't that such great news! We were just talking today about how all of this started alomost 5 months ago and look how far she has come! It's amazing and very cool to see God work in Sarah!
Cade is REALLY into playing his memory game also known as "match game" lately! He will ask me like 10 times a day if we can play, and of course I play with him! It amazes me how his little 2 1/2 year old brain can remember where all these cards are, I mean it takes some serious focusing for me to remember! Here is Cade playing it the easy way with his daddy last night!

Cade started his gym class this week and man oh man did he LOVE it! We went one day about a month ago to register and he played around in there, but I still wasn't sure how he was going to like it, especially not knowing anybody. But he walked right in there like a big kid and had a blast! He was one sweaty and hungry dude when he got out of there!

I can't believe he went on the bars on day 1, I was impressed with the teacher's energy and patience for sure!

Can y'all believe that she is 13 months old, i cannot!

Tatum watching her "bubba" through the window. She loves loves loves him SO much!

I love that she is such a priss and is sitting with her feet crossed in her dress, hehe!

I mean look how happy the boy is, he told me he had fun at gym class and we've been practicing his homework-front and back flips!

He also did the balance beam and other fun games! There were a few other moms there just watching...yep I am the picture mom and took a million and loving it!

I am hearing alot of stories of friends kids going to school, kindergarten, middle school, etc. Although those years seem so far away I know they will come quickly!

Ya know when you think about a dream you've had for a long time. Maybe a dream house, or a dream car, a dream to get married, have children, a dream vacation, a dreamy man, etc. I am truly living a dream with my children! Sure there are days where I feel like I changed an entire day care worth of poopie diapers, picked up the house 5 times, or feel so scatter brained I can't remember if it is a "wash the hair day." But I hope and pray and document these days so I won't forget them!

I am SO thankful for these fun days and years at home with the kids!

Ok, call me an old person talking about the weather, but we got RAIN yesterday! That is free water people! When you have a huge yard free water is amazing! It lasted about 10 minutes or less, but it sure was better than nothing, and sure cooled us off temporarily too! :)

I am off to prepare dinner for my family, have a good evening!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend fun

What a weekend, a full/busy/fun time!

(oh, I should go ahead and say, this post is picture overload!)

Jon left Friday morning to spend the weekend at the deer lease, it was a work weekend to get ready for their hunting/man time this fall/winter. Cade always acts a little different when his daddy is gone (and it's not give mommy a break daddy is gone different either, it's a test of mommy's patience different). Tatum asks for her "da" alot, but it's good for him to getaway and spend some man time with his friends! We are all thankful he is back home to us!

While he was away, the kids and I spent the weekend at my parents house!

Friday night the whole fam and my granny b and grandad matt's girlfriend Kim (whom we all love) came over for a pizza/swim night!

We had a good time!

When the kids woke up from their naps my mom was making cookies....look who decided to help...

(don't worry they didn't get much of this)
dinner time!

uh these are simply amazing and all of our favorites, thanks mom!

Cade swam in his swim diaper, due to a potty mess. Speaking of potty mess, it's possible for a 2 year old to be perfectly well and still have 7 dirty diaps in one day....yes it happened.

Tay loves to swing!

My dad got a new family toy, we took it out for the first ride Friday night!


we decided this looks like a severe country picture, no clothes, corn fields, driving the land....yeah its true we live in the country and love it!

Fun time at the parents house, thanks mom and dad!

Saturday morning Brad, Brooke, and the kids came over and we all set out for a day road trip down to the Adlers house for Hailey and Brenden's birthday party!

I can't believe these two are 7 and 5, wow! They had a Tangled and Pirate party and it was so fun!

After the party we hung out at their house for a bit and then headed to a bbq dinner. By the way it was quite a fabulously yummy dinner and a good ole' family fun time!

Oh Papa, he is probably looking at the kids playing!


Thank you to the inventor of portable Dvd players, this has helped us tremendously at restaurants!

yeah, it was a party!

tired little boy

their was a live band and children dancing!

My dad stayed home with Tatum Saturday and these were 2 of the many pics he sent me during the day!

Tay eating lunch...

and tay and my dad on their dinner date.

I laughed when i got this...

-her hair looks like a man fixed it

and because

-my dad actually got somebody to take their pic in front of the cotton patch sign

I love that my dad was so excited to spend the day with her and that he took her out on their first date. My dad always took my sister and I out on date's when we were little. Actually that's what he asked from me for Christmas last year, a date with him. Thanks Dad for loving her as much as you do me!

My sister and I skipped church (bad girls) yesterday and met my parents after they went to church for lunch before Jon came home.

Tatum is already loving jewelry, playing dress up with Gigi's bracelets...too bad she won't leave her hair alone, ha!

Last night we went over to Jon's parents house for dinner and swim time!

Tatum was SO happy to see her daddy!

Ashley and Court

I asked Beckham if he would say cheese for me and he said "YES, cheese and juice" sweet boy!

The water felt so good, I can't believe that it's nearly September and at 5:00 yesterday it was still 106, geez!

Playing with Pops! When we get over to Mimi and Pops house, Cade is like a Pops magnet!

We had a fun time hanging out and a delicious dinner! Thanks Mimi and Pops!

Well i think we managed to see all of the family this weekend!

We are so thankful for all of them and so thankful we get to see them often!

Love love love them all! :)