Saturday, July 21, 2012

"you're gonna miss this"

The other night I heard a song on the radio that I've heard before, but never really paid much attention to. It talked about how you're gonna miss these days and wish they didn't go by SO fast. It talked about kids being little and growing up WAY too quick. It has had me thinking the rest of the week about what else I can be doing to soak up every day with my sweet children. I mean reality is, I am going to miss these days so so much because they are the best days ever! I hope the kids can look back on these years and smile and want the same for their kids. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for all these memories....
Here is our week in pics...
Jon coloring with the kids!
 Cade playing at school....I picked him up after being there for just 2 hours and he wasn't quite ready....
 "mamma I'm hoopin hula"
 Swimming with cousins is always fun!

 We celebrated my parents and Brooke's bdays, quite delayed but better late than never!
 Cade is officially obsessed with jumping off the diving board, and a different way to jump each time-he is wild and crazy and SO much fun!
 My dad, he might kill me, but this was SO funny. He came around the house in this get up and we all laughed. The kids thought he was SO cool!
 The mornings this week have been bearable to be outside, the kids could play side walk chalk for hours.....
 water park fun with friends!

 And the TWO peas in a POD!

 Thank you Rachel for this fun gift in the mail, lil sis LOVED it! :)
 After school the other day this was nap time. They both slept for a while at school and Cade asked for this...
I said "Ok, but yall have to rest" they both did this for an hour ish... :)
 Does Tatum look like a priss here or what, she has her purse, bracelets, random bows and her feet crossed. LOVE those lil kiddos!
 Tents are ALWAYS fun!
 rockstar baby!
 swimming swimming
 celebrating ryan and kristy's b days, great fun!
 my handsome date!
 Pancakes on the porch, they love this!
 And I will leave you with my favorite....
I asked Jon last night, what else can I do to "not miss this?"
I think i'll miss it no matter what, but I hear each age is fun.
Right now we are rockin 2 and 3 1/2 and it's  SO FUN!
have a great weekend yall!

My family

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wordless wednesday

(Excuse the mess of my bathroom floor, this is how I was able to get ready the other day. it worked!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's ONLY Tues.....

Yes, this said "wordless wednesday eariler" what's wrong with my brain?! :)
Here's another pic of my babes, just love them to bits and pieces!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cade's BIG BOY room!

I can't believe it's time to transform baby Cade nursery to BIG BOY grown up Cade room. Well, he's 3 1/2, maybe I am a little late. Here is the moment I found out Cade was going to be a boy and the very beginning of his nursery. What a VERY exciting day (actually I want to say this very moment was at about 1 am-read link for story).
 I think this was one of the most fun things ever, decorating for my baby!

And  now for Cade's BIG BOY room!
My mom and I have been shopping for his room for a few months, grabbing things on sale and such....and then today my Aunt and Uncle delivered the dresser/side table that he refinished and I couldn't wait any longer to put it all together (thank you thank you)!!
 This dresser was Jon's grandfather's and we used it in our guest room before the kids were born. I needed a little side table with storage for Cade's room and this ended up being perfect! I love using hand me down pieces. When we make Tatum's room big girl (in like 7 years....ha) she has my bedroom set from when I was a little girl! :)
 Funny Fish Room!
 Not quite finished, need to hang these from the ceiling!
 Cade loves it!
 Thank you Uncle Scott, this looks perfect and WAY better than I could have imagined!
 Happy Big Boy Room Cade Michael!
 Here was the dresser before. Didn't he do a fantastic job?! :) If anybody is in need of refinishing furniture, building a coffee table, armoire, really anything, painting/staining furniture and probably a lot more that I just don't even me and I will get you in touch with my Uncle.
So, since his room is big boy now, we don't have to re-do it again til he's 18 right?! :)

AND, a friend has inspired me to go private on my for real this time. So, I will be private by the end of the week. I have the list of people that asked to follow from last time, but if your email address has changed or you want to continue reading, email me.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tatum's Birthday-ALL DAY LONG!

