Saturday, December 31, 2011

Advent Christmas Calendar

We are baptist all the way, I realize Lutherans practice Advent, but in our house it was just an exciting thing to do each day as we awaited Christmas Day!
Here is the Advent Calendar I bought off etsy! Some days were little activities we did at home and some were fun outings for the family! We had a good time with this and I plan to do it again each year until the kids think it's "not so cool" anymore! :) Hopefully we are years and years away from that! We had a wonderful Christmas and I am so happy that when you ask Cade why do we get presents on Christmas he says "because it's Jesus' birthday mommy!"
 Lights show with the fam!
 Baked Kissie Cookies with the kids:
 Mimi bought the kids a nativity scene they could actually play with, Cade loved this and Tatum loved re-arranging all of Cade's people! Great way to teach the kids about Jesus!
 Gaylord Ice:
Bought a little girl some clothes for Christmas and a little boy some toys. Tried SO hard to teach Cade what we were doing. He likes to help me pay at the store with my card or money; I had been telling him that these kids didn't get to help their mommy pay at the store because they didn't have money....anyways when we went to pay he screamed to the cashier "no we don't have money" it was funny. Clearly his 3 year old brain didn't "get it" but he does remember us taking them to be delivered and picking out the boys toys!
 Decorated the kids trees in their rooms (thank you Gigi and Papaw-Cade knows where this came from and he loves looking at all of his ornaments!)

 Decorated our house for Christmas!
 Celebrated Corbin's 5th birthday!
 wrapped gifts: Cade was a great help, he handed me tape anytime i needed another piece and let me just say there was tape everywhere for a week too!
 Decorated Gigi's house for Christmas!
 Made Cade's teacher's yummy gifts!
 All the kids got new ornaments for their trees! Thanks Mom and Dad!
 Made a sticker Christmas Tree!
 Cooked a yummy breakfast in our Christmas Aprons!
 Got a new winter hat that little man LOVES! Tay's is super cute too, but I didn't get a pic. :(
 Made Christmas ornaments with friends!
 Jammed and danced to Mickey's Magical Holiday Mix!
 Made our family hand tree!
 Christmas celebration at Gigi and Papaw's house:
 Christmas celebration at Mimi and Pops:
 Northpark Trains:
 Polar Express (more like played at the museum)
 Made Gingerbread boys and girls with cousins
 Christmas Eve dinner and church
 Leaving Santa Goodies
 Santa CAME! Merry Christmas!
Great Christmas Month, now we are ready to ring in the new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

What a super fun day!
We celebrated just the 4 of us on Christmas morning. Santa came and brought Tatum a pink kitchen and Cade a lightning McQueen car! It was so fun to watch them run into the living room and light up as they saw their gifts! The kids and I waited in the hallway until we got the "ok" from Jon to enter the living room with the video camera set up just right, it reminded me of when I was a kid as we waited in the hallway with such anticipation to see what Santa brought. Cade kept saying "can we come now, can we come NOW daddy" it was so funny! I think we can get away another year or so with sleeping in until normal wake up time, the kids didn't really know what was going on, although Cade did know that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and that we get to have presents and Santa because we are celebrating Him! Soon after we opened gifts Cade asked if we could have our birthday party for Jesus, we loved that! :)

 A breakfast appetizer, never really heard of it huh, well Cade made a reindeer donut while he waited...
 for us girls to make a big yummy breakfast!
Tatum calling Mimi to tell her Merry Christmas
 Cade calling Gigi to tell her about his new car!
 Mimi and Pops came over for lunch and to play...they brought Tatum a baby bed for her new doll and Cade a basketball hoop! They both loved it all so much! Here is Tatum with the bedding out of her new cradle feeding her baby a bottle. It's really amazing to me how she picks up on this so early! Love that girly girl!
 I've never made a Christmas meal before but I think yesterday's was a hit. We had smoked chicken (I will give Babes all the credit), twice baked potatoes, bacon wrapped grean beans, rolls, ceaser salad, and mini graham cracker cheesecakes (per Jon's request)! It was yummy!
 Let me introduce you to my pirate boy Cade, he says "AHOY!!"
 I love this pic, Jon's cowboy boots and Miss Priss' dress up heels, ha! We are still practicing walking in those....hehe!
 LOVE them!
 Mimi and Pops playing dress up with the kids!

 how funny, i think the princess had enough, she needed a break!
 After the babes took a snoozer, and Jon too (ha) we headed over to my Nanny and Papa's for dinner! We changed things up a bit this year and had a mexican fiesta dinner and man was it good! I made enchiladas for the first time and I think they were a hit, we even ate them leftover tonight with a few friends! :)
 It's funny to me that this used to be the table where all of our parents and Nanny and Papa sat at meals while us grand kids ate in the kitchen, and then there were more grand kids than parents/nanny and papa so we all got to sit in there, and NOW the great grand kids out number us all and we all just find a spot to sit, ha!
 My dad sat with Tay, probably because the kids get to eat first and it might have been a little appetizer for him, ha! Just kidding dad! I think Tay loves him a little, hehe! :)
 Mother and daughters!
 Oh how thankful I am to be holding my baby boy and having Christmas with him this year. Last year we spent most of Christmas at Children's hospital getting every test ever on Cade all to find out he had strep and rsv. Thankful for healthy babies this Christmas! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!
 Let the gift exchanging begin!!
 We started giving Nanny and Papa stockings a few years ago, they love them!

 cousins! I am especially thankful for Sarah to be in this pic, she has been through it all this year and she is happy and feels good (most days) and most importantly she is CANCER FREE, praise God, that is the best gift ever!! She felt good yesterday and she looked so pretty! I love all of them so much!
 Mom, sis and I-:)
We ended the day with reading the story of the birth of Baby Jesus. We read the same book each year and Cade loves it! I pray that each year Cade and Tatum will learn more and more about Jesus and one day have Him in their heart forever!
Jon is off work for a few days and at home with us (well, before he leaves for the deer lease) and we are soaking up some family time! This morning we had the Christmas decorations boxed up and the house cleaned up before 9:30am. I DO love me some Christmas decorations-and really everything about Christmas and can't wait to have it all set up the day after Thanksgiving, but when Christmas is over i like to get the house back to normal. It always looks so bare for a while though.
 Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Merry Merry Christmas y'all!:)