Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love you Mustard

The kids and I have had a day at home, and it's been super productive! Cade loves days like this where he can stay in his pj's all day (well make that all 3 of us) and play play play! I love this picture of Tatum, she looks alot like my baby pics here....

Here is Cade bowing his head thanking Jesus for "my breakfast, my princess sister, and my deuce and sugar" (Jon we didn't make the family prayer list today). I love that he holds Tatum's hand as he prays....
I had to capture this moment too, they watched a show together, Tatum actually sat there with Cade for 20 min. :)

Tatum will walk with her grocery cart, but not alone just yet.

Let me explain the title of this blog....

This conversation happens several times a day and I love it so much that I need to look back and read it when he is 13....

Me-"Cade, I love you so much"

Cade-"I love you too mommy"

Me-"I love you more"

Cade-"I love you mustard (moster)"

These two make me SO happy! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Fall Y'all!

(I was thinking about making a disclaimer "picture overload" but then I thought isn't it always? I just can't help myself!)

So I am trying so badly for it to feel like fall; for example cooking pumpkin muffins, burning pumpkin spice candles, and driving thru starbucks instead of sonic, but really it'm still a sweaty mess loading the kids in the car from the heat! I have faith cooler weather is coming!

We enjoyed our weekend out and about. We were gone so much that the house managed to stay clean from Thursday's house cleaner day (by the way, those are very much looked forward to days for me and very much appreciated, if my husband reads this, hehe)! Saturday morning we decided to take the kids for donuts and to their first parade (well, the candy kind of parade that is, they saw at least one every day in Disney)! The city had a heritage day parade and it was so much fun! I called Brad and Brooke's house about an hour before it started (probably, woke the entire house up, opps) and told them to join us, love living so close to the fam!

Here are the kids waiting for it to start!

Saturday night we celebrated Jon's birthday with several friends at Chuy's for dinner, we had a great time! :) Thankful for great friends!

I didn't get a group pic, so sorry girls.

Cade went on a date to chickfila with my sister and Tatum went to a church event with my parents and then they both spent the night, thank you mom and dad! :) When I went to pick up the kids Sunday morning Tatum and Cade both could have cared less I was there, actually when I went to pick up Tatum she looked at me and then laid her head on my dads shoulder.....hmmm spoiled over there?! I think MUCH!

Love these girls!

pretty pretty!

missing a few men

Wow, look at those men, they all have a smile on their face, a real one too! Not sure how we managed that, but i like it! Thank you guys for coming to celebrate Jon! :)

Sunday our church had one service and it was an earlier one that we usually attend. We needed to leave the house an hour earlier than normal and somehow (this never ever happens) we even got to church 20 minutes before it started, shocker. When Jon is at work and I have to get the kids, myself, and all our "stuff" together I am usually running out the door about 5 mins before i really need to be leaving (bc i am weird like that), but somehow on Sundays when I have Jon's help that is not the case at all. Usually on Sundays, Jon has to get all the kids bags packed, kids dressed (except not tay's hair), and loaded and then he is still yelling, honking (ok not really) for me to hurry up. It's like I know I have help so i take my time fixing my hair, hehe! Not so funny to the o.c.d husband. Anyways, even though church was early miss priss didn't miss her morning snooze...she slept the entire service on the nursery ladies so so sweet! :) Thankful for a church that truly loves on our babies!

After church we grabbed a pizza, ate at home, and we all 4 napped! That would explain why my Monday was a little thrown off.

Jon woke the kids and I up and we headed over to Ashley's house for Jon and Debbie's birthday celebrations!

I love how Cade is looking up at Pops like "hey whatcha doing?!"

Little Sis trying so hard to walk.

playing with Aunt Ashie Beckham said "cheeeeeeessse" ":)

tub time

the 4 munchkins! I think Tatum and Cade might be class clowns?

Thank you Ashley and Rhett for a yummy dinner! :)

This morning was Cade's gym class, he calls it "gliss glass" (it's precious)! He is so good in his class and really follows his teachers instruction so well. I love watching him have the best time there!

After "gliss glass" Brooke and the kids met my mom and my gang for lunch at In and Out Burger! We've only been to the one in Cali, so this was a fun treat to have one local to us! :)

Corbin said "I like Cade a real real lot" oh how I love that! And, I love to hear Corbin pray...he says in the sweetest voice lots of things but he never forgets to say "and thank you for the roof over our heads, and thank you for our friends (we are friends to corb, not family, hehe) that decided to come eat with us!" You just never know what kids are going to thank Jesus for! Love it!