(Disclaimer:44 photos to be exact, yes-i'm crazy!)
We celebrated this lil 2 year old about as long as we could! :)
Little miss slept in until 8:15 on her birthday morning. Cade was getting very impatient waiting on her to eat breakfast, so finally at 8:15 I let him go wake her up. He barged (like any older brother, right?) in and started singing "happy birthday sister" at the top of his lungs and Tatum loved every minute of it! She is such a happy girl!
Cade and I sang to her over and over, and she would say "again!"
 We let big brother go to school and the girls went out for a fun "super girly" day! :) I definitely had to pretend Tatum was going to school too, or Cade would have never gone. That boy doesn't miss much either, so it was tricky. Tatum cried for her class, what? Yes, for about 10 minutes and then she was a happy camper getting spoiled for her birthday!
 Tatum and I went to pick up my mom, nanny, and Sarah and then we were off to Sweet and Sassy, could the name of the place describe my daughter better in a nutshell, ha! :)
First, was her pedicure....
 she picked a pinky/purple color for the day....
 So happy! It's funny how she sat SO still for everything, I mean she is TWO, but the only two I know so far is boy. Man on man is she SO different though, she sat so still and ate it all up! :)
 Next, manicure....
 She makes me laugh!
 How pretty!
 I think she had a blast!
 Laughing at the smirk on her face
 This look makes me think she is going to be one sassy teenager, but a super sweet one, right?!?!? :)
 laughing with her stylist!
 Next, was hair time (I chickened out on her haircut, no way no how was i ready for that). Up do and glitter were perfect!
 As I watched Tatum get her first "up do" it reminded me of all the up do's that went bad for prom, banquets, etc that my parents spent lots of $$ on and I would take them down and cry for help to fix, ha! I am sure we will experience some of those. :)
 Pretty sister!
 Last, we had to have a lil sparkle jazz on the birthday girls face!
 We had SO much fun spoiling Tatum! Thanks mom, sarah, and nanny for coming along! It was the best time ever!
 Tatum Lauren,
Happy Birthday my sweet darling daughter! I was TOTALLY meant to have a girl. I love spoiling you and getting you all dressed up. I love everything about your lil 2 year old self! I hope and pray that you will always be just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, that your heart will be SO big for others, that you will grow to love Jesus and "praise Him" just like you do now your whole life, and that you will always want to hangout and be best friends with me! :)
 Heading to lunch....
 I think the girl had a pretty good lunch full of a lot of her favorites right now!
 I can't forget about the birthday girls big brother. I LOVE how Tatum says Cade, she loves him the most right now. He is the first person she wants to see in the morning and copy cats everything he does all day long. They are really best friends and play together ALL day!
Cade helped me make Tatum's birthday cookies. We made princess crown sugar cookies, they were DEEELISH! :)
 We invited both of our families over for dinner and swimming at my parents house, we had a really great time!
Opening her gifts....

 I think this is my favorite pic of the day! :)
 Swimming with Pops!

 and Papaw too!
 Thank you Aunt Krissy for coming, Tatum LOVES you! :)
 The King of the pool, relaxing! There is something about this boy that LOVES the water so much. He is our little fishy!
 And here is copy cat sister....she already had her bath,but hey it was her birthday, so she got back in....
 And our last celebration was today....
Jon and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a fun day! I think we were at the water park for 4 1/2 hours, we are ALL worn out!
 Jon and Jon Jr.!
 Waiting for the slides
 He had his eyes on the kids....good daddy
 We had the best time!
 i think she did this 50 times
 corndogs for lunch

 love you lil sis!
 time to go home
 What a great week celebrating Tatum! I love birthdays, well, just a little !:)
I sure hope this year is SLOW moving, can't imagine having a 3 year old daughter....I am sure it'll be here before I know it!
Happy Birthday Tatum Lauren!