Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

As we were walking out the door for church yesterday morning Cade dribbled toothpaste all over his outfit. Which resulted in a bit less dressier 2nd choice. Cade and Tatum LOVE church SO much, that makes for one happy mommy and daddy!
 Mark it down in the baby book:
Tatum turned 2 years, 3 months, and 10 days old yesterday and it was the day to finally, finally take away the bottle. Tatum was drinking milk in her bottle before bed (and of course brushing afterwards) and first thing in the morning. The girl LOVES her bottle. I felt bad taking it away, but I just felt that it was finally time. I mean the girl will poop on the potty, she doesn't need a bottle. Cade gave up the bottle on his own at 15 months (like I think most kids do). But with Tatum it's just different. She is our caboose and we've been holding on to babying her as long as possible. But hey, just because I took away the bottle doesn't mean that she isn't my baby. hehe! :) So here is the princess drinking, well very little, of her milk in a sippy cup before bed last night. Let's just say she isn't a fan and said water goes in her cup. My poor baby.
 Today we had a pj hang around the house kind of day. I didn't realize until 4:00 when it was time to get ready for dance class that I too was still in my grunjies. :)
The kids and I made little English muffin pizzas for lunch, they were sure yummy! :)
 Cade was singing "first you take take the sauce and you spread it, you spread it....then you take the cheese and you....
 eat it
 you eat it!" :)
Oh how I love them! :)
And now I will leave you with a tune I have STUCK in my head after dance class tonight-they are learning their new Christmas dance...."I wanna sing and dance on Christmas day.......!"

2nd annual light the night walk

Saturday night we walked "Light the Night" with Sarah! Yes I wish she never had to have cancer again, but she is in the best place right now carrying the survivor balloon! I am so happy we got to be a part of this special night for her! Love you cuz!
 Chris is SO great to her! :) I think Sarah looks really pretty here!
 This was Sarah's FAVORITE nurse in the hospital. She was also the one who stayed with Sarah during her transplant. She just happened to be walking that night. :)
 The cousins, missing Brooke.
 Nanny and Papa and their girls!
Way to go Sarah, look forward to walking this with you for many many more years! :)
Thank you Mimi and Pops for babysitting the tots! :)

pumpkin patch with friends!


rodeo day!

Cade and Tatum's Wild Wild West Rodeo Day at school was last Thursday. Jon started a tradition of taking Cade to get new boots 2 years ago. We have saved both pairs so far. I am beginning to think we will save them all and have a collection for Cade to pass down to his boys. :)
I am really REALY REALLY in love with this little boy. I know moms say this ALL THE TIME, but really can you believe he is going to be 4 in a month. I cannot. I really cannot. He is getting more and more handsome and grown up looking each day. He looks more and more like Jon the more and more I look at him. I am SO thankful!
And this was my little Tatum's first rodeo day at school. I held her back from school for as long as I possibly could (since she is my last baby to baby).  She is really loving school and I think especially loving school since "bubba" gets to go too! Thanks Gigi for this outfit for Tatum head to toe! :)
 Now those are some cool cowboy/girl kids! :)
 This was Cade last year at rodeo day. He was starting to look 3 but he was only 2 here and I thought there was NO way he could ever look more grown up. Oh time, be still!
The kids had a great day and came home talking all about the "horsies!"

"paintin' a punkin"

The kids are really into crafts these days. We color everyday, but I try to let them do a few crafts each week. They LOVE painting so much!
 Ta da!
 We met friends for a fun time at the park last week, the weather has been a little hot but pretty for lots of fun at the park!
 I asked the kids to take a quick pic for their daddy last Wednesday before Mops, i got these faces....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

weekend wrap

What a pretty day! We are loving the fall weather. It's still warm enough to wear shorts (most days) but cool enough to wear a long sleeve, i love that combo! :)
I know I say this ALL the time, but can I freeze my kids at these ages?! I am having LOTS of fun with them right now! :) Tatum is saying SO much and wants to do everything her "self" these days. I can't believe how different she looks from this time last year. Tatum will say "mommy pretty" when I get dressed and she always notices my earrings. I have a feeling those won't wait until she is 10. And Cade, he is really looking 4 years old. My oh my time really flies!
Before that makes me sad.
 Here's our weekend:
Kids being cute!
 Thank you pinterest for fabulous ideas! I made these the other night to snack on while we made a fall craft. They were delicious, but mine did not look like this pic below. Maybe there was instructions that I didn't read. I added the food coloring to the melted white chocolate, which made the consistency a chalky substance. Maybe I was supposed to add the coloring while being heated, i am sure they would have left me with a nice milky orange white chocolate. Opps. For next time! :)
 Tay, oh she cracks me up. Jon, he looks very "focused" on his candy corn man. :)
 Meet the Grimes CaNdY CoRn family! :)
 Friday night we met Jon for dinner, the kids and I were a little early so we stopped by the Mansfield pumpkin patch. :)
 Cade wanted the monster pumpkin!
 Oh i love them!
 after dinner Jon and Tatum went home and Cade and I went on a lil date just the two of us. I haven't had one on one time with him in a long time. It was definitely over due! :) We had ice cream together at the DQ and Cade was SO happy! He told me "thank you for our special date" about 10 times that night and again the next morning. I love this first born child of mine! :)
 This is Cade's genuine happy smile! :)
 I needed a few things at the store and Cade is the perfect GROCERY store (notice all caps, not mall shopper) helper! :) I loved my time with this lil guy Friday night. I hope he will always want to spend time with me and think I am "cool" for taking him to get ice cream. Before we got home Cade said "mommy, let's don't tell my sister, okay?" Sweet boy! :)
 Saturday Tatum had another dance performance. She didn't do quite as well as the first one, but hey, she is two and it's hit or miss. She sure looked cute tho! :)
 Tatum had a great audience of family! We missed Gigi and Papaw. They are on vacation and my mom hates to miss things, here's a shout out to Gigi, yall were missed! :)
 Lunch after, Tatum loves her Mimi!
 Last night Jon and i went to meet two of our favorites, Bina's and Hubbarts for dinner and dessert! :) We always have a great time with them! :)
 And the boys, oh I mean guys and daddy's, they have a great time too! I think they will always be lil boys at heart! :)
Fab weekend! :) Now off to finish my last of 8 loads of laundry! Wahoooo! :)