Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday Y'all!
We've had a great week! Jon and I were able to get away together last night and have dinner with friends and catch up, such a fun time! Thanks mom and dad for babysitting! I've been staying at home/working part time for 3 years and 5 months now...I really cannot believe that! Some weeks it feels like my first while trying to balance playing with the kids, answering work calls/staying caught up, cooking, etc. But this was a good week all together! I even managed to get Cade's super long and shaggy hair a cute little cut! We went to a little hole in the wall place and it turned out so handsome, he is such a stud boy!

 Thanks to a friend I was able to see Cade at school on their special critter day this week! He had so much fun with all the little animals. Now, Tatum was a different story, I heard she DID NOT like them one little bit...which doesn't surprise me at all!
 I am fresh out of cute little Miss pics, i know can you even believe it?! I suppose it's all about Cade today. This morning my mom texted me to see if Cade could go over to her house and help her plant flowers....she sent me this pic. Little Jon or what?! He is one cutie patootie! :)
 I was able to get about 2 1/2 hours of work in while Tatum slept this morning and Cade planted flowers with Gigi and then we were off to have lunch and play at Nanny's with all the cousins!
Such a wild and fun day!
Cade got to tour the garden with Nanny and Papa and pick this carrot to take home with us! He was so proud of that. Speaking of, I better run...i left onions in my car from the garden- i bet that smells good, ha! Oh and for my OCD  dear husband that will read this, it will aire out! :)
have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tea Time

Tonight we had a little tea party/family get together to welcome little Karlee Abigayle to the family. You will see below the invitation to the party was originally at the beginning of March. However little miss was sick and it worked out to have it this week instead. Everybody wore a dress and looked so pretty for our fun tea time! Here is the little girls table:

 Big Girls:

 A little posing before the party!
 What is Cade doing at the party? As much as he really truly (for real) wanted to stay and play with his cousins he didn't. Jon and Cade went on a boy night together. Cade hasn't quite figured out girl parties are no fun for boys, ha!
 so sweet!
 I love this pic! My babies!

 We had a really yummy dinner and a  fun night together! I love all these ladies, such a fun family!
We are so happy to have Karlee as part of us now too. She is already SO loved! I tell Brooke all the time can she come live with me for a few days, ahh I just love her like my own! :)
Welcome to the family Kar Kar, we needed another girly girl in our group! :)

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So far we've picked up twice from our local grown organic co-op and it's been great. Does anybody know what to do with radishes? Toss them? Keep them? Cook them? That's the only thing  I don't know how to cook that we've got so far.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Girls Weekend!

What a FABULOUS weekend!
My mom, sister, and SIL, and niece all set out for a great weekend away in the hill country on Friday morning. It required quite the planning with all the kids on Friday while the daddy's worked, but it ended up all working out and we were able to get on the road on time! Speaking of time, we really had no schedule all weekend. We decided to leave town Friday morning at 9:30 and after that we were on NO schedule, it was great!
We stopped on the way at "chip-otle" (navi said it the funniest way, we got a hoot out of it, ha) and met Heather. It was so fun and we enjoyed seeing and visiting with her!
 back on the road!
 We stopped for ice cream, don't worry kar didn't get too much, ha!
 and road trip candy!
 We arrived at our resort, checked in, and got ready for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! Dinner was deelish, and then we were off to see The Lucky One and man oh man that was the best movie I have seen in a very long time! We all enjoyed it so much and Karlee was the best baby, didn't even made a peep! We got a few looks bringing her in the theatre and proved all those ppl wrong, she was an angel!
 Saturday morning we had breakfast at the resort, this was mine (all carbs and a dp, who really cares, it's vacation)!
 After breakfast the sisters went to get a massage and mom and I set out for the shops! We shopped til we dropped, literally! I haven't shopped that long in a very very long time! Way back before kids, maybe. We took a shopping break to eat again, ha! Lunch was at Grimaldi's pizza, it was FAB! I think my favorite place we dined all weekend!
 Another shopping break!

 We walked around so much and then enjoyed quite the fabulous pedicure!

 and then shopped again!
 This is out of order, but here is the fancy theatre, they even had reserved seating for our movie!
 Saturday night we thought it would be fun to have a progressive dinner...
We started out with Appetizers here:

 Entree Here:

 and last but certainly not least, dessert here:

 Our resort was so beautiful....really what isn't in the hill country! We enjoyed our stay and can't wait to go back sometime! :) I'll refrain from posting our pics at the hot tub, although it was quite relaxing!
 On the way home we stopped at the outlets (i know you would think we would be tired of shopping, right, ha...never) and at Johnny Rockets for a burger before a long drive in the car.
 Thanks ladies for a great weekend, love yall so much!
 at lunch

 Jon must have been super busy this weekend with the kids.... I didn't get many pics. Although, I did get this one from Brad on Saturday night. All the men got together for dinner, here is the assembly line for the kids plates. Burgers, oven cooked fries, and apples....I am impressed! AND, I heard from several people that Jon had the kids together and looking cute for church yesterday! Way to go! :)
What a great weekend! It was so good to get away for a few days, relax, have fun, and come home refreshed and feeling like a better mom. What about getting away for a while makes you feel like a better mom? Not really sure, but it does. I guess just an extended amount of time away makes you miss the kids/husband SO much, not really sure! I'm so thankful for my sisters and mom and will cherish all the fun memories we made!
Back to reality! :)