Friday, November 30, 2012

holly colley

We met Mimi and Pops, Aunt Ashley and the boys for a fun day at Holly Colley. The kids had so much fun playing games, jumping in the bounce houses, and decorating cookies.
Cade LOVED his reindeer balloon hat!
 Lil Sis had fun collecting tickets for a prize!
 Happy boy
 I can't believe this is Tatum's 3rd Christmas. Sometimes I still think she should be 6 months old and Cade should be 2....oh how the time just gets away from us.
 Tatum loved all the games!
 Pretty and Pops
 Sleigh times!
 The kids LOVED making a cookie, Tatum even dumped the entire jar of sprinkles on hers, lovely! :)
 Yummy mommy!
Very fun day! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

What day is it?

First thing I think of each morning is really and truly what day is it. Sometimes I really have to think hard of what we did the day before to remember. Most mornings I am just not quite ready to wake up and it takes some serious thought into what are we doing that day, do I have to get ready today (hey, if I am being real i really do think about that). So the Thanksgiving break has all my days running together. Looks like we are back on schedule this week with normal school, activities, work, and the normal everyday things for a month until Christmas. We really enjoyed having Jon home the past four days and having so much family time together. I can't wait for Christmas to get here to have that again! :)
Today we went over to Nanny and Papa's to play with cousins and have lunch. The kids had a fun time and the adults had a enjoyed talking and catching up! So thankful for family!
 Nanny and Papa give the kids and the couples an ornament each year. Such a fun tradition!
Well, it's off to work, off to dance, off to run a few miles (13 days left, i can do this), off to cook dinner, off to mommy duties! :)
Happy Monday! :)

Cade's 4th Birthday

We had the best day celebrating Cade yesterday!
He woke up bright and early, (as he does everyday) Jon brought him to my bed to cuddle (thankful he still does this everyday too), we watched his favorite shows until Tatum woke up together. The birthday boy requested "piggies" (pigs in a blanket) for breakfast and also that he make them with me. :) We ate breakfast together as a family, opened presents, and then we were off to get ready for Gaylord Ice! :)
 He loved his Cars racetrack!
 Gaylord Ice has been a tradition that Jon and I started the year we got married and really enjoy going together as a family now! It's hard to believe that 2 years ago Tatum went with us to Ice under my coat in a sling, ahhhh!
 Watching the movie before going in to Ice
 The theme this year was Madagascar, which Cade is REALLY into! I just love the way he says Madagascar too, it's hilarious and nobody can imitate it just like Cade. :) He had the best time! :)
 Little Sister had a pretty good time herself, she would say "mommy it cold" and laugh and laugh!
 Cade LOVED the slide!
 Happy Birthday boy!
 I can't really get over how cool the ice is, I mean really...somebody carved all that....
 Tatum cracked me up going down the slide, she was so bundled it was hard to even move. She looked like a little penguin, ha!
 Little sis and I at the eiffal tower! Maybe I need to take her to the real one someday! :)
 Cade told me to take a pic of him
 After the ice we surprised the kids with the snow sledding! Cade LOVED it so so so much! Tatum liked the first few times, but there was no way she was going 10 times like Cade. :) Jon and I had a blast on these too!
 It was SO fun to run into Brylee and her family afterwards. Cade and Brylee share a birthday so it was really fun to see them and get a pic together! SO SO SO happy I was introduced to her blog several years ago and ran into Tanna at a restaurant and introduced myself. They are such sweet friends that we have grown to LOVE! :)
 Mommy's and our bif 4 year olds!
 Oh how I DO not approve of laying down in the middle of the hotel lobby floor. But what can you do about it really once it's all said and done and they are hugging Madagascar. They are funny.
 The Gaylord is SO pretty, especially at Christmas time! :)
 And to top off the fun exciting day for Cade we had a family party last night at our house. Gigi, Papaw, Uncle Matt, Aunt Krissy, Mimi, Pops, Nanny, Papa, Auntie, Heather, Hailey, Brenden, and Logan all came for pizza and cake last night! Thank you everybody for coming!
You are so so so very special to me. I cannot believe that you are 4 years old today. I will never forget the day you were born and the very first time I got to hold you. I still think you should be about two years old, but you are 4, and growing up TOO fast. You are SO smart. You love to sing, learn to spell words, tell mommy your verses, play play play, pack up bags of "stuff" and take them with you everywhere, you love to help mommy cook, clean-really you just love to help me do anything, you cuddle with me every morning and every morning i ask you will you always do this and you say "yes mommy", you call me "mommy moo" lately and i think it's funny, you love your sister so much-it makes me so happy, you love to play with her and tell her what to do, you are getting pretty good at ignoring her when she annoys you too (hehe), you love to eat-boy you eat about as much as I do, you love chocolate milk these days, you love school and church, you ask me every morning what we are doing that day-if i say we are staying home in jammies you get really excited (i try to make those days happen often for you buddy), you love to spend the night at your grandparents houses, you love love love to play with your cousins, you love your daddy SO much, everyday when we hear daddy coming in from work you give him the biggest hug ever, you love your dogs and love chasing them around the back yard,  boy you love doing so much You have the biggest heart too (this part of you is just like your daddy), you ask me all the time if you were good and if you made me proud, most of the time it's "yes" but when you are bad you always want to tell me sorry. I absolutely love, cherish and count everyday a blessing getting to stay home and raise you (even those hard days over the past year potty training you-oh boy that was an experience). Cade, you are so super special to me and I am SO thankful for you. I pray for you everyday and thank Jesus for blessing us with you. I pray that you will always choose to love your God and want to be more and more like him everyday. I can't wait for many many more birthdays with you, let's just hope they take a long time to get here. I am SO NOT ready for you to be 5 anytime soon! :) I hope you had the best birthday ever! Love you with all of my heart, Mommy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Birthday Boy

I can't believe this is happening, but it is.
Tomorrow I will have a 4 year old son. No, I don't know where the time has gone, but i've loved each and every day with Cade! :)
It's made me sad that my baby boy is growing up, but the sad makes up with glad when I look over these last 12 months with him....take a look!
Last November 25th when he turned 3!
Happy Birthday Cade Michael!
I love you SO SO SO much! :)

Disney on ICE!

Today we had A BLAST at Disney on ICE! :)
 Thank you Hubbarts for the invite! :)
We LOVE all things Disney! :) Today's show definitely has us ready for Disney World now! The kids are going to have so much fun on the next trip!