Thursday, June 28, 2012

I thought this day would NEVER come!!!!!!!!!

Finally, like mark it down in his baby book as a MILESTONE/MIRACLE....Cade Michael Grimes pooped on the potty this morning on his own timing, his idea, and I couldn't be more proud. Yes he is 3 1/2-it just took us a little bit. I don't think anybody could fully understand the frustration that happens daily at my house with this child, and well poop! I am hoping this goes like tt in the potty, once he got it he didn't regress! We shall see! But for now we are celebrating this child!
 We've bribed this week with McDonalds for dinner (which i don't think i've ever taken them there) and this is how excited the kids are!
 Happy Poop on the potty day to Cade!
By the way-who blogs about poop when they haven't even blogged father's day....ME! I will catch up soon! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Many Many Blessings"

Cade is SO sweet! Last night we sat down at the table for dinner and Cade said "i'll say the blessing!"
He decided to sing "God our Father" last night (ya never really know if he is going to bust out at the top of his lungs and sing that prayer or thank God for everything he can think of, either way I am thankful he likes to pray) So last night he sang God our father and instead of his usual "thank you for our blessings" he said "Jesus thank you for our MANY MANY blessings, A-MEN!" It was precious and made this mommy SO happy!
 He is right, we have SO many many blessings to be thankful for!
So thankful for these TWO babies!
Happy Friday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What we've been up to:

Can anybody else believe that it's already the middle of JUNE??
We are spending our days playing, swimming, and having lots of summer fun!
This was the last week of swim lessons. The kids learned so much and more than anything I think they learned to be confident in the water, maybe a little too confident. We went over to a friends house to swim after lessons one day and much to my surprise my daughter was jumping in and floating around all on her own (with her arm floats, of course). But we are talking about my little girl that never wants to leave my side, she is all of a sudden miss independent. I think she's been watching her big brother long enough to know she can do things like that on her own! She is a mess and will be 2 before I know it!
I am SO happy these two have each other, look how much fun they have:
Under the kitchen table, just hanging out!
 Looks like Cade got some crackers for their little party!
 Jon and I look in the living room the other night after dinner to see this:
 If we can't find our phones that means Cade most likely has it or knows exactly where he is hiding it! Love watching them be so sweet! Oh but don't worry, Tatum does many annoying little sister things to him daily, he just puts up with it, haha (most of the time)!
 I was cleaning up breakfast dishes the other morning and I look out the kitchen window to see this:
 Cade gathered all the toy story characters and they had a blast! Cade said "mommy we will take our rest in here" ha!

 Tatum has been saying "Cayyydddd" all the time! She wants to see her brother first thing when she wakes up and she wants to know where he is all day! Cade asked if Tatum could nap with him the other day, they were so super tired that it actually worked. ha!
 it only took one firm "GO TO BED KIDS"
 Last day of lessons!

 our group at lessons!

 Tatum cried and had her paci on the first few days of lessons, but after that she did great!
I can't believe my baby is big enough for all this.....TEAR!

 What a difference it makes going from last summer when Cade was 2 1/2 to this summer at 3 1/2. He was SO happy to go to lessons everyday and couldn't wait to go back! So proud of my little man!
 Gage and Tatum waiting their turn
 Tatum saw her daddy!!! Oh how she LOVES her da-da!!
 WOW cade!
 So happy!
 is this a Jon Jr face or what?! :)
 So proud of his lil girl!
 Gage and his mommy!
 Kar Kar is getting too big, before we know it she will be at lessons too!
 my litlte miss priss
 Tatum-"get out cade"
Papaw and Tay Tay!
 Friday we kicked off our first day of water park fun with friends! We will be there many more days this summer! It was a little overcast Friday morning so the water park wasn't crowded at all, if only it would be like that each week! :)
Tatum and Brenley having fun in the chilly water! Cute girls!
 the momma's! Love hanging with these 2 and our kiddos!
 The boys being boys!
Stay tuned for Father's Day celebrations!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I am SO happy we get to celebrate all the dads in our family today!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Week

What a WEEK!
The kids and I are having SO much summer fun already!

Cade told me we needed a watermelon at Costco the other day, well of course we do!

 Tatum just being cute with straight from her nap bed head!
 2nd day of swim lessons!
 playing under the kitchen table, it's one of their random favorites for sure!
 lunch at nanny's!
yummy dinner!
 KOOL kids!
 Loving mommy!
 sharing Popsicles
 fun family friday night out!

 my darling daughter might hate me later in life, but right now, that sure is some cuteness!
 yummy pizza! Get a bite and then go play and get a bite them run to the water, that's how he rolls...can't miss out on pizza or play time either! Ha! Love him!
 Friday night when we got home from some family fun Cade was putting off bedtime (what? never right) and was hugging on both of us...he said mom take our pic, haha! it was really funny and i sure love this pic of the 3 of us! Hard to remember life when it was just the 3 of us!
 Sat morning we left Jon at home doing yard work and the kids and I grocery shopped, this is how we roll at the grocery with the children!
 fun time hanging with the hubbart family!
 so sweet!
 lunch after chuurch
The Grimes girls!
my silly stinker!
 ready to swim!

 At DBU championship game, fun time but sad they lost.
What a fun week, love all this time with my kiddies and husband!
I am going to stay more on top of this blogging, for real! :)

Happy Sunday!