Oh and why was my Monday thrown off? B/c you see all 5 load of laundry in my house for the week were not completed and grocery shopping had not been done (and i call my husband o.c.d. this is my only o.c.d thing, really) I just made it a little more ah hem, challenging and took the kids to the store and did all the loads today. My nap sure was worth it yesterday, priorities right?!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe! :)

Today is Jon's 31st birthday, I love that I married an older man! hehe!

Last night we kicked off the weekend of celebrating Jon with my family!

Wings to go (Jon's choice) was the a huge hit, who would have thought my huge family could eat nearly 100 wings! We had a fun time!

So nearly every Sunday I will make my weekly trip to the grocery store...i will always ask if there is anything Jon needs and he will always always say "those iced animal cookies, in the pink box." Sadly I can never find them, like for real I really look every week and different stores too. But, my mom just so happened to find them and wrapped them up for Jon's birthday, he's a happy camper! He also got lots of giftcards to his favorite store, (and perfect for the upcoming hunting season) Bass Pro Shop. He is so loved!

So excited for Karlee to join these 2 girls in February!

Birthday Boy!

This morning I seriously had every intention to get up and cook Jon breakfast in bed....and then before my eyes were ever even open I could hear him telling me "bye"...dangit. He really dosen't like breakfast that much, but it would have been nice.

The kids and I made up for it at lunch. We met Jon at Freebirds and then went to the chocolate factory, such a fun family time!

Cade giving Jon a birthday present!

I love that Jon told me "thank you" about 12 times for meeting him with the kids for lunch, it really made him happy and that makes me happy! He's such a family man!

Can you just look at Cade here, if this isn't Jon junior I don't know what's that smirk!

Jon said Tatum looks like "yep my daddy is kissing me and i know it" hehe!

Tonight we enjoyed a delicious hibachi birthday dinner out together! Thank you Mimi and Pops for babysitting the babes! We had a great night out together, still get giddy to go on dates with this man!

Happy Birthday to the man I LOVE!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Pics!

If you want great fall pumpkin patch pictures of your kids, family, grandkids, husband/wife pics, etc. you won't want to miss this great opportunity to have a mini session with Brooke. Go here to find out more info!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling Fall?

um, not really with this heat, but i keep thinking it's fall and i need to decorate my house for fall, and dress the kids for fall, and plant mums in my flower pots, and cook chili, and wear boots, and on and on...but the truth is we could probably wear our shorts and tanks for another month. Actually the first day of fall is next Friday, which is also a certainly handsome man i live with birthday too, hehe! :)

We had a good weekend, lots of family time!

Friday Kristy and Gage came over to play for a bit in the afternoon, we had a good living so close to friends! :)

Friday night my sister and I saw this movie....

we loved it, i read alot of bad reviews about it but we thought it was good, i just love Sarah Jessica Parker! Fun time with my lil sis!

Saturday my parents came to pick us up and took us to lunch and to shop a bit, they are the best!

I love this pic of Jon and the kids. Jon loves nothing more than BOTH kids wanting him at the same time. My dad would probably call Jon the packed mule (Disney World joke) here, but the truth is the man loves all the attention! :)

The kids are very into clapping to music and "raising the roof" in the car! If we are not ALL doing this together Cade will say "come on momma, clap"...or daddy "let's raise the roof." He makes us laugh all the time! Anyways, Tatum has caught on and loves doing everything her big brother does! Little miss is also getting her top teeth, this pic shows them really good! Ahhh, she is going to look so different and so big once these really come in.
Singing to Tay!

My sister has been coming to church with us for a few weeks, today she might have gone home with a headache....Cade and Tatum were having a screaming contest...well, i guess that's what you can call it. Their daddy joined in, and let me tell ya it was loud! We joke and call Kristin the unpaid Nanny on Sunday's! We love her! :)

Sweet girl

typical little sister, right?

He looks up to something, and a little like his daddy, or maybe alot like his daddy!

This cracks me up, their faces look frightened, but really they were having the best time trying to fit in there together....

hehe! :)

You can't really see Tatum, just the top of her head, but her sweet brother was kissing her. I might be a little picture crazy, but they are only 2 1/2 (ok, nearly 3) and 14 months for so long! :)

Tonight I made this for dinner with garlic/cheese biscuits and it was SO yummy! Super easy, not a big mess, and a hit at my house!

As I finish this up, Cade is preparing for his gym class tomorrow by doing flips in the living room with Jon....I just heard him say "hey daddy, i will show you a trick!" How is he old enough to say such things?

Happy nearly Fall Yall!