Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend in fast forward style.

I feel like I am in a blog rut right now. I want to blog about so many things with substance/thoughts rolling around in my head/ideas, and then I find myself just journaling what we do about once or twice a week so I can remember what life is like right now. So, for now that's what I am doing. We had a busy and fast paced weekend, but it was so much fun!
Friday wasn't busy, just fun! I made us little english muffin pizzas for dinner and after the kids went to bed Jon and I had a little stay at home date night! We enjoyed our country life outside with a fire together! Notice our attire; ugs, pants, and you can't see but I have a blanket too, and then there is Jon next to me shorts and bare foot-that's funny!
 Saturday morning Tatum and I went to Kennedy's 2nd birthday party! We both had a great time and I didn't even get one pic, darnit! I feel like her momma Reba and I along with a few others were just pregnant with our babies and all crashing on the couch at our New Years party a few years back at about 10:00. Our babies are growing up!
After the birthday party my college roomies and I hosted a baby shower for Jen. She is having her first baby in March, Reese is going to be one fixed up little girl with a FUN momma!
 We went with a gray/pink theme, we thought it turned out so cute and possibly our best shower yet! :) Here is the table before most of the food was ready. The buffet was a few of Jen's cravings throughout her pregnancy, everything from burgers, to chicken, to fruit pizza and of course we couldn't leave out pickles!
 Love these ladies! :)
After the birthday party and before the shower I took Tatum to hangout with her Aunt Krissy. They went to lunch and had a fun time! Thanks seastar!!
 And all this time the girls are doing girly things, the boys met up with all the guys from Jon's side of the fam at the stockyards for a fun day! Jon said he had the very best time ever with Cade Saturday! I just love that! :) Jon got Cade all decked out in his boots, cinch jeans, cowboy belt, and can't forget the carhart jacket (all purchased by his daddy)! Jon sent me these 2 pics of their fun day.

This isn't the cutest pic, but I have to document:
This afternoon we came home from school and I was changing Tatum before her nap and Cade ran in the living room and said "tatum (he has started to call her by name these days instead of "tay tay") I'll sing you a song ok, how about jesus loves me!" He even sang it to her like I sing it to them with "Jesus loves Tatum or Cade this I know..." ahhhhhh! I just love them so much, he was even playing with her hair! So sweet!
 Brooke and I walked laps the other day in my backyard while the kids played trying to get Miss Karlee to arrive, it didn't work, but soon and very very soon she will arrive! Ahhhh, we can't wait!! :) I thought this pic was so funny, I can't wait to show Karlee some day!
 Tatum can't wait to have a little girl cousin too!
 This made me laugh. Here is the priss sacked out in the car, I think it's funny how she gets so wrapped up and cuddled. I can't really blame her, i would fall asleep like that too!
 I can't believe my little darling daughter is 18 1/2 months old. We got her pics taken last week and here is one of my favorites, this is a pic of a pic. Thank you aunt Linda for this photo session (gift to tay when she was born)!
 just and funny pic of the little man!
 Not a great pic, but let me explain why it has meaning. Jon likes my car clean, I do too, but he likes it clean more. So, I decided after all the rain last week I would get it cleaned, but that day just happened to be on a non school day. So what better way to keep the kids happy and contained at the car wash? Driving thru chickfila and being strapped down in the stroller! So, here is the meaning behind the pic. A lady walked up to the kids and I and took a long look at us and then sat down on the other side of the sitting area. My thoughts were either she didn't want to be around kids or she thought she might get ketchup on her or maybe we weren't supposed to be eating in there. Whatever it was she sat far. My car was ready a few minutes later and we started to leave, she said "ma'am you sure have your hands full, how old are your twins?" Really? Twins? ha, that's funny and definitely the first time i've been asked that!
 Little sis lookin cute!
 Yesterday we went by to see nanny and papa! They always have the best snacks-Tatum ate herself a ton of cranberries and she loved them so much!
 and Cade peeled about 3 cutie oranges with Papa!
Happy kids!
Well, I am off to my big pile of work! Have a great day, it's a pretty one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Warm Winter Day!

Don't you wish everyday was this pretty outside!?
 It's the middle of the winter,
 bright and sunny skies
 and 73 degrees
 at our house today!
 Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catch up!

