Monday, November 28, 2011

Cade's THIRD birthday!

Dear Cade Michael,

Happy THIRD Birthday! We had so much fun celebrating you and made it last as long as possible! I think you got to blow out candles about 10 times, and you loved it every time! You are the sweetest little boy and I can't get enough of you every day! What are you up to these days? Well, you wake up promptly between 6:45-7 everyday...your daddy prefers you to wake up earlier so he can see you before he goes to work. When you wake up you come snuggle with me and drink your milk and you can't wait for your little sister to wake up to join us! We play in the mornings and then if you don't have school you and Tatum take a morning nap, or as you call it "rest time!" You do LOVE school days that's for sure! You are also in gym class once a week and you call it "gliss glass" I think it's so cute! You are learning all kinds of fun "tricks" at gym and I am SO proud of you! You nap in the afternoons from about 3-5:30 and then we usually go wait for daddy outside to get home from work. At dinner time you LOVE to say our blessing....just recently you've changed your prayers from singing "God our Father" to an actual prayer with words that come from your heart. The other night you reminded me to be thankful for the smallest things that you said in your prayer. You still like to dip all your of food in ranch and ketchup, and you are the best eater! You go to bed at 8:15-30ish and still sleep in your crib. You could care less about potty training, although we are encouraging and bribing you with it all! You amaze me every day with how smart you are and how you love to learn new things! Right now you love to play with cars, your new scooter and bike, puzzles, super why game, toy story people, and you are very into your veggie tales movie! Cade your daddy and I love you SO much and are SO thankful we have you as our son! You are such a blessing! Happy 3rd birthday!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Now, on to the celebrations!

Friday November 25th was Cade's 3rd birthday, and boy was he counting down the days!

We had donut's, birthday boy's choice!

My parents came over and delivered Cade's birthday present, his FIRST bike!
He LOVES it so much, thank you Mom and Dad! Since it's been so cold he's been riding it in the house, yep yep we have entered that house with riding toys in the living room!

Jon, Tatum, and I gave Cade a scooter and he loves it so much! At nap time the scooter has to be parked in his room to keep and eye on it I guess...Corbin has a scooter and Cade has been asking for one for a long time!

We met both of our families for lunch at chuck e cheese, such a fun time!

birthday boy has the best of both worlds, games and pizza!

And then we were off to Great Wolf Lodge!

Jon and I started this tradition with Cade when he was one and it's been so much fun to look forward to each year! Cade loves to swim and since he has a winter birthday, what's better than an indoor water park! :)

Tatum had a blast! It was so funny to see her little self walking in the water, she is growing up too fast!

Cade couldn't get enough of the water, slides, wave pool, you name it, he loved it all!

Birthday boy!

I think he might have gone down the blue slide 50 times, for real!

Going back to the room to get ready for dinner!

We love that the hotel is decorated for Christmas and it's normal to wear your pj's everywhere in the hotel!

sissy coloring in the giant coloring books at the restaurant

kids trying to open the treasure chest with the magic wand

hot dog was the birthday boys choice. Man, donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and hot dog for dinner, glad he only has one birthday a year! Kids story time!

And then it was time to crash! Sleep situations are always a bit interesting in hotels, but it worked! At one point the kids wanted to sleep together, this didn't last long, hehe! We all crashed by 9!

We got breakfast to go from the restaurant and ate overlooking Cade's favorite place, the water park!

Time to go home, he sure had a blast!

Happy THIRD birthday Cade, we had a blast celebrating you!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

What a great Thanksgiving!

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and made breakfast, cooked my corn casserole's for our Thanksgiving meals, and made a Turkey with Cade! He has the sweetest heart and is thankful for SO much! I love how he tells us "thank you" for the smallest things! I am SO thankful for him!

I will keep this turkey forever! I've become the craft collection junkie, I mean who can really throw away these priceless creations?! :)

We spent Thanksgiving lunch over at my nanny and papa's house! As always that is such a special time that I will always cherish! And lunch was SO delish!
Tatum hanging out with Uncle Matt

Kids eating together

Does Miss Priss look like a big girl here or what?!

Nanny and Mom


Nanny set up 3 tables and had festive centerpieces for each to fit everybody, she's quite the hostess!

A few of the dining roomers!

The kids made the turkey treats we made the night before and it was a huge hit!

Cade's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year so we celebrated and sang to Cade a day early! Thank you mom for making this cake, so cute!

I'm pretty sure he got to blow out candles at least 10 times in the past few days!

Thank you Nanny and Papa for a great Thanksgiving!

Nanny and Papa give the kids and each couple an ornament each year. They have done this since we were little kids and we still have ALL of them (minus a few that were scattered after the tornado blew our house away when i was in 3rd grade), the kids were so excited!

After the kids took a little nap we headed out to Jon's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner!

They gave Cade a little lawn mower and a wheel barrel for his birthday that was Jon's when he was 3, it's so cute and I am so glad they kept that to give our little mini Jon on his 3rd birthday! Thank you Mimi and Pops!

The kids had a great time playing!

Pops and his little granddaughter!

Cade loves this train, and he even offered on his own for Tatum to have a turn, so sweet! Kind of spoiled with toys over at Mimi and Pops house! :)

but they sure have fun!

We have SO much to be thankful for each and every day of the year! Tonight when Cade was saying Tatum's night night prayers and he was thanking Jesus for everything that came to his little mind, he said "thank you Jesus for Tatum's milk in her bottle." How often we take the smallest things like milk for our kids for granted. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families and that itself is SO much to be thankful for!

I hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving!

(Now I'm off to ask ((more like beg and plead)) my husband to get out the Christmas decor, hehe!)