Thursday, September 27, 2012

tatum's first dance performance

Last Saturday Tatum had her first dance performance! Considering she had only 3 dance lessons before the performance, and the fact that she is 2, I think she did WONDERFUL! Jon and I were giddy proud of her! Honestly, I really expected tears, or for her to just stand there, but she really surprised me and did her moves! :)
You go girl, love my Tay Tay! :)
Thankful for both sets of grandparents and even great grandparents making the big day! :)
Really proud of Cade being such a sweet big brother, he loves his sister SO much!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wordless wednesday

just one word...

Friday, September 21, 2012

pizza at the park

Fun family night at the park!
We didn't have anything going on tonight so I asked Jon if we could have pizza at the park tonight. I had already kind of promised the kids going to the park today! :)
Cade is getting really good at riding his bike. Tatum chases him, it's funny. Tonight he told me "mommy, thank you for bringing my bike and scooter to the park, it is so fun!" He says some of the sweetest words to me. Yesterday he said to tatum and I, " girls you sure are beautiful!" AWH! :)
I am VERY proud of this lil mister!
 Tatum has her first dance performance tomorrow and i think we have watched her dance about 50 times today, all i can think,hum or sing is "peek a boo, i see you....!" I do not have my expectations set too high, I am even set for tears, or even a blank stare as she stands there. We shall see. Love this lil priss to pieces!
 coming to give me a BIG hug!
 oh how this girl loves to swing....
 or really just loves to do anything the boy child is doing....whether it's a good copycat or bad.... :)
 i love my family!
 oh, it's so hard being such a girly girl! :)
Happy Weekend!
It's Jon's birthday this weekend! Lots of celebrations to come!

Way fun Wednesday

On Wednesday we spent the day with cousins, aunt brookie, and gigi. WAY fun day!
 And topped it off before heading home with Braums icecream, yummy! Thanks Gigi for the treat! :)
Thankful for family, healthy and happy kids!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Days!

Oh dear another week has gone by and no blogging, opps!
hmmm, was this Tuesday or Thursday....whichever one I was proud of the kids for being such good lil children at school (really-Cade's class has a behavior chart this year and i think it makes me more nervous than him) and he has stayed on green (that's the best all 4 days of school so far, i hope i don't jinx myself) and Tatum hasn't cried going to her class and really, we (I) just wanted ice cream! :) Buy hey, it's more fun to tell the kids we  are celebrating them being good kids! :)
 I sent Jon these pics and you better believe he was thinking "oh dear can she please not feed the kids ice cream in the car" ha! Yah prob so! :)
really it wasn't even messy!
 Beautiful princess!
 My mom, the kids, and I went to visit Courtney and Lyla last week. She is SO adorable and tiny and I loved loving on her! :)
 Tatum slept til 9:00 the other morning, I had to keep Cade entertained so he wouldn't go barge in and wake up the sleeping beauty. So, breakfast and cartoons in mommy's room was cool to him! :)
 After gym class Friday we met the Horton gals for lunch. :) Can't believe they are about to add another girl to this mix! :)
 Jon getting Tatum ready for church Sunday. No worries, he didn't fix her hair, just the clothes! :) I laugh posting this because Jon looks so happy, and Tatum is picking her nose and thinking her daddy is crazy. :) One day she will laugh....
 Tatum has really grown up lately. She used to cry cry cry when leaving her in the nursery for church, but lately ( i think since school started) she was been waltzing in like Cade. I love that! These 2 LOVE church! :)
 Who likes play doh?
 We had a rainy weekend. It was great for the yard. And this appeared last night....
 Cade tried to catch the rainbow from the balcony last night....
I love that Cade says "whats that rainbow mean, Jesus promises....what?"
 And I will leave you with some sweetness! :)