Man, It's been another week since I've posted. What's up with that? Well, I've been busy being a full time mommy, part time employee, full time wife, and I feel like a full time chef as well, ha! We've had a good week! I've decided that the days, weeks, months, years fly by when we are super busy...so we've slowed down alot and are having alot of hanging out play time together! Speaking of chef, I think I have a little one on my hands-he loves to cook whether it be pretend in the playroom or helping me in the kitchen! I love this little boy!
 Cade cannot get enough reading time in, he loves his "Step into Reading" books-he can pretty much memorize all the words or as he says "read" it, level 1's that is!
 Looking handsome for school!
 We are a fan of the new grilled chicken nuggets at Chickfila! I no longer feel guilty for going ah-hem like once a week! The kids LOVE the new nuggets and fruit!
 Jon and I enjoyed a lovely date night out last Friday! Thanks to Mimi and Pops for playing with the kids! We ate Hibachi at one of our favorite places and then dessert at Bj's! SO FUN!
 Cade will NOT let his sister go to bed or nap without giving her at least one hug and a kiss and telling her "sweet dreams tay tay" I love that! This particular day he wanted to cuddle up next to her so close, i love them!
 not sure if he was giving her a kiss or telling her a secret, ha
 Last Saturday Lance and Andrea came over for dinner and to hangout-we are SO excited they are moving closer, we just love them! Here are both of our daughters getting ready for bed together, so sweet!
 Sunday we celebrated Pops' birthday at Chucke Cheese, and yes this was HIS choice! ha! He wanted to celebrate his birthday by letting the kids have fun, and they SURE had fun!
 all the boys blowing out candles!
 Happy Birthday Pops!
 Oh are you ready for this?
Cade went Tee Tee in the Potty for the first time on Sunday morning at about 7:15am! This is huge people! For the LONGEST time I feel like we have been trying to bribe, beg and convince the boy the boy to tt and poo in the potty, and he wanted nothing and I mean nothing to do with it. BUT,  Sunday morning Jon got him to go and then go again and then go again, WAHOO! We've been celebrating and praising Cade to say the least! How is he doing potty training now? Well, he is in pull ups full time and we are asking him about 505 times a day if he needs to go potty and sometimes we get a "yes" or sometimes we get a "lets set the time and then when it goes off I'll go" hey,I'll take what I can get! I had a HUGE fear that he was going to be the kid in kinder with a diaper on, for real! Here he is dressed and ready for Gigi to pick him up for a  prize for going potty on the potty! Whoop Whoop! I'm a proud mommy even if I changed his poo twice today-there is a part of him that "gets it!"
 We played at Gigi's house on Monday, Kenzie is trying so hard to get Tatum to sit still so she can put a dress up outfit on her, love these girls and can't wait for Karlee Abigayle to arrive very soon!
 Did she grow up over night or what? Tatum is changing so much these days and looking like such a little girl now! Ahhh, my baby! Alot of people say Tatum looks like my dad, you think so?!
 This is her new thing,
Me-"Tay say cheese"
Tatum- tilts her head sideways
 or to pose with her hand like this....she is a priss!
 We've been playing at home today, picking up the house, getting caught up on work, etc-oh and obviously washing sheets, ha. I was in the kitchen making dinner and the kids were giggling so loud in my bedroom. I went in there with my camera of course and caught them doing this....
They were jumping on the bed and having the best time!
 Wonder how Tay got all the way up there?....I put them both on the floor so Cade could show me...he picked her up and literally shoved her up on the bed, she gave Cade her hand and that's how he made it up there, they crack me up! Teamwork at the ages of 3 and 18 months!

 Life is pretty busy and they are my exercise most days, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHAT a Wednesday!

Cade has been to the dentist before to "look" at his teeth. My sister actually spared me the torture (we all know NEW things for Cade are a bit frightening) of that visit and went back with him to the chair. Well, today he went for his first cleaning. I made his appointment for a pediatric dentist thinking it would feel more inviting and not scare the poor boy as much. So, Tatum took her morning nap at my Nanny and Papa's house and I took some invitations to address to keep myself busy as I thought I would be sitting in the waiting room-after all when I called to make the appt the lady said we prefer parents to wait outside. So, before we go to the dentist I took Cade into Target and let him pick out a new book that he can take with him to the dentist. We get there and he quickly makes a friend in the waiting room, the friend actually read his book to him, great... right! Then they call Cade's name to come back and let's just say the torture began! There was no way in this world he was going back there without me, so needless to say the invitations got addressed later. I was asked (since he was screaming extremely loudly) to lay in the chair and him on top of me. So, i am 5'10-from my knees down were hanging off the chair, Cade was laying in my lap, we had a "helper" hold down his forehead, another helper holding his legs, and the dentist was able to clean away-although she was bit 3 times. It was torture to say the least, but hey he has 20 great teeth and we don't have to go back for a while!
 And when he was done, he said "look mom, i have clean teeth!" Gotta love him!
 After the dentist we went to Nanny and Papa's to join our cousins for a yummy lunch and play!
 Nanny made broccoli cheese soup and Tatum LOVED it so much! Actually both of mine did, thank you Nanny!
 It turned out to be a good day, but my goodness I think I will give the boy a little benedryl next time before the dentist!
 Happy Wednesday y'all!