Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Talk about TUESDAY!

Over the weekend the girls had a nice manicure together before a baby shower we went to for a friend of Jon's from high school. I love how Tatum just sits there like a priss and knows exactly what she is doing! :) She and I definitely had a moment together tonight. She was sitting on the potty trying to tt, she held out both of her hands and she said "mommy i loooooove you, and my best friend!" I mean really melt my heart little girl! :) Tatum's vocabulary is blowing up these days. She also told me today "mommy where is my polka dot blankie?" ha! :) Love how descriptive she is about things! My goodness, at the end of this long day full of lots of work and breaking up sibling arguments and battling the "tired Tuesdays" as we call them at our house (Tuesday's are the kids most exhausting days since they only get about an hour of nap after school before gym) I am beyond blessed to have 2 precious kids that say some of the sweetest things ever and love Jon and I SO much! :) All those times my dad would say "do you REALLY know how much i love you" and i would say "yes" rolling my eyes or trying to walk off, has really hit. Love these children more than anything!
Jon took Cade to the rodeo Saturday! I heard he had a blast! :)
Oh, if this isn't Jon Jr! :)
He LOVES corny dogs, I am sure he ate the whole thing-those are a treat!
Sunday night we ate dinner in the kids "fort!" It was an experience having all four of us in that lil area, but fun! The kids loved having a picnic out there on their new swingset!

I tried a new lettuce wrap recipe and it was DELISH! Definitely a new staple of a quick and easy but super tasty meal! :)
oh goodness, it's 9:00. I still have another hour of work to do, definitely MUST wash the hair tonight, pp is on tonight, and dishes are calling my name from dinner. I think i'll get to bed at some point too! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

toddler days

I realize that this is Cade's last year as a toddler, so I will say he is a toddler as long as I possibly can! :)
The kids had pajama day at school a week ish, or sometime recently.
They looked so cute in their warm and cozy jams going to school.
 Cade is learning so much at his gym class. He is constantly trying his new tricks at home. He will start tball very soon so gym days will be coming to an end for now pretty soon.
 here is Cade's number one supporter!
this particular gym day lil sis was extra chipper!
We recently started a new church. The kids are LOVING it and we are too. It's definitely hard going from knowing most of the people at your chuch to not knowing many, but we are adjusting and loving being able to go to church close to our house. The kids are able to go to Wednesday night church and this past week we ate dinner there before their classes. I am loving the new normal for our family. It feels good to have the kids involved in church during the week and even more so to hear Cade memorizing his bible verses!
 Today (yes we are getting closer to being updated-wahoooo), we met Kristy and Kim with kids at Cade's gym for open gym and play time! The kids had a blast, ate chick after and now they are worn out tired. I am thinking I will have to awake them soon since they are going on 3 1/2 hours of snooze time!
 This week has been really pretty and in the 70's. We took advantage of being able to play at the park in January! Such a pretty day!
 Thursday before school we met Gigi for a muffie at the "muffin place" also known as Panera!
 Tay, you are beautiful!
Well, I am caught up! It's Friday! Happy Weekend!

fun with daddy

As of now: Cade is SOOO into his daddy. When Jon is around you can forget Cade wanting anything to do with me. Tatum on the otherhand is not so much a daddy's girl as of now. She wants her mommy to do everything. It's funny how times can change so quickly. I am sure this season of daddy's boy and mommy's girl will soon change. For now, Jon is soaking up his boy time and Cade loving on him so much and trying to with Tatum as much as she will let him, ha! :)
One thing that I don't speak of enough is how awesome of a daddy our kids have. Jon comes home from work after leaving before 5am most days recently and is all the kids until they go to bed. He will swing them til it's dark, play and watch movies, really whatever they are wanting to do. I am so thankful they have him!

my girl


girls nght/boys night

A few weeks ago the girls went on a girls night to bj's for dinner, it was so fun and super yummy!

and the boys went to Buffalo Wild Wings and from seeing this pic and all that cade told me about it they had the best time ever together. Now Cade cannot wait to go back and talks about it all the time, he actually calls it "buffalo long wings" and it's the most precious thing you ever heard! I love that Cade enjoys guy time with his daddy so much! :)

Here is the priss at dinner with the girls!

As much as I thought it would be SOOO fun for our 2nd baby to be a boy so Cade could have a brother, I don't know what I would do without a lil girl in my house. Thank the Lord for setting up my family this way! :) We are blessed!

family night

first you take the dough and you roll it you roll it....
then you take the sauce and you spread it you spread it...
 then you take the cheese and you top it you top it....
 then you take the pizza and you bake it you bake it....
 then you have a pizza and you eat it you eat it!!!
We had a fun time at our first experience at Tuscan Slice. I got this dessert to take home and indulge all to myself. Fun night out with my lil fam!

family get togethers

We are beyond blessed to live close to all of our family! We love spur of the moment outings, family gatherings, really just love being able to see everybody!
A few Saturday's ago the Clark side met at my sisters new house and lunched at Rosa's, YUM! The first time I met Brooke was at Rosa's in Lubbock while they were at Tech...we ate there nearly every visit, so it reminds us all of Tech days.
Man I love this little girl, I ALWAYS ask to bring her home with me, really it never fails since she is the baby it's super hard to give her away. One of these days I am going to have a slumber party with her....okay Brookie?! :)
 last week we met ashley, the boys, and mimi for some fun at the museum!
 I love that Cade grabbed Tatum's hand here and took her along with the boys. He is SO sweet to her....and she will sure be the queen of these boys on this side of the fam!
 Playing with mimi!
 Corbin was out of school Monday for MLK day so we were able to all hangout like the good ole days when the Clarks lived down the street. We miss that. But, we were glad to have a day of play with our cousins!
 Don't worry, the keys were no where in sight. It is scary that one day, probably before we know it Corbin will be the first of all these kids to drive and they will ALL want to go for rides with Corb....oh my!
 sweet and sassy lil sis
 the girls loving on kar kar
Last Sunday we had Jon's side of the family over to celebrate Pops birthday! The kids had a great time playing with their cousins outside-it was chilly but don't cold enough for the kids to care. Happy Birthday Pops!