Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back to Blogging

I'm Back!
I took a 10 day blogging hiatus. I've been busy taking care of my family and working, and having fun too of course! :) My sil told me last week I was a blog slacker, true!  Here is a short recap of our last week-ish. Does everyone agree when you miss blogging for a while it's hard to get back into it? It's that way for me at least, seems too hard to catch up. This is my attempt:

Last Saturday we were B-U-S-Y!
Our day started with Court's 4th birthday party!
The kids had such a great time!
 I'm sure Pops went home and took a nap after this. The kids loved the bike merry go round!
 Thank you Aunt Jan for the kids prizes to take home, this was car entertainment for our hour drive!
 Happy Birthday Court!
 We stopped to grab a quick lunch and then headed straight to Kenzie's 4th and Camden's 2nd birthday party! They had a joint party this year and it was so much fun!
Tinker bell and Peterpan themed! 
 Brad, is this your party? ha! To be honest the parents had just as much fun if not more than the kids. I think at one point Brad and I were competing to see who could jump the highest on the tramp, ha! He didn't get the legs in the family that is for sure-love ya bro!
 Papaw playing gymnastics with Tatum!
 Adlers made the long haul for the party, such troopers!
 After that party it was close to 4 when we got home, which was really too late for naps. So we did something we've never done before and skipped all naps for the day ( i don't recommend it). The kids were grouches to say the least, but they sure had a fun day at all the cousins parties!

When we got home Jon and I quickly cooked up a dinner to deliver to a friend, bathed and put the kids to bed at 6:30, cooked ourselves (oh yes the kids ate somewhere in all that) a delicious steak dinner and hit the sack early! Chasing 2 kids around 2 parties will wear you out!

I took this pic for all the people that ask my how my house is ALWAYS clean. Ha. I always laugh because it's SO not! Here is a picture of one of the disaster rooms in our house last weekend. It was pretty bad y'all!
 Tatum was woken up after 14 hours of sleep to go to church, she looks pretty rested and happy, what do you think?!  :)
 Here are a few little sis/big bro pics from the week!
 This is Tatum's face as she watched Cade on the bars at gym class!

I'm loving the spring time with these little children of mine!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wordless wednesday

What a day in the life of Cade and Tatum!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break!

Spring Break week was so much fun! I worked alot while the kids slept, but while they were awake we did everything that they love! PLAY PLAY PLAY! I didn't even drag them to a store all week or a restaurant they have to behave at. ha! Here are a few pics of our week!
We met Kim and Brenley at Chick for a fun play time, and ran into some other friends while we were there!
(I think this might have been the week before Spring Break)
We picked up Kenz on the way, she loves a fun outing with Aunt Missy!

Birthday Brunch with fun friends!
We took turns holding little teeny Brielle, she is a sweetie!
This was a monumental day; The weekend before Spring Break Jon was at the deer lease and I was at brunch with my friends, and the kids were with my mom. I got a call during brunch from Cade saying "mommy i poo poo'd in the potty!!" Needless to say I cheered him on and congratulated him as if I was there in person, which he loves! So, I kept my promise and let him pick out anything he wanted at Target for such  a great accomplishment!
You would've thought that since he was SO rewarded he would keep up such a great task, uhmmm no. Since that day he has gone in his pants, daily. Surely we are going to stop that soon!
We met Brylee, Cerly, and Tanna for breakfast!We used to do this weekly and we both totally miss it!
I would be ok with these two getting married someday! :) HEHE!
Fun times!
Cade is doing great at his gym class!

playing outside and being silly!
Cade in his lightning mcqueen car trying to keep up with Jon on his John Deer!
This is funny! Cade linked all these toy story characters together and told me this is like our family! He is the SWEETEST!
Fun morning snuggles with these TWO!
We had fun play time with ALL of the cousins!

Met our chick buddies again too! :)

What a fun week! :)