Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend Getaway! :)

Saturday morning we left town at about 10:30 and headed south bound 35 for a fun weekend escape!
First stop (well, after potty breaks and lunch) was Brenden and Hailey's birthday parties near Austin!

I can't believe these little Adler children are 8 and 6! I still remember Hailey being the only baby of the family and getting ALL the attention! And it sure does not seem like 8 years ago! These two are so cute, very fun party!
happy birthday hailey and brenden!
After the party we got back on the road and headed to the River walk in San Antonio!
We walked around for a while and ended up at dinner at cafe ole!
Fun times with the fam!
Oh these TWO! :)Like father like son!
After dinner it was, well, past the kids bed time. We got settled into out hotel room and the kids were SO hyper, i mean it's like they've never been up at 9:30 at night before. They were so silly and making me laugh!
Sunday morning we ate a lil breakfast and headed to Seaworld! All the shows were so much fun, the weather started out cool and then it was H O T! We had a really great time together and can't wait to do it again! Thank you mom and dad, it was a really great weekend! :)

feeding the dolphins!

Bay of Play show
this was a really fun show! Seems like we were just watching this show with Cade when he was a baby....
speaking of, I just had to reminisce back to when Cade was 6 months old and Jon and I took him to Sea World. Can you believe this was my son just 3 years ago? Oh how I never could imagine what he would be like 3 years from this pic. We are SO blessed that is for sure!
 I remember this so much. It's easy to remember looking at this pic, but very hard to think back to life without Tatum in our world!
 Ok, last one I promise...he was so bald and such a BABY!
and now 3 1/2 years old and saying things like "mom did i disappoint you, did you know there are 2 s's in grass, my sister is my best friend, mom, i sure love you(gets those exact words from his daddy)!" I love him!
Shamu! :) Always a great show!
the girls

love this face!

we rode these alot!

Tatum's first roller coaster and she loved it!
Cade overcoming his fears!

Our favorite show!
Fun at the park!
Can't leave without eating an ice cream! And Jon sure learned his lesson on this: When ice cream is dripping off, don't eat it let it drip and get dirty, 3 year old boy child will notice and you'll have to go get him a different one since you ate most of it. There is no tricking this lil fella!
One more time....

What a great weekend! :)
Now, hi ho off to work i go! :)

catch up!

Well another week has gone by too fast!
The kids have been playing kitchen alot! They cook up lots of play food in the pink kitchen! :) Cade usually ends up with more than lil of these days he won't get by with all that sneaky big brother stuff! :)
 Tatum LOVES to color. I think she could sit there all day if I gave her enough "papters and tolors!" :)
 Cade had his first gym class of this season on Friday! Cade has ALWAYS loved going to gym class. It's funny on Monday's when it's Tatum's turn for dance class he thinks it's his turn right after for gym, ha! He's used to Tatum being a baby. Cade told me last week when we went to gym, "mommy you stay in the car and gigi takes me to gliss class!" :) It was so nice of him to actually let me come watch too! :)
Little sis ended up at the dr after class with a fever and an infection. I knew those eyes weren't quite Tatum. She felt so much better over the weekend!
 I think he had a GREAT time! :)
 Gettting to know his new teacher!
 Friday night we went and had some fun putt puttin time with friends! I know you won't believe this but, we played 2 rounds of 18 holes and the only game we really kept score and tried hard....uhm the girls won! :) Yah we were really proud of ourselves!
 Ryan played with the kid club, he is hilarious and always has us laughing!
 Since the girls won, we declared dessert! The grande pazookie it was! :)
 My date! ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dance Dance Dance!

Tatum had her first dance class last night. While it was VERY fun shopping for her dance attire, getting her all ready, and most importantly her just eating it all up it's kinda sad that my "baby" is growing up so fast! Sometimes I look at her and think WOW she is looking like such a big big girl-she can't REALLY be 2. But it's true. She is growing up.
Tatum Lauren, you looked so beautiful for your first class!
 I think her favorite part was her bag!
 and of course hamming it up with her friend Brenley! :) I love that these TWO are taking dance class together! :)
 Oh....I love this girl!
 Waiting for class to start...
 I had to hide behind a door to sneak these pics, blurriness and all!
 time to change out of tap shoes into ballet slippers!
 oh my little ballerina!
 Tatum went in crying, most of them did. So, yes the paci came out. Hey, it worked for swim lessons too. I am all about whatever works! The crying subsided and she had fun! At one point she even went over to her bag and put up her paci herself, ha! :)
After dance we went out for a pizza-
 she loves them!
 and of course her big brother too! He was so good watching Tatum. He would say "ah Tay did it!"
I just LOVE how happy Tatum is! :)
I can't say it enough-I AM SO thankful for these TWO kiddies, I really couldn't imagine life without them!
Happy First Dance Day Tatum Lauren! I can't wait to see what you really choose to do one day on your own! For mommy it wasn't dance for long, but who knows! :)