Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve lunch we had my Granny B, Uncle Mike and Renea, my parents, and Matt over for lunch. We had burgers-my Granny B's FAVE! :)
After the kids naps we headed to church for the Christmas Eve Service. It  was was long and the kids got ancy, but it was good and we were glad we went! :) We took the kids to dinner afterwards, it was a fun Christmas Eve! I still can't believe it was our 3rd Christmas with this angel baby!
 Love her BIG personality! :)
 Mimi and Pops met us at church!
 The kids made a plate of cookies, pretzels, and carrots for Santa and the reindeer!
 I LOVE the house decorated for Christmas!
 The kids were so excited to see what Santa left for them!
 This boy LOVES his fire station!
 And Tatum loved her band aids in her stocking-who would've thought?
 ohhhhh that gift opening wore them out!
 time to cook Christmas morning breakfast!
The kids chose coffee cake, yum!
 We surprised the kids with a swing set-well the catalog at least to pick one out! We can't wait for it to be delivered next week!
 love my little helper
 beyond thankful to cook breakfast for these 3!
 After breakfast we got ready and headed to Mimi and Pops house for lunch, gifts and play time!
Here is Cade showing Pops his sweet!
 cousins got walkie talkie's very fun! Tatum is such the princess of this group!
 Oh son!
 Lunch time
 nail time
 Mimi and Pops got the kids these market's, the kids love them!
 and it ended up being a white Christmas-it was REALLY coming down! So pretty!
 Our last Christmas of the day was at nanny and papa's. We were sad Brad's family couldn't make it-the roads were getting very icy.
 pretty girl!
 Love this pic of Sarah-it makes me smile looking at it. She has come SO far since this time last year. Love her! :) chris-he's pretty good himself too! :)
 LOVE my dad!
 Merry Christmas Nanny!
Whew-3 Christmas gatherings in one day-wouldn't have it any other way!
At the end of the day I loved hearing Cade say that he loved Jesus' birthday. Jon and I want Cade and Tatum to know and love Jesus so much, to give to others before they are given to, to love giving more than receiving and even with all the gifts we gave to them and we gave to others we want them to know Christmas is all about Jesus and his Love. We are so thankful for all of our family we were able to see and spend Christmas with.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

christmas at gigi and papaw's 2012

We spend the Saturday before Christmas at my parents house together gifting, eating, playing, competing (ha), and having a great fun filled day! Since there are SO many of us we wouldn't ever be able to spend an entire day together on Christmas Day, so this is way better, and we still get to see each other for dinner on Christmas Day! :)
It was a DISNEY Christmas as we are all looking forward to our next trip in June! :)
 This is how the day started, the right way!
We had no idea we were going to walk in the living room to a live toddler nativity scene, but sure enough we did and totally enjoyed it! :) My mom sewed the kids costumes and they were all perfect! I loved that Tatum and Kar were angels, how presh! :)
 My mom told the story of Christmas as the kids acted it out, love that lil Joseph!
 We laughed and laughed, but really it was cool to show the kids with their pictoral minds just what Christmas is really all about! :)
 Thank you mom for being so creative, I hope I take after you and slow down enough some day and learn how to sew and be crafty! :)
 We had some good ol fried chicken for lunch, yummy!
Who has time to set a live nativity scene, cook fried chicken, and all the fixins, and everything else? Oh my mom, who was up all night! :)
The kids were just a little excited about the gifts....
 Cade's first pair of SKATES! :)
 I love these 3!!
 The kids got just about everything they need to pack for our Disney vacation-and COORDINATING! :) We are so excited!
 This is what all the madness looks like, it's so fun!
 All those Minnie and princess clothes and gowns and swimsuits and my girl goes for the shoes, love it!
 Best practical gift-I needed NEW rubber gloves so badly! :)
 Happy Birthday to Jesus!
 Time for the girls to get to work competing on our gingerbread houses:
Ohhh this is getting pretty competitive!
 Brad and his van music-really hilarious! This was a joke gift, but he will actually love it. When we were kids we had a big gray van and Brad remembers ALL the music my mom played, 80's ya know, ha!
 Another joke-Kristin has always loved burgers-she is going to KILL me for posting this, ha! They are burger coasters, hahahah! :) I mean really, who doesn't like a burger anyways?! :) Love you sis!
 Time for the men to judge.....drum roll......
I WON!!!!!
This never I mean has never ever happened! They picked mine! :)
 Build your own pizza bar for dinner, this was a huge hit!
 and fun too! :)
 Time to call it a night-we were all zonked out!
Thank you mom and dad for such a fun day!
Merry Christmas Family! :)